the best in this case means.. the one that kills me the most

Dating Steve Rogers Would Include:

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  • Showing him all your favourite books and movies
  • “So then there is this game called Quidditch they play throughout the series…”
  • “Is that the one where they take the kids and get them to kill each other?”
  • “No, that’s the Hunger Games, we will get to that next week. This is much less deadly, well in most cases”
  • Him finding every excuse to hold your hand
  • Things moving quickly between the two of you; he doesn’t a repeat of the past
  • Listening to him talk about life before the ice
  • Getting a little flat together in Brooklyn
  • “You’re like a big puppy you know. I mean if puppies could seriously maim others”
  • Hugs, his hugs are the best
  • “You know if I stand on my tippy toes I’m almost your height”
  • “Keep dreaming shorty”
  • Joking and teasing each other
  • Steve worrying about others using you against him
  • “If you were ever harmed because of me Y/N, I could never forgive myself”
  • Defending him in arguments
  • Falling helplessly in love with him
  • “I’m so glad I met you”
  • Comforting each other when either of you gets a nightmare
  • Holding each other close in the night
  • Steve always being the warm one, so you steal both his heat and all of the covers. He never seems to mind or mention it.
  • Him being completely oblivious to some things
  • “I think you actually the embodiment of perfection. I’m not even saying that because I love you, but because it’s just the truth”
  • You getting jealous easily
  • “Have you not noticed the endless parade of girls starring at you all day. Especially your butt. I’ve made a collective decision that you must stop working out at once”
  • “Hmm, I’ve only got eyes for you darling”