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Anonymous said: Could you maybe draw the members from MCR in dresses? (preferably revenge era aesthetic) btw I love your work!!! <3

Barely recovering from their infamous battle with the hockey and lacrosse teams that shook the school, the boys soon face a new kind of obstacle: senior prom!!!
In this exciting teen drama, questions abound: What will Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Frank wear to the dance? Who is Mikey’s mysterious date? Will Gerard get to be prom queen? Does Ray have a dark secret? Will Frank and Gerard ever get together?
But most importantly, can these four social outcasts turn the school’s hierarchy on its head and go down in high school history as the most badass group of freaks ever to crash senior prom?
Find out this summer, in I’m Not Okay (I Promise) Part II: Prom Fright!!!

theme song: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid– My Chemical Romance
well don’t i look pretty walkin’ down the street in the best damn dress i own?

you: vassa is white she has red hair 

me, an intellectual:

i’m sorry i couldnt 

hear you over the 

sounds of 

the sixth queen

queen vassa 

the cursed firebird


“you take it, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you rub it, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry SHIT”


please don’t let me name my MC (jks hey winks @ Alan)

here’s a little bit of me talking with robin!!! Let me tell you he is genuinely the sweetest man alive. After this I went round to the other side to take a selfie with him and he was about to put his arm round me and I was like can you go the other way round since I’m left handed and he was like oh yeah sure!! I’m left handed too!!! And then I was hella shaking and he told me not to apologise and offered to take it for me so he did and then as I was leaving he said thank you darling!!!! And now I’m a mess :))))

dont worry shiro help is on the way

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Headcanon that Pidge calls everyone on the team shit that white soccer dads call their kids like Lance is going up to Keith and Pidge like "go get em champ" or hunk talking to shay maybe and Pidge like "you can do it sport!"

pidge, walking up and clapping shiro on the back: nice work out there, kiddo

“Maybe he’s really patient and caring, even though it must be hard for him to have to be the adult for a bunch of super powered children!”

- Connie, The New Crystal Gems

 Is anyone else relieved that someone finally said it? And the fact that it came from Connie makes it 6862 times better.


i say fantasy au but i really mean fire emblem au

some of my favorite lines from power rangers

“sorry bumblebee” i DIED

“boyfriend troubles?” “…sure. Boyfriend.” “… Girlfriend troubles?” {poignant subject change and pointed look} YES

“I’m ont he spectrum” yes

“did you just slap me?”

and alternately “did you just slap her?”


“what - do i have something on my face?” 

“its at krispy kreme” “…this place must be incredibly important.” 

“thats not krispy kreme. find KRISPY KREME!”

“we dont die alone!” 


*a certain someone getting bitch slapped into space*

“MOTHERFU- ah, just mother is good.”


“beefy and i had a connection”

“billy is awesome”