the best interview ever


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in all seriousness, you know who would be the best person to interview harry? louis. louis would be the best interviewer ever bc he would let harry ramble on and on giving him all the time he needs to answer a question and he would ask all the right questions and he would make harry giggle and blush and harry would be so relaxed knowing he’s being interviewed by someone he completely trusts and it would just be so beautiful and just touch on the right subjects and the interview wouldn’t pry into harry’s life asking for things harry isn’t willing to share


Our Louis and Lestat cosplays
Louis: @maliceineverland
Lestat: me
Anime North was such a wonderful con and we are so happy for winning the contest in our divison, a lot of people reconized us and all the judges knew our characters and have read the books, they were so sweet.
The fandom is bigger than expected~
Our next challenge will definitly be MonChevy from Versailles

that was hands down the best interview ever???? i’m so glad that he got to do his first interview with grimmy like they were both so comfortable and the interview was very casual and it was so amazing to hear harry just talking about his life and family and making jokes and giggling and he was so happy!!! and it was two hours but it didn’t feel like super long or anything??? it was so entertaining and engaging and he just came across as so humble and hilarious and down to earth and i’m just!!! this was so brilliant and i can’t wait for them to do it again when the album comes out and just more than anything it was so harry and i’m so glad for the world to see him for the beautiful soul that he is :’)


“How was it like to work with [Y/N]? I remember in a different interview you had mentioned that she was your celebrity crush.” The interview chuckled as Tom’s face turned a little red. 

Shifting, Tom winced but laughed. “Yeah, uh, embarrassing. But, no, it was absolutely amazing. [Y/N] is so incredibly talented, it was amazing to work with her. She brings this contagious energy on set and made it so much fun to film. I mean it’s insane how down to earth she is. My first time meeting [Y/N] was not my smoothest, either. I got completely tongue-tied and distracted because she’s so stunning in person. She’s got these big [eye color] eyes and they just stand out. I, it was very embarrassing.” 

“Did she know about your crush?” 

“No, actually, she didn’t until I mentioned it.” Tom winced again, running a hand over his face. “She forced me to pull up the interview on Youtube.” 

“Well, I’m sure now that you know her, the crush went away. The usually do.”

Tom breathed out, “It got worse.” 

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