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i say fantasy au but i really mean fire emblem au


The Dimorpha Aquatica, a quick collection of mermaid variations. As usual, there’s some lore I wrote to go along with each type of mermaid (written from the perspective of an anthropologist’s notes), which you can find below the cut. 

The art used on the cover page is “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”, from a Norwegian folk tale. It was illustrated by Kay Nielson in 1914.

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“Actually I was hoping for a kiss.”

Dorian needs time to get used to the all affection he gets from the Inquisitor. It’s all new to him. And of course Vax needs to grab a kiss every time he passes the librabry. Meaning a lot.

This photoset was very useful for a references btw ;)


Tara, Gabby & Claude – the best of gurlfrands in the DM’s.  And occasionally Tess is dragged along for the ride!

More doodles to come, but you’ll also wanna see them happen each week!

Working on some DnD ideas, here’s the Matchstick Demons, a beginner mage’s alternative to summoning demonic outsiders.

Every stick can be lighted to summon a small fire demon that’ll help the mage the best it can, from making a bonfire to burning some enemies. They have a natural fear of water and don’t last long (after some hours their tails will shorten and their fire will shut off, leaving a pile of ash and sending them back to their home plane, but they can be kept longer by feeding them wood. Or souls. Mostly souls.)


★  Dream  [ft. Sugar Relish]

Varian, now 12 years old, ventures into the Fade to keep himself occupied while searching for Solas. There he meets a very persistent Desire Demon who’s very new to the job. 

( even though this was a random thought of mine, thank you @bittersweet-blue-hearts // It’s like 2am I don’t know what I’m doing anymore )