the best game i've ever played ever


video game meme: [2/5] soundtracks  → Horizon: Zero Dawn (Joris de Man) 

i was freaking out the entire time

seriously there was NOT enough ciri/yen interactions in tw3. they have such a strong, special relationship in the books like…..they LITERALLY call each other daughter/mother and ciri wanted to be called cirilla of vengerberg………..and to see that kinda sidelined so that the geralt/ciri relationship was highlighted was so sad. like i GET it that geralt and ciri’s relationship had to be shown as much as it was for plot purposes but it didn’t have to be at the expense of yennefer. ciri says that yennefer has “plans for her” and lowkey implies at one point that she trusts avallac'h more than her, which is so not true at all. such a missed opportunity on cdpr’s part, imo, and one i feel is seen a lot throughout yen’s character in the game.

tl:dr yennefer is too important to me for this bs

I’m sorry uuuuuuhhhhh w hat

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SOS I need some good zutara smut, do u know of any? I've found some good ones but I need something new ya know

My top 3 favorite Zutara smut fics: 

1.) The Games We Play by Em Dixon -  Summary: “Sometimes, Zuko and Katara played a game called “no touching”. This time, Katara took things to a new level. She would break him. Smut.”  (BEST DOM!TARA SMUT/SCENARIO I’VE EVER READ HANDS DOWN. EM DIXON IS A GODDESS)

2.) Just Stop Talking by TheAdamantDaughter - Summary: “ Can you guess who melts the igloo?”  Came about (I think) when some douche anon sent @theadamantdaughter​ hatemail, and she madethe bEST POSSIBLE RESPONSE EVER AND TREATED IT AS A SMUTTY ZUTARA PROMPT WHICH TURNED IT INTO THIS GLORIOUS BABY.

3.) Bones by sadladybug - Smut and fluff. I have no words to describe how beautiful this is. Just read it. <3 

Things That Have Happened To Me In Undertale

-A goat baked me a pie.

-I dated a skeleton; he friendzoned me.

-A different skeleton stacked like 30 hotdogs on my head, it was pretty wild.

-I hugged exactly three goats.

-Spiders sold me spider snacks, made from real spiders.

-I got to pet approximately five dogs all at the same time. It wasn’t quite as cute as it sounds.


-So, me and this angler fish lady became famous musicians together or something? A skeleton was selling concert tickets made of toilet paper (wait… Monsters don’t have bathrooms where did he even get toilet paper?).

-I got pranked across time and space. It was pretty funny, I guess.

-I helped a lesbian fish knight and a bisexual otaku lizard work out their relationship problems.

-A flower tried to eat my soul, but I think we’re cool now.

-I flirted with a jello monster. And also a ghost. And that skeleton. And an airplane. No goats, though; that would just be weird.


-I learned many important things. Like the fact that snails make terrible shoelaces.

Satoshi: Has anyone ever asked you out?

Naomi: Have you ever done something you wish you could take back? What?

Seiko: Do you hide your feelings?

Morishige: Weird fetishes?

Mayu: Do you have a lot of friends?

Ayumi: Do you like someone who has no interest in you?

Yoshiki: Are you labeled as something you don’t believe yourself to be?

Naho: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

Sayaka: Do you have a crush on your best friend?

Inumaru: Does the person you like, hate/dislike you?

Aiko: Any enemies?

Mitsuki: Nicknames?

Fukuroi: Are you a good student?

Ohkawa: Favorite video game?

Katayama: Best friend?

Kizami: Are you a loner?

Kai: Have you ever had sex?

Emi: Wear glasses?

Tohko: Your crush’s name?

Kurosaki: Sports you play?

Sachiko: Do you have trouble making friends?

Yuka: Biggest fear?