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Hi I know you're currently busy, Have you heard the Yuri on ice pair skate scene that brewing some controversy? Apparently the scene is copying Tessa Virtue & Scott Moit pair skate program...There's some article on まとめ Naver, along with some tweet from figure skater fans (most are either angry or disappointed). There's a comparison gif and picture too...

Hello anon! Thank you for your kind consideration :) sorry for the slow reply; today’s new years day so I finally got some time for asks.

And boy anon yes I’ve heard of that. The thing is, this is not the first time Japanese netizens have accused Yuri on Ice of plagiarism/tracing/copying- it’s been happening since early on. The only reason I haven’t mentioned them in earlier posts is because there’s enough to criticize about yoi regardless. I also admit that in the beginning I didn’t take these complaints as seriously because almost all anime use reference photos in some way, especially for locations. And YOI, being based on international competitive figure skating, would’ve used a lot of reference photos for research. But after recent developments, I’ve begun looking at these accusations more closely. And while a lot of them are in my mind not serious, this, the copying of Virtue/Moir’s ice dance routine, is definitely not something to shrug off and not something “other animes do”.

For those who are interested in following along here is the link to the article mentioned in the ask (

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Don José realizes that Carmen is looking at The Toréador.

They are superb here because: Scott’s expression is the best.. he tells everything with his face, using eyes and mouth.

Tessa, on the other hand, is fabulous because while Carmen is loving Don José -just look at her hands and fingers caressing/touching his face- she’s looking this other man.

She’s playing with both of them, driving them crazy for her.

Details are the key ;))

The best Carmen ever. Tessa and Scott killed every single version: past and future.

Why Virtue & Moir deserve to win Gold at Sochi 2014.

Not since Grisuk and Platov have an ice dance team captivated the figure skating world. With their on-ice chemistry, spectacular lines and enviable technique, Virtue and Moir have cemented their place in ice dance history as being some of the greatest technicians the sport has ever seen.

That being said, it was with a heavy heart that I watched their Free Dance choreography for this season. It is at times disjointed and flow-less, a far cry from ‘Mahler’ their Gold winning routine at Vancouver. Speculations have been thrown around about Zoueva’s preference and favourtism between her ice dance teams. As the two best couples in the world, Virtue & Moir and Davis & White’s rivalry has been a topic of great discussion. However, this season, Davis & White’s choreography lends itself to an Olympic winning program. Their choreography is far superior and suited to their athletic style. Davis and White will win Olympic Gold however it would be a tremendous shame if Virtue and Moir were given silver. Not that silver is anything to sneeze at but it would show that all the technique mastery in the world cannot be trumped by the exquisite choreography Davis & White’s hold.

I personally would like Virtue and Moir to win Gold. Not for the seven minutes that they will be on the ice in Sochi, but for the 17 years that they have committed to becoming the best skaters of our generation.