the best mates

Best Laid Plans


Jon could walk up to Sam and Gilly’s flat with his eyes closed if he’d wanted to, especially considering how it used to be Sam and Jon’s place together. Not that he begrudged Gilly for taking the place. Maybe in a distant part of his mind, Jon missed the good old days of being in his early twenties and sitting around in boxers eating pizza and watching the footy with his best mate. And maybe being invited to a dinner party by his best mate and his long-time girlfriend was a jarring eye-opener for Jon that he was no longer in his early twenties.

But he did genuinely like Gilly and if she wanted to host dinner parties then he would show up, a bottle of wine in hand and a smile on his face. After all, he was twenty-eight now and he’d had a steady job since he was twenty-one. Maybe being a firefighter wasn’t as lucrative as an accountant like Sam or a librarian like Gilly, but it was all he’d ever wanted to do and he was good at it.

Jon knocked on the flat door and waited patiently for someone to let him in, even if a little voice in the back of his head reminded him that he still had a spare key. He was in the midst of readjusting the collar of his nice blue dress shirt when the door was flung open to reveal someone who was definitely not Gilly.

“Uh…” Jon mumbled. Say something, you idiot. “I’m Jon… Snow. I’m Jon Snow. Not like the tv presenter.” He inwardly cursed himself for that unnecessary fact. “Sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met before?” He certainly would’ve remembered her if they had.

Shoutout to one of my best mates called Ben.

Let’s tell the story of Ben.

Ben was the guy who had a major crush on me when I was 11. Ben was also the only kid who saw me for me and not for the pale, skinny, sick kid that I was at 11. And he asked me out. Several times. Sadly I was so distracted by being ill that I never took him up on the offer, and I kinda thought he deserved better.

But he’s got a real nice girlfriend now. We’re 15 but I guess love has no age these days. But he’s also the guy who’s been by my side throughout the whole ordeal with the fake friend I’ve been dealing with. And we’re still best mates.

Raise a glass to Ben please with whatever drink you have.

anonymous asked:

If you could be any Tolkien character, who would you be? Who do you think you are actually most like?

Well, in the past some complimentary people in the fandom have said that I remind them of Fingon, and that’s a pretty good fit for me I think. Though truly in personality I think I most resemble (and would probably like to be) Gandalf. I’m old, grumpy, constantly exasperated by the inane shenanigans that go on about me, my best mate is a horse, I have many animal friends, I love going on adventures, I love fireworks, I am normally very nice but can be quite intimidating when needed, I would totally scream dramatic one-liners at a demon and then fight it to the death… There’s just a lot of similarity there, and at the end of the day Gandalf gets to go into the West with Shadowfax and I absolutely adore that ending, so yep, I’d be Gandalf :D


Do you know who I’m most worried about? It’s not my parents, and it’s not the lads at college. It’s Finn. We’ve been mates since primary. We’ve had sleepovers, we’ve topped and tailed in the same bed. When he finds out, I don’t want him thinking back to them times and getting the wrong idea. He’s my mate, you know?

A friend of mine once told me that we never forget the people we’ve loved. Whether you’re the heartbroken or the heartbreaker, the cheated on or the cheater, if you really loved someone, you’ll never forget it. You’ll never be able to fully remove their fingerprint from your heart or the feel of them from your hands because you’d already allowed them to become that much a part of you. Their name will always cause a stir inside of you, and even if you reach a point where you can ignore it, that flutter will never go away.
—  🖤