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Tomorrow is the day, the day that we have longed for and dreaded for quite some time. The feelings that we have put into this show for 2 years is about to come to its climax. Will Serena stay in Kalos or will she venture with Ash? Honestly Amourshipping is everything to me and you amazing people in this community are like my family, so I do hope that she stays and we get to keep living this dream. However, if fate doesn’t shine on us tomorrow, I want you all to know that the memories that we have made with each other will last a life time and we will always have a special fondness in our hearts for the events that have taken place. AMOURSHIPPING UNTIL THE VERY END!!!

“It’s hard work you know, Doctor Who, but let’s be frank, I’m fortunate to be rewarded in the way that I am. I just don’t mean financially, I mean the nature of the part and everything that comes with it.”
-Matt Smith

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To be honest, i thought last nights episode was one of the best epsiodes yet, and those who are saying that this series has gone to shit can fuck right off, seriously. They are entitled to their opinions yeah, but if they are complaining without even trying to understand the reasons behind such actions that are written in the show then they can piss off. Moftiss stated that they made this season lighthearted on purpose, because they are leading to something tragically dark.Understand this,people