the best ketchup in the world

your personality based on favorite dia-lovers character
  • Yui: you possibly own many otome games
  • Raito: you kinky motherfucker.
  • Ayato: self-absorbed; ball is life
  • Kanato: you like really cute or really creepy things
  • Subaru: you dont have many friends; you like to hit things
  • Shuu: sleeping is your hobby; no fucks are given
  • Reiji: possibly have an unhealthy obsesion with vampires
  • Yuma: probably watched "Durara!" once
  • Azusa: a fuckibg CINNAMON ROLL
  • Kou: probably watched "Uta no Prince-sama"once
  • Carla: strong sexy people with long hair are the best thing to you
  • Shin: want to rule the world one day
  • Cordelia: dont.
  • Richter: might be able swoon some people.
  • Karleinz: ketchup

okay i just need to say something really important-

summer of 2013 i got huge into this band 5 seconds of summer. i made this blog about 4 dweebs that fucked around and made stupid keeks all the time. i came on here and everyone was making jokes and posting selfies and having selfie parties and shipping each other with our favorite boys. we made cute au’s and freaked out about ketchup the dog.

2014 was probably one of the best years of my life. 5sos got huge. slsp came out, dont stop, the 5sos album, the live album, i saw my favorite boys in the entire world play live. but something on here kinda changed. the fans grew bigger, my old friends i made on here moved on. i barely see compliments and love on here anymore.

i love this band and this FAMILY more than anything. when i look back on my teenage years im going to think about the days i spent on here and the people i met and the jokes and laughs we had. so, if you truly believe that things on here have changed for the worse i completely respect that.

but one thing i can tell you is ashton, calum, michael and luke are still the biggest nerds who are making amazing music and playing rocking shows and im still lukes-penguinn on my shitty blog. the fans may have changed, but our boys definitely have not.