the best kind of summer morning


A very late journal entry,
my heart is constantly disorganized.
I shelve some feelings for a rainy day. I do.
I tie my regrets to my favorite bag of tea,
I drink it every morning.
Poetry on my worst days.
Poetry on my empty days.
Poetry on my best days.
Poetry for you kind of days.
I spill it every damn night.
I love like an open wound, fuck the band-aids.
I love like winter, you’re dead to me,
but I still wonder.
I love like summer, these memories, dear, dear– Another lover.
I love like spring, if you choose to bloom–
pretty please, for my eyes only.
I love like autumn, red leaves; lovers– darling– they’ll change on you.


When you feel before you think,
when the sound of apologies
make for a perfect song–
those silly tears you’ll
randomly cry while driving.

Everything they claimed
that you’d never achieve.
When all you ever do is wait,
darling– this patience?

It’s not waiting. It’s hope.

The Malfoy Crest

Request prompt: Draco buys the reader a necklace or locket with the Malfoy crest on it. Pansy finds it tries it on but ends up breaking it
I hope you enjoy!

The Morning

It was a very well know fact that you and Draco Malfoy were the best power couple to walk Hogwart’s halls in a very long time. Superior, dominant and feared… and most likely to stay together forever. For you and Draco, it was the beginning of your 4th year at Hogwarts. You glided down the busy corridor, noticing the turning heads as you made your way to class. The summer had been kind to you, and you had naturally blossomed but you didn’t care much for this new attention you were getting. Everything was finally falling into place and you were sure as hell not going to let anything ruin it. This was going to be your year to really shine and you knew it.

“Hey (y/f/n) wait up” you tilted your head around just in time to see Draco sauntering towards you, a growing smile spreading across his lips.

“Hey Draco” you beamed, his arm sliding across your shoulder and hanging lightly around you. Your body sunk gently against his before returning to your normal stance. You walked in unison to your next lesson, reveling in the looks of awe and admiration.

You were almost at Snape’s classroom when a sudden tug on your hand by Draco pulled you into an alcove, nuzzled in the side of the corridor. You looked at Draco with a puzzled expression and noticed a look of unusual excitement play across his features.

“What’s wrong?” You questioned as your hand closed around his

“Nothing, I just like looking at you” he teased. You playfully rolled your eyes and tugged at his robes.

“I like looking at you too, but we have spent all summer looking at each other, remember? How about we look at some potions books now…” You quipped back with a small smile tugging at your lips.

“Okay okay let’s do it your way, but first… I have something for you”

He pulled out a small box laced with green and silver velvet. You look at him with an intriguing sort of anticipation building up inside you. He just smirked back before opening the case to reveal a beautifully mesmerising necklace. It was the shape of the Malfoy house crest, and as you looked closer, you noticed small emerald gems encrusted across the sigil.

“Draco… I don’t know what to say” you stammered through your bright smile. It must have cost him small fortune.

“You don’t have to say anything. May I?”

You nodded your head excitedly. He pushed your hair to the side, allowing him to carefully place it across your neck before fixing the clasp. The metal crest hung just below your collarbones. It wasn’t too flashy or tacky and it wasn’t too small to be missed. It was amazingly unique much alike you and Draco.

“Thank you so much!”

You jumped into him and he lifted you into a tight hug as you pressed a short kiss on his lips before ruffling his hair. Once you were back on the ground, you blow him a small kiss before pulling him off to lesson with you.

The Evening

“What do you mean he gave her a necklace?!” Pansy raved to the group.

“Well they are dating Pansy… They’ve been dating for what… like two years now?” Blaise stated with disinterest.

“Yeah Pans, can’t you just shut up and be happy for them” Daphne interjected, sending Blaise a knowing glance. She knew Pansy was going to go full psycho at any moment and Blaise knew it too.

“No I can’t! And I don’t believe these rumours so easily either. Have any of you seen the necklace??” Pansy blurted out in a rage. But before anyone could answer she began raving again.
“Yeah that’s what I thought! I won’t believe it until I see it”

And with that Pansy stormed out of the great hall and made a for the Slytherin common room. She barked the house password before proceeding into the room and breaking a regal vase positioned by the doorway. She stormed around for a few minutes but quickly formed a plan to try and search for (y/f/n)s necklace. Pansy knew you were out for the evening doing quidditch practise and shouldn’t be back for a while.

She crept up to the girl’s dormitories, she scoped out the area. It seemed relatively quiet. So strutted her way down the hallway of doors, towards (y/f/n)’s room.

The door was already unlocked. Pansy pushed it wide open and lock eyes on the dresser adjacent to the door. There laying right on the dresser was the small velvet covered box. Pansy glared at the object, before reaching for it and haphazardly popping it open to reveal the piece of jewellery.

She walked over to the mirror without taking her eyes of the treasure and pulled it gently out of the box. After placing the box down on (y/f/n)’s desk, Pansy pulled the crest up to her neck and attempted to fix the clasp behind her head.

“WHAT do you think you’re doing?!” You raged seeing Pansy in YOUR room, wearing YOUR necklace.

Pansy snapped her head around and in a panic tried to rip the necklace off. You watched as the silver chain snapped and fell to the floor. Your eyes fixated on the heap of silver, and you felt tears beginning to form. Before you could shout more Pansy walked briskly past you, showing an odd mix of emotions. As if she was trying to decide whether to feel guilty about the incident or extremely smug. Nonetheless, you let her go and solemnly retrieved the fractured necklace. You sat on your bed just holding it for a while. What would you tell Draco? And what if he was mad at you for leaving it out so carelessly? An unfamiliar feeling of anxiety grew inside of you.

After a while, you heard a gentle knock at the door.

“(Y/f/n)? You in there? It’s me Draco” the door opened slowly showing Draco, his slender figure hovered within the doorway. He timidly made his way over to you, and noticed your tears.

“Hey, hey don’t cry (y/f/n) .Please don’t cry” he consoled as he pulled your body into his, running his fingers gently through your hair.

“I’m sorry Draco” you sniffed. “It’s broken”
His face soften a little.

“It’s okay baby. It’s not your fault, I know. Pansy told me what happened.”

“Are you sure you’re not mad?” You looked up into his eyes

“How could I be mad at you (y/f/n)?” he pleaded while wiping the tears from your cheeks. You stared into each other’s eyes for a while, taking each other in. Draco pulled you up by your hand and hugged you tightly.

“Don’t worry” he whispered “We will get her back, I promise” you smiled a little at that and knew you sure as hell would.


I think one of the best compliments a cosplayer can get is the approval of the creator of the character you’re playing!!

I got to meet the talented Michael Gaydos, co-creator of Jessica Jones, this morning!! We talked for a while. He was kind enough to sign my book. And told me they’re writing more Alias!! He’ll start on the art this summer & it should be out at the end of the year!! So excited!!

I stopped back by the booth when his art dealer got there. They had a ton of beautiful original panels, so I got their info so I can order some soon! (Because I MUST have some!!)

While I was there Michael told me to be sure to stop by Mike’s (Colter–Luke Cage) table because he had TOLD HIM to look for me!!!!!

So of course I went almost directly to get in line to meet Mike! While I was standing in line a couple rows back, he looks up at me and goes “Whoa, you’re the Jessica they told me to look for!! You look just like her!”

When it was my turn, he again told me I looked just like her! He asked how tall I was. When I told him 5'10", he goes, “Yeah I thought so! Krysten is 5'9”. This is perfect. You could easily be a stand in or stunt double for her!“

Then he asked my name. He got a good laugh out of the fact that I’m Kristen too!! :) "Wait really?? Crazy!!”

I’d say this has been a pretty amazing weekend!!!!

Caught in the Rain

       Class was finally over. You headed out the building to go to your apartment near campus.  To your surprise, rain was pouring despite the clear weather from this morning.  The clouds were gray, and it was humid outside.  Summer  rain was your favorite kind of weather, but at the moment you disliked it.  You had no umbrella at hand.  The only way to get home was to walk.  You would take the student bus, but you forgot your bus pass at home.  Without a choice you began to walk.

     Your converse were soaked and your hair was wet.  You sighed.  “Might as well make the best of it.”  You started to hum your favorite song to lighten your mood.  You heard foot steps coming up from behind you.  Without giving it much thought continued walking.  Suddenly, the rain stopped pouring.  You look up and see a blue umbrella over your head.  The one holding the umbrella was Mark Tuan.

     You knew Mark from high school, but you two were more like acquaintances.  It turned out that both you went to the same college and even had physics together.  You only had small talk with Mark whenever he saw you and now he was here holding an umbrella over your head.

     Mark was wearing a dark blue beanie, jeans, and a black muscle tee.  You would be lying if you said he didn’t look good.  His outfit suited him perfectly.

     “Mark!” you said surprised.  

     He smiled at you and teased. “ Didn’t you check the weather Y/N? It was for sure going to rain today!”  You playfully scoffed at his remark.  “If you want I can walk you home.  I can’t let you go in this weather.”

     You smiled. “Thanks,” you said to him.  His umbrella wasn’t the biggest, so your shoulder started to get wet again.  Mark gently put his arm over your shoulders and pulled you close to him so you wouldn’t get wet.  Your heart began to race.  You felt blood rushing to your face.  You tried to control your blushing.

      Once your blushing was under control you said sarcastically pointing to his arm, “What’s this?”.

     “It’s so you won’t get wet anymore,” Mark said with a grin.  You playfully nudged him and removed his arm from you shoulder. 

     “Thank’s, but i’m okay,” you said giggling. Mark pretended to look hurt at your gesture.  You just laughed at him. 

     You two started to talk about everything under the sun, but in this case, the clouds.  You felt a sense of comfort with him. Heck, you always have.  Whenever you guys talked, you felt a fluttering sensation in your tummy.  Deep down you felt like he felt the same way, but you were unsure. 


     Suddenly thunder began to echo through the sky.

     Mark got scared, and literally jumped in your arms.  “Holy crap!”  

     You tried to suppress your laughter at his action.  “Chill, Mark it’s okay it’s just thunder!”

     He let go of you “Um y-yeah… sorry about that…”  His cheeks were tinted with red.  You two reached your apartment, and Mark walked you to your front door.  Although having an umbrella, both of you somehow managed to get soaking wet.

     “Thanks for walking me home.  I really appreciate it, even though were both soaked” you teased as you fumbled with your keys to open the door.  

   Mark laughed.  “Anytime,”  he said with a smile.  “It was a lot of fun.”  He smiled at you and started to walk out of the apartment complex.

    You watched him walk away for a couple seconds and felt a pain in your heart.  Without thinking, you yelled, “Do you wanna come inside?”  He paused in his tracks and turned around.  His face looked happy, yet puzzled.  After realizing what you just said, your face turned scarlet red.  “Um… I mean… I- I can’t let you walk home when theres thunder outside.  Your clothes are wet too!”, you explained.  He walked back towards you. “You can stay here until the rain stops.”

     You invite him into your apartment.  He sits on your couch as you get a towel for him.  While getting a towel for Mark, you changed into dry clothes.  You tossed him a towel. 

     “Do you need some clothes?  I have some that can fit you.”  Without even waiting for his answer you went into your room to get a pair of basket ball shorts and a tee shirt that would fit him.  You tossed him the spare clothes. “The bathroom is down the hall to the right,” you say to him with a smile.

     His face turns red again.  “Thank you Y/N,” he says nervously.

You did your best to seem nonchalant about him being in your house and wearing your clothes, but all this seemed like a dream.  Mark came out of the bathroom.  “I just left my wet clothes near the sink. Is that okay?” he asked,  you nodded.

     “Do you want anything to drink? Tea maybe?” you asked him. 

     “Sure!”, he said.

     After finishing your drinks, the two of you sat on the couch and started to watch a Studio Ghibli movie.  There was a comfortable silence between you two.

     Mark breaks the silence. “You know, Y/N i’m kinda glad you were caught in the rain,” he says with a childish grin.  You smack his arm playfully. 

     “Honestly, me too.” your voice was barely audible.  Your face was getting hot.  You two were drawn to each other.  Your lips only inches apart.  You share a gentle, sweet kiss with him.  After pulling away from the kiss he rests his forehead against yours.

     “I have something to tell you,” he said tenderly.  He looked into your eyes.  His face turned cherry red. “I’ve liked you for a while now, but never had the courage to tell you…”

     You smiled lovingly.  “I really like you too,” you confessed.  You pulled him in for another kiss.  Mark sat you on his lap a began kissing you.  One of your hands were tangle in his hair while the other was rested on his cheek.  His hands were on your waist.  Your lips molded perfectly together.  His tongue slipped into your mouth, you reciprocated.  The kisses got deeper.  You started to kiss Mark’s neck, he did the same thing to you, but kissed the pressure point on your neck.  He went back to your lips.  After more kissing, you pulled away from lack of air, and whispered to him, “Looks like the rain isn’t going to stop any time soon.”

     He giggled at you and placed his hands gently on your cheeks.  You were making eye contact.  His brown eyes were beautiful and so pure.  Mark kissed your forehead, nose, then lips. “Oh well,” he says softly.  He pulls you into a tight hug, and you bury your face into the crook of his neck, as he kisses your shoulder.

     The rain got heavier, and heavier.  

Everything about this moment was perfect.