the best justice league ever

Hour Nineteen : Fireworks

Prompt : “Best night ever.“

A/N : 19 out of 24 (5 more to gooooo)

Pairing : Tim Drake x Reader

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“Did you bring the picnic blanket?” You asked Tim as you placed the basket containing the food and drinks down on the grass.

He nodded and pulled it out of his bag. “Wouldn’t want you to burst my eardrum every time you see a bug crawling on your leg, now do I?” He joked, chuckling.

Your face scrunched up in disgust, “Don’t even bring them up,” you said, shuddering.

After getting situated, you and Tim made yourselves comfortable on the blanket. You handed him some food from the basket while he poured you a cup of your favorite drink.

“I love fall.” He mused, taking a bite of his sandwich. “Perfect time for drinking coffee outside in the mornings.”

“You always have to bring up coffee, don’t you?” You laughed at him fondly, laying your head comfortably on his shoulder.

“Well duh,” Tim muttered, “how else am I suppose to start a conversation? Don’t you remember? This was how we first started talking to each other.”

You sighed as the memories came rushing back, “You were so nerdy back then.”

“Back then?” He snorted, “I still am now.”

“A cute nerdy though.” You added, smiling cheekily, “If you had acted like Dick or Jason, or God forbid, Damian? I would’ve never looked in your general direction again.”

“That’s a lie and you know it.” Tim said, smirking smugly. It was one of those rare moments where he wasn’t afraid to show his inner Wayne.

You didn’t bother replying as you saw a group of people making their way over to light the fireworks.

Tugging on Tim’s jacket, you whispered excitedly, “The fireworks are about to start!”

And sure enough right after you said this, a loud boom was heard from above.

You and Tim leaned closer to each other and watched in amazement as the different colors lit up the dark, Gotham night sky.

Fireworks were the only source of light besides the moon that the people of Gotham could admire. Not many could see the stars because of the pollution, which killed your dreams of ever kissing Tim under them.

Tim breathed in the scent of your hair as the both of you continued to watch more rockets soar into the air. “Best night ever.” He whispered.


Okay Everyone on here please Reblog this because Let me tell you 

Young Justice was ONE OF the BEST Cartoons DC ever released Besides Justice League and Teen Titans. You can actually argue it was better

The Animation and Character Designs were Gorgeous

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The stories were amazingly well written, captivating and had some of the best plot twists

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Also if you’re fans of these Shows

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It had a Similar Fate and Ended on A CLIFF HANGER With some characters losing their Lives and the Introduction of the Biggest Baddie 

IT was Cancelled 

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ALL OF IT IS ON NETFLIX NOW so Please Rate it 5 stars and Buy the Blu Rays. You may not think much of doing that but Remember the only Reason this show came back was cause of DVD sales and Adult Swim

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If that can come back Bring Back a quality SHOW
So Check it out