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shinee has a movie marathon ^^ shinee goes to the beach/pool or both :)

i’ll have to get back to the movie marathon one! here’s shinee goes to the beach for you anon! :)


  • wears a straw hat that makes him look like luffy from one piece
  • sipping on piña coladas
  • sunburned af bc he fell asleep  in the sun for like 2 hours and now he has a very weird sunglasses tan (key: tragic. minho: *high pitched hysterical laughter in the background*)
  • buys a lot of beach merch like those caps and shirts and cups they sell with the beach name
  • ventured down into the water to wade, immediately knocked over by a wave
  • is digging a really deep hole with his hands


  • brought giant speakers for his funky tunes it is not sandproof which is why it’s in a ziplock freezer bag 
  • runs away from key when he tried to put sunscreen on him
  • cannot order a sex on the beach without giggling (minho, onew, jonghyun: sex! sex! sex! on the beach!!)
  • unironically owns a towel with a giant picture of his own face on it (it says JONGHYUN in huge letters on the back, it is truly truly obnoxious) on which he rolls around reading a book
  • brought chunks of watermelon to eat
  • tried to save a child who was not actually drowning
  • still v embarrassed never bring that up ever


  • big floppy hat and sunglasses are a given (tae: you look like a satellite / key: bc i’m out of this world bich) 
  • lots o sunscreen
  • boardwalk food!!!!!! fries and ketchup are the best by the sea
  • secretly tries to throw popcorn into jonghyun’s mouth bc he opens it while he sleeps, it’s 10 points for every shot he makes in (”yes 20 points!!”)
  • takes a hotdogs or legs pic 
  • is a shell hoarder (srsly key we can’t keep bringing two bags of shells you never do anything with) 


  • his shirt says suns out guns out but he thows it off the second he sees the water
  • lowkey flexing the whole time
  • lectures everyone about riptides before he lets anyone go swim 
  • the lifeguard blew the whistle at him twice bc he tried to dunk key so hard he almost drowned & bc he sat on jonghyun’s chest and started to bury his head
  • lost 48 dollars to a claw machine
  • no one will play beach volleyball with him bc they know how he gets and onew can only handle so many concussions 


  • “hey!!!!!!!!! look at this sandcastle i made” / shinee: we’re so proud of our son
  • brought an inner tube shaped like a flamingo to float on
  • minho had to swim after him a few times so that he doesn’t get lost at sea bc he’s just drifting out there….. aimlessly… with no regards to his whereabouts 
  • also has a water gun with him that he uses to spray minho’s head as he tries to haul his ass back to shore  
  • wants to rent a jetski, settles for dip n dots
  • Canada: Sure, we may have the best hockey, Tim Hortons, delicious maple syrup, cute moose, and great beer... But we're also the 3rd best place to live in the world as well as the 3rd cleanest country on the planet. We have waterproof money, ketchup chips, the best skiing resorts, Niagara Falls, same-sex marriage is legal in the entire country, we're ranked more free than America, we have a low divorce and suicide rate, we're the 2nd most educated country, our middle class is now the richest middle class in the world, we're the 8th most peaceful country, we have 8% more political female leaders than America, we have the most Hollywood filming locations, paid maternity leave for all women, diversity with extremely rare cases of racism, the cleanest lakes, an extremely stable economy, many well-known celebrities come from here such as Anna Paquin, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson, Seth Rogen, Ellen Page, Will Arnett, Mike Myers, Wolverine, Michael Cera, and Jim Carrey. We also have bigger houses and a low poverty rate. We also help America repopulate endangered species. On top of all that, we're the nicest people that you'll ever meet simply because that's just how us Canadians are. Pretty cool, eh?
  • Everyone: Hell yeah, happy Canada Day!
  • America:
  • America:
  • America: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Canada:
  • Canada:
  • Canada: Sorry

10 Reasons I’m in Love with Prague 😍

  1. Every building is a masterpiece. Intricate. Colorful. Elegant.
  2. Fairytale ambiance. Like I could bump into Cinderella anytime.
  3. It’s very cheap. I spent only half of what I did in other cities like Athens and London.
  4. April weather averages 7°C. It was cold, but I could still feel the sun kissing my skin. Best of both worlds.
  5. Fast food workers are so chill. I hate going to McDonald’s and being made to feel like a bad person if I don’t finish my transaction in 10 seconds. “Hey, wait. So… you want like, some ketchup with those fries?” sounds so much better than “It’s extra if you want ketchup. Next!”
  6. I felt so safe. The internet was like, “Somebody stole my passport!” “Pickpockets everywhere!” “OMG, my wallet is gone!” I didn’t even lose a fucking cent.
  7. Weed-flavored everything: lollipops, tea, soap, lotion, condoms.
  8. Actual weed.
  9. Boys.
  10. Witchcraft, maybe.
You were never really good at it, you know. There was a naiveté to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil. It was what I liked best about you.

The Fool, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. 

I realised today that the precious cinnamon roll of this fandom (Beloved) has their own precious cinnamon roll (Fitz), who to the fandom is actually more like a piece of well-intentioned yet chaotically messy rhubarb crumble that someone, unfathomably, has put ketchup on. 

sleepover saturday: would you rather...?

a. be gossiped about or never talked about at all?
b. end hunger or hatred?
c. find true love or 10 million dollars?
d. break both arms or break both legs?
e. be able to see only green or see only purple? 
f. always get first dibs or the last laugh?
g. be able to stop time or fly?
h. be able to read minds or shape shift? 
i. invent a cure for cancer or a cure for AIDS?
j. rather be 3 feet tall or 8 feet tall?
k. live with only your mom or only your dad?
l. be an herbivore or carnivore for the rest of your life? 
m. drown to death or be strangled to death?
n. drink 1 gallon of ketchup or 1 gallon of mustard?
o. give bad advice or take bad advice?
p. have a third leg or a third arm?
q. eat rotten cheese or rotten eggs?
r. lose all your friends or lose your phone? 
s. have no knees or no elbows?
t. have something in your eye or need to sneeze but never be able to, for a year?
u. see into the future or change the past?
v. speak every language in the world fluently or be the best in the world in one area of your choosing?
w. live in the harry potter universe or the pokémon universe?
x. always be slightly over-dressed or always be slightly under-dressed?
y. live in the desert or live in the arctic? 
z. eat breakfast foods for dinner or eat dinner foods for breakfast? 

Vernon/OFC feat. SVT: Disney Date

(pre-note) I am incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of response on my last drabble. Thank you so much! You guys have made my day!

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1132

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various Seventeen members

“What’s your problem?” Jeonghan asked with a mouthful of turkey, side eyeing Jun’s viable disgust.

“I’m convinced, Disney is trying to brainwash us.”

“Well, duh.” he gestured to the boys in the midst of their Disney high.

Hoshi was currently leading the members in a rendition of “It’s a Small World After All” complete with terrifying smiles and animatronic-like choreography.

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Food Theft

Dean x Sister!Reader

Imagine you and your twin, Dean always having issues with your food.

Warnings: Heavyish language, some sibling warfare, food being stolen (because this is a serious crime and needs a warning)

A/N: THERE ARE ALOT OF BOLD CAPS LOCKED WORDS I’M SORRY. See what I did there? Shut up- I’m funny.

Prompts from: @promptlywritingideas ​ , @impromptu-prompts , THERE’S ONE MORE BUT I CAN’T FIND THEIR BLOG ARGHHHHHH.

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Many words could be used to describe your twin Dean. Sarcastic. Protective. FOOD THIEF. Yep, the pair of you would probably shoot somebody who got between you guys and your food. Sam never dared get in between a ‘food war’ as he called it. Each time it started it was the same story on a different day. French fries. You heard right, French fries. He kept stealing them off of YOUR damn plate. The three of you, and Cas as always, were out on a case and had just finished up. Surviving off of half assed gas station food wasn’t cutting it and this was the first real fresh meal you all had sat down for. Even if it was at a restaurant. He must’ve thought he was being slick because every time you weren’t looking he’d grab one- or a few. But this time you set him up, purposely turned away but watched. When his hand snaked over to steal some, you grabbed it with one hand and held a fork in the other.

“You’re my brother and all, but if you steal one more French fry off of my plate- I’m stabbing you with my fork,” you released your grip on his hand. But he still managed to grab one. That’s right, the little shit took one anyways. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,”

Dean only laughed at your threat, taking another fry and stuffing it in his face. “You can share, brat,” fine, game on bitch.

The next day back at the bunker, you sought revenge. It couldn’t have been any earlier than 8:30am, Dean was going to get his morning dose of pie. But he was in for a surprise little did he know. Before his eyes stood a very proud little sister, you, holding a very prized possession, his pie, above your head on a little plate. Not only that- it was the last piece of pie.

“Oh, good morning. Can I help you with something?” A devious little smile was on your face. From the corner of your eye you saw Sam rounding the corner into the kitchen but then slowly backing out once he realized this was round two of the food war.

Y/n-” his voice was calm and he had his negotiation tone on. But you began waving the pie around violently. “Put it down dammit,”

Another wave. “You mean this?” You gave a fancy pose and then continued teasing him.

“Yes that! Now put it down before you drop it!” From his new tone, you could tell he was getting mad. So to make it worse you acted like you were going to drop it. The look on his face was priceless, you were almost 100% sure he stopped breathing for a minute.

“I swear, Y/n- this isn’t f-” you must’ve lost your grip in the middle of his sentence because it dropped. Glass shattered everywhere and the pie fell apart on the floor.

Oops…” you really didn’t mean to, but damn it was funny. Well, it wasn’t funny when he took your favorite homemade muffins and threw them at you.

“Don’t bring my muffins into this you ass!” Ducking and dodging muffins you ran out of the kitchen, shouting as you did.

It was round three, his move. And guess. What. He. Did. He fucking threw away your pizza. THE WHOLE DAMN PIZZA!!! And do you know what he had to say about that?

“Piece of cake. Piece of pie. Right?” Oooo you wanted to strangle the brat. But instead you got even.

Dumping out all of his beer was the start of round four. Man was he mad. Maybe he was so mad because said spilled beer had been filled in a bathtub…with his laptop in its liquidly goodness. But you couldn’t stop there, he wouldn’t show any emotion or budge. So you tried getting under his skin.

“Say it Dean. Say that you hate me so we can stop this,” it’s confusing how you win, the other sibling has to go into full freak out mode and call a game over. Longest game lasted three months.

“I hate you.” He sat at the table, pouting with his arms crossed.

“Liar,” leaning towards him as you walked passed, you whispered the word into his ear. Making him laugh a little.

“There’s no pleasing you, is there?” Another laugh from him, but you weren’t laughing right now. This was vengeance.


Okay so the pranking part was done with, you guys had called it a tie. First for everything. Sam had just made sandwiches for Dean and him and told you to “make your own”. Didn’t work out for him.

Slowly you inched your way over to Dean’s side of the table. But you instantly got shut down.

“If you want this sandwhich, you’re going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands,” Dean half said this with a mouth full of food.

“Challenge accepted.”

This whole thing ended with you grabbing the sandwhich off his plate, running from him, and locking yourself in the bathroom to eat it quickly.

He must’ve been pretty mad about the whole sandwich thing because later that day he went the store. He was carrying something behind his back. Was it ice cream? Not just any ice cream: Your favorite ice cream.

“Was that Ice cream behind your back I saw?” Standing on your tiptoes you tried your best to peer around him to see.

“No, it was ketchup. Why?” His words weren’t convincing and your face showed it.

He must’ve read the expression on your face because he ran to get back to his room, followed by you, throwing things at him as you ran behind him.

Apparently sandwiches has become a daily thing because that very next day, Sam made more sandwiches. He must’ve made some kind of deal with Dean because once again he didn’t make you one.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you and would do absolutely anything for you because you deserve the world big brother?” Your puppy dog eyes rested on Dean’s shoulder: he wasn’t buying it.

“I’m not giving you any food, Y/n…” a loud sigh came from you and a laugh from him.

PLEASE DEAN I’M STARVING!” Giving a dramatic fallout, you pushed your body to the ground and laid there pretending to be neglected and abused.

“You just stole half of Sam’s sandwich! You’re not starving!”

Long story short, the two of you were constantly stealing each other’s foods and picking fights with one another.

“We’re brother and sister Dean. You have to share,” this was your most recent attempt to get food from his plate. “Oh yeah? Says who?” Again, neither Sam or Cas did anything but sit by and watch.

“Says me!” You gave a fake offended look his way.

“Ha. Funny. You’re still not getting any of my food,” everybody but you laughed at Deans words, or maybe it was what you said while storming off to your room…


Oh, how did Sam survive living like this?

20 Signs You’re Already Hopelessly In Love With Her

1. When you talk on the phone with her, you lose track of time until one of your phones needs a recharge, in which case, the other promptly calls back and the process repeats.

2. You feel protective of her and it shows when you feel an indescribable need to hold her hand when both of you cross the road.

3. And you don’t let go of her hand after you’ve gotten to the other side.

4. You willingly stay up at night texting when you should be sleeping. For some reason, exchanging sweet nothings with her feels much more important than stupid things like sleep.

5. You text ‘good night’ and ‘love you’ a minimum of 7 times interlaced with kisses, before you finally sleep.

6. You are eating off each other’s spoons.

7. You have a nickname for her, which makes her smile each time you say it.

8. You accompany her on errands and help her out. And for some reason you’re very interested in the little things, like the brands and flavours she chooses, and why.

9. You don’t mind holding her things and standing outside dressing rooms.

10. You like the smell of her perfume; but you also just love the smell of her.

11. You defend her in every way, even when the world stands against you.

12. You try to dress up the way she likes, just because her compliments make you feel on the top of the world.

13. You discover things about yourself that you thought never existed; she brings out the best in you just by her words.

14. She inspires you to be a better person.

15. You’re addicted to those wonky sandwiches she prepares just for you, with a smiley face carved out of tomato ketchup.

16. You can’t bear the thought of her falling for someone else, and promptly push such thoughts out of your mind.

17. You love the way she says certain routine words like “Duh,” and “What..” and secretly thank your stars every time you get to hear them from her lips.

18. You think she has the sexiest voice on the planet.

19. When you’re sick, or can’t sleep due to a headache, the only words that can put you to sleep are hers.

20. She has to be the last thought on your mind before you drift off.

Bad Omega

A little fluffy drabble that would actually be fun to expand into a longer story. But not now. I’m sleepy… 

“And how much for a second date?” Talia Hale asks, flicking through the paperwork.

Stiles raises his eyebrows. “I’m not sure you understand the arrangement, Alpha Hale. There will be no second date.”

This is awkward. From the moment Talia Hale walked in, Stiles has been fighting the urge to leap up and flee. Okay, so she’s sitting between him and the door of the coffee shop, but there’s probably a back entrance through the kitchen, right? Because the thing is, Talia Hale knows him. And she doesn’t just know him, she also knows his dad. Because she is the mayor of their small town, and Stiles’s dad is the sheriff, and this is something Stiles would really hate for them to bring up in small talk before their weekly meetings at Town Hall.

“Alpha Hale, how are things?”

“Good, Sheriff. Oh, by the way, did you know your son is as good as prostituting himself while he’s away at college?”

Because while it’s not actually true, it also kind of is?

Stiles is an omega. Omegas still get looked at sideways for going out after dark without a chaperone. So setting up an online service where he’s paid to go on dates? It walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck but, really, it’s not a duck.

Because alphas are bound by just as much stupid tradition as omegas. But more than a few of them resist the hell out of the matches their parents make for them. Which is where Stiles comes in. Stiles is the alternate omega the parents present in the spirit of fairness. The one that suddenly makes their first choice look a hell of a lot better. The one that makes the alpha think they’ve just dodged a bullet.

Stiles is very, very good at his job.

“This all seems very…” Talia Hale trails off before she can finish that thought.

Mean? Sneaky? Underhanded? Stiles has heard it all before. But also, he has a student debt to repay.

“Is stacking the deck such a bad thing when it’s your child’s happiness at stake?” Stiles asks.

It’s blatant manipulation. Most of the parents Stiles deals with don’t give a damn about their child’s happiness. They only give a damn about the size of the dowry their chosen omega is bringing, the reputation of the omega’s family, and their future grandkids’ pedigrees. But the parents all love it when Stiles flatters their egos by pretending it’s not about those things at all.

“No,” Talia says with a smile. “I suppose it’s not.”


Stiles sits in his shitty apartment and eats his ramen and tries to think about which terrible life choices he’ll highlight on his upcoming date with Derek Hale. He knows Derek Hale in a kind of ‘holy Zeus that guy is burning like the sun and oh my god Scotty he’s looking this way—hide!’ way, but he doesn’t know him, know him. Derek is a few years older than Stiles. He was already in college by the time Stiles hit high school. Derek Hale probably vaguely knows who Stiles is because of their parents’ jobs, and because when they were growing up an awkward six years apart they sometimes had to go to the same boring community events, or fundraisers, or whatevers. From what Stiles knows about him, Derek is taciturn, kind of weirdly intensely glarey, and he wears clothes that cost more than Stiles’s Jeep.

So Stiles should probably go with his skinny jeans, his faded ACDC shirt, and his favorite Converse, right? The pair where the right sole is peeling, and sometimes makes a weird sucking noise when he walks.

He checks his email, and finds out that Talia has filled out the questionnaire.

Derek is currently doing his Masters in Comparative Literature. Which, comparatively boring, but beside the point. He has a totally unblemished record—both academic and criminal—and really doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who would refuse to marry the omega his parents chose. Like, really. Derek Hale seems about as rebellious and unpredictable as a pet rock. But Stiles supposes still waters run deep and all that.

He checks out the competition instead.

Kate Argent. Older than Derek, but totally hot. She’s got a degree in journalism, and a job as a reporter with a local TV news station. She’s from a rich family too, and looks like she’s just at the right age when those omega urges will kick in and she’ll want a bunch of gorgeous babies. Stiles actually can’t see why Talia Hale needs him to make Kate Argent look good. Because Kate Argent already looks pretty damn perfect.

Derek Hale’s an idiot if he’s stringing Kate along.

He needs to lock that down. And, once Stiles shows him how exactly non-green the grass is on the other side of the fence, it’ll be weddings bells and babies as far as the eye can see.


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your personality based on favorite dia-lovers character
  • Yui: you possibly own many otome games
  • Raito: you kinky motherfucker.
  • Ayato: self-absorbed; ball is life
  • Kanato: you like really cute or really creepy things
  • Subaru: you dont have many friends; you like to hit things
  • Shuu: sleeping is your hobby; no fucks are given
  • Reiji: possibly have an unhealthy obsesion with vampires
  • Yuma: probably watched "Durara!" once
  • Azusa: a fuckibg CINNAMON ROLL
  • Kou: probably watched "Uta no Prince-sama"once
  • Carla: strong sexy people with long hair are the best thing to you
  • Shin: want to rule the world one day
  • Cordelia: dont.
  • Richter: might be able swoon some people.
  • Karleinz: ketchup
Every Letter (4/10)

Summary: A pen pal writing assignment connects a young Emma Swan with her best friend Killian Jones. Life sends many hardships their way, but their friendship remains solid through the years. As they both grow older and begin to realize what they want out of life, will their letters be enough? (On AO3.)
Rating: T
Word count: ~8000
Ch1 - Ch2 - Ch3 - Ch4 - Ch5 - Ch6 - Ch7 - Ch8 - Ch9 - Ch10 [Pt1] - Ch10 [Pt2]


Emma wasn’t sure where in Maine she had been heading, but it seemed like fate decided for her.

The old heap of junk that was her Bug broke down just a couple miles outside of a small town called Storybrooke. Her phone had no signal so she couldn’t call for a tow truck, but luckily for her, one of the residents happened to drive by just ten minutes after the fact.

He was driving a rusty brown truck, probably as old as her Bug, and he reached over and rolled down the window of the passenger seat. He had dirty blonde hair, bright eyes, and a kind demeanor, but Emma still eyed him a bit warily. 

“Need a lift into town?” he asked, pleasant smile lighting his face.

“Um,” she mumbled, turning her gaze to her useless cell phone and then to her sleeping son in the backseat. She sighed and looked back up at the man. “Would you mind? Just to the nearest car shop. I need to get the old girl towed.”

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Forget Chicago and New York — the best hot dog in the world is in Iceland

Baejarins Beztu Pylsur is a popular hot dog stand in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since 1937, they have served up a unique hot dog with condiments of ketchup, sweet mustard, fried onion, raw onion, and rémoulade.

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The signs as pranks

Aries: mayonnaise instead of toothpaste

Taurus: everything gets covered in aluminum foil. E V E R Y T H I N G

Gemini: covers the bottom of the laser mouse with a piece of paper so it won’t work

Cancer: airhorn when they’re not expecting it, causing the prankee to smack their head/fall down

Leo: mixes skittles, M&Ms, and Reeses Pieces together to make a combination directly from Satan’s asshole

Virgo: glitter bomb in the mail (if they’re truly vicious, it’ll get opened over a keyboard or in a bed)

Libra: everything is glued to their desk and they can’t pick anything up or even move their computer mouse

Scorpio: glues someone to a toilet (what the fuck Scorpio)

Sagittarius: lies to someone to prank them- I’m cheating on you, _____ passed away, etc.

Capricorn: moves everything in a room 1 inch to the left to throw the person off

Aquarius: pretends to be dead; makes use of ketchup and pretends it’s blood (Aquarius’s aren’t the best pranksters in the world)

Pisces: chugs a bottle of vodka (no one knows they already filled it with water beforehand)


N: Hey, Ren?

R: Hm, yes Nora?

N: You ever wondered why we’re here?

R: Here?

N: I mean here- like, why we exist and what’s our purpose here in this world- I’ve been thinking and there are just so many questions I wish I knew the answer to but there’s just no way in really knowing- like what really happens after we kick the bucket- or will everything really be okay back home after we graduate? OR like, is our existence the result of some one in an infinite trillionth cosmic phenomenon involving some weird space ketchup god and some mad entity’s imagination becausewowwouldthatbecoolimeanimagine?spaceketchupIwonderifthere'spaceketchupdoesthatmeanthere'sspacepancakes?

R: Nora-

N: Yes Ren?

R: Breathe

N: Oh, right *takes-slow-breaths*

R: There’s so much in this world that we will never see or get to know about

N: *nods*

R: and that’s okay- what matters is now and what we do with the time we have- In times like these, the best thing to do is to just keep moving forward and hope for the best

N: Oh, okay- I- I think I get it

R: *nods*

N: Hey, on the way back, you think we can make pancakes? I had this one dream where I made this giant pineapple nutella banana tobasco pancake and I really really really want to make it

R: I don’t think we have pineapples


20 Signs You’re Already Hopelessly In Love With Her

1. When you talk on the phone with her, you lose track of time until one of your phones needs a recharge, in which case, the other promptly calls back and the process repeats.

2. You feel protective of her and it shows when you feel an indescribable need to hold her hand when both of you cross the road.

3. And you don’t let go of her hand after you’ve gotten to the other side.

4. You willingly stay up at night texting when you should be sleeping. For some reason, exchanging sweet nothings with her feels much more important than stupid things like sleep.

5. You text ‘good night’ and ‘love you’ a minimum of 7 times interlaced with kisses, before you finally sleep.

6. You are eating off each other’s spoons.

7. You have a nickname for her, which makes her smile each time you say it.

8. You accompany her on errands and help her out. And for some reason you’re very interested in the little things, like the brands and flavours she chooses, and why.

9. You don’t mind holding her things and standing outside dressing rooms.

10. You like the smell of her perfume; but you also just love the smell of her.

11. You defend her in every way, even when the world stands against you.

12. You try to dress up the way she likes, just because her compliments make you feel on the top of the world.

13. You discover things about yourself that you thought never existed; she brings out the best in you just by her words.

14. She inspires you to be a better person.

15. You’re addicted to those wonky sandwiches she prepares just for you, with a smiley face carved out of tomato ketchup.

16. You can’t bear the thought of her falling for someone else, and promptly push such thoughts out of your mind.

17. You love the way she says certain routine words like “Duh,” and “What..” and secretly thank your stars every time you get to hear them from her lips.

18. You think she has the sexiest voice on the planet.

19. When you’re sick, or can’t sleep due to a headache, the only words that can put you to sleep are hers.

20. She has to be the last thought on your mind before you drift off.

sweet disposition; [01/11]

Author: lesliesbknope (poehlerfey over at AO3; link included if you’d like to read there.
Rating: M (may or may not increase later, I haven’t decided.)
Word Count: 1211
Summary:  “Most of the time, we escape, and we’re just driving.  And all of this seems so far away because it’s just… it’s just the two of us.” Oliver, Felicity, a grey Porsche, and the road ahead.
Author’s Note
:  Um, hi? This is totally my very first OFFICIAL venture into this magical world of Oliver and Felicity fic, and I’m scared as fuck, but whatever, you don’t know until you try right? Anyway, this, ambitiously, will be eleven drabbles/mini fics about their funsies on the road based on this post by badass-bookworm​ (which I am COMPLETELY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY in love with.) I hope you guys like it! ALSO, this whole series is very much dedicated to emilybettrckards​ who is graduating college on Sunday, and taking the plunge into a whole new world! I love you and congratulations!

one - i love you more than french fries.


He sounded stern and serious, almost annoyed even, but the look on his face let her know he couldn’t be further from any of those things.

And so she dove in once more. Because Felicity Smoak was nothing if not persistent.

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Drooling is romantic, right?

Ichigo and Rukia are hard workers.  

As a possible captain/vice captain/Shinigami, both of who traverse between different worlds, no matter how much stamina or energy they have (possibly one more than they other, not that she’d ever admit to him that he has any sort of advantage over her) they do get tired and because they work so hard they tend to push themselves to the limit before finally crashing.

-Rukia doing paperwork and running errands while Ichigo is in the world of the living or on missions from time to time.  She brings some paperwork home to do and stays up to both get work done and to keep her busy as she waits for Ichigo to come home.  She won’t admit to it but her eyes do stray to the clock frequently despite her heavy lids and difficulty focusing her gaze.  

She’s been little successful as she often wakes and finds herself tucked carefully into bed with no evidence of work present and warm, strong arms wrapped around her to press her up securely to an equally warm body.  She later finds her work neatly stacked on a table near the entrance–Ichigo makes a point that he does not like Rukia bringing work into their bedroom because it is their sanctuary to rest. (She doesn’t point out how often Ichigo did his homework in his room, but he’d probably argue where else could he do it without his father’s interference?)

She gets a little frustrated and disappointed in her weakness but as she squirms to turn around to face the mess of bright orange spikes of hair, Rukia has barely enough time to free up her arms before a grunt escapes her bedmate and pulls her in closer.  Rukia exhales quickly as Ichigo squeezes her tightly, burying his face against her neck before relaxing, his jaw slack as slow, even puffs of air escapes him as he sleeps peacefully.  Rukia can only smile as she wraps her arms around his head and strokes his hair, burying her face against his soft orange locks and sighs as she drifts back off into slumber.

-Ichigo goes on missions and goes to the living world often because he notices Rukia is busy with errands and paperwork so he goes out to occupy his time and distract himself so as not to bother or distract Rukia.  However, this has also worked against him as he loses track of time coming back late or coming back so exhausted he can barely keep his eyes open and falls asleep on the nearest most comfortable surface (maybe not so comfortable, he thinks as he stretches a crick in his neck) Countless times he’s gone home to find Rukia has nodded off in a flurry of paperwork with ink stains on her hands and face.

He plucks Rukia out from the mess first and lays her on top their bed.  He carefully wipes away any ink stains, his reiatsu soothing her into a deep slumber so she doesn’t wake or become startled from his attention, her own reiatsu reacting to the familiarity of his own.  She sighs deeply and turns her face into his hand as he gently wipes the smudge away and he can’t help the smallest upturn at the corners of his lips at her subtle nuances indicating her deep trust and comfort in his presence.  He then tucks her in after removing her heavier outer wear, but decides not to change her outfit because he is pushing his luck as it is.

All her work is haphazardly strewn about the tables and chairs, which he surveys with amusement before tidying up and carefully placing her work on a table near the entrance.  Despite his brash attitude, growing up with a picky little sister can instill good habits for keeping a clean space. For someone so strict and careful as Rukia, he’s sure no one would take her to be a little bit messy in her work, although he can attest to various sketch books, papers and markers strewn about their floors on a weekly basis.  (“Rukia!  Pick up your shit!  I almost slipped on your fucking markers!  Falling from these can be almost as painful as looking at your sketches–” “What the hell did you say, asshole?!”)

No matter how exhausted Ichigo is, he will always have the energy and time to make sure Rukia is comfortable as his priority, but as he surveys the soundly sleeping petite Shinigami, his own fatigue crashes over him as he makes no effort to clean up himself and makes a sloppy effort to pull off his own outer robe before carefully slipping into bed behind Rukia.  The moment his head hits the pillow Ichigo wraps his arms around Rukia’s tiny form and pulls her back to his chest, burying his face in her ebony locks, deeply inhaling her sweet, comforting scent he knows all too well as it lulls him into a restful sleep.

More often than not Ichigo wakes up feeling rested but often to a cold and empty bed.  It takes a few minutes before he finally gets up himself to clean up only to later find breakfast sitting at the dining table waiting for him with a small note from Rukia either written in ketchup or even butter and syrup on the food itself (he’s tried to point out that butter and syrup probably aren’t the best way to communicate since it gets absorbed and makes her already horrific drawings look downright nightmarish–he remembered going home to the living world to eat a lot that time and was lucky to eat anything Rukia cooked a few weeks later either from fear of being poisoned or just being flat out ignored) or usually on a small piece of paper.  

He picks up the piece of paper and can’t help but smile.  Contrasting with Rukia’s elegant and beautiful script is the childish doodles of bunny versions of themselves, the scowl on one and notable bang on the other.  Despite all the grief and teasing he gives her, he couldn’t imagine going months or even years without seeing one of her drawings on a regular basis.  Before eating he’ll carefully tuck it away either into his robes or into a box where he keeps the rest of her drawings she bestows upon his “ungrateful lack of appreciation for good art.” (What she often tells him haughtily when looking down at him for snubbing her latest piece of grandeur artwork).  And of course he cleans up before leaving for a new day and hoping this time maybe they can actually eat together soon.

-Then there are the times where they are lucky enough to wake up in each other’s arms.

Rukia eyelids flutter as her brow furrows together in confusion.  She feels safe, cocooned in such warmth that she has almost no desire to leave the bed, but there is something decidedly wet and cold from the corner of her mouth and on a spot near her collar bone.  Dimly she notices the one near her collarbone seems to be spreading to her robes and there are puffs of hot air alternating between warm and cold on her skin, which could be comforting but now it was enough for her to find it uncomfortable overall.

Finally relenting to the discomfort and curiosity of its origin, Rukia opens her eyes and blinks slowly as at first when greeted by nothing but muted orange filling her vision in the dim light streaming through the small openings of the blinds of the bedroom.  She adjusts to her surroundings, registering she is in the comfort of her familiar bedroom with a familiar presence and for a moment she smiles and holds the warm body close for a moment to enjoy the comfortable hum of his reiatsu running over her like a blanket.

Suddenly, Rukia jerks back, causing her partner to snort, his eyes snapping open as he mumbles incoherently, his eyes blinking and unfocused, but Rukia hardly pays him any attention as she glances down to find part of her robe near her collarbone to be soaked in saliva.  

“Ichigo, you fool!  Can’t you close your mouth when you’re not even conscious!”  Rukia shouts as she yanks at her robe, pulling it open and away from her form in disgust as she glances down first at the bed, wrinkling her nose in disgust at the wet spot that had collected where she had been laying moments ago, then up to Ichigo with narrowed eyes, confirming the origin as she focuses on a stream of drool dripping from the side of his mouth.

“Huh, wha, uh…?”  Ichigo mumbles, groaning as he struggles to sit up, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he clings to the lingering vestiges of sleep and flops back down onto his back, carelessly wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and onto his robes, “C'mon Rukia… Is prob'ly too early for ‘his…”

His speech is slurred as his eyes lids fall more heavily over his gaze.  Huffing, Rukia jerks open her robe to keep the part saturated with his spit from touching her chilled skin while jerking on part of Ichigo’s sleeve to wipe off the rest from her chest.

At her movements and jerking of his arms, Ichigo is startled back to consciousness and turns his head to glare over at her, his mouth open to lash out, but his jaw goes slack as he notes how generously her robe is parted, staring more than a little appreciatively as Rukia uses his sleeve to wipe off his “disgusting spit” from her chest, allowing the back of his hand and fingertips tantalizing brushes against her soft, pale skin.

Could anyone really blame Ichigo for what he did next?

Ichigo!” Rukia gasps indignantly and drops his sleeve like its on fire and shoves his arm away, delivering a firm kick into his hip.  

“It’s your fault, just look at you’re robe!  What else should I think when you’re jerking my hand at your chest?!”  Ichigo snaps as he struggles to sit up, rubbing his hip more out of insult than a response to any actual pain.

“I wouldn’t have to pull my robe away if it wasn’t stuck to me like a second skin thanks to the obnoxious waterfall pouring out of your mouth!”  Rukia hissed, hopping out of bed in search of a change of clothes and most likely looking forward to a shower.

Ichigo scowled at her back sighing as he glanced down at the bed, grimacing at the evident pool of drool soaking into the bed.  Fighting back a blush of embarrassment, Ichigo runs a hand through his hair, sighing.

“Look, I’ve been tired and–”

Rukia jumps as Ichigo’s startled shout of disgust, whirling around with her change of clothes clutched to her chest to see Ichigo holding his hand out in disgust before darting a glance to the pillow.

“Fool, what are you shouting about?”  Rukia frowned as Ichigo glared down at the pillow before her voice reminded him of her presence as he snaps his gaze to her, his eyes narrowing further with a look of accusation in his eyes, surprising her further, “what?”

“You drooled on my hair!”  He shouted, pointing at his hair.  

Upon closer inspection it did look a bit wet and before she could stop herself, she reflexively raised the back of her hand to her mouth in attempt to wipe away any evidence, distantly recalling the wetness she had experience near her mouth when she had first awoken.

“Wha–of course I wouldn’t do such a thing!”  She shouted, fighting her blush and quickly pulling her hand from her mouth causing Ichigo to narrow his eyes further as he leaped out of be and pointed at the incriminating spot on his pillow that had been where Rukia had been resting minutes before. “A… A Kuchiki would never do such a thing–”

“You’re a Kurosaki!” Ichigo shouted indignantly.  

Rukia merely huffed and hugged her clothes tighter to her chest, looking away determinedly.

"Then what’s that on the pillow? And why were you wiping your mouth?!”  Ichigo sneered as he stepped over to her, towering over her smaller form smugly.

“I… I’m just protecting my mouth from your disgusting fluids!”  Rukia snapped, dropping her arms and revealing skin from her open robe that did not go unnoticed by Ichigo’s gaze.

Oh?” Ichigo scowled darkly, his eye twitching in rising annoyance, his gaze darkening as he glanced down at her chest just barely covered by the edges of her open robe,  "I didn’t hear you complaining about my “disgusting fluids” the other night when your tongue was down my throat!“

For a moment the two only glared heatedly at another before relenting to the same compromise,



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Hiya! So I'm starting to get into ATL and I've heard a couple songs. I actually pre ordered their album but is there anything else I need to know? ily :*

I welcome you to the world of atl!

first off the guys,

Alex Gaskarth - vocals, guitar 

Jack Barakat - guitar, backing vocals 

Rian Dawson- drums 

Zack Merrick - bass, backing vocals

Definitely one of the best pop-punk bands to play, ever. Their music will touch you in places you didn’t know music could touch you. One glance into Alex’s eyes (and hair) or the first time you hear a sweet note come out of that mouth and you’ll be hooked. Don’t get your hopes up though my friend, home boy’s engaged. But then there’s Zack, with the sickest six pack you’ve ever seen, and probably ever will see, and he is a huge dork that loves ketchup. Rian “colgate” Dawson, (bc of his smile that’s brighter than anyone’s future) is a super BAMF dude who is like hilariously adorable and who is also in a relationship with the homegirl cassadee pope. And last but most definitely not least, Jack ,a half dinosaur who is probably the best guy in the world. He is also the kid that put the whole band together back in ‘03, a big thank you goes to that guy on behalf of the world. They aren’t sell outs, so don’t be a douche and say they are. Basically, the sickest and most hilarious kids you’ll ever meet and no doubt a crazy great band. So don’t be fooled by their enticing looks and boyish charm bc they are so much more than that.

Everyone loves the alum nothing personal (many see it as their favorite) and many dislike dirty work (my personal favorite though)

Also sticks, stones and techno is a song everyone says they hate but is secretly everyone’s anthem

The boys mean a lot to a lot of people whether haters like it or not. To their fans, they are like family, brothers, best friends. If anyone says that none of their songs have meaning, it’s bullshit. We can name at least three songs that have meaning behind them, one of which the band finds hard to perform as it’s deeply personal. This band has saved lives for some people and will always have us hustlers supporting and loving them.

I hope this helped! Just let me know if there is anything else you wanna know about the boys/band :)