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Good Catch

Good Catch
Ship: Baseball!Jimin | Mascot!Reader
Description: Jimin had a crush on you, the team mascot, for as long as you started working with him, though he was always too shy to confess to you. But maybe the tedious kiss cams can help this batter make a good catch for a change.
Warning: Fluff, Intercourse, Blowjob, Oral, Pretty Fucking Tame Compared to my Other Sin Works
Word Count: 5,229
A/N: OK, so I’ve been dying for Jimin to be in a baseball uniform, and just… what’s cuter than a Baseball player and a Mascot? I wanted something fluffy instead of just straight up sin but I hope you enjoyed the change of this compared to others! I found it sweet.

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Since I’ve had a few people ask about Barbatos (from Tales of Destiny 2), the latest Carnage Sphere boss in Tales of Link, and why he’s such a total meme, I thought I’d share a video (not mine) from his appearance in Vesperia’s coliseum 200-man melee:

For full context (or “Why Repede will always be my favorite mascot”):

anonymous asked:

Hello! I came across your blog while browsing the final fantasy xv tag and I just want to say that your writing is absolutely wonderful! I was wondering, how would the Chocobros react when they learned that their S/O's one of the mascot wearers in the Moogle Chocobo Carnival?

OH LMAO that’s so cute!! thank you for your compliment also <3

Noctis: He first bites his lip to try to keep from laughing when they take off the giant mascot head, but he can’t help it and ends up laughing anyway. “What the hell?! You look ridiculous! How the heck’d you fit into that thing, isn’t it hot?” He’ll feel a little bad for them having to wear the costume for so long, but it’s too amusing to see them have fun with it, so he buys them an ice cream and pulls them away for a break in the shade for a while. also a kiss

Ignis: All he can do is stare at them in a mixture of confusion and awe. Of all places to find his partner, he… was not expecting it to be inside a giant mascot suit. Still, he can’t help but smile at the ridiculousness of it all. “…I reckon you’re having a good day,” he comments half-teasingly. “Must be a bit stuffy, is it not?” He’ll go and buy them a cold drink and maybe redo their hair if they had it back while in the suit. But he absolutely will not dance with them or take a picture, even if it’s his partner. 

Gladio: He can’t help but laugh out loud at them and give them a slap on the back. “Looks like someone’s having fun,” he teases. “Y’know, if you’re getting tired, you could always hand off mascot duty to me.” (…Or so he says, but he’d be too big for the costume anyway.) Before he leaves them to it, he makes sure to get a stupid picture with them in various poses in the full-body suit. Then he makes them take off the head one more time to give them a quick kiss on the lips before ruffling their hair. “Keep at it.”

Prompto: He screams, for two main reasons. One, he had no idea his partner was going to be a mascot and they scared him. Two, they are too goshdarn adorable in that cute mascot suit and oh my god he must take a picture immediately. He totally plays it up, hugging them, screeching, dancing, taking pictures, then buys them an ice cream too and kisses them on the cheek. “Man, am I the luckiest guy alive! To date the best person ever… and to see them in a mascot suit! I’ve been blessed!”

lovepoison9  asked:

Best mascot ever!! A total ant eater for us proud reylos!! Love your art and your ant(i) eater. 😉 I hope we can spread the news of the mascot to ever region of Tumblr. Let it be known to all antis we have the mighty ant eater on our side. 🖤🖤🖤

Fear the mighty friendly beast!

Welcome Campers of 2017!

Hello Campers, My name is Middcat and I’ll be this years Weehawken Mascot! It is quite a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope we can all get along!
If you need a friend, I’m here for you~

This is my first time doing this so please forgive me if I act like idk what I am doing -shrugs-
There isn’t much reference to go off of what I should do but I will do my best to be the best mascot you guys have ever had!! >:3


Meganee showed up on the departure of my second Punicorn (4th mascot raised overall), giving me the best tomoticket ever!!! I’m so excited to use it… in a couple hours, when I make it out to the arcade. edit: nvm lol

Meganii also showed up to do the explanation bit that Meganee usually does there.

Yatori - Jealous?

Word Count: 1495

Summary: It’s Hiyori’s 17th birthday, and after missing her 16th Yato has organised a party for her at Kofuku’s. Hiyori decides to get her revenge for how Yato acted at the sakura picnic.

(I’m on a serious Yatori binge at the moment, and figured I’d write a short fic before I get a chance to draw something! Hope you enjoy!)

Rating: T


“Man, I can’t believe you’re 17 already? You’re getting old now, huh?” Yato said, taking another bite of birthday cake.

“You’re one to talk. How old even are you? At least I was born this century!” Hiyori retorted, raising an eyebrow as he lifted the plate to shake the remaining crumbs into his mouth.

Hiyori wasn’t upset they missed her birthday last year. In fact, she was relieved she didn’t have to go through Yato’s inevitable attention and could spend her birthday with her family; she wasn’t one for big parties. However, it was thoughtful of him to invite everybody to Kofuku’s this year so she could share her birthday with ‘all her favourite people’ as Yato described it. Since he’d been banned from alcohol by Daikoku after what happened at the sakura picnic (he didn’t want Hiyori or Yukine to ‘have to witness something so disgusting’ ever again) he was acting surprisingly mellow, letting Hiyori enjoy her evening without his persistent fawning.

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So your mod finally did it.

I BOUGHT SOME UGLY MERCH. Specifically, that magical classic… Unpainted Crotch Goku!

I decided a proper product review and unboxing post was in order, so let’s go!

Box: pretty cool actually! We’ve got pictures of people beating each other up, a handy guide to identifying the Ginyu Force members for some reason, a diagram of Goku power walking, and the same picture of Piccolo three times. No really, look:

…it’s the same Piccolo on the top, front, and bottom of the box. Okay then. Too many of the same Piccolo is better than no Piccolo at all, so we’ll move on and actually liberate Buns Crotchku from his box.

For someone who looks like he’s got his bits danglin’ in the wind, he seems pretty stoic about it! His crotch isn’t the only paint error, check out his unpainted joints, wrist thingies, and lack of boot details. I guess they put all the budget into duplicating that one picture of Piccolo and none of it into the paint job.

Of course, the big question is: can he pose?

I’m pleased to report that yes, yes he can. What use is an action figure if you can’t put him in a ‘peeing dog’ position, for example? Well, our pal Grossku definitely delivers there! However, his leg posability is limited by the knee fabric plastic molding, and his joints feel pretty loose.

Final opinion? The best money I ever spent.

He’s our new blog mascot! Get ready for occasional posts of his lame adventures!

I cannot stop laughing at this. Jaejoong in a tigress mascot suit. Omg. Best and cutest thing ever hahahaha. Also, it’s really nice to see Jaejoong enjoying the freedom of being in a mascot suit. It’s probably been a really long time since he could simply be amongst his fans without them screaming their heads off/bothering him. Not sure if he’ll still be able to enjoy this freedom though since we all know now who’s in that suit lol. But at least he got a taste of it, and it was really nice seeing how free and crazy and happy he could be being unrecognized. Also, I’m really enjoying the Yunjae-ness of this week :D apparently they went out to eat together too ^_^ altho I’m not sure how reliable the source is. But it’s nice just to think they did (and also it isn’t like the most impossible thing for them to do either is it lol)