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Imagine - Zach gets jealous

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@ambrosebabyy Request: “Can I get a Zach Dempsey imagine ? Were he sees Bryce all over me and gets really protective?”

@thrtreasons Request: “jealous!zach…. i just… oh my god sorry i am sooooo zach trash”

@hanna-ranay Request: “Honestly an imagine about Zach would truly be appreciated, if you can. If not, it’s okay. Thank you!”

Jessica Davis was having a party at her house tonight, and of course you, being her best friend, had to go. You, Jessica, Justin, Zach, Bryce, Monty, and several other students from Liberty high were sitting in the living room playing suck and blow. You were sandwiched between Bryce Walker and Zach Dempsey.

You would never admit it to anyone, but you had a huge crush on Zach. And you’re pretty sure Jessica knew, she is your best friend after all, how could she not. But you were too shy to act upon your feelings towards him and you believed that he would never want to be with someone like you. Even though you hung out with Jessica and the more popular kids at Liberty high, you were still known as quite the nerd. And someone like Zach Dempsey don’t go for nerdy girls like you, they go for skinny cheerleaders who are drop dead gorgeous. 

Anyways, the game of suck and blow had already started, and you were pretty nervous to say at the least. Because you had to put your mouth against Zach’s with only a thin card in between the two of your lips. It was getting closer and closer to your turn until some girl pressed her mouth against Bryce’s passing the card on to him. He turned towards you, card on his lips. Bryce scooted closer to you quickly, sandwiching you more between him and Zach, until the point where you were chest to chest with Bryce and your back was pressed firmly against Zach’s muscular chest. Bryce then proceeded to place his card covered lips against yours, and quickly, in the process of passing the card onto you, snuck his hand around you to grab a hold of your backside and give it a good squeeze. His actions shocked you and you jumped, emitting a little squeal which was muffled by the card between yours and Bryce’s lips. Still in shock from what is happening right now, you faintly hear a deep growl from behind you…

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Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

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Do you know if there was any Targaryen woman who didn't had the usual Targaryen appearance? Also who is your favorite Targaryen woman?

Yes, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, Rhaegar and Elia’s daughter, looked like a Martell (per GRRM). There were also several Targaryen-other marriages that produced girls where we don’t have any description of their appearances, but it’s possible they took after their non-Targaryen parent. These could include:

  • Aemma Arryn (daughter of Daella Targaryen),
  • Elaena Targaryen’s three Penrose daughters (note her daughter Jeyne Waters was half-Velaryon and so very probably had a Targ appearance),
  • the children of Daenerys Targaryen and Maron Martell (I’d say the Martell look was very probable there),
  • Aelora and Daenora Targaryen (daughters of Alys Arryn),
  • Vaella Targaryen (daughter of Kiera of Tyrosh), and
  • Shaera and Rhaelle Targaryen (daughters of Betha Blackwood). (I actually often wonder if Rhaelle had her mother’s black hair, reinforcing the Baratheon hair genes when she married into that family.)

Furthermore, Aegon the Unworthy had many bastards, and we have no idea what any of the girls looked like (except for Shiera Seastar, whose mother was of old Valyrian blood so it’s no wonder Shiera looked Targ). Most of Aegon’s bastards are unnamed, but we do have the names of the children of his mistresses at least, and here are the girls whose appearances are not described:

  • Alysanne, Lily, Willow, and Rosey, daughters of Megette (a common woman),
  • Bellanora and Narha, daughters of Bellegere Otherys (as Bellegere was half Summer Islander and very dark-skinned, it’s highly probable that her children took after her more than Aegon),
  • Mya and Gwenys Rivers, daughters of Melissa Blackwood. (I headcanon Gwenys looked Targ, but Mya certainly could have looked like her mother.)

Also, it was rumored that Jeyne Lothston was Aegon’s daughter by Falena Stokeworth (as well as his mistress, because Aegon the Unworthy was a sick fuck), and while I don’t think that rumor is true, it should be noted that Jeyne’s portrait in TWOIAF depicts her as a redhead, like her mother.

My favorite Targaryen woman is Good Queen Alysanne (she was the best), but the awesome Elaena Targaryen comes very close.

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Could you write something where isak or even has like the stomach flu or something and the other takes care of them? Thanks:)

The Boy Who Breathed Bubbles; 2460ish words
sick!Isak and supportive boyfriend Even (because I’m a sucker for sick!Isak)

For once, Even didn’t wake up to the sound of kids running around outside shouting to each other.

He would have considered it a victory if it weren’t for the way he did wake up.

The first thing he was aware of was sweat clinging to the small of his back, one of his least favourite feelings in life.  He opened his eyes blearily to check if the window was open but instead found himself greeted with Isak’s sleep wild curls. He smiled sleepily to himself, taking a moment to enjoy just lying in bed cosy next to his boyfriend, before shuffling closer to Isak and pressing a kiss to the back of his head.

Almost instantly Even could feel the heat coming off Isak.  It was more than the warmth of sleep radiating from him.  Even could feel sweat break out on his forehead just getting close to Isak.

“Isak?” He touched the backs of his fingers to Isak’s forehead and winced at the heat he found there.  He wiped the sweat from his fingers on the duvet without a second thought and sat up to properly look at Isak.

His eyes were fluttering quickly behind his closed lids, and for a few seconds Even wondered what his boyfriend dreamed of at night.  His skin looked too pale though, even for Isak’s standards, and in the early morning light Even could see all the sweat.

“Isak, baby,” Even shook Isak’s shoulder gently, trying to wake him, and jerked his hand back in shock when Isak made a wounded noise.  Even watched with wide eyes as Isak curled up tightly, shivers running through his skinny frame.

“Evyyyyyy,” Isak whined.  That’s when Even knew for sure that Isak wasn’t feeling well.  That pet name only seemed to come out when Isak was feeling vulnerable.

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The snowball part 11

hey! sorry for the late update, just started uni and things are getting hectic and stressful, thanks for everyone’s patience :) xx

Link to the rest of the chapters x

The remainder of dinner passed solemnly as everyone tried and failed to think of ideas that would allow the Illyrians to stay on their land.

Feyre could feel Rhy’s watchful eyes on her as she poked at her spaghetti, twirling it around on her fork and watching it slowly drip back into the bowl, over and over. She couldn’t understand how Tamlin was even considering helping such a vile company. Lucien had been against it but mentioned that Hybern was offering Tamlin a deal too good to refuse, but at what cost to the Illyrians?

When Feyre looked up Rhys was still watching her. He quirked an eyebrow at her. Tell me what you’re thinking. He seemed to ask. 

In response, Feyre downed the glass of wine Rhys had bought her, and turned to face the group, “I think I know who that single, wealthy investor is.”

Rhys and Mor looked at each other in silent agreement as if Feyre was confirming something they already had guessed, but it was Cassian who asked, “Well tell us.”

“A few weeks ago Tamlin grew… more agitated than usual-”

Mor snorted, “You mean he wasn’t always so delightful and charming?”

Feyre’s face burned in shame and Rhys shot Cassian and Azriel a warning glare as they snickered at Mor’s comment. Underneath the table, Rhys nudged his knee alongside Feyre’s gently, “Go on.” He urged. 

“Lucien said it was because he was working with a new business partner, later on I found out it was Hybern’s company.”

“You say that as if you’ve met the man.” Azriel said.

“I have.” Feyre said, shocking them all.

“When?” Rhys asked quietly.

“Not long ago, he was at our-” Feyre caught herself before quickly amending,  “Tamlin’s house.”

“Of course those two are best buds.” Cassian said.

“He didn’t seem like he wanted to take the deal. But Hybern was making it worth his while.” Feyre countered. 

“Well at least we know how to get to Hybern’s greatest investor.” Azriel was looking intently at Feyre.

“Az.” Mor warned before Rhys quickly interrupted.

“You want to use Feyre as leverage?” 

“Of course not Rhys, I just meant that Tamlin will listen to Feyre. She can try and convince him to withdraw from the plans.”

“But that would mean Feyre has to be near Tamlin again, and like that will happen any time soon.” Amren said. 

Rhys nodded his approval. Feyre could barely sit still while the others made plans about how to sway Tamlin without involving her.

“I’ll do it. If it means protecting these people.” Feyre interrupted quietly.

“Feyre-” Mor began before Rhys silenced her with a look.

“It’s your decision Feyre, but at least think it over first?”

“I have thought it over. I want to do this.”

“I don’t like this Rhys.” Mor said, crossing her arms.

“I never said we’d let her go alone. We can ask him to meet her in public. We can all be nearby just in case. She needs to talk with him anyway, we can’t go on hiding her forever.”

“I agree. Feyre should be able to go back to work, or anywhere in town for that matter, without having to look over her shoulder.” Azriel added.

Feyre nodded at them all, “I’ll ask him to meet me tomorrow.” When she saw Mor anxiously biting her nails across from her she leaned over to grip her hand. “I’ll be fine.” 

“Still. I wish Cassian had already taught you a few boxing lessons.” Mor grumbled.

“It’s not too late.” Cassian said with a devilish smile.

“Cassian it’s nearly 7, let the poor girl sleep.” Amren argued.

“I’ve had enough sleep. I want to learn.” Feyre said earnestly.

Rhys’ eyes twinkled with mischief. “Now this sounds fun.”

Amren and Mor went back home while Feyre once again climbed onto the back of Rhys’ motorcycle. Cassian and Azriel would meet them at the house for Feyre’s first lesson. 

Feyre strode up to the bike confidently and let no fear show on her face as Rhys revved the engine teasingly. 

“There was not nearly as much screaming last time, we may have to change that.”

“Don’t you dare.” Feyre warned, squeezing Rhys’s middle tightly to emphasize it.

“I think you secretly like it.”

“I think I’ve had enough of being scared to death recently, thank you.”

Feyre had meant it as a joke but she felt Rhys deflate as he hung his head low in front of her. Feyre lifted a hand to place it reassuringly on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze to show she hadn’t really meant it. 

“You’d better hold on tight.” Was all Rhys said, a clear message to remove her hand.

Lights were already on at Rhys’ considerably large house when they arrived. Removing her helmet, Feyre gaped at the townhouse.

“There it goes.” Rhys interrupted.


“Any hope that you would like me for my dashing looks and personality alone now.”

Feyre smiled and pushed his shoulder playfully as he showed her into the house.

Cassian and Azriel were waiting for them in a spare room which had been cleared out for Cassian’s boxing equipment.

“About time. Did you guys get lost?” Azriel asked.

“Probably best not to ask what those two get up to in their spare time.” Cassian joked, sending Feyre a wink.

“Are you just trying to anger Feyre enough so she’ll actually punch you Cassian?” Rhys replied.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m perfectly capable of punching him with no foreplay needed.” 

Cassian roared with laughter and even Rhys shot her a delighted grin. 

“You might want these first then.” Azriel said, tossing her a pair of obviously used gloves.

“You should really wrap your hands first. Here let me.” Rhys grabbed a roll of bandaging and held out an expectant hand.

Feyre noticed Cassian and Azriel suddenly finding other places in the room to be and averted their gazes as she placed her hand in Rhys’. He barely looked up at her as he silently bound her hands with surprising gentleness.

“Alright now try flexing them, can you move okay?” He asked when he finished.

Feyre tested out her mummified hands before nodding and slipping on a pair of gloves. Then Cassian approached her with a pair of punching pads on each hand, grinning wickedly at her.

Some agonizing hours later, Feyre was permitted to stop for the night. She slumped on the floor in the corner, gulping down water that Azriel had gotten for her. 

Cassian had been relentless, but a good teacher. Azriel and Rhys had stayed to call out encouragement and give advice when Cassian permitted them. Feyre’s punches had been sloppy and weak at first, but by the end of the session, Cassian actually winced a few times. Whether he was humoring her or not, Feyre didn’t care. 

She shook out her bruised and raw hands and Rhys was immediately there to remove the bandage and holding an ice pack.

“We’ve all been there.” He smiled when she noticed the ice.

They all moved to the living room as Cassian began to complain about his aching legs and feet. Azriel put the tv on as he and Cassian took the only armchairs available, leaving the small couch for Rhys and Feyre.

 Rhys shrugged as he moved to sit, a challenge on his face as Feyre hesitated. Steeling herself, Feyre sat next to him. The couch was so small that no matter what way Feyre sat, her thigh was always touching Rhys. 

It wasn’t long before Azriel went to bed claiming lack of sleep. Then the lolling of Cassian’s head and soft snoring announced he had fallen asleep in his chair. Feyre laughed while Rhys tried to quieten her.

“He gets grumpy if woken from a nap.” He explained grinning.

Rhys was so close she could practically hear his heart beating quickly as he seemed to take note of how close she also was to him. Feyre tried looking around to distract herself, and that was when she noticed faint scorch marks on the wall near the tv. 

“Did Tamlin do that?”

Rhys followed her gaze before sighing. “Yes. I would say he didn’t mean to but I think I would be lying.”

“I’ll get him to pay for any damages tomorrow.”

“I don’t need his money.” Rhys said, a faint look of disgust on his face. “I really wish you weren’t doing this.” He added, suddenly serious.

“Then why are you going along with it?”

“Because I believe you need to face him. Because we need your help. Because you’re the only one who may be able to convince him to stop all this.”

“And what if the only way to get him to agree is if I go back to him?”

Rhys went still. An icy rage settled over him but the hand that reached for Feyre’s hand remained gentle. As his fingers locked around hers she nearly flinched, remembering the last time Tamlin’s hand had closed over her wrist. 

“Do you want to go back?” Rhys asked, staring at her intently.

Feyre paused. Considered the question seriously. “No.”

Feyre loved Tamlin. Maybe a small part of her always would. But she could not forgive the way she had been treated. No matter the stress he was under, Tamlin should never have hurt her. Mor and Amren had helped her understand that. Azriel and Cassian had helped her to laugh and made her not feel so lonely when she had felt unhappy in Tamlin’s empty house. 

And Rhys. Rhys had taught her to read. Allowed her to work for him. Gotten her out of bed and exploring new places when she had felt like doing nothing but sleeping for a year. Not to mention given her a safe place to go when she needed to get away from Tamlin. 

Rhys studied her carefully. His gaze seeming to read all these thoughts racing through her head. “Why not?”

“I don’t think I can ever go back to how things were between us. You’ll be there tomorrow right? In case…” Feyre finished uncertainly.

“I’ll be there.” Rhys promised.

A bit of tension left Feyre as she prayed for everything to go right. 

“Feyre, if Tamli-” Rhys began but Feyre cut him off.

“I don’t want to talk about Tamlin anymore.”

Rhys appraised her sudden boldness. A purr crept into his voice as he asked, “What do you want to talk about then Feyre darling?”

“I don’t want to talk either.” 

And before she lost her nerve, Feyre leaned forward and removed all distance between her and Rhys. Her hands reached out to grip his face as her lips crashed into his. If Rhys was shocked he didn’t show it, his hands winding through Feyre’s hair and pulling her closer. 

Feyre slid one of her hands to the nape of Rhy’s neck, running her hands through the silky strands there. Rhys countered by extricating a hand from her hair and sliding it down and around her waist. A small gasp was elicited from Feyre as his hand gripped her, Rhy’s thumb sweeping in small circles up her side. 

A few minutes crept by, Feyre’s hand travelling to rest upon Rhys’s chest as he hummed contentedly, until an awful gurgling noise from Cassian had them springing apart. Cassian’s head snapped up as he woke. 

“What’d I miss?” He asked with a sleepy voice. 

His eyes widened as he noticed the flush on Feyre’s cheeks, both of their messed up hair, and how Feyre’s shirt had ridden up to show just a sliver of her stomach. A cheshire cat grin slowly spread across Cassian’s face.

“I was just about to take Feyre to bed- I MEAN HOME!” Rhys said, horrified.

Cassian only laughed and even Feyre couldn’t hold back her laughter at being caught. 

“Whatever Rhys, just maybe next time, ask for some privacy.” Cassian got up and strolled from the room, shoulders still silently shaking from laughter.

Rhys looked at Feyre sheepishly. “I really should be getting you home.”

“Only if we don’t take that bike.”

“So you’re saying if the bike is the only option you’ll just have to stay here?” Rhys said smirking.

Ferye flicked him on the nose. “No it means I’ll ask Azriel to drop me home instead, you prick.”

Rhys laughed. “Prick already is it? Why only a few minutes ago you-” 

Feyre silenced him straight away with a small peck on his lips. He looked down at her almost dazed.

“Just take me home please.”

“Of course.”

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Fred x Hermione George: Trope- Amnesia

“It’s like looking in a mirror.”

“How’d you get my face?”

“I don’t know.”

“You stole it!”

“I didn’t steal your face, you stole my face!”

“How long have they been like this?” Remus asked concerned from the doorway of the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. This particular summer had everyone on edge. With the death of Cedric Diggory still preying on their minds and the return of the dark lord, discredited by a rag of a newspaper, being locked up inside the old decaying house probably wasn’t the best course of action. Especially when two of those people were a set of twins with a penchant for mischief not unlike their own when The Marauders were young and whole.

“I’m not really sure.” Hermione replied wringing her hands. “I peaked into the kitchen looking for Mrs. Weasley and found them like this. I think they put up a silencing charm.” She explained.

“Looks like a potion gone wrong.” Sirius muttered stepping into the room.

Remus hummed his agreement the state of the kitchen all the proof he needed to know they’d most likely been working on a new prank. “Judging by their conversation the effects seem to be amnesiac in quality.”

“Can we do anything for them?” Hermione asked.

“I’m not sure.” Remus replied.

Sirius sighed. “We’re going to have to call Snivellus aren’t we?”

‘It would appear so.” Remus responding, watching the little witch as she walked further into the kitchen. Her movements caught Fred and George’s attention and they turned to look at her.

“Are either of you injured?” she asked carefully. They both shook their heads still staring up at her in what Remus could only describe as wonder.

“You’re very pretty.” Fred said.

“So pretty.” George added.

“One, two, three.” Sirius counted down under his breath. At the end of the countdown the twins turned on each other, one tackling the other to the ground and soon they were throwing punches yelling at each other.

“I saw her first face stealer!”

“No you didn’t I did, ugly!”

“We have the same face!”

“Even having lost their memory they end up in the same argument.” Remus chuckled.

“I guess they didn’t heed our advice on the triad thing.” Sirius replied watching amused as a red faced Hermione tried to break up the dueling amnesiacs. 

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Less is More- 1

~Pairings~ Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

~Fluff/Comedy/Slight Smut~

~Synopsis~ CEO Min Yoongi is utterly fascinated by you and how you always manage to surprise him. Yet you don’t seem to be interested in him, so what will he do to win your heart? Things get complicated when Park Jimin discovers he has feelings for you, but will he confess or keep it to himself? 


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Figure Skater HC’s

Hi!! How do you think the RFA members would react if mc that figure skated as their sport?

Aww, this was actually really cute and fun to write :3 Enjoy, Anon~! ~Admin Lily

  • Well, when MC told Jaehee of her passion, she immediately became interested
  • She wasn’t surprised though
  • MC had a graceful step to her walk, so she could picture her participating in a sport like that
  • However, she was impressed when MC explained that she’d been skating ever since she was seven or eight years old
  • And what was even more impressive to her was that MC had won more than twenty competitions when she was younger
  • MC would smile longingly as she thought back, “I dreamed of becoming the best figure skater in the world, but that didn’t happen. I haven’t been on ice in a while.”
  • Jaehee would cheer her up: “Everyone has a chance! Including you! You shouldn’t give up.” such a princess I love her
  • MC gave her such a bright smile
  • Jaehee instantly lit up when she decided to ask MC to go skating
  • “I’d be able to see what you’re capable of!”
  • “Or, we could just have fun together,” MC giggled
  • Yeah, that’s sweet and all, but Jaehee was really interested to see her talent
  • MC seemed almost nervous when she grabbed her skates
  • Jaehee’s so clumsy on the ice it’s adorable
  • MC laughs and holds her hand the whole time
  • Finally, Jaehee takes a break and tells MC to show her some moves
  • MC hesitates but with some of Jaehee’s motivation, she finally started to skate with ease, doing a twirl here and there and even jumping, doing a spin, and sticking the landing
  • Jaehee whistles and applauds, making MC blush and people turn their heads
  • Afterwards, Jaehee nonstop tells her to start competing again
  • “You’re so talented! Go back to doing what you love!”
  • It takes a while, but MC finally agrees to do one competition, just to make Jaehee happy and have the chance to relive her childhood
  • Jaehee sounds like a 40-year-old soccer mom oml its great
  • She’s just so proud when MC skates, and, with Jaehee’s support and love, MC wins easily
  • MC’s just happy to relive her childhood with Jaehee
  • She plans on never forgetting the fun she had with Jaehee ever
  • Yoosung thinks MC’s the most amazing person ever like
  • Everything she does, she does with ease and it’s just so elegant she’s just perfect to him
  • He’s literally grinning when MC mentions being a figure skater
  • “Just a sport I do on the side.”
  • “Awesome!!! Can we go skating some time so you could teach me?”
  • “Uh…” MC’s notorious nervous chuckle “okay. I’m not that good, but I’ll teach you what I know.”
  • At the rink, Yoosung puts on his skates faster than MC does and sits eagerly
  • It’s so cute he’s just so excited I love that boy
  • MC tells him to take things slowly but he didn’t listen
  • He panics, loses his balance and falls on his butt
  • MC just laughs and he just blushes
  • He loves her laugh
  • MC would hold out her hand and slowly guide him around the rink
  • Its one of those cliché movie moments where the couple are holding hands while one struggles to skate but it’s still cute
  • He asks her what she can do
  • “Figure skating has the twirls and stuff, right? Do a flip or something!”
    “I can’t do a flip, Yoosung,” MC would giggle but she would let him go and go do a little trick
  • She does a large figure eight before kicking off and doing a couple spins with one foot pointed at her knee and her hands up above her head like a ballerina
  • She sticks the landing perfectly, ending the short performance with a pretty pose
  • Yoosung literally loses his balance when MC gives him a playful wink and falls again critical hit!
  • She laughs and helps him up, noticing his sparkling eyes as he said, awestruck, “that was so awesome!”
  • MC just blushes and smiles, “thanks…”
  • “I don’t think I can ever do something like that.”
    “You can do anything if you wanted to, Yoosung,” MC reassured with a sweet smile
  • For the next few hours, MC taught Yoosung to skate without falling and even taught him how to skate backwards. but only for a few seconds
  • He constantly reassured her that this won’t be the last time they go ice skating together
  • Early on before MC and Zen started dating, MC had told him about her figure skating team and competitions
  • And, ever since then he’s been interested
  • He’ll ask where her competitions are held and if there are any videos or pictures
  • He’s always wanted to see a competition in person, but he’s never had the chance to actually go due to his work
  • but, once he and MC started dating, he had made a vow that he would go to every competition, no matter what and he planned on keeping it
  • And MC thought it was adorable how excited he was to finally see her skate for the first time
  • “It’s not that big a deal, Zen, calm down,” MC would laugh, flattered
  • “I just can’t wait to see your performance! I bet you look stunning on ice! Wait, who’s our partner?”
  • “It doesn’t matter, you’ll see him tomorrow. Before you get any ideas, he’s gay. Goodnight, handsome.”
  • Zen gets the best seat in the house, in a disguise of course to make sure the paparazzi doesn’t show up
  • He waits eagerly for MC and her partner, ready to cheer them on
  • And, his jaw couldn’t help but drop when the lights shined down on MC  and her beautiful and sparkling blue outfit
  • To top it all off, she wore a light pink rose that Zen had given her earlier in her hair
  • Throughout the performance, Zen was smiling brightly, his heart leaping with every leap MC took
  • She looked so gorgeous and graceful
  • He didn’t appreciate her partner possibly glancing at places he shouldn’t have though
  • Stop it Zen she’ll be fine :)
  • After the performance he literally stands up and applauds, cheering
  • He began drawing attention to himself that he probably shouldn’t have
  • Because the night ended with a swarm of fans and cameras because
  • of it
  • However, Zen couldn’t help but give MC a kiss in front of everyone, “you were wonderful, beautiful.”
  • It made everyone go crazy it was great
  • And MC couldn’t be happier with his arm around her
  • Power couple
  • Of course, Jumin’s MC is the best of the best at pretty much anything, including skating
  • If she can warm up Jumin’s cold dead heart, she can do anything
  • I’m kidding guys I promise I’m sorry
  • And, it’s not like Jumin didn’t know of her talents when he had learned her name
  • But, when MC explained the passion she felt when she was skating, Jumin couldn’t help but wonder
  • He offered to sponsor her in her next championship and see a performance of hers in person
  • “You skate well, right?”
  • MC accepts his offer, overjoyed and gives him a kiss, “I won’t let yiou down, I promise! Thank you, Jumin!”
  • He gets the best seat money can buy and he literally yawns at everyone’s performances
  • Until, MC appears
  • Jumin can’t help but widen his eyes and blush
  • MC wears a red and black dress that glimmers and sparkles
  • It’s impossible not to stare at her she’s stunning
  • MC notices him in the audience and gives him a wink, making him feel the urge to loosen his tie
  • It’s getting kinda hot in here
  • It’s an ice rink, Jumin
  • Suddenly, MC’s song comes on, and immediately Jumin just stares in awe at her gracefulness and spontaneity
  • She’s just amazing
  • The crowd cheers loudly every time she sticks a landing, and Jumin can’t help but smile brightly at her
  • She seemed to enjoy every minute of it and that made him so happy
  • He was also happy because it was a brilliant investment idea
  • What did you expect?
  • MC blows him a kiss at the end of her performance and he awkwardly catches it
  • After that, Jumin goes to every competition, learning each name of each move
  • It’s also tradition for him to bring her a bouquet of red roses for good luck
  • Once he looked MC up the first time he met her, he noticed that on her profile, she mentioned skating
  • He thought nothing of it, but someone had asked MC what she does for fun to which she replied, “Oh, I love to skate.”
  • “Oh, yeah, I remember that. You’re team is pretty good, right?”
  • “Yeah, I think we are! Hey, Mr. Defender? Maybe you and I should go skating sometime, huh? ;3″
  • O//////O
  • “I guess that would be alright…?”
  • “Really?” MC would ask, surprised, “Alright, it’s a date!”
  • Of course, Seven is nervous because 707 usually doesn’t have time for skating and dating
  • But, MC looks so cute with her pretty white skates on and beanie, “where are your skates? Let’s go?”
  • This boy has no balance at all he sits at a desk all day he wasn’t ready for this
  • MC laughed, but she had him put an arm over her shoulder as she said, “just try to slide and glide! Take it one step at a time! Copy me.”
  • He’s blushing it’s so cute but eventually he learns
  • MC pulls away unexpectedly, making him panic, “you let me go??!?!?”
  • MC chuckled evilly as she smirked, “I wanted to watch you struggle.”
  • “You are truly evil, Agent 60-AH!” Seven tried so hard
  • But, before he could break his face, MC grabbed his arm and helped him regain his balance
  • He looked at her as he let out a relieved sigh, “my hero~”
  • MC winked, and they skated for another two hours
  • They had so much fun, Seven enjoyed every moment of it.
  • “Would you like me to show you how to skate backwards next time?” MC offered, “I wouldn’t mind teaching you.”
  • “I wouldn’t mind learning! Where can I get one of those dresses you skaters wear? I want a red one. No! A mint one!”
  • MC let out a sigh as she teased, acting disappointed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Defender, but they don’t come in your size.”
  • “Oh, how disappointing!”
  • Lol future Christmas present from MC: a skating outfit

Why thank you drunk-guy-outside-my-house, of course the best way to polish off my Friday night was to have someone sat on my front wall aggressively yelling ‘no joking are you a man or a woman??’ at me and laughing while I try and open my front door, thank you so much for providing me with that very kind service 😒❤

There Is Life In Me Yet

A small ficlet about Jamie and Wee Ian inside the wardrobe, just after Ian’s birth. 

All my other fics can be found here.

He hunched over in the small wardrobe, panic racing through every nerve as he cradled the wee babe to his chest, feeling the fragile warmth seep into his skin. How long had it been since he had held an infant so? Granted, he had always had a moment to hold Jenny’s bairns. He loved his role as ‘nunkie’, but his time with the family was so very limited, and really, it wasn’t safe to spend much time with the wains lest they speak out of turn and give him away. Mostly he came down at night when the young ones were all in bed, visiting only with Jenny, and more rarely, Ian, who was often away in prison, in another attempt to wrest Lallybroch away from the Fraser Family. Holding this frail and insubstantial bundle made him feel whole.

Jamie had had to come. He had to see this bairn. It was a compulsion so strong that he’d ignored the warnings and pleadings of his sister and against his own better judgment, had crept down the hill and to the house after dark. He simply had to be there and see this baby. It was a boy, just as he knew it would be. He had no reason for knowing. He certainly hadn’t had any knowledge about any previous bairn of Jenny’s. He’d been sure his own bairn would be a boy, before he’d learned about tiny Faith, born too soon and unable to stay. “Oh, my poor wee lass.” he thought. And what of his other bairn? Was it a boy? A girl? Did it live? “Oh, God! That they might be safe; Claire and the babe.” Jamie said a quick prayer as he always did at thought of Claire. Though he may think of her a thousand times a day, still he would pray for her with every thought.

Claire had been much in his mind over the past few days. He’d woken in the pre-dawn grayness with her touch and scent still on him, but sadly with no memory of any clear dream. How he hungered for her. Every thought, every feeling, every particle of his body ached and strained to draw itself unto her. Seven years without her. How had he lived? Truly, he hadn’t, and now he’d begun to weary of life. It was an endless dull existence, shadowy and insubstantial. He hunted when he could, but always in fear. One visit a month to the family to reclaim some of his humanity, shave his whiskers, and share knowledge of the outside world. An occasional book to read. Never anything more. No warmth, no comfort and nothing to look forward to.

The news of this latest bairn had renewed an interest in life, but at the same time, had caused him such heartache. How he wanted a bairn of his own to hold. To raise. To teach and cherish and provide for. Why had God given him everything he’d ever wanted in life, only to snatch it away 3 short years later? Everything. Everything he’d ever wanted was gone. His wife. His children. His freedom. His beloved country, now ravaged and destroyed by the vengeance of the English. His estate, thank God, was still owned by the family, but he’d never be Laird again. His uncles, his clan - all of it smashed to ruin. Everything he’d ever held dear was essentially lost to him and he struggled to find meaning from one day to the next.

This boy. This fragile, fresh soul had somehow crept into his heart and breathed into it the first glimmer of hope Jamie had felt in ages. All this flashed through his mind as he clutched the child, desperate to keep him quiet, fearing for his life as he hadn’t feared in many years. For surely, if the redcoats discovered him, it would mean not only his death, but the death of this bairn and Jenny, and possibly the rest of the inhabitants of the house, depending on the mood of the soldiers. It would certainly mean the loss of the estate and thus, starvation to any unlucky enough to survive the night. “God!” He prayed again. “Please, Lord, keep us safe. Forgive me my selfishness in wanting to see this child. Protect this family as I cannot.” The child squeaked and squirmed, preparing to let out a betraying holler, when Jamie managed to create enough interest with his little finger to forestall the inevitable. He could hear the soldiers, their harsh language haranguing Jenny, grilling her for information as she lay weak in her bed, the sweat of labor not even rinsed from her body. Anger and fear welled up in him and the desire to kill and maim was nearly irresistible. If he must go, he would surely take these English bastards with him to hell. But he could not. As always, he must live in order to see those he loved safe.

His heart was hammering in his chest, and he couldn’t breathe. His stomach churned and all his muscles were clenched, unable to decide between the desire to fight and the need for flight. He feared he would vomit or faint, or both. He feared the babe would cry out for his mother and give them all away. He feared he would survive and this would just become one notable night amongst a sea of dreary nothingness. He could take no more. Each second seemed a lifetime. His heart was screaming in his chest, his vision was blurring and then – he saw her. Claire. His Sassenach. She smiled at him, reached out a hand to caress his face, and, Holy God! He felt the caress. He could smell her. The earthy green smell tinged with sweetness and soft musk. He heard her, though there was no speaking. In his mind he heard, “Shhh, my love. Be still. This child is special. He will be the child of our heart and we will have the raising of him for many years. But you cannot be with him now. You must leave. Only by leaving, can you have him.” The voice, Claire’s voice, paused as his heart calmed and his breathing returned to normal. “Jamie, let him go. Let them all go. It is time. I love you, Jamie. I love you. I love you. Jamie. I love you…” her words faded and his vision cleared as the merest breath of a whisper escaped his lips, “And I you.”

All was quiet outside the wardrobe. The soldiers were gone, and all Jamie could hear were the faint sobs that wracked Jenny’s small frame. Tears ran down his own cheeks, unbidden, and he dashed them away just as the wee bairn had had enough. The tiny fists were clenched tight, the eyes were screwed shut and the mouth was opening for a mighty skelloch as Jamie burst out of the wardrobe and handed the child to Jenny. She had her shift down and the babe to her breast before he could utter a sound – to the great relief of brother and sister. They looked at one another for a long time, not speaking, though a silent conversation was clearly conducted. Finally, Jamie sighed and told Jenny that he thought it best that he not come to the house for a time. Of course she agreed. The risk had been too great. The consequence of his action would have been too costly – for all of them. It grieved them both. Jamie bent over his sister, and kissed her on her crown, holding her solidly for a brief moment. He bent down and kissed the babe, Wee Ian he would be called, and placed a hand on the small head in benediction. This child. This strange, compelling child. Who called to Jamie’s heart and had already found his place there.


His plan was in place and the arrangements all made. Jamie would be betrayed to the English for the price on his head. He would not lie to himself and say he felt no fear. Of course he did. The English were unpredictable and petulant on a good day – merciless and coldblooded on most. He had no idea if he was preparing to be hanged, transported or jailed. But at least it was a change. And he now had hope. A small hope to be sure, and one he didn’t understand, but Claire had told him Wee Ian was to be his in time. Not just his. Theirs. Claire had very clearly said they would have the raising of him. How that could ever be, he couldn’t fathom, and tried not to dwell on – it hurt too much. But the knowledge was there. He trusted Claire. If he must endure years of torture and torment, he would do it gladly, if it meant at some point, he would have back some of what was precious to him. That wee babe, with his soft skin, fuzzy head, and delicate blue eyes had given him a new lease on life, and Claire had made a promise that he was determined to see her keep, no matter how impossible it seemed. It wasn’t his job to ask how or why, simply to be there, whenever, however, whatever happened.

Jamie looked behind him to the entrance of the cave as he made his way down the hill to the rendezvous. For a man heading to his doom, there was an odd spring in his step and a fair gleam in his eye. He had no idea what the future held for him, but he finally knew one solid truth. There was life in him yet, and he would see it through.

JK’s choices for James Potter

I wrote a piece a while ago on the topic of Snape’s Worst Memory, and how it slotted into the HP timeline, and then I followed it up with a post about Snape presumably creating Sectumsempra in retaliation to the werewolf prank.  (We, of course, appear to see Sectumsempra in action for the first time in Snape’s Worst Memory.)

I also discussed Remus, and why he didn’t react during Snape’s Worst Memory, and I read with interest @rowan-berry‘s comments on that post.

They reminded me of something I’d been meaning to post about:  the curiosity of JK Rowling’s decisions when it comes to James Potter.

For the first four books, James Potter was an absolute hero - and the only dissenting voice was Severus Snape, who frankly, nobody took seriously anyway.  Dumbledore compared Snape and James to Draco and Harry, so most readers assumed Snape/Draco and James/Harry were alike - most of us didn’t dream that Snape/Harry and James/Draco were the parallels.

…and everyone else waxed lyrical about James - he was brave, and wonderful, and brilliant, and talented, and cut down too soon…  

Originally posted by jesimahcah

And I get the ‘twist’ of James being a bully; I think it served an important narrative function.  But what I find somewhat baffling is how JK made it very difficult to fully redeem James after - and I think there were two easy paths that JK could’ve chosen which would’ve made it easier for the reader to forgive James for his actions towards Snape.

1)  Show James maturing by realising the consequences of his actions, and ceasing his bullying.

If we put the werewolf incident after Snape’s Worst Memory (it’s the other way around in canon), it puts James in a much better light.  We would still see his horrible bullying of Snape ‘because he exists’ - but it would’ve been thematically interesting to see him get cold feet when Sirius takes things a step too far.

James saves Snape, acts heroically - and it dawns on him how serious the whole battle between them has become.  I like the idea of him pulling Sirius in, and backing down.  I like the idea of him choosing to be a better man than that, and I like the idea that Lily really warms to him because of it.

Of course, Lily has already cut ties with Snape - but I could see her being relieved that James prevented Sirius’ prank from going ahead - and I could see her approving of the fact that James saved Snape even though he didn’t like him.  It’s emblematic of James doing the right thing, even if he doesn’t particularly care for the person involved.

But the way around that it is, well, it’s devastating.  Here’s a kid who is tricked into going to meet a werewolf by Sirius, and James saves his life.  Then, a few months later, the same two boys are hanging him upside down, filling his mouth full of soap and stripping him naked because:  a) they’re bored and b) he exists. 

Originally posted by bartholinemoans

The level of disconnect between the two events borders on sociopathic.  No wonder Snape rants that James was only saving Sirius, Remus and himself from getting into trouble.  In the first scenario, you could believe that James was thinking of his friends, but he also saved Snape because it was ‘right’.  In the second - in canon, it’s easy to assume that Snape’s life was simply not a factor, and James really was just saving Remus and Sirius.  

2)  Give James a real reason to dislike Snape’s Slytherin stance on the train.

One of the things that I think is particularly cruel about Snape’s alignment with Slytherin is that he clearly had no real understanding of what the house was about.  

The statement that causes James to pay the two any attention on the Hogwart’s Express is Snape saying:

“You’d better be in Slytherin,” said Snape, encouraged that she had brightened a little.

James is disparaging about the house, stating a Draco-esque line of:

“Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?”

In itself, it marks James out as a Draco style character, firmly placing your sympathies with Snape.  

…but how much more interesting would it have been if JK had utilised James’ background at this point?  

Snape was living in the Muggle world, with one Muggle parent and a seemingly disengaged magical parent.  He clearly knew very little about Slytherin for him to wish that Lily, a Muggleborn, would be in the house - at a time when Voldemort was rising.

Originally posted by not-infires-its-inspires

How devastating would it have been in hindsight if James had responded with something like:

“Slytherin?  You both hate Muggleborns then?” James said, raising his eyebrow at the pair.

Lily looked at Snape, confused.  “I am a Muggleborn.”

“Slytherins don’t hate Muggleborns,” Snape retorted, hotly.  

“They do.  I should know.”  Sirius scoffed.  “My whole family have been in Slytherin.”

“Blimey,” said James, “and I thought you seemed all right!”

“Maybe I’ll break tradition.  Where are you heading, if you’ve got the choice?”

James settled back in his seat.   “I’m going to be in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!  Like my dad.” 

Lily nudged Snape, her voice low and her face troubled.  “It’s not true is it, Sev?  You said it didn’t matter that I was Muggleborn.”

“Of course it’s not true.  Slytherin is the best house.  You’ll see.”  

James laughed out loud.   “Don’t you read the Prophet?  Didn’t you see the front page yesterday?”

Snape fell completely silent, his cheeks flushing red.  Sirius smirked at his lack of response.  

“Or Monday?  Or last Friday?”  James’ grin grew wider as Snape stayed silent, and then James looked directly at Lily.  “Slytherin is full of dark wizards and most of them end up in Azkaban!” 

Lily’s face paled at his words.  “Sev?”

James leant back triumphantly.  “It sounds like you don’t know anything about magic at all, Sev.”

Snape scowled.  “Come on, Lily.  Let’s go and find somewhere else to sit.”  

That scenario makes James entirely more sympathetic, even if he remains a little obnoxious.  It gives him a reason to interject, and explains to Lily why he has a problem with Snape.  Snape is unwilling to admit that James knows more than him about magic, so he doesn’t back down on his judgement of Slytherin.

It also helps to flesh out Lily’s house choice.  She was already nervous about the concept of Azkaban from Snape’s stories, so it’d be credible that she would shy away from a house connected to it.  It also gives her the idea of being in Gryffindor and it shows her trusting James’ judgement over Snape’s - which is important thematically for later.

It also gives Snape another reason to choose Slytherin; he doesn’t just do so because he wants to follow in his family’s footsteps, but because he’s now stubborn - now that James has told him he’s wrong to want to be in that house, he wants to be proven right.

Originally posted by theharrypottertwin-blog

It makes for a horrible heartbreaking moment when, as an adult, Dumbledore talks about him having been sorted too soon.  It makes you wonder what sort of decision Snape would’ve made in different circumstances.  

But crucially, neither of these things happened.

And I find that fascinating, because it makes James oddly unsympathetic.  It’s not that he wasn’t great to his friends, and it wasn’t that he wasn’t loving to his family.  James had a lot of finequalities, but his unwavering and unrelenting hatred and bullying of Severus Snape - when young Severus Snape had done nothing to deserve his ire - really damages his character.

And although the above scenarios wouldn’t have legitimised his bullying, it would’ve really helped the narrative - because it would’ve either clearly shown us that James was wrong, but then he changed…or that James was entirely wrong to bully Snape, but he had a logic - and a perceived justification - behind his dislike.  

I find it curious that JK didn’t explore either avenue, because I think it would’ve made James’ character more powerful.  

The Friendzone

Josh x Reader

Prompt: “REQUEST: Imagine finding out from the rest of the sidemen that Josh thinks you put him right in the friendzone. While in reality you have the biggest crush on him, you’re just so comfortable around him that it seems like you see him as a sibling. You find the courage to explain this to him just as he finds the courage to make a move on you.” - @mayolajidebt thanks friend

Note: Josh feels are real. All 2800 words’ worth of ‘em. Also I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this summer, feel free to request! Masterlist (Gif is Ayu’s @sdmntokyo)

Originally posted by sdmntokyo

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treavellergirl  asked:

Tell it to the Marines Question: What happened with all stories that Riskua recorded? Since Raoul stayed on that Island they lived on, and Mihawk visited sporadically, it would make most sense for it to be Mihawk that kickstarted the whole publishing buisness. And if he was the culprit on that, how did he go about it? Just walz into the Marine Headquarters and demand that they give him the info about the best publishing house? And when pressed for answers, stoically reply: To publish, of course.

Yes, Mihawk did waltz into the Marine HQ and ask for a publishing agency. For one hopeful moment, they thought he was publishing a book on sword-fighting, which would undoubtedly become mandatory reading of any sowrdsman worth their salt. 

They’re confused when he publishes a sole book under the name ‘Riskua’, but shrug their shoulders and accept it. 

They’re absolutely bamboozled when, upon flicking through it, the contents prove to be fairy-tales.

They don’t dare question Mihawk’s need to have such a book published, but just quietly accept maybe the man has a like for children’s tales, of the hero saving the day. 

It makes absolutely no sense until a certain bounty poster with a certain name upon it finally crosses a Marine’s desk years later. 

darthomirians  asked:

Okay so your slytherin percy posts are actually perfect and i noticed you mentioned in your last ask about your headcanons, and i was wondering if you would like to share them bc im 100% sure theyd be perfect

Awe thank you! So here’s just a few head canons I have down so far for Slytherin Percy (I haven’t gotten too extensive yet but this is just the general outline.)

  • He’s a pureblood. His mother and he come from the long and noble Jackson line. Sally was part of the Order and her family actively fought against Voldemort during the war. Because of this, they were deemed ‘blood traitors’ and hunted down mercilessly by death eaters. After Sally’s parents were killed she fled and lived with her Nomadic Uncle. Two years later a death eater tracks them down and her uncle sacrifices his life to save her.
  • Percy’s father, Poseidon, is a nomadic pureblood from Greece, exploring the world and learning about different types of magic along with his two brothers. Sally meets him one summer and she can tell he has a different type of magic than her own. By the time he continues on his journey Sally is pregnant, surprise surprise.
  • When Percy is born she can tell that there is something slightly different about his magic as well, something that reminds him of his father. She can tell he’s going to be extremely powerful
  • He does accidental magic as little as a week old, making his bottle float across the room.
  • His wand is made from the combination wood of an oak tree and ash tree, long, not too flexible but not too stiff, and with a phoenix feather  core.
  • His magical skills include - healing charms, elemental magic (mostly water and some earth), legilimency/occlumency, and a bit of dark magic (lesser known)
  • His favorite subjects are DADA and charms
  • His patronus is a fox.
  • He meets two kids on the Hogwarts express. A pretty blonde haired girl named Annabeth and a scrawny boy, Grover. Although Annabeth seems to dislike him at first, they quickly become the best of friends, despite ending up in separate houses. (He in Slytherin of course, and she in Ravenclaw)
  • He becomes the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team, playing the position of a Beater.
  • Percy and Annabeth start dating in their fifth year. They’re the couple to beat in practically everything since the team up together whenever they can. (Gotta watch out for those Slytherin/Ravenclaw duos)
  • But they’re extremely competitive with each other. She plays chaser on the Ravenclaw team and half the match are them fighting and/or flirting
  • He has some trouble fitting into the Slytherin house at first. There seems to be conflict with blood purity and ideals but he soon finds his rhythm within the house of snakes.

Pairing: Vane / Reader

Warning: Hurt!Vane, wounds, medical treatment, angst, fluff

AN: written for the lovely @fear-of-the-guardians who helped me to come up with idea for this story. Thank you babe!! 

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@angelaiswriting @selldraug @georgiagrl1990 @theivorywriter @thingsandstuffienjoy  

The first time he appeared in your house you were terrified. You’d heard stories about the Captain of the famous ‘Ranger’ and his crew. Stories that didn’t make it seem like a good thing to find him in your house in the middle of the night.

He wasn’t trying to hurt you though, actually it was the opposite. He was swaying quite dangerously almost like he was drunk. There was also blood coming from a nasty cut on his forehead and slash on his chest.

Not knowing what else there was you could do you watched as the swaying increased and with a sudden gasp from you he toppled all the way over, hitting the ground hard. You hovered in the doorway between your bedroom and the only other room in the house for a moment. Trying to decide what the best course of action was here. After all you’d never had a pirate suddenly appear in your house before and then fall unconscious onto the floor at your feet.

From the look of the cut on his chest it was likely that if you didn’t help him he may not wake up. Having the body of a dead pirate in your house was only marginally worse than having the unconscious body of one.

With a sigh you went back into your room and grabbed the small box of medical supplies you had taking them out into the living area and crouching down beside Captain Vane.

Carefully you pushed the hair out of the cut on his head, it was fairly superfluous. Head wounds bled a lot and therefore it looked a lot worse than it actually was. It barely even required a bandage. You did clean it though getting the dirt and blood out of the cut. It was the slice on his chest that was worrying. It was deep and needed stitching to stop it bleeding and to help it heal.

Why did these things always happen to you? Why had he had to choose your house to wander into?

Making a decision you took the edges of his shirt and ripped fully exposing his chest and the gash there. It wouldn’t all need stitching, just the deepest top part. If you were going to do this it was best to do it when the patient was unconscious. Threading a needle from your sewing box you held it over the candle flame for a moment so it was hot and clean then biting your lip you neatly and efficiently sewed up the top of the wound.

Captain Vane stayed passed out throughout all of your medical attention and beyond. You tried to move him but he was way to heavy so had to settle for putting a pillow under his head and covering him with a thin blanket.

You’d gone back to your own room and locked the door behind you, not that you thought that would stop him if he really wanted to get in.

He hadn’t though and when you’d awoken in the morning he was gone, a small pile of coins on the blanket which he’d folded up.


It was almost 8 months before you saw him again and this time he knocked. When you went and opened the door surprised didn’t cover it to see the Pirate back, stood on your deck, bruising and cuts decorating his face.

You moved away from the door with no questions as he followed you in sitting on the stool you pushed his way. He remained silent while you went back into your bedroom and got out your medical supplies along with a bowl of water bringing it back to where he was sat.

You treated the cuts and bruises in silence, aware the whole time of his eyes watching you. Following every movement, you made and staring at your hands as you cleaned him up.

He still said nothing to you, as you washed your hands of his blood and stood in front of him. You didn’t know what to do know, were you meant to talk?

Apparently, you weren’t as he stood, towering over you and handed you one more coin. He inclined his head to you and left once more. You clutched tightly to the coin in your hand, it was still warm from his pocket and you could smell his cigar smoke in your house almost like he was still there.

Your life was becoming more and more surreal every day.


This pattern of him injuring himself and then coming to you to patch him back up again continued for years. He’d never spoken the entire time you’d known him, simply came to your house allowed you to treat whatever injury he’d gotten this time and then left once more leaving you a coin in one hand.

A few times he’d appeared at night sometimes injured other times simply drunk. You’d merely provided the pillow and blanket and let him sleep it off on your floor. He was always gone by morning with the standard couple of coins left on his folded up blanket.

This time though something was different, the banging on your door was urgent and you could hear voices. He’d always come alone before, something must be really wrong.

Grabbing a candle from your table you ran over pulling the door open. Captain Vane was hanging between two people, one man and one woman, his head was fallen forwards onto his chest and you wondered if he was even conscious.

“Bring him in here” you ordered getting out of the way to clear off your table of flowers and other miscellaneous ornaments. “lay him out”

The two of them managed to get Vane laid flat on the table so you could see what you were dealing with. From the look of his shoulder it looked ominously like he’d been shot and when you moved him looking underneath his shoulder it also looked awfully like the bullet hadn’t come out of the other side.

“Well?” the woman asked “he come’s here all the fucking time to get patched up. Fucking sort him out”

Shaking your head you held your hands up “That bullet is still in his shoulder. I’m not a surgeon, if I try and get it out on my own, I might kill him”

“Then you better do it carefully” she snarled taking a step towards you.

“Anne darling” the man cut in between the two of you. “No need for nasty words now I’m sure the poor things frightened enough as it is” he gave you what you guessed was meant to be a charming smile, all it did though was make you even more nervous than before. “Now, I believe the Captain pays the good lady for her services, if you would be so kind as to remove the bullet and try and save his life I’ll double everything he’s given you so far”

That was a hell of a lot of money. Even so, trying to get the bullet out of his shoulder, if you weren’t supremely careful than you would without a shadow of a doubt kill him. From shock, blood loss or even nicking an important blood vessel. Leaving him like this though, he’d die. No question.

“Alright” pushing past them to approached Vane’s body once more reaching out to pull the makeshift bandage away from the bullet hole.

It took a long time and you were sweating and shaking by the time you’d finished but Vane still lived and if he managed not to catch an infection or any other myriad of illness he would you guessed survive.

“I don’t want you two in my house anymore” you glared at the other two pirates. “You can come back in the morning”

“Bitch thinks she can tell us what to do?”

“Now now darling” the man soothed the woman once more. “It is her house after all. I’m sure the captain is in good hands” he smiled at you again and nodded his head in a slight bow. “We will leave you to rest” he bundled the woman out of the door and you fastened the latch tightly behind them, turning the key in the lock.  

You rested your forehead on the door still shaking. Your shoulders were tense and your head was beginning to ache from concentration. Behind you Captain Vane coughed making you turn around once more only to be met with his eyes open and staring at you.

You walked back over to him perching on the stool so you were sat by his head. His eyes were unfocused not nearly as sharp as they usually were and you doubted that he would remember ever having been awake.

“Angel?” his voice was rasping and hoarse as he looked at you.

“I’m not angel Captain Vane”

“You are, you’re my angel” he insisted hand raising up to pull on a strand of your hair, running his fingers through the long silken locks. “So beautiful”

He was definitely high from blood loss and such at this point, there was no way he would be speaking to you this way if he was healthy.

“You always take care of me”

Taking his hand and pulling it away from your hair you placed it back by his side giving him a small smile. “And I always will”

He smiled as well and your heart stuttered, he looked so much younger when he smiled, even though you got the feeling that he didn’t do it all that often.

“Like I said” he insisted “You’re my angel”

What happens now?

Request: Y/N and Justin are best friends, one night they end up doing “it”. The next morning Justin completely leaves her, they both haven’t spoken to eachother for weeks. Y/N begins to experience some symptoms and later finds out she is pregnant. As she attempts to tell Justin, she finds out that he has moved on…..


It was around 3 in the morning, and everyone has just left from the party you threw at your house. The last person was of course your best friend Justin. A few minutes later after your guests have left you decided to get some fresh air. You quickly walk towards the balcony without Justin noticing.


“What’s wrong?” Justin asks worried as he stands beside you.
“Nothing….” you mumble trying your best to sound okay. Justin chuckles in reply. You look at him confused.

“Come on Y/N… it might be late but I’m not stupid.” He says unconvinced before crossing his arms.
You look at him hesitant before turning away again to look at the view below. “Its embarrassing” you reply, as you continue to watch the people on the streets, clearly avoiding eye contact from him.

“I don’t fucking care, tell me what’s wrong.” He says as he grabs your arm gently causing you to face him.
You still felt hesitant whether to tell him or not, but you knew he would not let it go. Ever since you guys met Justin was able to read you like a book, and that’s one of a million reasons why you liked him so much. Of course, Justin has no idea about your silly crush and you decided keep it that way for the sake of your friendship.

You take a deep breath before looking at him. “Have you noticed that all our friends are in a relationship?” You say, slowly leading him in. Justin nods indicating for you to continue. “Well I’m tired of waiting for mr. Right.” You blurt out, causing Justin to burst of laughter. You felt your cheeks heat up, and you knew you were turning red from embarrassment. “Shut up! It’s not funny!” You yell defensively, before crossing your arms as you roll your eyes.

Justin chuckles as he tries to make a serious face but fails. “I’m not laughing…” he says but you could tell he was going to laugh any moment.

You turn towards the balcony, rolling your eyes for the second time. “You’re such a jerk you know that?”
Justin grabs your arm gently, turning you around to face him. “I’m sorry, go on. I’ll stop laughing…I swear” he says with a serious expression.

You stare at him for a few seconds before replying.
“Justin I want that…I feel like I’m at the point where I’m ready to be in a relationship. I just want to feel that feeling…you know? Being able to depend on someone other than your friends or yourself.” You say, you knew you sounded ridiculous but you didn’t know how to express what you were feeling. As you spoke you tried your best not to drop hints that you had a crush on him, but it was difficult.
Justin remains silent, not saying a thing causing you to feel insecure.
“Never mind this is so dumb, I don’t even know why I’m saying this.” You quickly say, shaking your head.

Before you could walk away, Justin grabs your waist and pulls you in for a kiss. After a few seconds you both pull away.

You looked at him shocked as you tried to find words to say. “Justin wh-”

“Just kiss me.” He says interrupting you. At this point you didn’t know what to do nor could you comprehend what was happening. You had so many questions to ask him but one thing you knew for sure was that you wanted him. You wanted him now.

You hungrily place your lips onto his, as Justin picks you up, holding your legs for support as he leads you into your bedroom.

The rest of the night was a blur.

The next morning…

You wake up to the bright light shinning upon your face. You groan before rolling over. You were just about to snuggle next to Justin as you remember last night, but as you reached for his chest….the side was empty.

You quickly sit up, covering yourself with the blanket as you frantically search around the room.
“Justin?” You call, but no answer. You yell his name a few times and still no answer nor sight of him.

You quickly get out of bed before grabbing you clothes off the floor. As you were getting dressed, you hear something in the drive away. You looked out the window to see Justin’s car leaving.

You felt your heart break. You didn’t expect this from him, a one night stand? You simply shake your head before letting out a frustrated sigh.
“What an asshole!” You yell before plopping yourself onto your bed.

A few weeks later…

During these past weeks, Justin hasn’t been answering your texts nor your calls. You showed up at his house a couple times but the guards always said he wasn’t home. You suddenly gave up of chasing him, you loved him but what he did hurt you.

You tried to forget him until you started having morning sickness. You began having deep cravings, you couldn’t comprehend what was going on until you started to connect the dots.

“Oh my gosh…” you say shocked as you looked at the pregnancy test in your hands.


“what’s wrong?” Kylie asks worried.

“I’m pregnant….” you say slowly, as you show Kylie the pregnancy test.

“What?! Oh my gosh! Congrats b!” Kylie shrieks before pulling you in for a hug.
You were too scared to hug back, it’s not that you weren’t ready to be a mother but it was the fact that you weren’t even married, and the father of this baby wanted nothing to do with you. “Kylie how the hell am I going to tell Justin?” You say nervously, biting your lip to prevent you from having a breakdown.

“Oh shit. Forgot about that part.” She says, as she crosses her arms.

“I’m screwed.” You say before placing the test on the counter. You run your fingers through your hair before letting out a sigh. You look at Kylie who was smiling wide. “Why are you smiling?” You ask confused.

“I’m going to be an aunt!” She shrieks once again and you couldn’t help but smile. Her love and support was what you needed right now.

“I’m going to be a mother…” you say smiling, as you place your hand gently over your stomach. You couldnt help but be happy, this was your baby.

Another few weeks have passed, and it was impossible to notice that you were even pregnant. You still haven’t told Justin he was the father, you just didn’t know how. You were at the supermarket to buy a few groceries and just as you were about to head to the cashier you spot someone you least wanted to see.

“Justin?” You say shocked. Justin turns around, and looks at you startled.
“Y/N?” Justin says, shocked aswell.
“Uh” you say, as no words came out. You didn’t know what to say. “uhm hey” you say as you try to lesson the tension that was building up.

Justin clears his throats before slightly smiling. “How are you? It’s been a while…” he says, the sound of his voice broke your heart. It’s been a month yet what he did still deeply hurt you. Yet he was acting as if nothing happened. I mean- two can play at that game you thought to yourself.

“It has? Didn’t even realize.” You say, and you swore you saw his face fall.
“I’ve actually been doing great, how have you been?” You say trying your best to sound happy.
Justin nods slightly smiling before responding.“I’ve been doing great aswell…”

You knew at this moment you had to tell Justin you’re pregnant. You couldn’t hide it from him no matter how scared and angry you were. He had the right. He’s the father, as you mentally repeat the phrase in your head. You take a deep breath. “Justin, I actually have to tell you something…”

Before you had the chance to explain, a girl appears. “Jay!!” She yells, you look at him confused. “who’s this?” She says looking at you confused aswell.

You watch as Justin wraps his arm around her waist. You felt your heart racing, this can’t be happening. “Oh Y/N uhm id like you to meet my girlfriend…” he says nervously.

Girlfriend? Already?

“I’m Hailey, nice to meet you…” she says slightly smiling, as she sticks out her hand.

“Uhm nice to you too.” You say fake smiling before shaking her hand. You wanted to get out of there, you knew any moment you were going to burst into tears.

“Sorry you were going to tell me something?” Justin asks, you felt a lump in your throat and you didn’t know what to do. You watch as Hailey wrap her arms around his waist, as she watches you curiously.

“Never mind it can wait…” you say, before walking away. You suddenly felt tears hit your cheek.

It was the right thing to do, or that’s what you thought.

Part 2?
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Red Dress Beauty

Highschool!Min Yoongi x Popular!Reader

Genre: Thriller, romance, fluff, comedy, romantic comedy

Warnings: Language

Chapter One |

Word Count: 1,066

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Sitting down on the dark, almond colored l-couch, Yoongi’s eyes glanced towards the figure in the tight, red dress that seemed to be dancing without a care. His mind was racing, God she was hot. His eyes quickly glanced back to the drink in his pale hands. Staring at it for a few minutes, he wondered if he should take a sip of drink. Ultimately, he took a sip of the liquid, it burned the back of his throat, but quickly relaxed him.

His mind tried to erase the regret he felt hours before arriving to the party his best-friend was holding. Sighing to himself, his mind still went back to the event that happened, his break-up. The blonde haired male had found his beloved boyfriend, wrapped in someone else’s embrace, softly kissing the other male’s lips. Yoongi had prayed that his eyes were deceiving him, his brain felt as though a thousand knives were piercing the muscle. He regretted everything.

He regretted the five months he spent with his boyfriend.

He regretted not noticing the signs.

He regretted his naive self.

He regretted not paying attention.

Gulping to himself, his brown eyes looked up from the drink that was loosening his stiff exterior, and his eyes trained themselves back to where he saw the red dressed beauty. Yoongi’s brown eyes squinted when he noticed she was no longer there, he bit back the frown that was forcing it’s way on his features. The red-dressed girl captured his interest when she walked through the doors of the party, every pair of eyes were on her. Male, female, non-brainy. Everyone felt attracted towards her, and she knew it.

She knew damn well what she was doing to everyone.

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Lily Evans

lily wanted to be in gryffindor.

sev insisted that slytherin was the best house but once she’d gotten her course books she’d done some research of her own. she was sure that gryffindor was the best. she didn’t tell him that though. she just smiled and agreed when he talked about slytherin because she knew how excited he was about it. when the hat peered into her mind it knew immediately where she belonged. she was so brave with a heart as fiery as her hair. she had enough courage to last a lifetime and her personality was so bright. everyone that knew her loved her, it was impossible not to. she glowed as brightly as a flame. she was one of those rare people that you can’t help but want to know. the kind that project such an image that you have to find out more. she was as beautiful as she was brilliant and even at such a young age the hat knew she would do great things. she was gryffindor through and through.

lily wanted her sister to love her.

she’d entered a world of dreams and fantasies, a world where the impossible and fantastic happened everyday. she’d met new friends, Alice and dorcus and marlene. but she missed petunia. petunia had been her best friend her whole life, she’d always looked up to and admired her. but now petunia hated her, she thought she was a freak. she never replied to Lily’s letters, and over the summer she completely ignored her. lily knew it because of her jealousy but she couldn’t help that she was magic. she just wanted petunias love. she already received enough hatred without petunia. while petunia hated her for the magic in her and everyone else hated her for the muggle in her. she’d unknowingly entered a world in which she was hated for her blood status, despised for who she was. she’d entered a world of magic and hope but also one of prejudice and bigotry. & the worst part was that she entered it alone. she wanted her companion back, her best friend, her sister. she wanted petunias love, but she didn’t receive it.

lily wanted severus back.

her best friend from childhood had grown away from her. he’d always flirted with darkness and now it had seduced him. she shouldn’t have been surprised. she knew this would happen her first year when she’d learned of the slytherin house’s true reputation. that didn’t stop her from missing him though. but when he’d called her a mudblood she’d had enough. he’d called her a slur when she was standing up for him. she knew when enough was enough. he’d crossed the line. she was stubborn when she needed to be, and she would not forgive him for this. she created a barrier between her and her former friend, she had no use for people who subscribed to bigotry. she wished it could’ve gone a different way, it didn’t have to happen like this, but now it was far too late to fix him. he’d gone too far down the wrong path and nobody could pull him back now. she wasn’t going to waste her breath trying, lest she find herself lost as well. she knew it was right but that didn’t stop it from hurting. but she was strong willed and smart, he didn’t deserve her and she certainly wasn’t going to chase after him. she made a hard decision, but ultimately the right one.

lily wanted to give james a chance.

because she had to believe that people could change. she had to believe it because if she didn’t then what was the point? she needed to believe in people again. she’d lost too many people, petunia, Severus. she needed someone who wouldn’t leave. all of her friends kept insisting that he’d changed, and she was starting to see it too. so she gave him a chance. she never regretted it. he took her chance, the faith she gave him and he ran with it. he had a heart of gold under all his arrogance. she saw it when he hexed anyone that called mudblood in the hallway. when he healed all of remus’ cuts and bruises after full moon, when he sat and studied with Peter for a big test, although he didn’t need to. when he invited sirius home with him for the summer, without question. he cared so deeply and truly. & so slowly and then all at once she fell in love with the boy with the messy hair and golden heart. she found love in a loveless world, in the most unexpected of places.

lily wanted to fight.

when she was 11 she’d unknowingly entered a world in which she was despised for who she was, for her blood status. she entered a world of magic, but also a world of hate. she wanted to fix it. she was vibrant and vivacious, lively and lovely. she had strong morals and beliefs and she was willing to fight for them. she would improve this world she had stumbled upon. she had to. & so she did, she fought with every fibre in her being. she threw herself into the fray. she fought with her heart and soul. she, along with James and the marauders and her best friends, and they defended their beliefs with their very last breaths. they joined the order at just 17, fresh from hogwarts. they fought and defied and battled. crusaded against the evils that plagued them. lily was brilliant in battle, fiery in fights. she was extraordinary.

lily wanted a happily ever after.

she was living out a fairytale. she’d undergone hardships, and had adventures, and fought evil. defied Voldemort thrice. she had met the the love of her life, her prince charming, and married him. she had a beautiful baby boy. she deserved her happily ever after, that was all that was left. but often fairytales are lies, there’s not always a happily ever after. good people don’t get what they deserve. this world knows nothing of justice. & so the happily ever after that she deserved never came to pass. sometimes fairytales are mirrored with tragedy. her child was the subject of a prophecy, he was marked by the dark lord for death. james and lily went into hiding with him, placing their trust in their friends. trusting in the power of love. but love had never failed so spectacularly. trust was misplaced. war brings out the best and worst in people. & so on October 31, 1981 lily’s fairytale ending was destroyed. her happily ever after never came.

lily wanted to save her baby.

she heard the love of her life fall like a marionette whose strings were cut. she heard him fall to the ground dead, and everything inside her shattered, her brain went numb, she let out an earsplitting scream. and yet it didn’t matter, nothing mattered. whether she lived or died, she didn’t care. she just needed to save her baby. she barricaded herself in, wandless, in a vain attempt to protect against him. she kissed harry, murmured to him her love just as voldemort came crashing in. she stood in front of Harry, sobbing, all pride forgotten. just let her son be all right. she begged for his life, begged to be killed instead begged for mercy. he could’ve cast her aside like a rag doll, could’ve moved her by force or magic. instead, when she grew tiresome, he simply cut her down as he had cut down her husband. killed her in a flash of green light. & as the light hurtled towards her all she could think of was Harry, all she could do was hope for his safety. & then her brightness, her green eyes and scarlet hair, her energy and life, all of it was extinguished. she was a ray of sunlight, glowing valiantly until her very last breath. who would’ve ever thought that her life would be put out so suddenly, and so early?

lily wanted love to be enough. she learned that it was in some ways and in others it completely failed her.

Teen Wolf 6x13


-I love seeing strong friendships. There’s no denying that Liam and Mason have a really close bond. I think it was just so cute how scared Mason was and he didn’t want to go home and he just wanted to stay over his best friends house. Liam could tell something was up and of course he said he could stay over but he could also tell something was up. It was so sweet. 

-Chris and Melissa scenes were so cute. I loved how they were both like “I wanted to call.” and they were all cute and shy dorks about the whole thing. Aw they really like each other. They both deserve each other. 

-Malia’s comedic timing as always

-Lydia scenes. So rare tonight but I loved them all. Her scene with Mason and Corey so funny. 

-Malia and Scott scenes were so precious. And I both like how they were talking about liking each other and making sure Stiles was okay with it but both were unsure if that was actually the conversation. It was very cute. I approve of these two dorks. 

-I liked how Scott was like “Liam don’t go” but Liam went with his gut and fought for what he’s been taught by Scott in the past very cute 

-It was cool to see all the different shots that Posey had in the episode. He really worked hard on the material he was given. Posey didn’t control the script he was simply given the script and this wonderful cast and he worked his magic. I loved all the camera angles, editing, etc. Cool stuff. Great job Posey at directing 


-The whole episode was about saving Brett who is just suddenly back and we’re just supposed to care about him. All these people on my TL yelling “Brett my baby” It just came out of thin air. Yeah he’s cute with a great body but he wasn’t an important character and the whole pack like freaked out. He wasn’t an important character when he was introduced and he wasn’t one again when he came back. Get out. 

-Whoever played Brett’s sister was the worst actress she can’t act. I cringed every single time she spoke. 

-Lack of screen time for the OG babies that were in tonights episode; Scott Lydia Malia Chris and Melissa. My OG babies need more screen time since its the finally few episodes.


-The guidance counselor is so annoying “Yeah creepy Iold guy I’ll follow you” Gerard is gonna kill her so fast as soon as he doesn’t need her anymore. Can someone please shoot him in the face 

-Nolan is so annoying go away 

-Why is the high school library open at night? My high school never did that like what so many students just casually in the school at night no 

-Can Lydia send a text or something to Stiles? If they’re together and in love at least show it. Come on. At least make me believe stydia is still a thing or something. 

-85% OF THE EPISODE WAS ABOUT BRETT WHO EVEN CARES. I literally did not care he died oops sorry or his sister.