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I'm kind of concerned by how inspiring I found Wonder Woman. I didn't realize how much I was missing this in my life.

Think about how great little girls are going to feel watching this!!! Like I’m a grown ass 20 year old and I’m like, genuinely so inspired by seeing a woman leading her own superhero movie - and it’s a damn good movie! But imagine the little girls that go and see it, the films we see when we’re younger have such an effect on us, they’re going to be the personification of !!!!!!! when they come out of this film and I’m so happy. I can’t believe I’m a DC stan now, but they Did That!!! They actually went and Did That. They out here living in 2017 whilst Marvel still in 1956.

honestly, I want justice league to team up once again, but Hyunbin just got eliminated and Jonghyun going to lead the Super Hot team in the next round, while the other members of justice league in Hands On Me team. This team is Legend okay, ugh.. even they gathered around, teared up and supported his fellow member, Hyunbin who got eliminated. This team is super awesome in my opinion, they look like they have known and trained together for a very very long time. I NEED MY JUSTICE LEAGUE TO MAKE IT TO TOP 11 OF PD101 S2

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A Justice League member has to be the one to babysit the batkids because they are the only ones capable of handling +10 bat-trained kids at the same time. The Wayne family is banned from babysitting websites. Wonder Woman is their favorite babysitter because she tells the best stories ever.


Okay Everyone on here please Reblog this because Let me tell you 

Young Justice was ONE OF the BEST Cartoons DC ever released Besides Justice League and Teen Titans. You can actually argue it was better

The Animation and Character Designs were Gorgeous

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The stories were amazingly well written, captivating and had some of the best plot twists

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Also if you’re fans of these Shows

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It had a Similar Fate and Ended on A CLIFF HANGER With some characters losing their Lives and the Introduction of the Biggest Baddie 

IT was Cancelled 

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ALL OF IT IS ON NETFLIX NOW so Please Rate it 5 stars and Buy the Blu Rays. You may not think much of doing that but Remember the only Reason this show came back was cause of DVD sales and Adult Swim

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If that can come back Bring Back a quality SHOW
So Check it out 

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Are you a fan of superman the animated series ? If so any favourite episodes? And what are you reading today ?

Hi! I love the show! Superman TAS deserved at least two more seasons. I like “Apokolips Now” parts 1 & 2 along with “The Main Man” those are some of my favorites episodes. The continuity created between that show Batman TAS and Justice League are some of the best animated shows I’ve ever seen in my life. Today I’m reading Wonder Woman Rebirth. I watched the film yesterday and I haven’t read anything on the character in awhile. 


“You’re not brave… men are brave. You say that you want to help people, but you can’t feel their pain… their mortality… it’s time you learn what it means to be a man.”

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) dir. Zack Snyder

Spoiler-free ‘Batman v Superman’ Review:

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVED this movie. I was nervous going in after reading mixed reviews from critics who I trust and who mainly focus on genre work. However, I definitely came out of that disagreeing, even as I tried to look for their points while watching the movie.

Second: I can understand where some of the criticisms came from even if I disagreed with them. The movie was, quite frankly, not what the promos made it look like. All the elements were there, yes, and those elements comprised the main plot. But the movie was not the summer-blockbuster-esque showdown, popcorn flick that the trailers wanted to bill it as. I think that hurt it when critics sat down to watch.

The movie contained very serious themes and issues. The main characters had a lot of deep stuff to ponder. The thing is? That worked for me. It was very much the mythic type of structure of comics brought to life on screen. It’s a very different way that, say, The Flash tv show brings comics to life (by going the zany and fun route). But it’s still a good showing of the larger themes comics like to tackle, particularly Batman & Superman comics.

At times, the symbolism could be a tiny bit overdone, but it very much fit the overall tone.

Also? I’ve heard a lot of “disjointed” and “packs too much in.” I disagreed with that as well. The movie does a good job of using all its subplots to eventually tie into the main conflict. The thing is, while there are certainly elements of the typical 5-act screenplay structure? The movie is VERY episodic. To me it was much more reminiscent of a TV season, where there’s a slow build of plot elements until the finale. Bruce and Clark’s motivations remained clear throughout the movie. Lois and Bruce both have plot points which start off in a way that make you think they’re unrelated to the larger story? But don’t worry: they tie in.

The movie was very functional both as a direct sequel to Man of Steel and a setup for the Justice League.

Ben Affleck is the best live action Batman I’ve ever seen. Even his more-violent-than-some-fans-might-be-used-to attitude fits the setting. And we see glimpses of a different, less jaded Batman start to come through. We see that there used to be a different version of Bruce Wayne before the weight of the world tugged him down.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams were both very solid in their roles. They play off each other well. Jesse Eisenberg, I thought, was extremely entertaining. My one gripe with him had nothing to do with his performance: it was that Lex’s motives for his actions were only ever sort of clear. I understood why he did what he was doing but only on a surface level. I wish we could have gotten into that more.

Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman. She kicks ass and takes names and definitely steals focus. It’s a very clear indicator that Gal can most certainly carry her own movie.

The movie is gorgeous, by the way. And the action sequences are great. They’re where you get your more standard comic book movie fare, and when you get to them, you’re good and ready for them. It truly looks like you’re watching a comic book come to life. Plus, plenty of easter eggs for DC fans.

I’m eager to see the longer cut of the film; I’m almost positive that will make it even more cohesive and help tie the subplots together in an even better way.

Bottom line? The movie’s ambitious but in a good way. It’s a very realistic look on how the presence of someone like Superman would affect our world. Dawn of Justice is serious but not in a grimdark, too-gritty way. There’s plenty of messages of hope to be found and the clear promise of a better future around the corner.