the best mates

A friend of mine once told me that we never forget the people we’ve loved. Whether you’re the heartbroken or the heartbreaker, the cheated on or the cheater, if you really loved someone, you’ll never forget it. You’ll never be able to fully remove their fingerprint from your heart or the feel of them from your hands because you’d already allowed them to become that much a part of you. Their name will always cause a stir inside of you, and even if you reach a point where you can ignore it, that flutter will never go away.
—  🖤

fluff inspiration: spring, green grass, cottage, holidays, fetch the stick, wolfstar

Sirius was practically buzzing with excitement. It was the holidays. Spring holidays of their seventh year. Meaning a full week of nothing but relaxing with his mates and enjoying the quiet of Remus’ home in Wales. After the first time Remus invited them over in fourth year, the Marauders would go to Remus’ for this week, being doted on by Hope and being put to work in her garden to help with meals. The neighbors were a ten minute walk away, so the boys had no need to worry about doing magic outside of school. Not that they needed magic to distract them. They often liked to just lay in the green grass of the hills behind the cottage, enjoying the calm and peace of the soft breeze and warm rays of the sun, their laughter carrying. 

It felt…infinite. Like they were in their own little bubble. 

Sirius loved it. 

The feeling of being with his best mates. It was so different than what his holidays used to consist of before he finally ran away. And Sirius could not have dreamed of anything better. The Lupin’s cottage was like another home to him. He felt safe and happy there. And maybe it helped a bit now that Remus had held his hand on the way into the house and re-introduced him to his parents as his boyfriend and Hope and Lyall had simply nodded and hugged him as usual. 

So there they were, Sirius and Remus with their heads beside each other, looking up at the cloud-filled sky while James and Peter were inside helping Hope fix up lunch. 

“That one is definitely a dog. Don’t you see the tail!” Sirius said, pointing up at one particular cloud, huffing when Remus snorted. 

“Love, I think you just want to see a dog because you haven’t gotten to be Padfoot the last few days,” Remus replied, not bothering to glance over at his boyfriend who was sure to be pouting. 

He was. 

Sirius sat up, leaning against one arm as he looked down at Remus. “You say that like I don’t have any self-control.”

Remus laughed, finally turning his head slightly to face Sirius. “That’s because you don’t. Besides, you’re the one who made the best with James that you could resist turning into Padfoot while you were here,” he pointed out. 

“I know,” Sirius whined, dropping to his elbows and resting his cheek on Remus’ chest. “I made a terrible decision.”

Remus nodded, his fingers sliding into Sirius’ hair. “That you did. We could have been cuddling this whole time.”

“Oi! You could have been cuddling me anyway!” Sirius cried out indignantly. 

Remus shrugged. “’s not the same,” he joked, smirking down at him. 

“Why do I feel like you like me as Padfoot more than Sirius?” Sirius huffed, lips turning into a pout. 

Remus rolled his eyes and bent down to kiss Sirius softly. “You’re so dramatic. Besides, you love being Padfoot.” 

Sirius stole another kiss and sighed. “You’re not wrong,” he shrugged. “Get to be more carefree.”

Remus tilted his head and thought a moment. “You know…James and Peter are helping Mum with lunch. We’ve got a bit of time before they come back out…” he pointed out. 

Sirius perked up, his eyes lighting up as he followed Remus’ train of thought. 



Sirius looked around for a bit before sitting up, and by the time Remus was back from searching for a stick, a large black dog was sat, tail wagging excitedly at the sight of Remus. 

Remus couldn’t help but laugh and leaned down to scratch behind Padfoot’s ear. “You absolute mutt.”

Padfoot tilted his head as if he understood, but his attention was quickly taken by the sight of the stick in Remus’ hand. Immediately, he was up on his paws, practically prancing in excitement. 

“Yeah yeah, alright. Merlin, remind me again why I’m dating you?” Remus joked as he straightened up and threw the stick as far as he could. He watched as Padfoot turned and sprinted after the stick, returning with it in his mouth and dropping it at Remus’ feet and waiting for it to be thrown again. 

They spent the next few minutes like this, practically forgetting about the time until - “Oi! We said we wouldn’t transform while we were here, you tosser! You owe me, Sirius!” 

anonymous asked:

I am so slow on slang words (if this word is a slang word) that even a rock is better than I am. What is bezzie mates ?

‘bezzie mates’ means ‘best friends’ in the uk. no-one has used it seriously since the mid 2000s lol but that’s what it means.


Do you know who I’m most worried about? It’s not my parents, and it’s not the lads at college. It’s Finn. We’ve been mates since primary. We’ve had sleepovers, we’ve topped and tailed in the same bed. When he finds out, I don’t want him thinking back to them times and getting the wrong idea. He’s my mate, you know?

I want to sleep with you.

I don’t mean have sex. I mean sleep. Together. Under our sheets. In our bed. With my head on your chest and hand on your shoulder with your arm around me. The window cracked, so it’s chilly and we have to cuddle closer. No talking, just sleepy, blissfully happy silence.