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So I am a relatively new fan of Call the Midwife. I watched it all on netflix around this time last year after my best friend recommended it to me (god bless her). ANYWAYS. like @swearronchanel‘s amazing commentary posts, I would also make notes on my computer about the episodes and then send them to my friend because TV shows give me A LOT OF FEELS. 

Today, I was looking for something on my laptop and came across this note, from when I watched the S2 finale, and I am just laughing so hard so I figured I would share.😂😂

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that I can say “k so I literally dozed off for a few minutes but it wasn’t the worst bucklemming ep ever”

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storytime: when i was in like 3rd grade i was one of the tallest kids and idfk y but i always made one of this boy (im female) bc of how short he was like he was literally a nub 😭😩 anyway rah rah rah now we're best friends in our last year of hs and he's the one making fun of me bc im literally the shortest in my grade 😭😩😂😂👏🏻👏🏻 i do deserve it tho


Okay story time for me 

Freshman year of high school, I was 5′2 or 5′3 idk I don’t remember but I had this friend name Jason. He was a sophomore and he was in the varsity basketball team. He was 6′5 :O he was so fucking tall. When it was sunny outside, I love standing behind him because he was like my personal tree 😂😂😂 and well he started to use my head as a legit arm rest and I would get pist >:O so he kept doing it and one day he took it to far and nicknamed me Simba. Because he believed he could do this to me 

And I was so fucking mad like no bitch. So the whole basketball team started calling me fucking Simba. I tried to smack his head but I couldn’t reach LMAO so my ass legit dragged his ass to a bench I got on and I slapped him 😂😂 

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Hey robbie, my dog is getting really old, and i've had her for as long as i can remember. Im pretty sure we got her when i was like 3. Anyways she doesn't have much time left. It's really hard because she's turned into my little mental health pup who i can pet and play with whenever i'm sad or nervous. I don't want her to go, but i know i can't control it. Do you have any ideas as to how i can prepare myself to lose her, or at least any tips to make her last few weeks the best possible?

Think about how much she looks up to u as her friend and companion and how happy she gets when u come home from school. She is happy when ur happy and she wants u to stay that way! When her time comes try not to dwell on the fact that she’s gone but replay your happy memories of her in ur head, that way she will always be alive through you. 

best things of newsies live?? especially last night??


- BEN COOK AS RACE (an actual angel!!)

- Letter from the Refuge aka I’m not crying you’re crying

- “They busted him up so bad he can’t even walk to the window” THEN EXPLAIN HOW HE’S ON THE TOP BUNK???? Tell me jack

- jack looking like he’s gonna bust a nut every time katherine speaks + him looking like he’s gonna fall off the fire escape

- “my penthouse in the sky”

- romeo doing everything

- romeo saying “thank god you guys are here, it’s about time you showed up!” and then getting SLUGGED by the police officer

- the delancys?? were so good??

- race being race and doing his thing

- @ davey you’re not subtle by staring at Metta jfc if you can see the audience the audience can see you

- les pretty much being the most relatable character

- katherine should have decked jack and then kissed him let’s be realistic here he kinda deserved it


- “and so’s the BRONX”


Ok, lets be honest here

There is pretty much 0 chance that Keith is going to be the black palatin.
Do you really think Red is going to give up her son simply because black couldn’t take care of hers?
No way.
She would rather fly her and Keith into a collapsing star.

Dumb typology question of the day: Are Se-doms the best at deciphering the ideal size container to use when putting away leftovers?

honestly: this week has been hard and last night I cried while FaceTiming my best friend because I’ve just been pretty homesick lately.

and after I cried and we talked (and laughed) I got on my knees in prayer and worship. And I was reminded: Jesus is worth it. He’s worth my sorrow, my praises, my worship. He is so worthy.

And so today I’m praying for renewed joy and thankfulness that I get to be here and serve for really- what is such a short period of time in the long run.

Don’t know why I never posted this, but here’s the Ancients group I was lucky to be a part of last year! Seriously the best time :)

Ancient Greece: @vamcosplay
Germania: @crypticnaiad
Rome: @unitedmochicosplay
Ancient Egypt: @miniratmx

Photo by: Jess


Here’s a couple photos from the Game Grumps live show last night. Some dude in the audience kept asking them to take off their pants and they finally did it.

Last night was the fucking best. They played Mario Party and got members of the audience to come up to play mini games instead of CPU characters, and I actually got picked! It was fucking fantastic. I got to hug both of them and Arin had his arm around me ;u; As I went to walk away Dan shouted “Wait! I just noticed you’re wearing space pants! That’s awesome!” and I almost died. Best night of my life so far and completely makes up for not being able to get meet and greet tickets.

Alright let's stop fucking around & figure this out:

What is the Arizona x Eliza ship name?? Because I’m tired of having to use all the different names as tags, I’m too lazy for that shit but I wanna make sure I see everything & other fans see what I post. SO here’s the options:

-ARILIZA (friendly reminder this was what Jessica Capshaw herself liked best because it puts Arizona first finally)
-MIBBINS (interesting combo of the last names lol)
- ARIZONA X ELIZA (plain and simple)
- ???? Is there another more popular rogue name out there I don’t know?!

Reply and/or reblog with your choice. Hopefully this post will circulate enough for us to come up with a definitive answer lol

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Lock screen, Wallpaper, last song and last selfie

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The selfie… I feel I need to explain, I sent it to my cousin on snapchat and I scared myself so much I HAD save it to my camera roll lol

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re officially in the last week of the author sign-ups!

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hi weed mom, so i'm gonna try weed for the first time soon. my brother said it's best to smoke it before ingesting it because ingestion lasts longer, but i don't want to smoke it because the smell genuinely makes me ill. do you think it'll be okay to try it in a brownie first? :/

ur brother is right but that doesn’t mean you can’t ingest it instead of smoking if smoking really makes you uncomfortable. before i go into specifics, do you have access to vape at all? that can be a good compromise bc it’s just hot vapor, so the taste/smell is pretty mild, and it’s a much more clear and lucid high than smoking. food for thought

with edibles, start small and go slow. it can take up to an hour, hour and a half, depending on your metabolism, for the edible to take full effect. it’ll happen faster and with more intensity on an empty stomach. studies have shown eating mango while ingesting marijuana can also increase the length and intensity of your high (the more you know!). 

if you eat the right amount, ingesting weed usually lasts 2-4 hours for someone who regularly uses marijuana. the first time i got high it was smoking, and i was high for a really long time. you are never gonna feel as fucked up as you do the first time you get high ever again. that’s just how weed works; the more you smoke/ingest, the more used to it your body gets, the less weird you feel (but you still feel good!). compared with the 45-75 minutes most smoking/vaping will get a regular user, it is quite a bit longer. but not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re enjoying yourself!

 are you getting edibles that are pre-made from dispensaries, or is someone baking? you want to have a real sense of how much is in the edible. if at all possible, get stuff from dispensaries. they measure out how many milligrams of cannabis is in each item. for myself, i like to have about 7.5-9 mg per edible. for a beginner i’d say start at 2-3 mg and see how it feels after 90 minutes. if you want to try more, don’t go more than 2 mg at a time, and PACE yourself. it will take a long time to hit you that first time. you don’t wanna have it hit you just after you’ve eaten another 2-3 mg and realize you’re in for a double dose in an hour!! (unless of course you do in which case - enjoy! guess what you can’t overdose on? that’s right - weed!)

if someone is baking, find out how much they put into the recipe. i would use about 1/8 oz of good bud for a batch of brownies or cookies or what have you. start with half a brownie or half a cookie and see what that does. you can always have more but you can’t get rid of the effects of weed after they hit you, you just gotta ride it out (a nap can help!)

seriously one time my old roommate and her friend made a batch of brownies using an entire 8th and thought they needed to split THE WHOLE PAN. she was high for three days, no joke. just think about it sensibly; you wouldn’t smoke an entire 8th to your face with one other person - why on earth would you eat it??

i hope you have fun!! make sure ur w/good ppl in a space that makes u happy and you have lots of fun things to do and watch and listen to. enjoy!!