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Concept: a 9 episodes long series "1895". Every episode is a detective story (set every 10 years from 1805 to 1895) in which two characters (every time different, same for places) solve a crime. Every time the viewers ship them and every time things go wrong. But in the 9th episode it goes differently. The main characters are SH and JW (obvs) and by the end of the episode they are happily in love because they're The True Couple. Subtext is there tea is a code the elephant is finally free

That sounds both like the worst and best show ever, Nonny LOL! SET THE ELEPHANT FREE. SPILL THE TEA. LET JOHN AND SHERLOCK BE HAPPY.

Seventeen as A:tLA!Benders AU
  • S.Coups: Earthbending teacher who looks all buff and tough but when little kids come for help he creates cute platypus bear sculptures and makes rocks spin in funny lil directions. Hubby material all the village ladies think he’s the #1 bachelor in town
  • Joshua: he’d be the Airbender who’d bring balance to the world he obvi the avatar who just wants to bake egg tarts and share with his friends. Totally plays music with his animal friends 
  • Jeonghan: waterbender bc he graceful af and he’d make beautiful ice sculptures that turn into deadly swords in .017 seconds
  • Jun: firebender not only is he hot but his bending shows are fiyaaaaa. But he’s more artsy than combat, he probably is the only decent actor on ember island players 
  • Hoshi: excited happy lil firebender squishy like when he produced his first flame as smol soonyoung he was so excited that the couch combusted. Battle cry before sparing is HOSHI FIGHTINGGGGGG
  • Wonwoo: earthbender who works at ba sing se university, would rather study technique rather than actually doing. Goes to poetry slams in his free time, studies at Iroh’s tea shop
  • Woozi: basically the waterbender artisan of the world and taught Jeonghan how to be gorgeous but cutthroat. Secretly enjoys penguin sledding
  • DK: airbender c’mon how can he not his disposition is as light as air and he’s so happy and he’d probably be flying with the birds or swimming with the elephant koi 
  • Minghao: would be the best performance Airbender ever he’d pull a Ty Lee and take his glider out and do a bunch of complicated loopies so easily with his cool cutie smile on like    
  • Mingyu: earthbender, he’d be a blacksmith type worker who’d manage the post slides and be able to fix any malfunctions. in his downtime runs a cabbage stand so wonwoo has some veggie friends      
  • Seungkwan: WATERBENDER your face off developed his own water whip which can cut a glacier like whale blubber. Is actually a pretty decent healer once he saved Hoshi’s hands from burning while making komodo chicken 
  • Hansol: he’s the epitome of Airbender he’s so chill and cool and he totally has a bison who’s basically his best friend since birth and they cuddle together when sleeping and talk about life probz
  • Dino: super SUPER capable earthbender that looks like your average lil youngin bender but when he bends the whole earth shakes. he does underground bending comps & turned The Boulder into a pebble

Fanfiction Aesthetic (2/?) - What We Don’t Know by @hello-wright-or-wrong

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halo and iridescent!

halo: whats ur star sign?

scorpio!! im nov 3!! 

iridescent: whats your skincare routine? 

o boi..sweats LMAO i got so many!! and they change sometimes too bc im always trying out new things bc im a skincare enthusiast but recently its been:


banila co clean it zero balm (a staple) 

drunk elephant jelly cleanser (LITERALLY d best thing ever for my makeup wearing dry skin ass!!!) 

drunk elephant tlc glycolic night serum or cosrx blackhead power liquid 

mamonde rose toner OR usually hado labo gokujyun toner 

dr. jart tiger grass serum (not bad for my recent redness!) 

innisfree orchid enriched cream 

korres wild rose facial oil 


usual toner

drunk elephant firma c serum or any other stable vitamin c (im looking into a few rn during black friday sales!!!! my past vit c’s were just ok) 

cosrx galactomyces essense

korres wild rose facial oil 


send me questions pls!

A Christmas House - Carol

Once more my many thanks to @loveinpanem for hosting this event. It brings us together to celebrate the season of love and miracles.  Thank you to @titaniasfics my beta for this chapter and also to @akai-echo whose Banner is a work of art. 

Now Ch2 Carol (part one can be found on the @loveinpanem​ site)

Rated: T -2003, Age 12, December 1st -

“Again children, these are Christmas carols. You must show more enthusiasm!” Miss Effie chided as she directed the children’s choir for Merchantville’s annual Christmas Pageant.

The boys, who were being forced to be angles, used their battery operated candles likes lightsabers. Miss Effie stopped directing the choir. “Boys those are not lightsabers, those are candles. Why can’t you be like the girls? Primrose Everdeen, please stand up straight!”

Peeta watched Prim, Katniss’s little sister try harder. He grinned, for a six year old, Prim was a well behaved girl. She was going to make a pretty angel.

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  • Aries: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Taurus: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Gemini: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Cancer: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Leo: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Virgo: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Libra: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Scorpio: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Sagittarius: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Capricorn: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Aquarius: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018
  • Pisces: Ringling Bros. will discontinue the use of elephants in their acts by 2018

“Years before, soon after Larry Fortensky and I got married at Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch, I couldn’t think of what to give Michael to show my undying thanks. He rarely invites anyone to Neverland, and this was the first time, which was so generous, such a glamorous compliment to our friendship. I had been trying to think of a truly meaningful way to thank him. Then I got an idea: Michael has a zoo. I’ll get him an elephant! That clinched it. I got him a big Asian elephant named Gypsy. I guess you could say we exchanged elephants."   Elizabeth Taylor

(Clip of a helicopter landing on the ranch and Elizabeth coming out with two men)
MJ: One day, I get this call from Elizabeth Taylor saying she wants to come to the ranch. She flew out in this helicopter.
(Man driving Elizabeth in a cart):
Man: How are you?
Elizabeth: Hi!
(Elizabeth leaving the cart and whispering loudly):
Elizabeth: Hi. Is Michael out in front?
MJ: I knew by the tone of her voice that something was up. But I had no idea how big the surprise was.
(The three walking an elephant in)
MJ: She came out with this huge elephant.
(Elizabeth patting the elephant, laughing and Michael walking out with his head in his hands):
Elizabeth: Hahahaha!
Man: Hoohoo!
MJ: It was unbelievable.
Michael: (hushed) Hi… its great… Elizabeth…
(Elizabeth holds out her arms to hug him)
Michael: That… it’s beautiful…
MJ: At first, I was kinda scared cos this thing is huge!
(Michael patting the truck from a distance, chewing gum)
MJ: Eventually, I got into it, feeding him carrots and stuff like that.
(Michael feeding the elephant)
Elizabeth: (inaudible)… I think that’s pretty good.
(Michael ducks away after feeding him)
Elizabeth: Michael?
Elizabeth: No, I can’t…
(Both feeding the elephant)
Man: Great stuff. Got a whole mouth….
Elizabeth: You seem like a garbage can!
Michael: Lift your foot.
Elizabeth: Look at your foot!
MJ: I love elephants. They’re gentle giants, really.
(Elizabeth laughing at something Michael said, who’s ducking his head, smiling)
MJ: Elizabeth was dressed like a gypsy. And that’s why we named the elephant Gypsy. It was one of the best presents that I’ve ever gotten. I was so happy that day. Was a wonderful experience.

Michael Gives Her a Tapestry of Her, Private Home Movies, 1991
(Scene of the door to a room in the house)
MJ: But what Elizabeth didn’t know, that I was planning a surprise for her, also.
(The door opens and Elizabeth gasps):
Elizabeth: Oh my God!
(Scene of a large tapestry of Elizabeth on the wall)
Elizabeth: That’s amazing! I love it! Oh, thank you! (kissing him).
Michael: You’re welcome.
Elizabeth: What is it made of? A carpet?
MJ: The gift that I gave Elizabeth, to me was very unique. It looks like a painting, but it isn’t.
Elizabeth: Wow! That’s incredible Michael.
Michael: I love that color.
MJ: It’s a tapestry. This guy did it piece by piece.
Michael: And I wrote something on the bottom.
Elizabeth: Oh! (checking the bottom).
Man: Elizabeth… I love you… Michael.
Elizabeth: Oh, I love it!
Michael: Do you have a place for it? Maybe, this seems like…
Elizabeth: Now I may have to build a house.
Michael: Hahaha! (ducks head, laughing).
MJ: I think it was a shot of one of her movies.
Elizabeth: I think it’s fabulous!
Michael: I saw that commercial you have er… its beautiful.
Elizabeth: Do you like it?
Michael: Awh… it’s incredible! (hushed).
Elizabeth: Well maybe you’ll see one of my films one of these days.
Michael: Ah haha! (laughs). I knew you were gonna say…
Elizabeth: Hahaha! (laughing).
Michael: I’m seeing Virginia Woolf.
Elizabeth: Well, congratulations!
Michael: I’m seeing it today actually.
Elizabeth: We have to explain the joke. The last film that Michael saw me in, he thought I was really wonderful in, was a film called White Cliffs of Dover.
(Michael looking away, smiling shyly)
Elizabeth: And I was nine years old.
Michael: Heh! (laughs).
Elizabeth: Hmhmhm! (laughs and puts her hand on his shoulder). So he will see me as a grown up.
Michael: Yeah (nods and smiles shyly).
Elizabeth: He may never speak to me again!
Michael: Hahaha! (laughs).
Elizabeth: It’s amazing.
MJ: It wasn’t quite as big as Gypsy, heh… (laughs), but I think she liked my gift as much as I liked hers.