the best killers


They really need to get it on know what I’m sayin’?

By the way as a side note, I was mainly hinting at the fact that Sangwoo demonstrated way too many times that he won’t kill Bum and yet Bum is STILL horrendously scared of him. I’m tired of seeing him having that constant anxiety face.

After the whole killing the old man thingie happened Bum should’ve just been dead inside and not continuing to be scared shitless of Sangwoo. I might sound overly dumb about this, I mean it IS about a serial killer and how he fucks up girls in his basement but Bum witnessed all the shit he did so many times already he should eventually grow tired of being scared. (especially when the serial killer pretty much hints that he wants him to be his wife and has no intention of doing any harm to him).

i love jeremy’s GMod Murder strategy. lulling everyone into a false sense of security by playing little games with them. jumping over desks / putting snowmen hats on people and then brutally shanking them when they’re distracted. it’s so fucking ruthless. i love it.

I feel like Slytherins are those kinds of people who know tons of weirdly specific information about how to hurt people like

“What in here would be the best weapon if a killer clown attacked us right now?”

“Well if you simply put your hand on one side of the clowns head very steadily and hit the other side really hard you’d give them a concussion. You wouldn’t need a weapon.”




This kid is passing up having a kickass father who can blow stuff up and steal money from locked suitcases…


SD practice