the best gifset i have ever made

ok so…sorry if this isn’t the best video ever but i couldn’t listen to this song without thinking about Even, especially after yesterday clip, and i had to make an edit for it but a gifset wouldn’t have made it justice.

song : you will be found (from Dear Evan Hansen)


“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.” 

―  Gillian Anderson

kisses and love for the klonnie fam

it’s been like 4 years and i just wanted to s/o all the folks who’ve made me fall in love with this ship, inspired me to write, and supported me in a variety of ways:

@cheleonrage712: this girl is a BEAST y’all. She’s written cross overs for Bonnie and Klaus with almost every fandom imaginable, from Black Panther to Game of Thrones. Writes some of the most amazing kidfic out there, with kid OC’s that have the most adorable personalities, and is always reblogging and boosting other writers and artists. One time she wrote a drabble about klaus having a tea party with his and Bonnie’s daughter that was so FREAKING CUTE it made me lie down and cry. No joke.

@bonneibennett: my OG! She’s best known as queen of the b*amon fandom and possibly the most perfect cinnamon roll to ever roll, but she’s also a multishipping STAR whose amazing klonnie gifsets and graphics sucked me in. Nisha also has the dubious honor of reccing me my first klonnie fic that forever cemented my love for the ship and ruined my life. Without her encouragement and amazing artwork I would’ve never taken the plunge to writing klonnie. I mean, just look at this talent right here. Enough said.

@darwinquark: another beast of a girl who’s always around when i’m feeling EXTRA SALTY about that one Ship That Must Not Be Named. Her one klonnie fic is so amazing and she herself is so freaking talented. I mean, she gifs, she vids, she edits, she writes, she throws shade like no one’s business. Is there anything this girl can’t do????

@thebennettdiaries: UH-MAZING writer and lovely person. Seriously, this girl is like writing #goals. Wrote one of the hottest klonnie fics TO DATE that I always return to when I need inspiration, incredibly supportive to other writers, always down to talk plot bunnies and headcanons, and consistently fills the klonnie tag with amazing drabbles and chapters. A veteran of the klonnie fandom and one of my all time faves.

@iputaspxllonyou:  runs like one of the most beautiful Bonnie Bennett RP blogs I’ve ever seen, is undiluted 100% klonnie trash, and aside from being a talented writer herself, is always around to help me talk ideas and scenarios and read over scenes I’m having trouble with. One of the wittiest people I know, takes no shit, and writes some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful stuff. She has a drabble about Klaus helping Bonnie babysit the neighbor’s kids that I’m pretty sure made me ovulate spontaneously. 10/10 would recommend.

@thehedgerider: YO this girl always leaves the best reviews, smart as a whip and has a brain that can assemble and disassemble stories at the drop of a hat. She started writing Klonnie fic last summer and her very first fic SOMEHOW managed to take 8 years of shitty shitty canon and weave it into something magnificent that develops Bonnie and Klaus both individually and as a couple. I still don’t know how she managed it. Tbh she may have sold her soul to the devil, cos it was that.freaking.brilliant. Also always around to talk sensibly when I’m freaking out about canon stupidity. Bless your heart girl. Go read her fics!

@lilac17: once upon a time I said a prayer for someone to write a klonnie babyfic where everyone’s in character, the cuteness is balanced with development, the angst is paired with fluff, and Bonnie has agency and Klaus grows as a person, and the fandom gods sent THIS GIRL. She’s also currently writing a soulmate fic that breaks and restores my heart in every chapter, and her mastery of emotional conflict breathes so much intimacy and warmth into her stories it’s almost unbearable. She’s also a sweetheart who supports other fans and always stands up for creativity. Go read her stuff and catch all the feels!

@thefudge: if y’all follow us both then you know we spend an inordinate amount of time up each other’s butts so please excuse this gratuitous affection. But YO, she’s my trash sis for a reason. My evil twin. My road dog. My fellow bride of Dracula. The other raccoon in the dumpster with me. This girl is the Lestat to my Robert Redford. She’s such a gifted writer it’s ridiculous y’all. I mean, go see for yourself. Whether it’s gothic romance or bittersweet indie ventures, I always end up flailing and demanding more. This chick’s writing will keep you up at night, but in like a GOOD, i-didnt-know-i-needed-this-until-now kinda way. Aside from being brilliant, she’s also kind and smart and has helped me get through some of the craziest stuff in my life with her beautiful gifsets, amazing fics, and always rewarding conversation. So much so that I hereby forgive her for hurting me with beautiful Klonnie AUs. (You’re welcome bish)

Additionally, there’s so many more people who fill the tag, who review and reblog fics, who’re part of this classy little ship, and even though I don’t talk to all of you regularly I want you to know I love seeing y’all on my dash, and your artwork and contributions and support helps keep this fandom going. @capesandlace @godiva-duchess @prairienina @aprilgeorge365 @ofdragonsanddreams16 @gray-jedi-scavenger-rey @lilouklonnie @danya1980 @ishipwhateverthefuckiwantto @fortheloveofklonnie @tehzo @bellavida0213

Each and every one of you are responsible for creating a lovely little community in which I’ve felt more inspired, more creative, more welcomed and supported than any other fandom community I’ve been in. Y’all seriously rock, and I can’t wait to keep rocking with this fam <3 Viva la us my loves!


we put these jellybeans on a scale when i was trying to think of all the things i like about you. and i was trying to decide what i needed to do. it means you riley. i choose you. and i really want you to choose me. i do. i always did. i have something for you too. you do? we have this one little life, and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. but if we’re lucky and we believe that life knows what’s best of us, sometimes we land on the right person to talk to. i’m glad i fell into your lap. so am i. 

they think i'm insane, they think my lover is strange /// this ain't the right time for you to fall in love with me

A 2 part playlist for Bec’s birthday! Surprise !! *confettis* i can’t gift you one trash ship and forget about the other trash ship, that’s nonsense. i hope you enjoy!

Part 1: when she brings you joy… [listen]

i. strange love - halsey // ii. elephant - milk & bone // iii. 400 lux - lorde iv. devil’s backbone - the civil wars // v. roses - the chainsmokers // vi. body gold - oh wonder // vii. your body is a weapon - the wombats // viii. sick of losing soulmates - dodie clark 

Part 2: … but then leaves you with sadness [listen]

i. dark times - ed sheeran ft. the weeknd // ii. the blackest day - lana del rey // iii. the one i love is gone - the secret sisters // iv. in boxes - aurora //  v. sober - selena gomez // vi. georgia - vance joy // vii. control - kevin garrett // viii. wildest dreams - taylor swift 


Choa through the eras for @kiimhyunah

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy you started watching sense8! it's literally one of the best shows ever made! do you have favorites for now?

Well according to the gifsets, I already loved Nomi and Amanita, Lito, and Wolfgang and Kala and Sun. So I was expecting that going in. I was not expecting to immediately love Will, or Riley or Capheus. Because they apparently do not have as big a fandom or ship. 

IDK. I liked Will right away. And Nomi. And Wolfgang. And Riley. And Capheus. I was not expecting Amanita to have an American accent and that threw me, but I liked it. And Amanita’s mom. Iiked her, too. I feel like Kala’s story so far is her being swept up in social expectations, and I don’t resonate with that as much. Lito is funny, but I feel like we’re going to get into his story more as we go on, where he accepts being gay and his lifestyle and his persona as this macho sex symbol. But I’m waiting for that. I don’t know where Capheus’ journey will take him because there are fewer gifsets for that, but he seems like the character who is least out of place in his world. Which is interesting. It’s a hard and dangerous world, but he’s trying to make it work and he seems happy in it. Or he would be happy if he could take care of his mother. Protect him. I kept saying, “Sun help! Wolfgang save him! Will he needs protection!” It’s kind of a nice idea that you have someone inside of you who can come out when you need someone to be a badass.

I’m waiting to see how the gentler characters can start saving the badasses. I think we got a little of it with Riley telling Sun that she wasn’t safe with her family, and prison was better for her than them. That was important because here she was, a wealthy, privileged woman, and her life was toxic. She’s so shut down and unemotional and isolated. 

I’m really looking forward to how they come together to strengthen each other. Let’s see how it happens. It’s a good story.

anonymous asked:

idk why but I just now realized that in the back of my mind, I have always known u liked Chicken Run. No idea why I thought this, but thank you for rb'ing that gifset and solving an unacknowledged mystery lol

this is bar none the best anonymous message i have ever received in my ten years on tumblr and i truly hope i never lose whatever made me give off that particular vibe

and yes, it absolutely was one of my all time fav childhood films lmao


“I believe in the unchanging.
However, there are also things that have to change no matter what.”

Thank you, Ryo Matsuda, for being the best Hajime Saito we could have ever asked for. Your dedication to the role was inspiring and your moving performance will stay in our hearts forever. Good luck on all of your future projects!

pokemonashketchumfan  asked:

What was Elmer like? Also, which one of your ferrets would win in a race against each other?

I’ll answer the quick question first - Tux would win!  When he chases toys, he runs so hard and so fast that you can feel the floor shake.  He also really LOVES to chase me!  Like, at top speed.

But if it was a race down the stairs, maybe Elmer would win.

The second question - Elmer was the best. ;_;  He was super playful and crazy and so funny to watch

…but also a super mellow lap ferret the second you picked him up and gave him attention.  He used to ride around on my shoulder or my arm while I did stuff in the kitchen, and I didn’t have to worry much about him trying to jump off.

He slept in my lap all the time.  He loved getting head rubs and chin rubs, and he had a major staring problem.  I love ferrets who make good eye contact, and he would just lie on his back and stare and stare and it was really cute.  And even though he played hard, he never bit people.  (Well, one exception - he would bite my sister’s feet while she was brushing her teeth because she was using “his” spot on the bathroom rug.)  But he was really super sweet.

He loved to play in water, and when I gave him soup, he’d steal his entire food bowl.  Basically, the gifset I made in his memory (which always gets picked apart and reposted as generic animal content ;_; - even Buzzfeed used the peanut butter gif without the right credit) is a good representation of him.

His best friend was Gumby, and together they were the Dumbrothers.  They were the closest bonded pair I’ve ever had.  Like, I have 20 million pictures of them doing dumb stuff together, but the post would get too long, so have this one (Elmer is the one with the “jacket”):

The Dumbrothers have a music video:

Elmer is the one you see doing all the crazy stuff.  Gumby is the one playing with that plastic chain toy, hiding in a towel, and getting shoulder rubs.  They were basically joined at the hip and did everything together, but Gumby was two years older, and when he died, Elmer just didn’t want to stick around anymore.  He was also sick with insulinoma and lymphoma by that time.

A lot of Elmer’s personality had to do with the fact that he had Waardenburg Syndrome.  So he was also deaf (hence the flipping out at a peanut butter jar).  But I’ve seen some other deaf and/or Waardenburg ferrets play *too* rough and be mean to other ferrets because they don’t know when to stop (ahem, Kit), and Elmer wasn’t like that.

He was missing all his bottom front teeth, everything between his canines.  He just never had any.  I mean, he was *really* inbred, so whatever.

Poke bird calls all ferrets Elmer.  For some reason, that was the only ferret name she learned.  She also got jealous of him sometimes because he got so much attention.  It’s hard because Kit looks a lot like Elmer, and sometimes that messes me up.  Their personalities are VERY different, though.  Kit is much more active and playful and doesn’t really like getting held and petted and stuff.

This is one of my favorite Elmer pictures: