the best mascot ever

I cannot stop laughing at this. Jaejoong in a tigress mascot suit. Omg. Best and cutest thing ever hahahaha. Also, it’s really nice to see Jaejoong enjoying the freedom of being in a mascot suit. It’s probably been a really long time since he could simply be amongst his fans without them screaming their heads off/bothering him. Not sure if he’ll still be able to enjoy this freedom though since we all know now who’s in that suit lol. But at least he got a taste of it, and it was really nice seeing how free and crazy and happy he could be being unrecognized. Also, I’m really enjoying the Yunjae-ness of this week :D apparently they went out to eat together too ^_^ altho I’m not sure how reliable the source is. But it’s nice just to think they did (and also it isn’t like the most impossible thing for them to do either is it lol)