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cats have regional accents! for example, japanese cats' meow is more like the 'nya' we know and love while british cats' meow is more like 'mrow.' i think it's a fun idea to translate that into accents.

If I’m not mistaken, this interesting bit of thought is currently being researched by an investigative team led by Dr Susanne Schötz. It’s not actually confirmed as fact. However, there are a number of animals that are confirmed to have dialects, such as wolves, and it’s possible cats might be among that number as well.

In light of recent world events, best to be certain of your sources, Ruddles! 


In case y’all needed a reason to love the YouMaru event cards.

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

Short fic under cut!

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  • Justin Trudeau: Canada, did you call me for something?
  • Canada: u-um, I was just wondering if you'd come to watch a hockey game with me? I usually do this with America or England, but they seem to be busy, so...
  • Justin Trudeau: of course I would~!
  • Canada: b-but I heard that you have a meeting soon-
  • Justin Trudeau: huh? What meeting is more important than spending time with you?
  • Canada: ... *hugs Trudeau* you really are amazing~~