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Can we kill this joke/meme of “Let’s systematically oppress this fandom/fandom group I don’t like” before it’s spreads too far.  It’s tone deaf at best, horrifyingly disgusting at worst.

Clexakru extra af when it comes to ships within the fandom :D

Eliza Taylor + Alycia Debnam-Carey = Elycia (Best friends in real life)

Clarke Griffin + Lexa Woods = Clexa (Canon Soulmates #Legendary)

Elyza Lex + Alicia Clark = Lexark (Fandom created spinoff ship)

Clarke + Chip!Lexa = Clip (More chemistry than that blarke shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Clarke + Drawing!Lexa = Clawing (Gazing longingly at the wifey’s picture) 

The Ten Types of Fans on Tumblr, as told by Supernatural Characters:

1.  The Becky

Generic unhinged fangirl.  Has zero concept of socially acceptable behavior, is probably a multi-shipper, and is okay with the concept of sibling incest.  Posts nothing but surprisingly well-written erotic fanfiction, and might legitimately have a member of the cast tied up in their basement. 

2.  The Gabriel 

Posts nothing but memes and crack edits.  Will find a way to make even the most heartbreaking scene seem comical and ridiculous, and you will love/hate them for it. 

3.  The Castiel

This person is an innocent in a world of shell-shocked Tumblr veterans. Is generally well-mannered and respectful, despite having to put up with a lot of bullshit from everyone else.  Doesn’t get sexual innuendos, and thinks shipping has something to do with boats. 

4.  The Ambriel 

Appears cute and innocent, but is also sort of ignorant and occasionally says something super offensive without even realizing it.  Is probably fourteen or younger.  Will not last long on this site.

5.  The Sam

Will honest-to-God post a ten chapter essay on why his OTP should be canon. Comes up with the bizarrely good headcanons, edits, and theories.  Ships Destiel like crazy.  Is obviously smart, and probably went to an ivy league college.  You will wonder why they’re not doing something more productive with their life. 

6.  The Crowley

Not to be mistaken with the Sam, this person is at least ten times smarter than everyone else, but more of a jerk about it.  They will complain about everything, from poor writing, to continuity errors, to drama within the fandom.  

They also probably post a lot of porn.

7.  The Charlie 

Posts the most adorable fanart, reblogs all your stuff, and sends you a *hugs!* in response to sad posts.  Generally someone you just really want to hang out with, and probably has the best multi-fandom blog you’ve ever seen.

8.  The Metatron

Is generally the worst in every regard.  Obnoxious, disrespectful, doesn’t tag spoilers, and will try to convince you that your favorite characters are straight.

9.  The Bobby

Legit oldest and most experienced person in the fandom.  Has lived through all the drama, and has probably met the entire cast on multiple occasions.  Should be treated with the utmost respect and reverence at all times. 

10.  The Dean 

Is just completely obsessed with Destiel.  Does things on Tumblr that they would never admit to in real life.  Posts nothing but erotic Castiel fanart, fanfiction (both fluff and smut), and bisexual pride posters.

An Attack On Creators

I have been in various fandom for quite some time - not as long as some, but long enough.

Over the past twenty years, I have seen the same creative oppression occur time and again.

It starts with a disagreement of opinion. Two groups support different ships, or the same ship in different ways. 

Then a small subset (often on both sides) escalates from opinion to dictatorship: my way or the highway. Headcanons that initially brought people together start to tear them apart.

Attempting to validate their stance, people start to equate real life crime with fictional representation - often skewing to extremes (e.g. partners of legal age are pedophilic due to a five year age difference etc.)

Then come the attacks on key fandom figures. The aim is to silence the other side - to make an example: This is what happens when you do not agree with us - we will ruin you and all your hard work. Your creative efforts will be smeared by our attack and you will be reviled.

The end result is not a stronger fandom community. It is a terrified monolith operating in a narrow spectrum of creative constraints - and it is a key symptom of fandom decline.

Diversity decreases because creators fear retaliation. 

When it comes down to it, there are two key components required within the social contract of fandom creation and consumption.

1. Creators tag correctly to empower their audience.

2. The audience exercises that power by judicious consumption of fanworks and comprehend the potential limitations of the platform  (e.g. creator’s tags being list when reblogged)

With that in mind, fandoms can flourish to the best of their abilities. Without that basic, mutual understanding and cooperation, the community stifles and eventually smothers what it loves the most.

Sum up of Homestuck fandom after [S] Cascade.

(2011) Homestuck as a general phenomenon was very active and developed at a very swift pace from the time it was published (2009) onwards, especially in 2012-2013, including and past the first years of the Homestuck Kickstarter Project, a.k.a Hiveswap.

Between 2009 and 2012, Homestuck as a webcomic was infamous for updating daily, constantly, multiple times a day, at all hours, for years. There was a remarkable cold calculated average that Homestuck updated 5.5 pages per day, dropping entire bundles of updates of character interaction and plot reveals frame by frame, posted as fast as Hussie could write it. Though it wasn’t immediately obvious, this pace was literally sleeplessly breakneck, Hussie allegedly didn’t do anything but live, breathe and dream Homestuck for at least four years straight. I’m serious when I say updates came at all hours. I would wake up 2am on a week night and idly check MSPA to see if there was a new update, sort of like a trained parrot. Then in five minutes I’d tab back over to the Homestuck tab and refresh, just in case. 

This lead to an phenomenon appropriately dubbed “upd8 culture,” which became the basis of the sheer evangelical furor people still associate with the Homestuck fandom. Quick history: MSPA fans originated and migrated over from the Penny Arcade forums, Reddit, and 4chan to nestle permanently within the bowels of 2011 - 2013 tumblr, and were best described from a distance as ‘zealous.’ Even remembering it now almost feels remembering a distant riot. If you didn’t cosplay, write up a detailed theory post, or scribble up a crazy level of appropriately detailed fanart within 10 or so minutes any given upd8, you were buried under the force of post overload and were officially late to the party. Even after years of this, fans had some idea of just how dedicated it came off of, which spurred on fandom and made Homestuck into the most meme filled in-joke community you could possibly imagine. 

What’s frustrating about describing Homestuck and Homestuck fandom is they both heavily affected each other and were both unique phenomenons within themselves, which makes actually trying to get across the atmosphere and of the early 2010s a really a wordy process. I could tell you Homestuck heyday updates regularly crashed tumblr servers, which became an actual funny fake rss way of seeing how much the plot progressed that day, or could have been because tumblr servers even in 2011-2013 were not very robustly programmed. I could tell you Homestuck dominated tumblr to the point it had a virulent hatedom of people who had never even read it and constantly saw it and never understood what was happening in it, and everyone else couldn’t stop themselves from chattering about it all the time. One thing that has to be noted is all this continual bickering and movement and development and competitive content production was honestly fun as hell. 

Popular fan theories had multiple fanfictions written on them just to better explain what might happen, and reoccurring fanart traits and fanfictions were constantly being corrected, updated, and replaced by a deluge of new information and characters to pore over every single detail with a fandom magnifying glass. Canon and fanon both directly pulled from each other, especially in the small details. I don’t know how many hyper ambitious fandom projects, games, animations, multi media fanstories were abandoned for new starts JUST because the information they were working off became too outdated. There were always running projects of painstaking collaboration of organizers, voice actors, programmers, artists, writers, etc. I think some fanventures are still doing that to this day, and back in 2012 there was the  exciting happenstance of the Homestuck Shipping Olympics, which was overwhelmed with applications for the years it ran.

As even a casual reader, you just read the upd8 and threw everything you had out there for scrutiny until it was kind of clear what could be scoured from the newest upd8, for your own rigorously interpreted and analyzed theory and making posts about it. What constant updates to canon meant in conjunction with Hussie’s oddly accurate tabs on fandom theory was you had to do whatever you were doing fast, or you would be outdated, wrong, inaccurate, or irrelevant at some undisclosed unspecific time, very soon. As the fandom grew bigger and younger Hussie seemed to shade more politic in his fandom communication, but it still always felt like an “open channel” call and response between fandom and comic, at every second.

Another aspect feeding upd8 culture was in the actual writing and content of Homestuck. One thing Homestuck didn’t lack for was constant barely solvable mystery. Part of my extreme willingness to take part in Homestuck fandom was that Homestuck was so crammed to the brim with open ended creative potential, just the cool ideas and plot mechanics and vivid characters presented with actually innovative framing that had really good ideas and existed literally nowhere else, and I say that as a huge sci-fi fan. Time travel in Homestuck was excellent. It was an ambitious story and I really do think it pulled it off. 

There were also factors of style, innovation and novelty that I think affected the diversity of fan output. Even small things like the definition of a “page,” or even a “webcomic” became malleable within Homestuck. A page could range from single static scribble gif image to a 3 hr fully programmed rpg or 18 minute asset heavy style swapping animation, or most commonly, sprite art followed by several hundred words of dialogue and character interaction. Pages came by different artists, different styles, different mediums, different paces and focuses, but with a breadth-spanning understanding of the internet. Homestuck was once described as the fossilized excrement of someone’s personal creative experiments, and I can’t help but think that’s a good way of putting it. Innovation and excitement teemed off the page, and straight into a staggeringly wide variety of fanfiction and art, in style, content, theme, and pov. 

Lastly, Hussie had a tendency to canonize fan content and hire fanartists and fananimators if their output was solid enough with a gentle horse kiss of approval and a naturally internet-transparent hiring process and the assumption people understood internet courtesy, like a forum. This was a purposely fostered atmosphere in the spirit of experimental adventure, and was just fucking nuts. Fans never wrote the story, but they did heavily influence aspects of how it was told and where it went (by design, fans were pretty much involved in making the comic) and even get to actually flesh out the details, like the main character’s names, memes, romances, character, and scope. Everything from canon sprite art to Caliborn’s character to Calliope’s art skill to music and trickster arcs were all originally based on years of fan jokes and fanon. Homestuck was definitely Hussie’s sole property and precious baby, but it was always kind of built on top of the assumption of freeform rap battle with the fandom. It added an extra layer of galvanizing egging on to fandom purpose. I don’t know how else to explain everything that came of it. Fandom was like a roiling morass of bullshit activity, we were like a freaking breaking news bullpen, there was so much energy sparking off of all facets of fandom because it was just so fun. Fan output was borderline insane in 2010-2013.

Hussie said fandom grew exponentially at the introduction of the Trolls in Act 5 in mid 2010, but I can honestly say I think fandom really started treating Homestuck like a hidden gem worth prosetelyzing right after the events of [S] Cascade at the end of 2011. Before then, Homestuck was tenuously good, and had a rep on tumblr for having weirdly ubiquitous fans and over- detailed fancontent, but [S] Cascade was the moment every single gamble asked of the reader in the story actually paid off. A puzzle clicking into place. In fact, Homestuck’s plot was generally constructed to climax at [S] Cascade, as was apparent from the big explosion of fan reaction after the fact. 


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Babyz are literally the Best

I’ve never seen such strength within a fandom. The bonds between all the Babyz and with them and B.A.P was just astounding. The way they get so much hate thrown at them and yet still find a way to stand up and fight against it really attracted me towards this fandom!

Babyz are so amazing they don’t even care about the antifans. They literally sassily wave them off and just focus on supporting their idols because that’s truly what being a fan is all about. B.A.P have had so much to deal with and the whole lawsuit and the 1 year 9 months hiatus they went through didn’t stop the Babyz believing in them. They’ve been through so much and that’s just made them even stronger


B..A.P themselves are obviously AMAZING to have been able to acquire such great fans! Their unique songs and the deep meanings behind each one instead of just singing about a girl they fell in love with or something

Each member is so handsome and equally attractive as the other in both looks and personality.  Its IMPOSSIBLE to choose a Bias because your list’ll just get wrecked the next second.

AND they know there’s a continent on the far side of the Earth somewhere called Europe and actually make an effort to go there

And they had the toughest competition in their rookie year -Exo. Yet they still managed to get so far!

It takes a Legend to beat a Legend.



Imagination Lane: List of Favorite One-Shots, Imagines & Fictional Story Pieces / Series!

Welcome, welcome! 

As I promised about a month ago, I have been scouring the tags – looking for some of the best fictional pieces to highlight on this post. 

This list, will basically be fictional pieces, one-shots, imagines and series’ that I personally have read and enjoyed within the Bill Skarsgard fandom. I’m sharing them, in hopes of helping others find great writers within the fandom; while I’m also giving a “thank you” of sorts – to so many others who have welcomed me with open arms. I personally love the little fandom family we’re all growing into on here, and positively sharing things that you like – helps to reinforce that (or at least, that’s how I feel).

Without any further ado, I’m placing this under a “keep reading” link in order to not spam people’s dashboards. So here’s my personal list of pieces I have enjoyed: 

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Happy 37th Birthday to the boy who lived! To the boy who has changed not only my life, but millions of others! To the boy in the cupboard under the stairs! To the boy who has brought one of my best friends into my life! To the boy who has brought so many together! To the boy who showed us strength exists within all of us! To the boy who showed us magic truly exists! To Harry James Potter! ❤️❤️

Welcome to the official blog of the first Gotham Buddy Exchange. An October event for the whole Gotham Fandom. So you’re wondering what we’re all about. I have a list of questions and answers under the cut that will explain anything you might like to know. If you do have a question that is not answered here, please send it to our Ask Box!

Please spread the word and reblog this post. Since we are a new blog it will not show up in the tags at the moment. 

We are looking forward to meeting all who want to participate. Sign ups start on August 13th and close on August 27th. We will keep everyone updated as those days draw nearer. 

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tfw your face is stuck

i’ll stop stealing jokes from the Simpsons when they stop fitting everything, okay…. (x)

“I have to find my boss, call me insane but he still alive, and I know where he is… “ - Joseph Oda

   Calling for hig hope folks ! This one is a spiritual birthday gift for @lady-of-rohan , even that the newest demo of TEW 2 give use lots of suprise, still, we can’t have our precious sidekick boi that we always love, but then just hope that the developer suprise us in the final product. 
  Happy Birthday mumma ^^ ! I hope you like it and I’m sorry for took me that long to prepare this for you, even that it need to be more decent, my concept of Jo that still alive and he seeking out Sebastian in the world TEW 2, boi looks more strong and he having salt and pepper hair with some scrub, adapt the look of young Seb when he finally decided to be strong for him, to be more dedicate for looking his lost entrusted boss / partner. XD !

Attention People in the Zootopia Fandom. We Need to Talk…

Over the last few days I noticed a disturbing trend rearing its ugly head within the Zootopia fan community. For those who don’t know an artist by the name of Borba, drew a comic months ago in which Judy and Nick have an argument about what to do with their unborn child and ultimately ends with Judy wanting to get an abortion and Nick leaving her. Pretty heavy shit right. Maybe not the best subject matter for a property that’s ultimately targeted towards children but whatever, here we are. Now most people saw this comic and were like, “well that’s messed up” and went about their day. But it’s resurfaced recently and for all the wrong reasons. There are those who are saying the comic promotes a “pro life” agenda and is innately harmful and offensive. First of all I personally don’t see the correlation. Borba’s comic remains fairly neutral on the topic and at no point does it make any character out to be the bad guy or good guy. No one wins in that scenario. Everyone is hurting and no one gets what they want. Now I don’t know Borba personally and I don’t know what his politics are. I do know he lives in Brazil and Brazil is Catholic as hell so take that as you will. Regardless of what his feelings may be if you look at the comic in a vacuum it’s not promoting one viewpoint over the other.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the attitude that’s been brewing up in the community as a result of this and why it’s toxic. I’ve been seeing people say we need to expose Borba, that we need to shame him offline so that he won’t post any more “problematic” artwork. Please PLEASE don’t let this happen again. I’ve seen this in other communities and it has made them some of the most hated on the internet. It’s the same shit that made Zamii070 try and kill herself, because people in the Steven Universe fandom didn’t like how she portrayed certain characters, and it’s what made OHNIPS leave Twitter and Tumblr for a while, because she had the “audacity” to draw a gender swapped version of the characters from dream daddy. On a side note isn’t it funny how a movement that prides itself on defending women from online harassment will also engage in harassing women online when it suits their agenda. Some food for thought there.

I don’t want to see the same thing happen with Borba. Regardless of how you feel about him and his comic no one should be harrassed for the art they make. No one should be made to feel like they cant express themselves through a fandom. “You don’t like his comic?” Fine. “You don’t agree with the message?” Wonderful. Move on with your life. There are plenty of things worth being mad at other than some random person online drawing Zootopia fancomics. Let’s not have this reactionary behavior seep in and ruin this community as well. Let’s keep this toxicity out and remember why we became involved in the first place. Because we all love the film.

Hey Plance/Pidgance/Lidge/Pance/Etc. Shippers:

I just want to say, I’m proud of you.

It’s been a big two days for our little ship - an age revelation, some tag activity from Bex herself, surprising heritage parallels - and the antis have, naturally, been out full-force. But I haven’t seen anybody taking advantage of the attention we’ve been given by turning the hate around on other ships/shippers.

The Pidge/Lance ship (among others) has gotten a lot of flack ever since the fandom discourse began, but we’ve always handled it with grace. We’ve been blessed to not have any in-fighting or fan v. fan drama within the ship, thus how the title “Pure Ship” came to be. And ever since I joined this community, I’ve found nothing but lovely, welcoming people who are eager to spread joy throughout the fandom.

Now, I’m not going to say that Pidge/Lance is the BEST ship, as that’s a matter of opinion that differs for each person and there’s no reason to start something over nothing. But it is, absolutely and without a doubt, the Pure Ship. And I love it and all of you, and I hope and pray this little community grows with the show but always remains this lovely.

anonymous asked:

so like, is grell male or female? i like to think genderfluid or male, but i see a lot of people refer to them as female (in a way it kind of bothers me i guess) . I was just wondering your take on this and how you interpreted grell

Grell is male, but that has nothing to do with gender. Male and female are sexes, not genders.

Grell’s gender is up for interpretation, as far as I’m concerned… until either Grell or Yana-san emphatically states it as one, the other, neither, or both (fluid).

Grell usually (but not always) self-refers with feminine nouns, like “lady” and “actress”. The vast majority of other characters call Grell by male pronouns or treat Grell as a man. Sebastian makes a point of saying “Mr. Sutcliff,” but he is offended by Grell’s advances and retaliates with coldness. William can barely refer to Grell by name at all, just refers to Grell as a terrible employee… and I’m not sure what pronouns he uses for Grell – it generally comes across as gender-neutral in English, though. Othello might be using feminine pronouns for Grell, but again I can’t tell for sure. If so, then he’s probably the only one. Ronald seems to avoid the gender issue, much like William (but without being so insulting).

Yana-san usually refers to Grell with masculine pronouns but then also says things like “actress”, so that’s not much help, is it?

However, It might be summed up best in “Ciel in Wonderland” when “Cheshire Cat” Grell ponders this very question and admits confusion over gender-identity. Man… or woman? “Cheshire Cat” Grell cannot choose. Is it even necessary *to* choose?

There’s a growing number of people within the fandom who (very strongly) believes Grell to be a trans-woman. However, Grell could, indeed, be gender-fluid.

I cannot give a definitive answer. LOL I don’t *have* one…. As you have probably noticed, I try my best to avoid pronouns when referring to Grell.

anonymous asked:

Ok unrelated to the other asks, but why do so many japanese music producers have an artist name ending with -p? Ive been wondering for so long jdjfjfj

In short, the -P stands for ‘producer’, a kind of title given to VOCALOID artists.

For those who are curious, long answer is under the cut.

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Welcome to Voltron Hell

To everyone who is new to the Voltron fandom, Welcome! You are officially Voltron trash! There are many groups within the Voltron Fandom:

The Klance Trash (Keith X lance)

The Pidge worshippers (not Fangirls/boys but loyal subjects)

Hunk’s hunks (Hunk Fangirls/boys)

Space dad’s space children (Shiro Fangirls/boys)

Shatt’s cats (Matt Holt X Shiro)

The Multi-Shippers (the ones that ship every thing)

Space parent’s space children(aka shallura shippers)

The AU obsessers (Best au is the actor au!)

The neutrals(the ones who love EVERYTHING)

HeadLasers (the ones that have way too many head canons! And we love that about them!)

Yes I did come up with all of these off the top of my head, please tell me if I forgot anyone!

Divergent Fandom

So it’s probably been about four years since I got into the Divergent Fandom. Within those four years, I’ve read TONS of fanfictions, but only a few have struck me as extremely good. These fanfictions made me laugh, cry, and go through almost every emotion you can imagine because these authors put their soul into writing.

@diplulmaris-antarctica Hands down one of the best writers. Her topics tend to be darker but the writing is so good you can’t pull yourself away. The ideas are all totally original and very interesting. You by far are the one I check for for updates all the time.

@writingismyhappytime This writer captures Eric’s personality the best. Plus, you get an Eric two (aka Camille) and their relationship is just fantastic. Well, fantastic and messy. You end up laughing and crying with them throughout their roller coaster relationship.

@singingpeople I just binged all of Faction Before Blood and Paying the Price. I haven’t shed that many tears in a while; I was super connected emotionally and could not put this fanfiction down for a second. I was blown away by your talent.

@home-of-the-lonely-writer @writersxanonymous You two have one of the most original stories. I adore both of the stories with all my heart and always make time within minutes of a new update.

@clublulu333 I binged your entire story as well, but I’ll admit it was quite a bit ago. I remember getting sucked into the story as you also captured Eric’s personality really well. Your story is definitely one of my all time favorites.

@laryssa-the-jedi @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure Your guys’ one-shots are the best. You manage to write a cute little story that always captures the emotion in a short time. You’re my go to when I want to read fanfiction but don’t want to devote my life to an entire fanfic story yet.

@pathybo @divergentimgines @thirstyhscwriter I have recently stumbled upon your blogs, and though I don’t know much yet, the few stories I’ve read have been super good.

For anyone I missed, I am sorry. There are so many fanfictions out there, and I wanted to point out the main ones that pulled me in and the stories I kept close to my heart. I wanted to give all my honest opinions and get these writers out there more because I believe you guys deserve it. I hope no one is upset that I singled out writers in this post. Please, never give up writing and continue to do what you love doing. Thank you for all the time you put into these stories for us. There truly are people who appreciate it.

Ode to the Anon Hater

One day, not so very long ago, Tumblr was born.  People gathered around and found a safe haven for their love of fandoms, art, and interests, believing that they could create a small space in the world where they could keep the things that they hold most dear.  

Blogs were built, cultivated, nurtured, and made into a place where the rest of the world could be blocked out for even just a few precious minutes, washing away the stress of life and allowing bloggers to feel a part of a community.  They began to share their talents with others who chose to follow them, building friendships, even when they may never actually meet in real life.

But then came the anonymous hater.  The cancer of Tumblr.

Messages filled inboxes with words of anger and hate, trying to tear the bloggers apart for displaying what they loved, and for trying to share their gifts on their own blogs. The gray face of anonymity gave the hater a false sense of power and a sense of security in that no one would know who they were.  It was a face of cowardice.

Bloggers began to join together and form alliances within their fandoms, and the anon hate slowed. But as with many cancers, despite best efforts, it surged again.  Fandoms began to cross lines and defend each other, even if they had no idea who they were defending, because it was the right thing to do.  New friendships were born, allegiances were too strong to be broken, and the whole point of anon hate was challenged for what it was.

Pointless. Unwanted.  Not tolerated.

Today, anon haters are getting the replies that fail to feed their need of tearing down others; they’re getting laughter and camaraderie, bloggers defending each other and deleting without a second thought.  The anonymous hater isn’t being allowed to win.  

This makes the anonymous hater sad.

Maybe one day, hopefully in the not-so-distant future, they’ll finally give up and realize that they’re wasting no one’s time but their own.

Now, I know that I’ll probably get some hate just for this post, but it’s okay.  If you’re about to send me some of that glorious anon hate banter, go back and read this again, and I’ll bet you can figure out how I’ll respond to it.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

@fvckingavengers @currentlyavengerstrash @evansscruff