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okay nurseydex headcanons about movies? Like, do they like going out to the movies? Do they prefer watching episodes or movies on netflix? who loves romcoms? who loves horror? cuddling?? just movies.

  • the first time they go to the movies together as an Official Couple, there is a bit of a miscommunication
    • dex, my dweeb child, is rlly excited to see the new star wars
    • nursey is excited bc he never had that totally high school make out in a movie theater experience and this is his chance!!!
    • anyway nursey tries to stick his tongue in dex’s mouth and dex is like wtf dude i’m trying to watch this ????
    • they sort it out after the movie, and the next week dex takes nursey to a movie that he 100% doesn’t care about and they make out in the back row
  • they binge-watch netflix series together, mostly funny shows like Always Sunny or Bob’s Burgers, but also Shameless and Making a Murderer
    • hoooo boy they went so hard for Making a Murderer it was insane
  • nursey gets a hulu account and they go a lil crazy with Brooklyn 99 and The Mindy Project
  • they’re both suckers for good romcoms, but they are also both super fucking annoying to watch romcoms with bc they love to point out every cliche and guess the ending 5 minutes into the movie and repeat the sappiest lines to each other in dumb voices
  • neither of them like horror movies. around halloween dex suggests they do a halloween movie marathon and nursey agrees but is rlly nervous until dex pulls up halloweentown, twitches, and hocus pocus
    • they both still get just a lil scared at hocus pocus
  • they both love hockey movies - mighty ducks is the best, but miracle and goon and slapshot are good, too
    • they quote them at each other, sometimes
      • “my stomach light needs your stomach light, and we can al phone home together.”
      • “take the fall! act hurt! get indignant!”
      • “nailed him right in his mind!”
Fight Night

The pillow bops you on the back of the head and you look over your shoulder in confusion.
“Arm yourself.” Aaron warns and you laugh, “You’ve got ten seconds.” He smirks at you before heading to the light switch.
“What are you doing?”
“It’s pillow fight night.” He tells you flicking off the light, you’re instantly bombarded by a flurry of pillows.
“Jack!” You cry hearing the little boy giggle. You catch him before he can slip away, tickling his sides causing him to shriek with laughter. You don’t expect Aaron to team up with his son against you but that’s exactly what happens. He whacks you with a pillow then slides his fingers up your sides causing you to laugh and let go of Jack who runs further into the house. “Not fair Aaron!”
“You were warned.” He laughs vanishing into the darkness, you grab the pillow that had been thrown at you and follow your boys.
There are no sides. There are no teams. It’s hit and tickle or be hit and tickles. You’re waiting for Jack to come around a corner, he’s not as stealthy as you and Aaron are, when Aaron’s arms wrap around you. This time he kisses your cheek and you laugh softly.
“I don’t think this is how the game works.”
“There are no rules sweetheart.” He says before kissing you again. You smack him on the back of his head with your pillow and he lets you go with a surprised laugh.
“You said no rules.” You challenge before laughing, and taking off after Jack. The little boy squeals when you catch up with him, he wiggles out of your grasp only to be caught by his dad who holds him upside down.
“Get him.” Aaron tells you with a wicked grin.
“No dad!” Jack yells with a laugh and Aaron flips him back over and sets him on his feet.
“Alright buddy, it’s time to wind down. Take a shower and we’ll watch a movie and have some popcorn okay?”
“Okay!” Jack agrees before Aaron flips on the light.
Jack doesn’t take long in the shower, when the shower turns off Aaron pops a bag of popcorn into the microwave.
“Whose night is it to pick?” You ask before Jack comes bounding back into the room.
“Yours!” Jack says flopping down on the couch as his dad brings in the popcorn.
“Score.” You say with a smile, “Miracle it is!”
“Uh yea. The Herb Brooks movie. It’s the best, it’s about the Miracle hockey team from the 1980 Olympics.”
“Sounds good. We love hockey don’t we Jack?”
“Yea!” He says through a mouthful of popcorn. You laugh as his dad frowns at him. You join the Hotchner boys on the couch curling up on Aaron’s side who wraps an arm around your shoulders and kisses you softly.
“Thanks for involving me in pillow fight night.”
“I’m glad you had fun.”
“I did. When’s the next one?”