the best food ever

Phil’s Livestream // 2.7.16

His voice is scruffy

He thinks he breathed in Dan’s sickness 

He didn’t know it was his channel’s anniversary until he saw the tweets

Asked people how long they’ve been watching his videos

He had a lovely birthday

Went to Hint Hunt which was about solving a murder

Talked about Crystal Maze and played the theme song

He also went to get sushi for his birthday which he said was the best food he’s ever eaten

Dan got him Camel Up for his birthday because they loved the game so much when they played it with PJ, Sophie, Felix, and Marzia

Martyn got him Quirkle and Magi (an anime him and Dan have been watching)

He was in his pugs not drugs jumper but changed into his triceratops jumper

Dan is editing a video that will probably be up tonight

He completed Fallout 4 this morning

Undertale and Dil will return soon

He showed us his sleep cycle app and how well he slept last night

He got up and closed the door as soon as he tweeted that picture

He’s going to hang out with his parents next week for more birthday celebration 


US tour dates soon

Virtual hug

He did an awful American accent’

He at the whole box of jaffa cakes in a day

He saw Mad Max for the 3rd time yesterday

His cactus is still growing

“I can’t believe you’re 10 years old” I know!”


Aries: lucky color is red

Saggatarius: don’t trust the monkeys

He thought Dan’s documentary was really interesting and he did really well

“I like to think it’s named after me” about Justin Bieber’s dog

Julie Jasmine Lester

He cut the liveshow short because of his throat

He hopes we all have a lovely week

Triceratops ending

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

seriously being vegan is the best thing ever because I would never be cooking/eating such amazing food if I wasn’t like I’m in love with everything I’ve made for myself and I hardly EVER feel guilty except for when I eat some vegan dessert but for real! Why wouldn’t you want to be vegan because we get to eat the best food and feel great about it 24/7 it’s so fabulous I’m in love


this weekend i was invited to celebrate my friend matt’s 30th at publican quality meats. for a private party. like shut the restaurant down private party. 

his boyfriend did all the work and surprised matt so much he was speechless - not an easy feat. the food was over the top delicious, the sparkling rose was a-flowing. needless to say, i was drunk and stuffed and happy. 

things i shouldn’t have done: go out after and do shots with 24-year-olds in a bachelor party and stay out until like 2am and then wake up in the aftermath of the tornado i left behind (contacts in sink, clothes everywhere, chips in bed). great night needless to say.