the best erisol

Sollux hadn’t actually meant to be snooping around in Eridan’s closet.
He had just been looking for those extension-chords the highblood had “borrowed”, but when he heard footsteps he panicked. He never thought he would get stuck there while the other troll went through his entire playlist…
He figured it was a good enough hiding place. There was only one problem with Sollux’s plan - ED’s not an idiot…

seulbon  asked:

here's a few: johndave, dirkhal, rosemary, erisol. choose one or all!!! it's up to you


hoouuughghgghghghggh my goddd they are,, so good,, holy fuck man A+++++++++ 


ehe theyre my crack/intense angst ship tbh so B!!


ok i love all wlw ships and i love rosemary so a solid A ehe its not my fave rose ship tho!


eh. not my fave! but id still give it a solid B tbh bc i used to love it a lot