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Jealousy - Carlos De Vil

summary : Carlos and reader share a kiss, but don’t talk about it. Evie and Mal give reader an idea to make him jealous

Warnings: jealousy ?

Fandom: descendants

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Mal Evie and I are walking back to our dorm. “ So wait.. you and Carlos kissed! ” Evie squeaked. “ we did.. it happened so fast.. we haven’t talked about it.. he hasn’t even brought it up, is this a bad sign? ” I ask Mal and Evie. “ who knows with that boy ” Mal said rolling her eyes. We make it to the dorm and walk and I plopped down on the bed. “ what do I do, he’s my best friend and the last thing I want to do is ruin our friendship.. but I really like him ” I said to Evie with a big sigh. “ you could never ruin your friendship with Carlos you guys are like.. two peas in a pot! ” Evie exclaimed. “ I say make him jealous ” Mal said, smirking. “ how do I do that? ” I say looking at Mal and Evie. “ chad asked you to pretend to be his girlfriend right? You know to make Audrey jealous so do that! And see what happens! ” Evie said. “ great idea! ” I said running out of the dorm.

*time skip*

- Carlos’s POV -

Mal, Evie, Jay and I were sitting at our usually table, I was waiting for Y/n to show up because I’ve missed her.. I want to confess to her how I feel. “ do you guys know where Y/n is? ” I asked them. Mal and Evie looked at each other like they knew what was going on. “ she’s probably with chad ” Mal said. “ excuse me? She would never just hang out with chad ” I say raising an eyebrow. “ well she is ” Mal said while Evie was looking guilty. “ Evie tell me the truth ” I say. Mal quickly covers her mouth and says “ she’s dating Chad ” That’s when I felt something, jealousy. Something felt off. “ I’m going to find y/n ” I said and got up and left the table “ awkward ” I heard jay say while walking away.


I was sitting beside chad, what a mistake this is. I hate chad yet here I am pretending to be his girlfriend. That’s when I saw Carlos walking over here and he grabbed my hand and dragged me away “ hey that’s my girlfriend! ” Chad said and Carlos just replied with a simple shut up. “ what are you doing with him? You hate him you deserve better- ” I cut him off by pressing my lips against his, He slowly started to move his lips with mine. we finally pulled apart “ I was pretending to be his girlfriend so he can make Audrey jealous and so I can make you jealous.. Evie and Mal gave me the idea because I told them how we haven’t talked about the kiss yet ” Carlos shook his head “ well it worked I was jealous.. so will you be my girlfriend? ” Carlos asked. “ of course I will ” I say hugging him. “ I also hate chad more than ever ” Carlos whispered and I just laughed.

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Harry/Carlos anything prompt!

Hehe, thank you for the request! Please feel free to send more! Since no prompt, I hope you don’t mind a little Harry/Carlos beginnings. <3

Carlos doesn’t know how to feel now that Uma and her gang were in Auradon. He was all for forgiving people but Uma and Harry Hook weren’t on the top of his ‘let’s forgive and forget’ list. Gil was fine. He didn’t have that overly mean streak that the other two had and when alone Gil was actually pleasant company. He couldn’t say the same for Harry.

There was something about Hook’s son that just, he didn’t even know where to begin with describing it. He wasn’t scared or exactly put off by the taller boy, but there was something that always set off a red flag in his head.

“He’s staring again,” Carlos mumbled, under his breath.

Evie scoffed, turning the page of the newest Auradon fashion magazine. She cautiously looked over the rim to where Harry Hook sat under one of the beautiful weeping willows with Uma and Gil. “And you’re staring right back.”

“What? I am not!” Carlos stuttered, his nose scrunching up in distaste.

“Uh huh,” Evie giggled. “You could always go talk to him. Find out what he wants. He’s in Auradon now. He can’t do anything that will get him in trouble or else he’ll go right back to the Isle.”

Carlos shook his head, “no, I don’t want to talk to him.”

“Then stop staring,” Carlos glared at his blue-haired best friend, the pretty princess giving him one of her most innocent smiles. “You can’t hide behind Jay and I forever. One day you’re going to have to talk to him. Mal and Uma cleared the air between them, you can do the same. I have a fitting session with Jane, but I’ll talk to you later okay?” She patted his hand and was gone before he could say goodbye.

Carlos frowned, staring at her empty seat. He didn’t want to be alone right now. Jay was off practicing with Lonnie, Mal had her royal duties with Ben and now Evie was off fitting Jane with a new dress. Maybe Doug wasn’t busy and they could do something together.

“Why are ye avoidin’ me, pup?”

Carlos cringed at the familiar low drawl. He didn’t want to be alone but he also didn’t want Harry’s company.

“I’m not avoiding you,” Carlos muttered, giving Harry a quick glance before trying to look elsewhere.

He could feel Harry roll his eyes when he sighed, “Yer doin’ it now. Not looking at me, have I done somethin’ to offend ye, pup?”

“You can stop calling me pup for starters,” he glared at the pirate teen. Harry only gave him one of those teasing smiles. “We don’t have the best track record.”

“I don’t remember botherin’ ye too often. It was Jay I liked to meddle with,” Harry stretched his arms over his head, “that boy always liked to try and prove he was better than me.”

Carlos stopped himself from saying that he was. He didn’t want to get into a fight, not when he didn’t have his friends to back him up and Uma and Gil were still sitting by the tree trying not to watch them.

“What do you want, Harry?” he sighed, feeling more tired than he should have.

“I just want us to be friends, is that too much to ask for?” Harry choose to ignore Carlos’  whispered ‘maybe. “Look ye hang out with Gil and even say hi to Uma, but ye don’t give me the time of day. Makes a pirate think you hate ‘em.”

Carlos shook his head, “I don’t hate you,” he shrugged sheepishly at the look Harry gave him, “okay, I don’t hate you completely. It’s more like I don’t trust you.”

“Ah, I see,” Harry nodded, tapping a finger to his lip. It looked odd to see the pirate without his prized hook. “How about this, tomorrow night ye come out with me. Show me Auraron and I’ll show ye I changed.”

Carlos thought about it. Maybe he should just give the boy a chance, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Right?

“Fine,” he nodded, “tomorrow night.”

“Wonderful! Ye won’t regret it! I’ll pick ye up at 7,” Harry clapped his hands against the table, giving Carlos a charming wink before darting off to his friends.

Carlos sat still watching the boy retreat, it was beginning to feel like he’d be persuaded into a date. His face grew hot. Carlos stood up quickly, heading to the girl’s dorm. He needed to talk to Evie asap.


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“Why don’t you just go and talk to him?” Lonnie asked, giving you a little nudge. The two of you were busy watching Jay and Carlos, the boy you were completely crazy about practice fencing.

You sighed, shaking your head.
“Sadly like my mother I’m not the best at forming relationships or being social in anyway shape or form for that matter. I wouldn’t know what to say”.

“What if you show him your powers?” Lonnie suggested “I mean they’re amazing after all. I’m sure he’d love to hear about that”.

“Oh yes of course. Hi Carlos do you want to see my dangerous ice powers that could potentially start an endless winter?” you replied sarcastically “no I’d much rather stare at him from aware thank you very much”.


Puppy Love // Carlos x Reader

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    You brushed your hands down the front of your shirt and adjusted your hair before knocking on your boyfriend’s door. You heard no response from behind the door except that of dog tags clinking softly. The campus mutt was hardly ever seen away from Carlos’ side, so it was odd to hear the dog alone in the dorm.

    “Dude? Is Carlos here?” You called out, albeit awkwardly. Something you also thought odd was the fact that Mal’s malfunctioning spell allowed Dude to talk and the fact you often had conversations with a dog.

    “Just missed him, Y/N, he’s headed off to tourney practice,” Dude’s voice grew louder as he approached the door. He scratched the door, jumped at it a few times, then finally he managed to grab onto the handle and open the door for you. “But you’re welcome to stay and scratch my butt.”

    You laughed aloud and picked the dog up. Dude wagged his tail as you scratched under his chin. You carried him over to Carlos’ bed. The sheets were unmade and bunched at the bottom of the bed. Articles of clothing were piled around the edge of the bed on the floor. You rolled your eyes at the mess. You gingerly stepped over it with Dude still in your arms. After placing him on the bed, you put your bag down on a chair nearby and grabbed the TV remote.

    “Want to watch a movie?”

    “As long as you let me sit on your lap, you can do whatever you want,” You smiled and lifted your arms enough to let the dog through. Dude climbed onto your legs, spun in a circle, then flopped down and curled into a ball.

    You picked a movie from the video library Auradon had on all the TVs and the theme started playing. At some point in the movie, the main girl character got dressed in fine clothes for a dance. You commented that her dress was beautiful, referencing the dark purple color. Dude responded with agreement that she looked good in grey, with a hint of sarcasm that reminded you of his doggy color-blindedness. Last time you would do that…

    The credits were starting to roll by the time Carlos pushed open his door. His confusion as to why it was open–when he knew he left it closed–soon disappeared with a new sight before him. Dude lounged over his girlfriend’s lap with his head dangling over the side, one leg. lifted in the air and kicking rapidly as Y/N petted his belly. Y/N giggled as she watched him. Carlos could not explain the twinge of jealousy that ran through him. Dude was his dog, not some other boy swooping in to steal Y/N away from him.

    “What are you up to?” Carlos grabbed your attention. You stopped your attack on Dude and he lifted his head to look at Carlos.

    “Carlos, I think your girlfriend likes me!” Dude said, his attempt at whispering failing miserably. You blushed, covering your mouth to stifle a loud laugh. Carlos rolled his eyes, throwing a glance your way. Carlos tussled Dude’s fur on top of his head and began to change out of his uniform. He didn’t look your way, not once, as he put his equipment away either.


    “Hmm?” Carlos replied.

    “Dude is a dog.”

    “I know that.”

    “You don’t have to be jealous, Carlos.”

    “I know– Hey, I’m not jealous!” He finally looked at you fully, a little pout set to his lips. Meanwhile you only grinned.

    “Yes you are.” Dude chimed in for you. You and Carlos both scolded him. He gave a ‘hmpf’ and said nothing more. You collected Carlos’ hand and tugged him closer. His defensive expression fell and he smiled at you before pecking your lips gently.

    “Come sit,” You scooted yourself over as best as possible and Carlos sat next to you. Dude moved as well, now taking up half your lap space.

    “Best place in the house.” Dude commented.

    “Don’t mind if I do.” Carlos adjusted so he could comfortably lay his head on your other leg. Dude licked Carlos’ face, making him laugh.

    “So, does this mean we’re watching another movie?” You asked.

Carlos nuzzled your leg in reply. Dude sighed contently. With no plans in the foreseeable future, you selected another film and laid back against the pillows.

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Jaylos prompts, you say? Well how about; ppl start to notice after the events of the prequel novel that Jay and Mal have started to hang around Carlos and Evie, in response to that, Reza starts to pester Jay thinking they should get along better than Carlos and Jay ever could because of their parents only for Jay to prove him (and possibly Carlos' subconscious) wrong and end up calling Carlos something like his best friend or something fluffy along those lines.

sorry this is so late :( I’ve been way too busy lately haha

“Come on, Jay!” Reza whisper-shouted to the other boy, his frustrations finally getting the best of him, “Think about it, all logic points to it - you and me, we could be phenomenal together.”

“Dude, shut it,” Jay growled, doing his best to shove down his anger with the boy, shooting him a glare before his eyes settled back on his paper, “I’ve thought about it and it’s not happening.

This was possibly the tenth time Reza had brought up the subject that day. He was hooked up onto the fact that him and Jay should be the bestest of buddies just because of their parents, or at least that’s what he told Jay. Reza figured that since Jay had “dropped his standards as low as Carlos de Vil,” that he would finally want to hang out with him.

Jay thought differently.


“Reza, I don’t care who your dad is or who he was to my dad, I already have frie- people to hang out with,” of course, there were no friends on the Isle. “And besides, I’m not sure what data you’re looking at, but no ‘logic’ points to us being friends.”

Reza sighed, going back to his work that he wasn’t actually doing. He glared at the back of Carlos’s white hair, thinking, this isn’t over, de Vil.

The next day, Reza cornered Jay in an empty classroom, taking him away from Carlos, who “discreetly” followed them. Before Carlos could come into the room with them though, Reza slammed the door in his face, much to both his and Jay’s protest. Carlos let out a small yelp and settled on simply pressing his ear against the door, hoping to catch their conversation.

“-so just stop trying to get between me and Carlos. I told you, it’s not. Going. To happen,” Carlos heard Jay telling Reza, harshly, which confused him, “So, I suggest you back the hell off before I make you.”

“I am better and far more intelligent than Carlos de Vil in every way and with our parents and our backgrounds it makes logical sense for us to be friends.” Reza retorted, high pitched with offence as he struggled against Jay’s grip on his collar, “Anyone with eyes can see that you and I make more sense.”

Carlos’s confusion grew, since when were they fighting over Jay?

Reza continued, much to Jay’s distaste, “Even if you do not believe I’m greater than Carlos, I am the next best and logical person to “hang out with”.“

“Dude, what are you talking about?”

Reza sighed, “Carlos and I are essentially the same in most ways. We are both small, socially awkward, tied for smartest in class. We have many similarities that correspond enough that could make me a better substitute for him and you and I have characteristics in common too so-”

“What could we possibly have in common?” Jay asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Well, as I said, our p-”

Jay held up a hand, “…Besides our parents.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m better than him in ever-

“Stop saying that!” Jay shouted. He wouldn’t stand for someone speaking this way of Carlos. “No one is better than Carlos at anything,” he growled out.

Reza stared at him as if he couldn’t comprehend what Jay had said.

“…Alright. But it doesn’t matter. You and I could be better friends than you and Carlos could ever be,” he said simply and Jay’s annoyance got the better of him.

“Carlos is my best friend!” Jay said, his volume growing as he slammed the smaller boy against the wall next to the door. “And I’m not sure what your definition of ‘better’ is, but I think we definitely have different ones.”

Carlos felt his heartbeat speed up immensely when Jay called him his friend. Before, some part of Carlos told him that Jay wasn’t really his friend and that he was just pretending, but hearing Jay admit that made him regret ever doubting him.

“I want you to stop bugging me and I want you to leave Carlos and I alone. He’s my best friend and nothing will ever change that. Not even if you handed me the lamp on a silver platter.”

Carlos’s heart fluttered slightly, knowing how important the lamp was to both Jay and his father, that meant everything to him.

“Fine,” Reza said shortly, “Just remember, that-”

Carlos couldn’t contain himself, he swung open the door, swiftly cutting off whatever pointless nonsense Reza was about to say. Jay pushed the other boy out the door, waiting until Carlos was in the room to shut it and lock it.

Carlos smiled wildly, he had so much dirt on Jay now. Jay saw the mischief in his smile and couldn’t help but avert his eyes to the ground, smiling, “Shut it, nerd.”

“Ah, I think you mean ‘shut it, best friend,’” Carlos teased, getting closer to Jay with each word.

Jay growled at the other boy, trying to seem intimidating after the mushy crap he’d just said. Though it didn’t seem to sway Carlos who just kept the giddy smile on his face.

Carlos, to his own surprise, managed to keep eye contact with Jay as he admitted, “You’re my best friend too.”

Jay rolled his eyes, trying to maintain his “bad boy” status even while alone with the only person he can be open with. For all they know, Reza could still be outside the door. “Yeah, yeah, whatever, we’re best buddies, now we can go make friendship bracelets and braid each other’s hair, woohoo!”

“I could actually braid your hair if you wanted me to,” Carlos teased.

“Shut up, you nerd,” Jay laughed, ruffling the younger’s white tips.