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”A boring tale of the senior and junior…”

A day of refreshment is indeed necessary or so Maki thought as she walked over to her kitchen after having an all-nighter doing her projects. This kind of dull life wasn’t something she wished but she can’t help it because she chose to do it in the first place. “Where should I go today?” thought Maki to herself before she got a call from Rin who said that she’s going to go to an AQUARIUM together with Hanayo. “Joining them might be a good idea but I might become a third wheel later on…?” and so she refused the offer.

Maki tried to go to sleep but her eyes didn’t show any sign of a need to do so at all. “Doing all this all-nighter might lead me to destroy myself before I managed to become a doctor, after all…” playfully said Maki to herself. After she went to the bathroom, Maki got changed and she went out without a destination.

In the middle of Akihabara, her eyes were still being occupied by the posters of the Love Live that’s going to be held in Tokyo Dome soon. A year after the final live that marked the end of her school idol days, Maki engrossed herself in her study so she could accomplished her first objective of being a doctor, and after struggling for years, she managed to get into the university she wanted. Even thought it’s true that there was still a wish of resuming the singing and dancing activity, she chose not to do so, at least not doing so without the other eight members.

As Maki’s mind was still reminiscing about her past, she bumped herself onto someone. It’s a girl. Her hair was like Hanayo but the color is similar to Kotori. When the girl in uniform smiled at Maki, she saw the brightness similar to Honoka from that beautiful smile. Seeing such cute girl and without any of her friends around, Maki decided to talk to the girl.

“Ah, sorry for bumping into you. May I ask your name?”

“No, it’s me who’s at fault here. I’m You! Watanabe You. What’s your name, beautiful nee-san?”

“I-I-I am n-n-not that beautiful, y-you know. I’m Nishikino Maki. So, what are you doing in this city, You-chan? You’re not from Akihbara, aren’t you?”

“Ah, so you noticed, Nishikino-san…”

“Maki is fine.”

“Maki-san…, Well, I was with my friend just a moment ago before she suddenly went elsewhere following a flying flier and so I waited here for her.”

“Can you show me a picture of her? I might have seen her on my way before…”

“You’re not trying to kidnap her, aren’t you Maki-san?”

“Of course not! Hmmmmm? A cute girl with orange hair and her  unusual braids… Unfortunately I never saw her before… Sorry.”

“It’s okay. She’ll be back soon enough.”

“You really trust her, huh, You-chan…?”

“Of course! She’s my best friend, after all! Um, Maki-san, can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Do you know anything about that?” said You-chan as she pointed to the direction of the Love Live! fliers

“Oh, that. It’s a school idol event that’s going to be held in Tokyo Dome soon.”

“Hoo~ School idol, huh?”

‘What? Are you interested in becoming one, You-chan?”

“Ah, no… I just thought that Chika might be distracted by those fliers and soon enough, she might be asking me to form a school idol group together.”

“You sure have a friend who moves at her own pace, huh…”

“Well, I’m used to it by now. Besides, I never regret following her sudden whims because I believe it’ll be fun in the end.”

“She’s lucky to have you by her side. So, if she asked you to become one, will you accept her proposal?”

“Of course!”

Maki patted the head of the younger girl as she remembered Honoka who loves to drag Umi and Kotori around when they formed µ’s before. Soon enough, Chika showed up and You-chan said goodbye to Maki as they left together. Maki smiled at the pair and she took her phone out.

“Hello, Maki? What is it?”

“Ah, Umi… It’s nothing. By the way, are you free today?”

“Let me see…, oh, yes I am. Do you want to hang out today, Maki?”

“Yes, and if possible, will you bring Honoka and Kotori, too? I will ask Eli and Nico to come, too.”


Years later, Maki managed to finish her study and she began living on her own after having her parents to agree to let her rent an apartment. That day, for Maki who’s rarely watched TV, she turn on that TV as she prepared her dinner. The TV was showing a news about school idol, which in turn made Maki halted her progress as she went to see the winner of that year’s Love Live!. And then, she saw the gray-haired girl there, standing beside the orange-haired girl who emitted the radiance similar to Honoka.

“So, she really went and became a school idol, huh?”

“I never knew that the one whom I met before was a member of µ’s…”

got dragged by Wolfe earlier. it was brutal

Me: u know when the aliens come im gonna be out there yellin for them to take me away
Me: i wanna go on an intergalactic roadtrip n eat alien fast food
Me: im gonna be in the fields banging together two frying pans tbh 
@commander-roastedwolf:  kajdsfkajsd;lf
commander-roastedwolf:​  ‘eat alien fast food’
commander-roastedwolf​:  sure jan 

Phichit somehow talked them into doing this pose and it probably broke their social media 😂😂

Even if you find
someone new,
to talk to every night,
to hang out with every day,
to share the giggles and
laughter at some
secret jokes,
to walk with and tell
wonderful stories,
I am still here,
waiting for you
to knock at my door
and sit beside me,
like we never missed
each other,
I am still here,
even if you’re not asking.
I am still here,
even if you weren’t
going to be there
for me anymore.
—  ma.c.a // A Promise