the best ep ever!


I found what I’d been looking for in myself / Found a life worth living for someone else


“Not all lowly people are ignorant”


robert sugden’s hair appreciation (7/?)

↳ 25th february 2016


The Adventure Zone Animatic - The Best Day Ever

Spoilers for ep 65. Taako and Lup’s dinner scene punched me in the gut so I had to draw it and get it out of my system (just in time to get destroyed by ep 66 HAHAHAHA rip)

Vox Machina in Chess...

Vex and Vax.
Our matched set twins. One walks in the light. One slides from the shadow.
They are our Biships.

Pike and Grog.
Found siblings just as true. They are stalwart, straightforward and strong.
They are our Rooks.

Percy and Scanlan.
Deception and cleverness in every breath. In a move they catch you by suprise.
They are Knights.

And Keylith is Queen.
Her power is unquestionable, it only needs be utilized correctly.

Mat is the King.
Without him, the game can nolonger be played.

None of them are pawns.

have i ever mentioned that watching ep10 reaction vids on yt is one of my fav things in the world? it’s amazing!

first there’s the ring scene and a lot of people cry from happiness (and then i cry with them)! then they get lulled into thinking it was the plot twist of the ep, until they get to the ending and the best thing ever is the look of realization on everyone’s faces when yuuri asks vitya to be his coach and vitya does his little gasp?? and after that there’s always a few seconds of silence when you can practically see the gears turning in their heads before everyone goes “oh my god” and “this changes everything” and i absolutely love it

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Laura Moon? What do you think about her? Personally I can't stand her.

“Laura was prepared for every question he might ask and is fully prepared to dominate this conversation the way she’s familiar with dominating every conversation with him. She expects her puppy to come to heel. And Emily’s performance in the scene is very sly and very sharp in that she is slowly and patiently dismissing his concerns about her death and her infidelity so that she can just start again.” – Michael Green, co-showrunner of American Gods, says about Laura/Shadow’s reunion in Episode 5, “Lemon Scented You.”

good points:

  • women don’t have to be nice and likeable
  • she’s allowed to be unrepentantly awful
  • an interesting supporting character

bad points

  • she is horribly unlikeable
  • she is absolutely and completely awful
  • she is getting too much screentime for a supporting character

she cheated on shadow, acted like it was his fault almost, got way too much airtime for the not main character, she shows zero guilt for any of her actions (unlike say mad sweeny who was guilty about killing her), tried to guilt shadow into forgiving her, in fact tried to dismiss his concerns completely.