the best love story tbh


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oh my venus or she was pretty

Fire Emblem Fates 31 day art challenge

Day 3 : Nohr or Hoshido?

Nohr for me

totally not because of the awakening babes and my gay husband

I watched this drama on TV about a man double-timing his girlfriend with a gay guy and then the girlfriend and the gay guy started fighting but then the boyfriend left them so the two became best friends and raised a child together???

So now all I can think of is Rin and Makoto having a common asshole boyfriend, and Rin finds out he’s cheating so he storms in to confront Makoto but he realizes that 1) Makoto doesn’t know, 2) Makoto might be the nicest person alive who feels guilty anyway even if he doesn’t know about the cheating, 3) his boyfriend is the actual worst for bringing pain into Makoto’s life.

So Rin and Makoto commiserate over their shared pain and ends up becoming friends, and possibly dates in the future. (Or they could be platonic too like the TV show and raise a child together who they will name Haruka, idk, I’m not choosy.)

snap - best bud

rose: SOS my neighbor keeps calling the cops n the fire department on me
rose: i haven’t even done anything wrong
rose: they just hate me for walking too loud or burning toast
rose: do u wanna come over n help me piss them off?

Can we talk about how perfect MinaKushi are? They’re the best love story out there tbh.

Like true I ship ShikaTema and NaruHina and SasuSaku and they all have great love stories and all but MinaKushi are special idek

The way they met and how Minato saved her and how they fell in love and got married and had the most beautiful pure loveable child in the world and it’s just beautiful.

I wish Kishi had shown us more MinaKushi moments they’re beautiful better I wish they were still alive to support Naruto and be there at his wedding and meet their grand children and god nothing goes the way you want now does it?

The first love story I ever read was a work that was never completed.
I fell in love with the idea that
It might always be amazing and intolerantly mushy and gushy,
Might always be lovely and loving.
Because I don’t think I ever saw real, true love between two people.
In this book,
There were dramatic happenings,
Like the two people in the story had to, at one point, fight to keep their relationship alive.
There were perfectly planned words,
Beautiful moments entangled like bodies in sheets.
Phrases that the author had clearly thought out to make their story into what they wished the real thing would be like.
And I guess in every girl’s mind,
The truth lingers
“Oh, but it’s not like that.”
Even though it may not be “like that,”
That is not to say that it isn’t completely perfect in its own way.
I may not have ever fallen in love.
The corny clichés I’ve experienced have been pure jokes,
But honestly,
Those books aren’t real,
Maybe some aspects of them are,
But teenage boys generally aren’t that great.
Teenage girls generally aren’t that great.
Maybe that’s why
The reality of the thing
Is that much more beautiful.
Because you weren’t even expecting it in the first place.
—  b.r.


Hey y’all, I’m Samantha ( call me Sami ). I’m at the ripe old age of (almost) 25. I live in the United States, (more specifically, the mostly tolerable area of the) deep south). So yes, I’m southern, but also hella gay. My accent is mostly nonexistent. I don’t have a glamorous job. I work as the lead line cook at a Mexican restaurant, and it is stressful as hell. I’m single and have two cat babies -Hermione and Trix. When I’m not being a workaholic or on Tumblr, I’m probably playing video games. I also enjoy cosplaying, singing (terribly), and talking to people, editing, and sometimes writing, and of course, watching Netflix. Evil Regal forever. I almost went to Spooky this past weekend, but I didn’t get to go and now I’m forever sad. 


It’s the best untold love story on television, tbh! Seriously, how romantic does it sound: Two women: one former evil Queen, the other the Savior, finding love through seasons of wacky villains, combined magic strong enough to move moons and create portals, and they share a son! Sign me up! 

I started watching when I flipped through the channels one day and saw an episode from the Neverland arc. The idea of a show about fairytales intrigued me so I immediately went to watch it. I wasn’t planning on shipping Regina and Emma, but like most OTPs, they just sneak up on you, and before you know it you’re crying at 3am over their amazing development and obvious unrequited love (or is that just me…)

I saw the tension in the first episode, but this is the infamous scene that made me start shipping them hardcore:

“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” + eye sex + Emma in her underwear. (That’s where I sold my soul to the ultimate OTP)


You all are the most amazing and special snowflakes I have ever come across in any fandom ever. Everyone is so talented and gorgeous!!! Like, I know if I need to find an edit or a gif or a fanfic to read or anything, you all deliver! Seriously, I cannot praise you all enough! You are all brilliant and I’m so thankful to be a small part of this group. Thank you all again for making a girl feel welcome! Can’t wait to see where this ride takes us and maybe meet some of you someday.