the best kind of summer morning

I don’t know where all this stuff about Lamen with babies came from but I’m all for it so here

  • The Kings are busy as shit yo so the bab probably gets so excited and squeals whenever Papi and/or Papa are finally off duty.
  • They more than likely don’t bring the kid into meetings, come on, but there was one time when the door suddenly opened and the kid walked in and ran over to hug Laurent.
    • “I’M SO SORRY, YOUR MAJESTY, THEY JUST RAN IN-” “I missed you, Papa! :D”
    • Update: Laurent’s heart melted and he had to step out for a moment so baby can have his full, undivided attention.
  • Damen is scary as fuck when with other nobles and soldiers (I mean come on are you really gonna argue with a 9 foot tall piece of beef with a voice deeper than the fucking void???), but shifts into softy mode whenever the kid and/or Laurent are around.
    • Take this moment to imagine said 9 foot tall beef with a happy baby in his arm and a look that will kill in his eyes.
  • The baby LOVES Nik and Jord and LOVES the tired looks on their faces whenever they mess with em.
  • Laurent introducing baby to the horses and letting their little baby hand pet them.
  • Laurent teaches the bab to speak and read in Veretian as well as riding and chess when they’re old enough.
  • Damen teaches the bab Akielon and fighting when they’re old enough.
    • “*senseless babbling*” “You’re already better than Papa, I’m so proud.”
  • Family trips to the Summer Palace where they teach the kid to swim and kinds of plants.
  • Damen and Laurent work hard during the week so they can spend maybe two days with more time to play with baby (thus the invention of weekends).
    • Morning cuddle sessions and tickle fights can I get an amen.
    • Baby loves playing with Papi and Papa, often pretending they’re a court themselves and of course baby is The Best King/Queen ever.
    • Sometimes they all play a game called Go Bother Nik and Jord. Its a tradition now.

Eren is the spark before a fire. He’s stormy skies and starting fights. Birds flying overhead and comic books read underneath the blankets at night. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and t-shirts that fit just right. Lazy days spent in the sun, daydreaming. Laughing too loud and crying too much. Giving life 110% and setting the world on fire. 

Mikasa is a rose, beautiful and dangerous. She’s romance novels and red lipstick. Vanilla and violin music. Flowers in springtime and strawberries. Courage and hazelnut coffee. Hearts made of glass and bones made of steel. Unconditional love and unrequited longing. Words better left unsaid and well-kept promises. Caring so hard that it physically hurts. 

Armin is sunshine, warm and comforting, intense and blinding. He’s blanket forts and imaginary lands with no borders. He’s treasure maps and paper airplanes. Books with worn spines and messy handwritten notes scratched in the margins. Warm sweaters and earl grey tea. Ocean breezes and shattered windows. Crossword puzzles and candlelight. Yelling at a wall until your voice gives out, even when no one can hear you. 

Levi is the eye of a hurricane. He’s 100-year-old trees swaying in the breeze and combat boots scuffing along the asphalt. Black tea and black coffee. Hands that can kill and eyes that can severe. Holding on too tight and reaching for your hand just as you walk away. Dry eyes and bleeding hearts. Calm and collected chaos, desperately held together with bandaids and string. 

Hanji is a streak of lightning lighting up the night. They’re experimenting with the mind and listening with the heart. Test tubes and textbooks. Off-the-wall trivia facts and laughing too loud. Phone calls at 3 a.m. and classroom pranks that go just too far. Not sleeping nearly enough and needing caffeine like oxygen. Hugs that say more than words and words that could out-do Shakespeare. Twisting the world upside down and every which way to find its best angle.

Erwin is a shooting star, blazing bright and gone too soon. He’s hot coffee and fires crackling in the hearth welcoming you home. Paperwork and pens that have a tendency to disappear. Pine trees and the hoot of owls in the night. Watching a thunderstorm from the window and giving your umbrella to someone without one on the street. Responsibility and hope. Dreams and peanut butter sandwiches. Smiling through the pain so others won’t give up. 

Annie is a frozen lake, untouched and enchanting, but chillingly lethal. She’s dark red lipstick and ballads about losing yourself. Cold hands and combat boots. Leather jackets and ball gowns. Soft guitar melodies and stargazer lilies. Winter mornings and angels pressed into the snow. Denial and desire. Knight’s armor and lover’s lips. Reaching out for someone’s hand, but pulling back before they notice.

Bertholdt is the ocean, vast and beautiful and deep and deadly. He’s sweaters warm from wear and hands covered in ink. Reserved silence and soft, unsolicited smiles. Purple skies before it storms and crying in the shower. Ice cream at 2 a.m. and piano ballads played in empty chapels. Books with dog-eared pages and happily ever after reluctantly scribbled out. Attentive ears and guilty heart. A candle burning, soothing and warm and about to tip and ignite the world in flames.

Reiner is the clash of two swords meeting in the air. He’s a knight in shining armor and a dragon waiting for its prey. Walking through the woods and running through the rain. Caramel and cinnamon. Campfires and ghost stories and soothing words when the ghosts overstay their welcome. Inspirational words and exemplary acts. Broken mirrors and masquerade masks you forget to take off. Heroic dreams and disappointing finales. Holding the world on your shoulders without knowing who’s holding you.

Jean is a rain storm, steady and calm. He’s button up shirts and skinny jeans. Rock music and writing love poems on the bus. Too much coffee and hair that takes hours to make it look natural. Cheap beer and nights you remember in a blur of smiles and kissing. Holding hands and keeping promises. Staying up late and talking until morning. Sunrises and autumn leaves falling. Words left unsaid and regrets piling higher each day. Hope of a generation scoffed every night after breaking your back to make the world a better place

Connie is laughter carried on the wind. He’s sunshine and beach days with your friends. Milkshakes and board games. Cheesy puns and cheesier pick up lines. Spring flowers and summer showers. T-shirts and harmless teasing. Toy soldiers and children laughing. Kind eyes and bloodied hands. Crumpled pictures of family members and tear-stained letters never sent. Hugs that lift your spirits and jokes that clear your mind. Young heads confused and hearts a mess, and legs that never stop moving. 

Sasha is the melody of a song, peaceful and filled with memories. She’s taking chances and jumping off the high dive holding your best friend’s hand. Autumn leaves and hot chocolate. Freshly baked bread and mac and cheese at midnight. Good morning texts and falling asleep before saying goodnight. Dancing in the rain and seeing shapes in every cloud. Nightmares that cling once you wake up and exacting revenge on your cheating boyfriend’s car. Pushing through the pain and smiling through it all. Following your inner compass. 

Marco is sunshine, warm on your skin. He’s running through the woods in spring and tumbling through the leaves in fall. Contagious smiles and fearsome disapproval. Chocolate and cuddling late into the night. Cinnamon and early morning pancakes. Coffee that’s all sugar and singing in the shower. Loving too hard and too fast. Experienced innocence and brutal honesty. Bruised and bloodied body and blazing, bright eyes. True kindness and blind loyalty. Too good for this world. 

Ymir is shadows, both cruelly mocking the light and lovingly, silently following after you. She’s harmless teasing and hurtful silence. Staying out too late and waking up too early. Whiskey burning your throat and dark chocolate soothing the pain. Horror films and nightmares that don’t stop when you open your eyes. Photos with faces scratched out and love notes framed in photo albums. Hearts hidden behind walls and and claws out to play. Loving so fiercely it threatens to swallow you whole. 

Historia is a windstorm, growing steadily more deadly by the minute. She’s lemonade and mid-afternoon naps in patches of sunlight. Disney princesses and Tarantino films. Christmas lights and diaries with locks. The smell of roses and the feeling of silk on your skin. Floral skirts and high heels. Tiaras and swords. Midnight thunderstorms and veiled smiles. Burned letters and bad decisions. Hugs that last just long enough and hands held far too tight. A tight-rope walker you can’t bear to tear your eyes from. 


For @cupnoodle-queen, who is bae and the best kind of trouble.

It was dark. You stood outside the tent on the campgrounds, a loose sweater framing your figure. Even though it was summer, the nights were cool––morning dew had started to form on the grass below while the stars beaded the night sky.

You looked out at the horizon, jagged with mountains and trees. Your body felt sluggish, but your mind raced. You couldn’t help but wonder what would happen once you finally got to Altissia, couldn’t quell that feeling deep in your gut that something wasn’t quite right.

You were startled out of your thoughts when you heard rustling from behind you. Gladio emerged from the tent in his sleeping attire, which was just a pair of boxers, rubbing the slumber from his eyes.

“Hey,” he mumbled, shuffling towards you with a yawn.

You smiled at him, reaching a hand out to take his. “Hi.”

Gladio came over and kissed the side of your head before sliding his arms around you protectively. “What’re you doing still up? I woke up and you weren’t there.”

You sighed. “Sorry, love. Couldn’t sleep.”

Gladio frowned. He led you over to the chairs by the charred embers of the long-dead fire. He sat down and pulled you into his lap, cradling you against his chest. He radiated heat and you felt it seeping through the sleeves of your sweater.

“Wanna tell me what’s on your mind?”

You nuzzled into the crook of his neck, pausing momentarily. “Everything.”

“You know,” he said after a beat of silence, slipping his hand under the hem of your sweater to rub circles against your hip. “You can talk to me. About anything.”

You looked up at him, tracing the new scar that horizontally marred his forehead. “Like how you talked to me when you left without a word?”

Gladio went quiet, and his hand stilled.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, pressing a kiss to his collarbone. “I shouldn’t have said that. You had your reasons.”

You moved to get up, but Gladio’s strong arms tugged you back into his grip. “Don’t apologize for that,” he sighed, his gaze cast downward. “I should have told you the reason. But to be honest, I was scared. Scared and embarrassed that I couldn’t protect Noct, couldn’t protect you. And what am I if I can’t do that?”

You shifted so that you could face him, stroking your thumbs along the stubble lining his jaw. “You’re Gladiolus Amicitia,” you stated firmly. “You’ve saved me more times than I can even count. And not just from physical dangers, but from my own mind. And I love you for it.”

Gladio’s hand slid behind your neck and pulled you in for a slow, languid kiss. It was sleepy and perfect, neither one of you wanting to pull away first. When you finally did, you kept your lips just barely touching his, and you felt his mouth grazing yours with every spoken word.

“I love you too. Even if you are a pain in the ass.”

You laughed and swatted at him, and he only pulled you in closer.

“Let’s be more honest with each other, yeah?” he asked, playing with the hem of your sweater. “Let me share your burden. That’s why I’m here.”

You nodded. “Okay.”

The two of you ended up talking for a while longer, curled up against one another in the lawn chair by the unlit campfire. The two of you eventually fell asleep like that, and you couldn’t even remember closing your eyes. Just the steady heartbeat that lulled you into a dreamless slumber.

The next morning, Ignis surfaced from the tent, rolling his shoulders and stretching out, ready to start breakfast. He caught a glimpse of the two of you, still sleeping in the lawn chair as the sun started to rise higher in the sky. He smiled to himself at the sight, and ducked back into the tent momentarily.

He re-emerged with a blanket, and went over to drape it over you both. He watched for a second longer as you burrowed a little closer to Gladio’s chest, while his hands tightened around your waist.

Ignis smiled to himself, and left to give you a little more privacy. He poured himself a cup of Ebony and tried to keep the noise down to a minimum as he began preparing breakfast, figuring he could give you two a little more time before starting the day.

tag yourself: what kind of bee aesthetic do you like best

spring bees: busy and full of energy almost to the point of low panic, the smell of wet earth, and the slight edge of dew that is nearly frost in the early mornings, pale green grass that hasn’t quite recovered from winter yet, pale pastels of early flowers, tiny green shoots pushing into the sun from underground

summer bees: both motivation and monotony of work, hot sun beating down, the bright colors of blooming summer flowers, the warm gold-brown smell of earth in the sun, bird song that is frantic in the morning and slow in the evening, the sound of wind muffled by the heat, the lush, wet, green smell that comes from the vegetable garden

autumn bees: everything slowing down, except and especially on the long, hot afternoons where it still feels like summer, meadows turning gold with splashes of yellow from the sunflowers and red from the Indian paintbrushes, the sharp, pervasive smell of smoke blowing in from far off wildfires, the growing apprehension of winter as the days get shorter

siriusblaac  asked:

hiiii guys!!! do you have any pianist!stiles or pianist!derek fics?

heres some pianist derek

sometimes fate is like a small snowstorm by thepsychicclam (1/1 | 8,145 | R)

In a coffee shop two days before Christmas, Derek meets Stiles. Despite neither of them being interested in relationships, they spend an unforgettable evening together, but then part ways. During the following years, Stiles competes in the Olympics, Derek tours the world - and neither of them forget. Then twelve years later, two days before Christmas, Derek finds Stiles in that same coffee shop.

aka a kinda sorta serendipity au

Stiles by MasterTLA (1/1 | 628 | G)

Derek never understood what they meant when they said, ‘Your soulmate will be revealed to you while you are doing something you love.’ What was that supposed to even mean? Would he be eating his favorite pizza and a face appear in the sauce? Would he be reading a book when suddenly random words were replaced with the name of his beloved?

It never made sense to him until the day that it actually happened.

Play it for Me by bioloyg (1/1 | 5,622 | PG13)

For the longest time it sat in the corner of his apartment hidden beneath a blanket, gathering dust. Sure, every once in a while he’d uncover it, tune it, and clean it off, but that was the extent of it. He could never force himself to sit down and play, get lost in the movements of his hands and the melody of a song.
OR the one where Derek is a landlord and plays piano and someone takes notice.

A Segue, I Suppose by IAmAVeronica (5/? | 19,126 | NC17)

Derek’s face turns bright red. “What…were you listening to me?”

Stiles opens his mouth, ready to tell Derek that the Derek had led him here with the music like some sort of snake charmer, and he can’t believe how good Derek is, and will Derek please play something else because listening to him had been the first thing to make Stiles happy since he’d woken up this morning. Then his mouth snaps shut as he remembers that he’s talking to Derek Hale. The boy who used to be his best friend. The boy he’s been watching Jackson torture all throughout high school. The boy whose summer transformation from sullen wimp to sex god has been keeping Stiles’s brain and dick occupied all day with some veryinappropriate fantasies.

So instead he just says lamely, “Did you write that?”


Derek is the school loner who plays the piano and Stiles is the jock who becomes enamored of Derek and his music. It could be a “Hallelujah Chorus” kind of love, if they’re able to forgive the past and brave the present together–and deal with the person who has been in love with Stiles for years, and won’t give Stiles up without a fight.

SPN Valentines Fic Challenge

@winchestersandwordprocessors - Chris, thanks for organizing this challenge! 

My assignment was: Dean/reader + semi-public or risk of getting caught. This turned out a little different than I thought, I kind of failed at the ‘reader’ portion - I’m sorry, Chris! I could just hear Dean in my head, so I went with it. This is from Dean’s POV, hope you enjoy!

God, this fuckin’ job sucks.

I mean, I know sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to get the information we need. But we’ve been working at this broken-down piece-of-shit carnival for a week now. I’m so goddamn sick of pickin’ up people’s trash and cleaning up after sick kids.

Sam’s being a pain in the ass, too. I mean, I’m dealing with Dad’s death. As much as you can deal with something like that. He’s all up in my grill about my feelings, and all I wanna do is kill something. This damn clown/monster/whatever the hell it is. I just wanna kill something that deserves it.

Ooooh, or something more fun. There she is again. That little piece of heaven that’s been hanging around here for the last couple of days. She’s been pretty damn friendly, too. Had her coming on my fingers in the haunted house last night, she’s just sweet. But I’d like to really get into her, if you know what I mean. God, she’s wearing those little short shorts again, and she’s got a set on her that makes my mouth water. Wonder if she’s feeling friendly tonight, too…

“Hey, sweetheart.” Aww, she’s blushing, looking up at me all innocent. “How’s it going? You wanna – hang out? I’m off duty in 3 – 2 – now.”

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The Malfoy Crest

Request prompt: Draco buys the reader a necklace or locket with the Malfoy crest on it. Pansy finds it tries it on but ends up breaking it
I hope you enjoy!

The Morning

It was a very well know fact that you and Draco Malfoy were the best power couple to walk Hogwart’s halls in a very long time. Superior, dominant and feared… and most likely to stay together forever. For you and Draco, it was the beginning of your 4th year at Hogwarts. You glided down the busy corridor, noticing the turning heads as you made your way to class. The summer had been kind to you, and you had naturally blossomed but you didn’t care much for this new attention you were getting. Everything was finally falling into place and you were sure as hell not going to let anything ruin it. This was going to be your year to really shine and you knew it.

“Hey (y/f/n) wait up” you tilted your head around just in time to see Draco sauntering towards you, a growing smile spreading across his lips.

“Hey Draco” you beamed, his arm sliding across your shoulder and hanging lightly around you. Your body sunk gently against his before returning to your normal stance. You walked in unison to your next lesson, reveling in the looks of awe and admiration.

You were almost at Snape’s classroom when a sudden tug on your hand by Draco pulled you into an alcove, nuzzled in the side of the corridor. You looked at Draco with a puzzled expression and noticed a look of unusual excitement play across his features.

“What’s wrong?” You questioned as your hand closed around his

“Nothing, I just like looking at you” he teased. You playfully rolled your eyes and tugged at his robes.

“I like looking at you too, but we have spent all summer looking at each other, remember? How about we look at some potions books now…” You quipped back with a small smile tugging at your lips.

“Okay okay let’s do it your way, but first… I have something for you”

He pulled out a small box laced with green and silver velvet. You look at him with an intriguing sort of anticipation building up inside you. He just smirked back before opening the case to reveal a beautifully mesmerising necklace. It was the shape of the Malfoy house crest, and as you looked closer, you noticed small emerald gems encrusted across the sigil.

“Draco… I don’t know what to say” you stammered through your bright smile. It must have cost him small fortune.

“You don’t have to say anything. May I?”

You nodded your head excitedly. He pushed your hair to the side, allowing him to carefully place it across your neck before fixing the clasp. The metal crest hung just below your collarbones. It wasn’t too flashy or tacky and it wasn’t too small to be missed. It was amazingly unique much alike you and Draco.

“Thank you so much!”

You jumped into him and he lifted you into a tight hug as you pressed a short kiss on his lips before ruffling his hair. Once you were back on the ground, you blow him a small kiss before pulling him off to lesson with you.

The Evening

“What do you mean he gave her a necklace?!” Pansy raved to the group.

“Well they are dating Pansy… They’ve been dating for what… like two years now?” Blaise stated with disinterest.

“Yeah Pans, can’t you just shut up and be happy for them” Daphne interjected, sending Blaise a knowing glance. She knew Pansy was going to go full psycho at any moment and Blaise knew it too.

“No I can’t! And I don’t believe these rumours so easily either. Have any of you seen the necklace??” Pansy blurted out in a rage. But before anyone could answer she began raving again.
“Yeah that’s what I thought! I won’t believe it until I see it”

And with that Pansy stormed out of the great hall and made a for the Slytherin common room. She barked the house password before proceeding into the room and breaking a regal vase positioned by the doorway. She stormed around for a few minutes but quickly formed a plan to try and search for (y/f/n)s necklace. Pansy knew you were out for the evening doing quidditch practise and shouldn’t be back for a while.

She crept up to the girl’s dormitories, she scoped out the area. It seemed relatively quiet. So strutted her way down the hallway of doors, towards (y/f/n)’s room.

The door was already unlocked. Pansy pushed it wide open and lock eyes on the dresser adjacent to the door. There laying right on the dresser was the small velvet covered box. Pansy glared at the object, before reaching for it and haphazardly popping it open to reveal the piece of jewellery.

She walked over to the mirror without taking her eyes of the treasure and pulled it gently out of the box. After placing the box down on (y/f/n)’s desk, Pansy pulled the crest up to her neck and attempted to fix the clasp behind her head.

“WHAT do you think you’re doing?!” You raged seeing Pansy in YOUR room, wearing YOUR necklace.

Pansy snapped her head around and in a panic tried to rip the necklace off. You watched as the silver chain snapped and fell to the floor. Your eyes fixated on the heap of silver, and you felt tears beginning to form. Before you could shout more Pansy walked briskly past you, showing an odd mix of emotions. As if she was trying to decide whether to feel guilty about the incident or extremely smug. Nonetheless, you let her go and solemnly retrieved the fractured necklace. You sat on your bed just holding it for a while. What would you tell Draco? And what if he was mad at you for leaving it out so carelessly? An unfamiliar feeling of anxiety grew inside of you.

After a while, you heard a gentle knock at the door.

“(Y/f/n)? You in there? It’s me Draco” the door opened slowly showing Draco, his slender figure hovered within the doorway. He timidly made his way over to you, and noticed your tears.

“Hey, hey don’t cry (y/f/n) .Please don’t cry” he consoled as he pulled your body into his, running his fingers gently through your hair.

“I’m sorry Draco” you sniffed. “It’s broken”
His face soften a little.

“It’s okay baby. It’s not your fault, I know. Pansy told me what happened.”

“Are you sure you’re not mad?” You looked up into his eyes

“How could I be mad at you (y/f/n)?” he pleaded while wiping the tears from your cheeks. You stared into each other’s eyes for a while, taking each other in. Draco pulled you up by your hand and hugged you tightly.

“Don’t worry” he whispered “We will get her back, I promise” you smiled a little at that and knew you sure as hell would.

Brady Skjei - Summer Ice

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

“The Auston Matthews one was too cute! Could you write one for Brady Skjei? Where the reader is a competitive figure skater so they always end up running into each other and like one another please? 😊” - @mrsjasperdent
Once again, I’m posting at midnight because that’s when my nerves say, “f*ck it, just post the damn story already.”
Word count: 1883
Warnings: none.
It was 5:00am, the sun wasn’t even out yet and you were already lacing up your skates for a morning around the rink. The summer time was your most peaceful training days. You always wake up around 4:30am and make it to the rink around 5:00 to work on your skills and a little practice on your speed. There’s nothing quite like stepping onto clean ice first thing in the morning. The sound of your blades cutting through the ice is the most soothing thing. You get a few laps in before setting up cones at the far end of the rink to isolate your stretches and skills practice.
While you are working on your form a boy decides to weave in and out of your cones.
“Can I help you?” You ask, not amused by this lack of privacy you clearly want due to the barrier of cones you placed.
This was the second day this man has interrupted your solo skate session. The zamboni rider said that this skater was in the NHL and visiting home for the summer.
“Yes, you can help me,” he smirks and starts to skate circles around you. “You didn’t give me the time of day to introduce myself yesterday to you.”
Your arms are now across your chest and you’re trying to make it apparent that you aren’t interested in an introduction. Sure, he was cute. Like, REALLY cute. But you don’t need some NHL player ruining your morning routine.
“Because I’m kind of busy conditioning,” you state. He still has a dumb smile upon his face and you’re trying your best to not smile back. His expression is kind of contagious but you want to stand your ground.
“Well, then I’m really sorry to interrupt,” he finally apologizes, “but, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brady. I really like your commitment to skating and would love to take you to coffee or something after you’re done.” You give him a what-are-you-up-to stare.
“My name is (y/n) and I don’t drink coffee.” You try your best to not sound rude. You truly hate coffee but find yourself letting your guard down and wanting to go out to at least get breakfast with him.
“But, I do like pancakes. At the Diner across the street? If you can leave me alone to practice and continue whatever it is that you came here to accomplish. I can meet you there around 6:30?” You suggest. His smile grows larger.
“It’s a date, then!” He skates away backwards from you.
“This is not a date!” You yell, but you can clearly see he is not letting this be anything less than flirting.
What the absolute heck did you get yourself into? You only had a tank top and sweats to change into after practice since you planned on going home straight after and probably napping. Now you had a breakfast plan ( it’s NOT a date) with some tall NHL player.
You pull your small blue sedan into the gravel parking lot of the diner. You can already see Brady waiting inside. He’s kind of hard to miss considering he’s a giant towering over every senior citizen couple currently in the diner. You giggled at the sight.
Walking into the diner you see Brady’s face turn into nothing less than a huge smile.
“See, my date IS here. So can I get my reserved table now?” He tells the lady at the front counter.
“It’s not a date,” you whisper to the lady as she is escorting you two to a booth. She flashed you a fake smile and simply sets down the menus before walking away.
“So, not to sound cliche…but, do you come here often?” Brady immediately had a look of regret on his face after asking. You tried to hold back laughter. In fear the sudden outburst of giggles might send one of the senior couples in the diner straight to the hospital from shock.
“Not really,” you replied, “I just know they have decent pancakes.”
“I hope they have better pancakes than their service,” he chuckled, “ I don’t think the host is too fond of us.”
You two talked about each of your passion for the ice and how your schedules at the rink match up enough for this breakfast thing to become a routine.
“To be completely honest, figure skating is a pretty lonely sport. I don’t practice with anyone else besides my occasional trainer before competitions. I wouldn’t mind being your friend on and off the ice.” You admit to Brady. Brady looks deep in thought while sipping hot chocolate out of a straw. Yes, this 6 foot man ordered a hot chocolate. Not only did he order a hot chocolate but, now he’s drinking it out of a freaking bendy straw.
“Friends?” He asks, “I suppose that will work for now (y/n). Same time at the rink tomorrow?”
You shrug then agree and leave once you’ve paid for your check. Which he tried to cover but, no way in heck were you letting him think this was a date.
Over the next two weeks it was the same routine: You’d wake up at 4:30am, get to the the rink by 5:00am, Brady would bug you for quite a while as soon as he arrived (usually around 5:30am), and you’d both go out for breakfast.
It was nice having someone up that early to start your day with. There was no doubt in your mind that you definitely had feelings for him. Who wouldn’t have feelings for such a goofball of a hockey player? But, you never dated. You’ve always been a lone wolf with figure skating being your top priority over dating boys. Getting into your first relationship with a man who’s career took him on endless road trips with countless female attention in every city he visited didn’t sound to appealing. Besides, you were under the impression that this past two weeks of flirting and keeping company was just a way for him to pass time.
It was just another morning at the rink. Per usual you did a few laps and then began setting up your cones. Consistency is clearly key when it comes to conditioning. Brady skated in only a few moments after you finished setting up.
“So, I know breakfast is great and all… but, can we do lunch? Or dinner, or a picnic by a lake? A MELTED LAKE. It’s summer and all we’ve done is come to the rink and the diner.” He dramatically goes on while skating in circles around you.
“Well, you can take yourself on a picnic or out to dinner. I’m not stopping you there.” I say, just trying to move past the fact that I’d love to spend more time with him. All I do after our mornings together is think of all the pros and cons of falling for this man. I think about how we have common interests and the only other men in your career path are gay or egotistical. Figure skating wasn’t for finding a soulmate unless you started off in this industry already as a couple.
Brady dramatically runs his hands down his face in frustration. “Whyyy won’t you just be my girlfriend?” he whines. He’s stopped skating in circles around you at this point. Taking this opportunity, you start to do small circles around him, “well, Brady,” you start off, “You never actually asked.” You give him a wink then quickly skate away. You can hear his blades hitting the ice fast behind you. As you try to pivot to see how far ahead you are, he (as gently as a hockey player could possibly) runs you into the glass.
“Geez, Brady. I’m not a hockey player.” You say while trying to get back the breath that was just knocked out of you.
“I feel this might be my last resort to make sure you don’t get away.” He definitely said that with some truth to it.
You’re against the boards with nowhere to go. Also, there’s never anyone else in the rink at this time. “Okay, Brady. Shoot. Tell me how you feel.”
He shakes his head, “not on the ice.” He backs off of you and the glass. Grabbing your hands to lead you off the ice and onto the benches that overlook the rink. You realize this is the first time you’ve actually had physical contact. These past two weeks never involved hugging or hand holding. The base of the flirting was all words. It was never actually intimacy.
“So,” he sighs, “I know I’ve been annoying these past weeks.” You slightly nods in agreement.
“But, (y/n) I don’t know what to do to make you like me. I never wanted to try and make any moves on you. You aren’t someone I’m trying to hit and quit. If you’re willing or even feel slightly the same towards me…” he takes a deep breath, “ then, will you please, go out on an official date with me?”
“Brady Skjei, you are by far the most annoying man that has ever interrupted my morning practice routine.” You begin. Instantly Brady’s face looks like he made a huge mistake admitting any feelings towards you.
“But,” you continue, “it’s something I’ve gotten used to and I’m not sure how I feel about it stopping. You’re all I think about and it sucks. It sucks thinking I’ve fallen for some damn hockey player who is leaving Minnesota soon. A state I feel I’m stuck in despite all this effort I put in to leave. Sure, I travel for competition. But, I always end up back here. You have a team. You have New York. You have so much more that I can’t possibly be a part of after a few breakfasts together.” You vent out as if it’s the last thing you’ll ever say to him. He can recognize you’re frustrated and truly have had this on your mind this entire time you’ve been spending the summer together. He kneels down in front of you so you have nowhere to look but directly into his eyes.
“We can make all that work if you’d JUST DATE ME.” He was slightly losing it. This makes you burst into uncontrollable laughter. He begins to rub his face out of anguish once more.
“(Y/n) you’re making this so much more complicated than it needs to be.” He almost grunts out while his hands are still covering his face. He then throws his hands up in the air, “if you like me and I like you; then, I don’t think anything else matters. JUST BE MY GIRLFRIEND.”
He’s now resting his hands on your knees. Placing your hands over his, you give him a nod. “Okay. Sure, WHY NOT? Let’s make this happen.” That goofy smile you remember from day one returns to his face as he stands up in front of you. Quickly grabbing ahold of you, he picks you up and spins you around.
“You won’t regret this!” He says before skipping off the bleachers while still holding you.
“Oh, stop over thinking everything.” He smirks.


My last weekend of summer. As usual I have spent the summer trying to plan some scheme where I can quit teaching and never have to go back :( oh well. The summer was only two months but it’s kind of crazy how much stuff happened. it started in Durango. Back when I’d do yoga every morning, hike every afternoon, and cook some nice meal. Then we frantically moved out of our apartment to a house in Denver. I am trying to learn how to be a city girl. I don’t get it. Then flew to Cali to see siblings, then drove to Bellingham to visit my old beach home, then to Leavenworth to be with my best friends, then back to Denver and went on an insane backpacking excursion. And then yesterday one of my friends who was in a coma for a while finally woke up. 

I’ve mentioned a few times how fortunate I feel to be surrounded by book lovers!  Last night was meeting one of two for gym book club. (Some people are traveling, so we’re meeting again on Monday. Lol–can’t have too many happy hours, right!?) I can’t say I found this particular book selection very appealing, but the company is always top notch!  And, I am much more interested in next month’s selection, Rabbit Cake

Regular book club is next Thursday night.  :)  Now that summer is over, my regular Thursday office volunteer crew is back; we all got to catch up and discuss summer reading highlights yesterday morning!  This morning, I had a group in the office for work, as well, and they were all readers, so we had a fantastic chat!  AND, at Tuesday night’s Junior League training, we decided that we’re going to make our once-a-month after-hours project get togethers book and wine club!  We don’t all have to read the same book, but we’re going to bring a recommendation from the month to share and discuss!  It’s kind of the best thing ever–I’m never at a loss for book recommendations!  :D It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the horrible things in the news, but I have so many examples of fantastic humans in my life that it is impossible to not see hope and positivity in the world, as well.

After all this time, I’ve realised that I want to become a thinker of brave and dangerous thoughts once again. I want to be sunshine, with my words radiating pure kindness and warmth, and I want to allow them to dance softly to the rhythms of conversations and not be scared that someone will try and stop them dancing.

I want to stand strong and tall and beautiful and know what the blissful feeling of having no fear is. I want to be fearless, as though I have a big red cape and magic powers, there for me to rely on instead of constantly depending on others. So instead, I can fix myself, and maybe help them along the way as well, as a sort of thank you.

I want to start to document those moments in life that show me where I truly belong and where my mind is just bursting with song. I want to be able to look back on those moments where I am shaking from euphoria and the pure thrill of being alive; when it feels as if my soul is smiling and I am laughing. I want to be able to remember things like camping on the beach in the summer, the days of sandy knees, bitter whisky, and all the best kinds of people.

I want to always be reminded of those moments that show us how we are all tornadoes, raging through days and nights, never quite sure when we will stop spinning. And that is the beautiful thing, because each morning when the sea kisses the shore and the sun blesses us with its rays of warmth once again, we still keep going, these crazy tornadoes, spinning on and on.

So I think I want to feel like that again, and live experiences like that again, for there is no more perfect cure for a muddled soul and a bruised heart than to start to simply appreciate being human.

—  carlinrose

Nico Jr smiles: I get the feeling you don’t care for me, Teresa. Why?

Teresa stutters: I really only want you to put the cigarette out, Nico Jr. It stains the wallpaper and leaves an odor. Mrs. Holmes despises the stink it leaves.

Nico Jr: You didn’t answer my question. Why don’t you like me? I’m a nice, handsome young man. Is it because you think I’m f*cking your daughter?

Teresa: *struggles to remain calm* You’re being a very disrespectful young man right now, Nico.

Nico Jr: Because I’m not. F*cking her. I saw you when you walked in on us early this morning. I pretended I was asleep. It was all innocent and harmless. So no need to dislike me.

Teresa: Maxine is a very kind and sensitive young woman, Nico. I don’t think you’re her type. She also has a boyfriend. Ivo Lang. He’s away for the summer. She loves Ivo very much. 

Nico Jr annoyed: Really? I’m not her type and she’s in love. 

Teresa nods: That’s correct. 

anonymous asked:

caretaker, i offer the first clumsy notes i played on a piano, the simple contentment of a warm summer afternoon on the porch watching cottonwood seeds drift by, and all my dreams that are forgotten come morning. what is the best thing i can do for the world?


dest-writes  asked:

could you do camp counselor!jun where he and y/n are both camp counselors and he has a crush on her because she's so good with all the kids even the troublemakers the jun can NEVER get to obey him heehee thank you love

• omg yes this is so cute okay so you had been volunteering to be a counselor at this camp for the past five years after you had gotten too old to attend it as a camper so you were like why wouldn’t someone come back to this place??? you enjoyed like all the memories you had made of sitting around the campfire struggling to get your marshmallow off of the stick perfectly into the graham cracker or the time when you went kayaking for the first time and nearly flipped yourself over
• the camp was a place of happiness for you like whenever school got too hard or stressful you would motivate yourself to think like hey only a few more months/weeks until you can be back out in the wilderness air
• also you pretty much knew every single camp counselor that worked there and you were pretty much close with all of them there but when you arrive at the campsite and flip up the list of camp counselors you see wen junhui and youre like ??? who is this guy and so you’re like super focused when all the counselors pass into the main hall and so far everyones faces are familiar and you give a nod and a wave towards them but then an unfamiliar face passes through the entrance
• and oh my gosh your heartbeat just picked up and it’s so loud that you’re sure this new guy can hear it and you exhale a wow because he is the singlehandedly most handsome man you have ever seen and you’re pretty sure everyone else at this point is watching the color rise to your cheeks and your mouth slightly agape
• and you’re like this is wen junhui and oh gosh is he approaching you right now??? and he stops in front of you and wow he basically towers over you and he gives you a smile and oh wow his eyesmile is beautiful and he puts his hand out and he introduces himself as jun and that he’s your camp counselor partner in crime and your heartbeat must be insane at this point and then he takes your hand in his and brings it to his mouth and kisses it and you’re like I CANT WHO EVEN IS THIS MAN
• then he tells you that he will enjoy working with you this summer and part of you is like how am i going to deal with him this whole summer??? especially since you two are going to co-counsel your favorite cabin of counselors and oh boy here we go
• so on the first day of the job you had to visit juns cabin because it was ten minutes before the kids were supposed to meet in the clearing and jun was nowhere to be found so here you were knocking on the door to only be met with silence on the other end and you kind of just huffed because how has this boy slept through his alarms this late??? so there you are still furiously knocking on the door until he opens it and he’s pulling his shirt over his head and oh wow that’s his chest right there and wow he’s so close right now and you kind of just inhale because wow he’s handsome and toned and oh boy jun is watching the color rise to your cheeks and now you’re like oh uh we gotta go now and he’s like well alright and just continues walking as if you didn’t just see him shirtless???
• so you’re flustered walking with him all the way down to the gathering and jun and you decide to step back and let him try to wrangle up the kids attention at first because lets be honest you still need time to calm down from your experience five minutes ago
• so there is jun who keeps saying excuse me and waving his hands around and keeps huffing and stops his foot just like a little kid and youre having to stifle a laugh because wow this is so cute and so you move over to him and pat his chest and you’re like let me handle this one okay??? and so you just whistle once and clear your throat and all the kids turn around and a sheet of silence falls over on them and now it’s jun’s turn for his mouth to go agape and he’s seriously impressed at just how fast you got all the kids under control in less than five seconds and he feels a surge of admiration flow through him because how do you manage to do this???
• so you divulge into the instructions on making their own custom door handles for their bunks so you and jun pass out all the supplies and jun cant help but notice how once you pass out all the stuff the kids smile back at you with the widest toothy grin and so he tries his best to offer a smile to kids as his passes colored pencils out and a few of the kids just look at his forced smile and are like no but the second that one of then little girls finally returns a timid grin juns heart is like I DID IT
• you obviously pick up on him trying to be more friendly with the kids and you cant help but smile and your heart is so soft and especially the little girls are like tugging at his sleeve because this boy is a ladies man with all except one little girl
• and so jun comes over to you and whispers into your ear and oh boy here come the goosebumps again and hes asking how to handle that one little girl who just seems to be the troublemaker and wont listen to him and insists upon running around the grounds with scissors even though jun was pleading for her to stop and hes telling you how you’re just so good with the kids and he wants to be that good and wow he just cant understand how someone can handle all these kids the way you do
• face is just as flushed as it has ever been and you tell him you’ll show him how its done so you go down and perch next to the troublesome little girl who now is prying the other camper’s colored pencils from their hands and claiming them as her own and you whisper a few words to her before her eyes grow wide and she nods quickly and hands the pencils back to the other kids and mutters an apology and there is jun again in complete awe at the way you handled another one of these children and wow is jun thinking how good you would be with his children and how good of a mother youd be and he has to look away because wow his face is flushed now again
• that night when the camp counselors are all gathered around the fire and jun plops himself down next to you and playfully bumps your shoulder while giving you that cheesy little smile that he gave you this morning and his voice is kind of small but admiring when he tells you that he really admires how well you handled the situations today and that also he thinks you’re super pretty and with a small little wink he mentions how tomorrow he’ll try his best to meet you like he did this morning
• and thus begins the sweet summer camp counselor romance between you and wen junhui the cheesiest camp counselor to ever walk foot on these grounds and also your favorite one too but you wouldnt tell him that now would you

frozenchaos5  asked:

The people of arendalle use how Anna runs to and from the castle to judge how the day is gonna go and what threats they may face for instance Anna running out of the forest with a look of utter terror on her face into the court yard and grabbing a cannon to fight a Dragon tells them to run and hide

Oh My

How to survive in Arendelle for dummies? :D

Arendelle citizens considered themselves very lucky. They lived in a quiet, prosperous country under a rule of a wise, beautiful Queen with magic powers, and her sister with the best human skills you could get. But people are only people, royals included, and they always have some quirks. Why not use them in your advance to make your life even better?

When talking about ruling the country by royal sisters, their different personalities influenced greatly the way the kingdom operated. People dealing with the Queen and the Princess on a daily basis worked out a strategy that had nothing to do with actual ruling. By trial and error citizens of Arendelle learned how to deal with their monarch and her sister to make things easy and smooth for everybody.

Anna liked to sleep in. Elsa liked to get up early.  Anna liked changes. Elsa liked routine. Anna liked confrontation. Elsa liked stability. Anna liked to discuss things. Elsa liked to work on problems alone. Anna liked  noisy and crowded council chambers. Elsa liked solitude and quiet of her office. Anna liked attention. Elsa liked to be left alone. Anna liked abstract ideas. Elsa liked definite plans. Anna was emotional. Elsa was rational. Elsa hated to be disturbed. Anna didn’t mind. They both loved chocolate.

So for example if somebody wanted their problem to be heard by the monarch, they left a letter with detailed information (the more sophisticated phrases the better) and a few small bitter chocolate candies (very crucial, other kinds of chocolate were reserved for afternoon, no exceptions) wrapped in blue paper for Kai to bring them to Elsa during her morning tea. But if it was Anna they wanted to approach, they did it personally, never before lunch and always with a big bar of chocolate (of any kind, Anna was not picky).

Of course there were times when all the rules went with wind. Like during Summer Frozen Dragons Festival. There were no meetings with royals, all their time was reserved for kids. So the best for adults was to stay inside the houses where an outside mayhem and summer heat could not reach. It started with Elsa creating an Ice Dragon for a kid  named Fredmund and when other kids heard about it, it quickly escalated into annual event, with an army of little knights armed with wooden swords leaded by Princess Anna fighting with Ice and Snow Dragons created by Queen Elsa. While kids and royals made havoc, parents relaxed inside their houses, drinking iced tea (thanks to royal magic) and playing board games. 

They knew that their children were perfectly safe fighting dragons under care of their royals.

Theory about Best of Me by BTS

This probably won’t make any sense but I’m in the process of making a whole theory for this stuff so yes

There’s a line in the song that goes something like this, if my listening is right (I didn’t look at the lyrics yet):

하루 하루 여름 겨울

It means “Everyday, everyday, summer, winter…”

You read the Hangul roughly as:

“Haru haru yeoreum gyeoul”

In the song it sounds kind of like like:

“Haru haru yoru yoru”

That, in Japanese, means “spring night”.

春 はる - spring
夜 よる - nighttime, night, when it’s dark in the morning (朝の夜)

The lyrics, if I heard right, are about the boys/protagonist giving their all and their best to someone, and in Yoongi’s rap he says “Please don’t leave me. “

In Spring Day the lyric 보고 싶다 means “I want to see you” but in context means “I miss you.”

Maybe this takes place after spring day and now that they have who they missed they are giving the best version of themselves, or this is before spring day because they want the situation to be positive and then whoever it is, leaves and they miss them????

My main point: The short films were to portray the girl that inspired the lyrics of I NEED U, and perhaps the very basic plot line (why they’re all sad, except for Taehyung who has a reason), so Her is probably either before the events of the INU and Wings era, or them imagining whichever girl the lyrics of INU mentioned (for example, Jungkook is probably in the wheelchair because he was hit by the car but why was he walking so depressed before??? was it because his friends died or because of this girl?? Maybe he’s hallucinating or something so he sees her because she always kept him out of trouble)

So maybe the plot line actually comes into two main groups - the songs are one and the MVs are the other.

SuperBat Rec List

Since I’ve been asked to make a fic rec list for the new SuperBat shippers….

Disclaimer: None of these fics are mine, they have just been compiled by me! All authors have been linked/credited. 

“Helpless” By:  sofia_gigante - NSFW 

When a near-death experience brings Superman’s desire for Batman out into the open, a dark and surreal relationship grows between the two heroes. However, when Clark’s obsession with Batman’s identity collides with Bruce’s trust issues, their games come to a bitter end. Months later, Clark is distracted from his heartbreak by the assignment of a lifetime—an interview with billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. Unaware of their shared past—or secret identities—Clark and Bruce’s mutual attraction grows into a fledgling relationship. Faced with the potential for something real, they both must decide if they can still live double lives—or if the cost of secrecy will be too high to pay. (Part #1 of the Dark Knight, Bright Son series, which I would highly suggest!)

“World’s Finest Handjob” By:  linndechir - NSFW

Clark sees Bruce in public for the first time since Batman and Superman started working together, at another charity event in Metropolis. He’s fascinated by how different Bruce’s public persona is from the Bruce he’s come to know. Bruce catches him watching and promptly ambushes Clark in the bathroom.

“And You Said Yes as I said Please”   By: figure8  -NSFW

Bruce pushes him into the shower. “You’re embarrassing.”
“You love it,” Clark grins, and Bruce answers him by angling the showerhead so that the water sprays him aggressively right in the face. (PART #7 of the  it’s not where you come from (it’s where you belong)  series, which I also highly recommend!)

“Tha-Thump” By:  haljordont

There is Bruce in a Gotham summer, down to tight-fitting shirts and khaki shorts. And then there is Bruce in a Kansas summer, looking like a drowned cat for all the sweat when he sits on the porch for more than fifteen minutes.

It’s the best kind of torture Clark has ever experienced.

“Five Times Alfred and Martha tried to play Matchmakers (And one time they didn’t have to)” By:  Aniel_H

The one where Alfred and Martha decide Bruce and Clark are perfect for each other and team up to set up the two caped idiots romantically.

“Two Years In The Making” By:  knoxoursavior

Bruce’s mornings are usually spent in bed, trying to ignore the pain in his hips and his knees as he finally gets up and answers Alfred’s insistent calls to breakfast. He expects to find Alfred waiting patiently in the kitchen, arms crossed and ready to tie Bruce to a chair if he needs to.

Instead, there’s Clark Kent, eating his toast and drinking his orange juice and decidedly not dead.

Alfred could’ve warned him.

“Learning Curves” By:  manic_intent

“You’re late.” Bruce told him, feigning a little scowl. “I sent you a text an hour ago.”

“Some of us have real jobs.” Clark tried his best to sound nonchalant. Bruce had clearly been waiting for him since a dinner engagement: he was still in a beautifully made tux, slim-fitting, bow-tie and all, the sharp line of his cuffs cut against gorgeously soft-looking white gloves. Clark was glad for the wool of his coat, as his trousers grew tight. Bruce would’ve made fun of him for that.

“Don’t I own the Daily Planet? Maybe the editor, whats-his-name, should just assign you to me full time. The Wayne Desk, they could call it.” Bruce smirked as Clark crowded him against the rail, circling an arm around the small of his back.

“When Bruce Met Clark” By:  winchesterfiesta

Bruce Wayne tells his parents the story of how he and Clark Kent got together, and the story of their relationship so far

“Cadence” By:  manic_intent

Bruce was stalling. Clark knelt in the tub of his apartment’s tiny bathroom, arms folded on the ceramic lip, hiding his grin, glasses balanced further on the edge, watching as Bruce studied the sink and the mirrored cabinet as though it held the secrets to the universe. Bruce’s suit jacket was somewhere in the living room, and his blue shirt was rolled up to his elbows, but he was still far too dressed up for what Clark had thought was an obvious proposition.

“Bruce,” Clark prompted, as seriously as he could. It was proving surprisingly hard to keep a straight face when naked and chest-deep in warm water.

“I’ve always wondered,” Bruce said mildly, without even looking over, as though both of them were having a casual conversation over lunch. “How the hell do you shave?”

The Avatar

1.It’s the Painted Lady
2.The Blue Spirit
3.The Painted Spirit
4.The Blue Lady
5. The Water Bender
6. The Fire Lord’s Heart pt 1
7. The Fire Lord’s Heart pt 2
8. The Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit
9. The Fire Lady
10.The Blood Bender
11. The Family Reunion
12. The Water Bender’s Baby

Katara places her daughter with the woman. She visits her often under the claim that she is the baby’s God Mother.

Katara helps at the hospital, she works as a healer. But she also teaches the new water benders that are appearing in the south.

Sokka leaves the Southern Water Tribe to go to Republic City as an emissary. According to Sokka’s letters, Aang and Zuko are working together to create a city of unity, where benders of any kind can live together with non-benders. The thought of Aang and Zuko working together makes Katara’s stomach churn.

As the Southern Water Tribe grows, it becomes a flourish of life, but with life comes danger, thieves and thugs, Katara joins the police force, helping take care of crime in the south.

But then another threat comes, a group rally, hell bent on taking out Katara’s father. Katara tries her best to take the rebels down but they aren’t enough, this group is large and not even the entire police force can take them down.

One summer morning, two years after Senna’s birth, Katara walks through the tribe with her ‘god daughter’ buying presents when suddenly a large sky bison lands in the middle of the tribe, Katara’s heart kicks into over drive.

Katara races back to Senna’s guardian’s house and drops her off, she kisses her daughter good-bye and then makes her way back to her father’s council room. Appa is standing right outside, huffing and snuffing around the snow.

When the sky bison sees Katara he bellows out and races over to her.

“Appa!” Katara beams, patting the bison on the nose, “I’ve missed you too.”

“Katara?” a voice calls, Katara turning to the council hut and she sees Aang standing in the door way.

She is amazed at the difference just two years can make, Aang is taller, taller than her; he even towers over Sokka. He looks grown up, his face more mature and his body, well, Aang only wears his usual light air bender clothes, and they do nothing to hide the muscles underneath.

“Avatar Aang,” Katara breathes, continuing to pat Appa as Aang approaches her, “It’s good to see you.”

“It’s been so long,” Aang breathes, standing in front of Katara, his voice has changed too, deeper and more masculine.

Aang and Katara both laugh before embracing each other.

“I’ve missed you,” he breathes, holding Katara closely.

Katara smiles and then looks over Aang’s shoulder to the door he came out of, secretly wishing, hoping that Zuko would come through those doors too.

“What are you doing here?” Katara asks when Aang lets her go.

“Sokka told me about your letters,” Aang explains, “I’m here to help, in any way that I can.”

“Thank you,” Katara says, she follows Aang into the council room and they discuss plans to get the group.

Katara works with Aang and Sokka, they find the gang’s hide out, and in one night they take the gang down.

Once the fight is over, it doesn’t take long with Aang by their side, by the time the sun sets the gang are behind bars.

“It was good to work with you again,” Aang says once the men are safely behind bars.

“It was,” Katara agrees, dusting off her hands and then turns away.

“Katara,” Aang says, stopping Katara before she can walk away, “I’m really sorry, for… well for how things ended with us. It just wasn’t the right time for us, I put too much pressure on you, and I’m sorry.”

Katara turns back to face Aang and he is standing in front of her sheepishly, his cheeks red.

“I’ve missed you,” Aang says, his words flying out almost breathlessly, “more than I could ever begin to say, I’ve missed you Katara.”

Katara’s heart skips a beat, she stares at Aang as he shifts on his feet.

“I want to be friends again,” Aang says, his hands jittery.

“We will always be friends, Aang,” Katara smiles, “That could never change.”

Aang smiles and blushes deep red.

“Did you want to get lunch together?” Aang asks, Katara nods her head.

“Just no sea prunes, ok?” Aang asks, making Katara laugh.

Katara and Aang spend a lot of time together over the coming months, Aang doesn’t leave the Water Tribe for three whole months, he spends as much time with Katara as he can.

Katara fills the gaping hole in her heart with Aang, he doesn’t fit the hole, it’s not a hole he’ll ever be able to fill.

Aang has changed, he’s not the same selfish, little boy from all those years ago, he’s matured and in doing so he isn’t as controlling, he gives Katara her space, he acts like her friend, not as an unrequited lover.

Katara continues to visit her ‘god child’, Aang wants to go with her, but Katara will never let him, lest he see the gold in her eyes, or how every day, Senna, grows to look more and more like her mother, her real mother.

When Aang leaves to return to the ever growing Republic city, Katara feels lost. She loves Zuko and will forever love him, but she cannot have him. She can have Aang, he cares for her and her family, but she does not love him.

When Aang is away he writes to Katara every day, telling her everything he has done, often Zuko’s name appears in the letters and it makes Katara’s heart pound in anticipation, she wants to know that Zuko is alright, that he is happy. According to Aang’s letters, Zuko seems happy, even though Mai is having troubles conceiving.

Katara has written thousands of letters to Zuko, but she never sends them. She ties them with a red and gold ribbon and hides them away where no one will find them. Should someone ever find them, Katara would be in a world of trouble; each letter details her love for Zuko, each letter mentions the baby she had with him. Katara knows she shouldn’t be writing her feelings down on paper, but she cannot bring herself to burn them.

Aang returns to the Water Tribe two months after leaving, when he sees Katara he races to her, picks her up and spins her around, when he sets her back down he places a kiss to the corner of her mouth.

“I’ve missed you.” He breathes, looking at Katara with such adoration.

“I’ve missed you too,” Katara replies, her voice shaky and in shock from the kiss.

“Katara these last few weeks without you have been torture,” Aang admits, holding Katara’s hands, “I want to be with you again, like how it was before, as more than friends.”

Katara’s heart races, she stares into Aang’s grey eyes, wishing they were gold instead. Katara hates herself, but she wasn’t lying when she said that she had missed Aang. When she read the letter that he was coming home, Katara’s heart raced with excitement.
Katara found herself wanting Aang, perhaps not in the way that he wanted her, but she did want him, for comfort.

“Katara,” Aang breathes, “I want to come home, to you, I need you in my life. Since you left it has never been the same alone as it was with you. I know I screwed up, I was selfish and childish, and I can never undo what I did to you. All I ask is for one chance.”

Katara finds herself nodding her head, a great, big smile spreads over Aang’s face as he lifts her into his arms again and takes her back to her place.

They kiss and hold each other, Katara lays with Aang to force Zuko out of her mind, to force away what cannot be.

Aang moves in with Katara quickly, he comes and goes from the Water Tribe always returning to fall into Katara’s arms.

Katara’s plan works, she falls for Aang, she loves him and he loves her. But when the make love it is always simple, always in missionary, Katara tries for more, but Aang is not comfortable with it, leaving Katara unsatisfied every time.

But Katara doesn’t base their relationship on sex, she has feelings for Aang, she loves him and he loves her.

He proposes, one year after returning to her, he gets down on his knee and presents her with a silver ring. Katara says yes, she agrees to marry the Avatar, because she does love him.

Aang and Katara are married two months after the engagement.

When the doors open to the wedding chapel Katara’s heart races, for at the end of the aisle stands the man she truly loves. However, he stands next to her intended as his best man.