the best hair!

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i love your art style in nightwing! you draw dick grayson with the best hair TBH

Thank you! I do love drawing hair :)

Things Sherlock Teaches Rosie
  • French (Grandmere would be proud)
  • How to identify leaves and flowers while they play in the park
  • How to text: “Always sign it. Preferable with RW-H”
  • What to do when visiting a bespoke tailor
  • Where to hide during hide-and-seek games at school (or when being chased by baddies)
  • How to make the perfect cuppa: “Just ask your Daddy. His is the best.”
  • Which products are the best for her hair type
  • How to leave a traceable trail if kidnapped
  • When to let a sleeping doctor lie and when it’s ok to wake him
  • The difference between a crap Chinese and stellar one
  • Where to find Uncle Greg’s handcuffs
  • The art of creating coded messages, starting with “We love Daddy.”


Since i saw the preview for “Through Imperial Eyes”, the line “Star Pupil” just stuck with me the whole time. A young cadet Kallus being the best of the best (with less hair facial). This sweet boy with so much hope and now a double agent ;v;.

The Feast of Blades…

One night last year I believed after a few drinks; The Imperial Fists and their Successor chapters, instead of fighting to see who is best at combat, instead got together and see who can shave the best while comparing the best facial hair.

The Blades part of the Feast of Blades is just the types of razors they use. The reason the Excoriators won was not because they could take the most pain, but dry shave without any shaving cream. Twice.

Okay now that I got my disappointment off my chest, here’s the good shit 👍🏽

  • Crowley nearly crying for his son
  • Mama Rowena being sweet to her grandson
  • Mary getting some real facts about herself thrown at her face by a BMOL, followed by her sons. (She needs to make up her mind I do feel sorry for her and her sons tho)
  • MARK FUCKING PELLEGRINO best hands down! sex haired 🔥🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽devil of my eyes, 😍how I missed you 😍