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Crestmont Crier - Montgomery x Reader

Request - “Montgomery x fem!reader where they go to cresmont as a couple to see star wars 7.”

WARNINGS::: Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers.

“You want popcorn?” Monty lightly tapped your shoulder to grab your attention, you responded with a nod.

“What if it’s shit?” You worried for the 100th time in the past hour you’d spent with Monty eating dinner. He chuckled again.

“It won’t be.”

“But it might not live up to expectations. Will anything ever be as good as The Empire Strikes Back?” You anxiously took the popcorn from the counter. “Thanks Clay.” You muttered absentmindedly, giving the boy a nod.

“Well we’re going to have to find out, Y/N.” he said, grabbing your hand, and using the other hand to shovel some popcorn into his mouth. Rolling your eyes at his childishness, you two entered the screen.


The screen was relatively empty, and you were sat near the back.

“No! Fuck.” You whispered, squeezing Monty’s hand and trying not to let the tears slip out.
“Not Harrison, anyone but Harrison. Chewie!!”
“Monty I can’t believe he did that. Fucking Ben you asshole.”

You couldn’t hold them back anymore, Han Solo’s death had well and truly ruined you. You began to cry quietly, hoping Montgomery wouldn’t notice, but you could stop the loud sob emitting from your throat, alerting his attention.

“Oh, Y/N.” he whispered, pulling you as close to him as he could over the cinema seats. He let you lay your head on his chest and ruin his t shirt with mascara, while gently soothing your hand with his right, and your side with his left.
He kissed your head gently.

You wept silently for the rest of the film, and when it was time to go, you buried your face in Monty’s shirt to try and clear some of the mess on your face. He gave you a hands up and intertwined fingers with you on the way out of the screen.

“Don’t let anyone see me, Mont. Can we get out of here quickly?” You pleaded.

“Of course, Y/N/N.”

“I just love Harrison Ford so much. And I love Han Solo. And he IS Han Solo. Monty it hurts.”

“I love you, but your weird crush on Harrison Ford has GOT to stop.” He emphasised.

“No! He’s beautiful.” You defended.

“He’s like 90.”

“Jeez, he’s not that old, Mont.”

Once you were in the car, you pulled down the mirror and saw the calamity in front of you.

“Oh my god. You let me walk around like that?” You hit him on the shoulder lightly. He mocked hurt.

“Ow! It’s not my fault you still look gorgeous with mascara smudged all over your face.” He swooned. You hit him again.

“Stop trying to butter me up and just drive, hoe.”

“I love it when you show you love me.”

“Hence why you love me back.”

You and Monty had a best friend relationship. He was your best friend, you were his, and you’d trade nothing in the world for what you had with each other. Often lovingly teasing, but also passionate and sweet, and solemn when it had to be- Monty and you were what some would call an ideal relationship.

The car roared to a start and the boy in the driver seat revved the engine.

“You’re not a boy racer, Monty.”

“Stop it.”

You bickered like kids, but knew underneath how deeply infatuated you both were.


The next day, You and Zach entered the lunch room, discussing the Chemistry exam you’d just completed.

“Why they ever thought that was a good idea i don’t know.” Zach ranted.

You sat together on a circle table, when Monty came up behind you and joined.

“Sup, bitches.” He was juggling an apple in his left hand.

“Stop showing off.” You stole the apple from his hand and took a bite, grinning at his expression.

“So guys, how was the movie? Did it live up to expectations?” Zach asked.

“Well-” you began.

“It was amazing. Cinematic Masterpiece. She bawled her eyes out, man.” Monty cut in. “I swear that shirt is never gonna be the same aga-”

Monty stopped when he saw your face. Your mouth was agape with your eyes wide, and the apple loosely fit in your hand. You remained like that for around a minute, staring him down at his betrayal. Zach began laughing, which of course set you and Monty off as well, and not long after you were all in fits of giggles drawing attention from the entire lunch room. And you didn’t care.


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SERIES WARNINGS: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse



I was just 18 years old when it happened, she was 14. We were scared, insignificant children who knew nothing of the true horrors of the world, god, I was so naive back then… I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I remember sitting in her bright bedroom as I told her the news, her face was expressionless, like she didn’t believe me. Seeing her like that was more painful than the loss of our parents, and being the one to break it to her was even more agonising. That day was the hardest day of my life… I’ll never forget the sound of her cries that night as she wept herself to sleep. Within a matter of hours my smart-ass, annoying little sister had grown up into a vulnerable, frail young woman. I never intended to hurt her, I only wanted what was best for her.

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Playing With Winchester

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Request: Hi! Congrats on your Writing Anniversary! I had this idea that maybe the reader asks Dean to help he train but he notices she’s doing it to help her insecurities? If that even makes sense. Thanks so much if you do!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This one got away from me in a good way…

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Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of Yours, Unfaithfully.

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut

Chapter 1

The rest of the evening you went through the motions, smiling through the pain as countless guests congratulated you on your upcoming nuptials.

You wished you could leave. You wanted to hate your parents for separating you from the one person who understood every part of your heart, mind and body, but you couldn’t. They had given you everything under the sun and in their own way, you knew they were doing what they thought was best for you.

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Oscar Isaac + the best hugs in the world probably

Roses In Thorns


Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target. 

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jungkook. 

Genre: Angst, (the good type), fluff, future smut in story line. 

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Part 2

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Part 1- YN POV

“Can you get down?” Taehyung asked, holding the ladder for you steady. You were worried you were going to fall flat on your ass, but it didn’t matter at this moment. You just wanted to get down out of sight and to Emily’s party. You didn’t drug your bodyguard for nothing. 

“Hold on, I’m jumping!” You braced yourself as you stuck your legs out from the ladder and jumped. Luckily, Taehyung caught you.

“Awh Tae, such a ladies man.” You winked cockily as you were set down. You brushed your dress off, happy everything was left in tact and snaked your arm around Taehyung’s. 

“Aren’t I amazing Taehyung, could you do that?” You asked, smirking. 

Taehyung was the boy next door who you grew up with. Your parents both worked in the same…business. Taehyung and you got each other, you had each others backs in times like these. All you really wanted to do was just go out and have some fun, but being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems: enemies grew from every thorn, and you were one of the greatest roses to target. 

You were from a family that had been in this business since 1809 when the opium trade was rife. Your family had a series of alliances with the British, jotted somewhere in the history books as one of your ancestors amassed fortunes spanning Asia. Over time, enemies had grown in great numbers and they targeted those close to the current head of the entire family. Three years ago, your father was given the role of head and you were on the list of most targeted people in Korea, if not South East Asia. 

“I’ve been given more freedom than you Y/N and you know that.” Taehyung said, taking you to the car he had parked.

Snapping out of your heritage thoughts, you figured Taehyung was right. Some things never changed, including how conservative the people in your world could be to their daughters. Tae, while restricted had the freedom to go out and live his life like any normal 21 year old could; provided he had a gun tucked away under his pocket and security detail following him not far off. 

You on the other hand, were expected to be a rose in a steel glass cage. Sheltered, monitored, protected, guarded- you name every protectionate word and you were supposed to be the object of its affection. 

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He did it though. He proved he could do it and run with the best. He showed everyone the absolute raw skill he has and it can never be questioned. He’s impressed everyone and made everyone remember he’s still here and still one of the absolute best drivers in the world. Fernando fucking Alonso man. A legend.

A Phone Call Pt 2 (Jumin x MC)

Jumin rushes home, to find a letter waiting for him.

Word Count: 1670

1st Part

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!


The moment the gunshot was heard, Jumin erupted to his feet, rushing out the door towards the nearest airport.

The only thing on his mind was you.

The only thing in his heart was you

It was always you.

“MC?” He continued to say your name, each time only growing more and more distressed, as though he may shatter at any second.

Yet as he lowered the phone, his brow furrowed and tears stinging at his gaze he noticed something peculiar.

The call had ended abruptly.

He tried to call again receiving a default voice.

“The number you’re trying to call is unavailable.”

He scoffed, scrunching up his nose in frustration. “What?”

It had been working just moments ago.

He didn’t even receive voicemail.

And his concern skyrocketed.

He took the next plane home as soon as possible, doing whatever it took to guarantee he’d be there as soon as he could.

His father called him the moment Jumin insisted he wouldn’t continue his meetings, bewilderment drenched in his words.

Until he learned why.

And as soon as that, there was nothing.

Just an ill-feeling as sickening as poison coursing through Jumin.

For he hadn’t the faintest idea of what would be waiting on the other side of that door that had been your home.

He had promised you would always be safest beside him.

He should’ve stayed.

He wanted to.

But he didn’t.

The moment it counted he let you down.

And you might be gone.

The most precious thing in his life.


It left him feeling like a rotting corpse.

Yet as he arrived home, he found police and detectives covering the area, their heads turning to him with an odd mixture of pity and fear.

Only one of them approached him, her face dotted with small scars and freckles.

“Hello, Mr. Han.”

Her voice was solemn.

“I’m sure you know…about your wife’s disappearance.”

His gaze widened to the size of saucers, his lips parting slightly in absolute horror.

As silly as it had seemed a part of him had hoped you’d still be waiting on the other side of the front door.

Like this, all was some sort of horrendous nightmare.

You’d be confused on how he came all the way back so quickly, peppering his face in kisses and assuring him you were fine.

That you were right there.

That you were with him.

The detective folded her lips awkwardly. “Yes well…we found a few things of theirs.”

She revealed your phone, a bullet hole having shattered the glass and leaving it utterly useless.

“We found this in your closet. Can you verify that this is MC’s phone?”

Jumin took it from her, a sob caught in his throat.

“S-She wasn’t s-shot.”


“I-I was o-on the phone with h-her when this happened,” He muttered, clamping a hand over his mouth to stifle the breaks. “I-I heard o-one of the intruders come in and t-they struggled.”

His chest heaved, shoulders dropping.

“T-The call ended with a gunshot. I-I was s-so afraid…”

Tears slipped from his eyes, curling against his cheeks.

“I’m…I’m very sorry Mr. Han.” The detective cleared her throat, aiming her eyes down at the floor. “But…MC is missing.”


“The intruders kidnapped them.”

His entire world shattered in seconds.

He hadn’t thought such a thing was possible.

But he also hadn’t thought someone as wonderful as you existed either. 

“We can guarantee that they did that, because…they left a letter.” 

She slipped it out from her pocket, handing it to him. “Here it is.”

It had already been open, surely examined by police.

And what was on the paper only assured that.

It gave a location, and an amount of money to be left there.

And a special instruction.

No security.

Come alone. 

“They’re extorting you,” The detective said as Jumin looked up.

He was hardly surprised.

“I’m sure once the money is given they’ll release MC.” She murmured. “This’ll all be solved soon enough. We’ll help you carry out the details.”

“When is this supposed to happen?” 

“Tomorrow morning.” 

And the world appeared hollow until then.

He found himself emotionless to everything else, as though a dark cloud hovered over him, blankly answering questions here and there, only silent when they mentioned you.

Yet he knew he reacted somehow.

For his heart tore each time.

And his vision became blurred with tears. 

Yet when the day came, he had never been more focused.

He and his father had put your face on every news channel, website, and poster imaginable, the RFA alone offering any sort of help they could give.

But this was his best chance. 

He had to do this.

He was driven by Driver Kim to an area on the edge of the inner city, near subways and scattered apartments that appeared like a small town in it of itself.

He was instructed to wait just outside one of the apartments, the money asked for stuffed within a duffel.

He stepped out with a solemn goodbye from Driver Kim, following the directions as he approached on of the apartments, glancing to and fro for some sort of hope.

Any sort of sign from you would be enough to keep him going.

He watched the door opening, a hooded figure emerging out and walking towards him, stopping just at his side.

And they whispered.

“Follow me.” They spoke beneath their breath, a glazed expression facing Jumin. “We’ll take you to MC.” 

His face lit up, anticipation welling inside of him.

Yet, as well as skepticism. 

“Why can’t you bring her here?”

“Too many people, thanks to your worldwide ads. It’s too risky.” They huffed, nudging him as they continued on.

And he followed.

What else did he have?

He was taken farther out of the city when hotels and bars became stretched out with wide parking lots and empty property.

They curved about one of the parking lots on the farthest end, dead lights and chipped walls of the building nearby, hinting that it was abandoned.

No one around.

Yet he noticed a car on the far end as they came to it, two other figures waiting, one leaning against a rolled down window. 

And as he came closer, he watched as the car door was opened.

Revealing you.

A rope was tied around your wrists as you were lead out, staggering about before you lifted your head and saw Jumin letting out a delighted sob.

“Jumin!” You yelled, a smile he long missed painting your features.

“MC!” He rushed forward, pulling you into his arms without a second’s hesitation, holding you as if you were more valuable than any treasure the world could offer.

And you were.

“MC…you’re…you’re okay!” He laughed weakly, peppering your face in kisses, an unbelievable joy soaking him.

“You came! I knew you would!” 

“The fact that he came isn’t enough,” One of the kidnappers growled, a suddenly different tone overtaking them. “Money. Now.” 

Jumin threw the duffel towards them, humming comforting words to you as you sank against his chest. 

And a few minutes later another one of the men spoke up.

“You got it all. Good.”

“Is that all then?” Jumin frowned, shooting daggers at them.

“No, we need one more thing.” 

“That being?”

He listened to the sound of a gun being cocked, horror striking him as it saw it aimed directly at you. 

He entangled his arms tighter and more protectively around you, snarling. “What is this?”

“Only one of you can leave. You get to make that decision.” 

You were struck with terror beyond belief, clutching his sleeve as you cried out objections.

“You said you’d let us go! You said all you wanted was the money! You don’t have to do this!” 

“We’re not here to negotiate. Step back, or you both get shot.” 

You shuddered, backing away with movement heavier than cinderblocks.

Jumin listened as another was loaded and aimed at him, the cold metallic surface of the barrel pressing against his head.

“So, who’s it going to be? You corporate fat cats only care about yourselves so I guess it won’t be too hard will it?” 

“Is that why you’re doing this?” Jumin snapped. “Envy? Hatred? If you have something against me, that’s fine, but do not bring MC into this! They have done nothing wrong!” 

“You wouldn’t have come otherwise.” They shrugged. “It’s not like you’re going to change our minds. So go ahead, decide.” 

“J-Jumin please…” You whimpered. “G-Get out of here…”

He clenched his hands into fists, wanting nothing more than to embrace you, and to escape from this.

But only one of you would be leaving.

And it didn’t even take him a second to decide who.

“Shoot me.” 

You screamed out in outrage, only being held back by one of them, wailing. “Jumin don’t! Don’t do this! Please!” 


He nodded.

“Yes, shoot me. Let MC go. Do not ever hurt them again. Leave them be.”

“You can’t do this Jumin! Please! D-Don’t throw away your life for me!” 

“Well, you’ve surprised me.” The man shrugged, gesturing to the other, knocking Jumin to his knees.

And in his last moments, he looked up to you, utter love and adoration filling every inch of him, smiling just a tad.

You were here.

You’d be safe.

“Darling, a life without you, is not a life worth living.” 

And with that, the bullet left. 

And the world disappeared.

But his love for you, never would.

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I remember once upon a time a cfk I worked at. I'm working nights with a much older and amazing black woman (we called her mom she worked drive). Some punk ass teenagers did a fire brigade stunt (take a bucket of ice water and throw the water at the person at the window)at her. Let me tell you, this woman 5'8 and curvy with a messed up knee threw off her headset so fast and jumped out the window to grab the driver was the best thing in the world. Miss you mom.

4 | Tomorrow


WORD COUNT: 4,664 boii


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The smell of steaming freshly brewed coffee filled your senses as you poured it into the white porcelain mug, you and Jungkook were sat at a large oak table in a private room inside the hotel, attending the third business meeting of the day.

It was day two of four, and all you’d done was sit in a makeshift office and listen to facts and figures, you were starting to get agitated.

“I have to say Jungkook, I never thought you’d settle down.” The elderly man at the table chuckled darkly, he was the oversees CEO of the Jeon Law firm, a very important man, and he knew it.

“Pardon?” Jungkook half smiled as his slender fingers tapped rhythmically on the table.

“Y/N. She’s good for you, I can tell you two are very happy together.” The older CEO smirked, his eyes hungrily wandering over your figure hugging office dress as you handed him a coffee, earning you to feel even more uncomfortable than you already were.

“Oh, we’re not together. She’s just my assistant.” Jungkook nodded slowly as he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“All of the best lawyers sleep with their assistants Jungkook-”

“Hey Y/N, didn’t you say you left something in your room? I can finish up this meeting myself don’t worry about it, take the afternoon off.” Jungkook shot you a guilty gaze, he must’ve sensed your discomfort.

“Are you sure?” You asked, your eyes flitting between Jungkook and the older man at the table.

“Yes, I’ll see you later.” Jungkook saw you to the door and swiftly closed it after your exit.

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request: Can you write something about best friend harry!


“You promise you’ll come?”

“Come on, love, have a little faith. I would cross an ocean to get to that gallery opening.”

I smirked at his joke, “Yes, Harry, that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do.”

I heard him chuckle on the other line, “I’ll be there. Promise.”


That was a week ago. I hadn’t talked to him much since and now we were nearing the end of the gallery opening. No sign of Harry. I checked my phone; no missed calls or texts. I tried calling him myself and only got his voicemail.

"Hi! Gallery opening today! Call me when you land, I just want to know if you got in safely.”

“Hey it’s me, just wondering when you’ll be here so I can let the curator know when to look for you.”

“Hi, me again, all the photos of you sold pretty quickly, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I think most people are more here for you than me. Anyway, call me back please.”

“There’s only a few people left here and the gallery closes in an hour. Where are you?”

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Tony Stark Drabble 2

Requested By: Anonymous

Prompts: “I need a place to stay.” “I haven’t slept in ages.” “Take your medicine.” 

*****To the anon that requested these, I took out one of the prompts that you requested because I couldn’t find a place to put it. Sorry I took it out but I hope you like it anyways!*****Also this is a lot longer than a normal drabble. I got carried away. Oh well!****

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Tony Stark was alone. As much as he hated to admit it, he was alone. Alone in this cruel world, and he knew it. Sure, he did have friends, lots of them. But now with the Sokovia Accords being pushed through the United Nations, Tony has found himself even more alone as he fights with his friends. His best friends. Tony’s number of people by his side has dropped significantly, and he can’t help but feel the weight of it resting on his chest. The weight that threatens to push him down deep. Deep into the bottomless, dark, and vast ocean that he will inevitably drown in.

Trying to stay afloat, Tony finds any number of distractions he can get his hands on. Work, women, alcohol… It always seemed to go back to alcohol, since it was the only way for him to escape this feeling of loneliness. 

Just like many nights before, Tony had found himself once again at the neighborhood bar. Slowly drinking away his pain and grief, Tony was shocked to have found out that it was well into the night. He couldn’t remember what time he had gotten there, but he does know for a fact that he can’t drive himself home. Tony may be a reckless person at times, but one thing for sure is that he is not a reckless driver. 

Stumbling to the exit, Tony pulled out his phone. Finding the numbers way too blurry and out of focus from the alcohol, he has FRIDAY call the one person he could always trust: you.

You, his ray of sunshine in this horrible, dark world. You, his best friend who is always there for him. You, the one who always kept him afloat whenever he began to drown. You, the girl he had hopelessly fallen in love with. 

Surprisingly being able to hold the phone up to his ear in his drunken state, Tony waits patiently for you to answer the phone.

“Hello?” Your groggy voice sounded through the speakers. Smiling at the sound of your voice, Tony leaned up against the wall of the bar.

“(Y/N), I need you to come get me. I need a place to stay,” Tony slurred as he began to pick at the paint on the wall.

Sighing on your end of the phone, you began to pull your shoes on. “Tony, you have a house. A pretty big one, I might add.”

Head shaking at your words, Tony rested his head against the cool wall. “N-no. I need a place with people. I need you.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be right there. Don’t do anything stupid,” 

Grinning at your words, Tony clutched the phone in his hand. “How can I do anything stupid when you’re-” Tony paused, hiccuping. “-taking all the stupid with you?”

Rolling your eyes at your drunk best friend, you climbed into your car. “I’ll be there in ten.” And with that, you hung up the phone.

“Love you,” Tony mumbled into the dead phone. Just like you promised, you were there in exactly ten minutes. Pulling up to the curb, you quickly parked the car before you got Tony into the passenger seat. Leaning over him to buckle him in, you can smell the alcohol radiating off of him. 

“Come on, let’s get you home,” You sighed as you pulled away from the curb.

Hmm. Home, Tony thought as he stared lovingly at you. I like the sound of that.

“C’mon, Tones, let’s get you inside,” You said as you helped him through the door. Arm slung around you, Tony stumbled into your dark house. Placing him down on the couch, you stood back and looked at your best friend. “You look like shit.”

Head rolling to his shoulder, Tony peered up at you through his thick lashes. “That’s not nice.”

“I’m serious, Tony,” You sighed as you sat down on the couch next to him. Scooting closer to you, Tony began to wrap his arms around you. “When was the last time you showered?”

Blinking at your question, Tony thought about it. “A few days ago.”

“Okay, first off, you are going to take a shower,” You said as you pulled Tony up. Stumbling through your house with Tony leaning on you, you finally made it to the bathroom. Starting the water, you began to discard the clothes from your drunk best friend. 

“If you wanted to see me naked,” Tony started as you pulled his shirt over his head. Hair adorably ruffled, he gives you a drunken smile. “You could’ve just asked.”

“You’re drunk, Tony,” You quietly reminded him. Leaving him to his own devices, you walk into your bedroom to get some of his clothes that he left over at your house. Placing them on the bathroom sink, you wait for Tony on your bed. In just a few minutes, Tony stumbled back out into your bedroom. Sobering up from the water just a tad, he made his way towards you.

“When was the last time you got some sleep?” You asked as you pulled back your covers.

“I haven’t slept in ages,” Tony breathed out, exhausted. Sitting down on your bed, Tony smiled at how soft it was. It reminded him of you because you were soft, too. 

Shaking your head at his destructive habits, you went back into your bathroom. Grabbing the sleeping pills you kept on hand for nights just like this, you walked back to Tony. “Take your medicine.”

Face scrunching up in disgust at the pills, he turned away. “No. I don’t wanna take them.”

Rolling your eyes at the man-child before you, you knelt down in front of Tony. “Please, Tony,” You said as you placed a hand on his knee. “For me.”

Heart swelling at your caring nature and at your hand resting on his knee, Tony slowly nodded. “Fine, but only for you.”

“Good boy,” You smiled as you handed him the medicine. Taking the pills one at a time, Tony gave you a small smile once he was done. “Okay, let’s go to bed now.”

Laying down on your bed, you tugged Tony in next to you. Lying down face to face, you gently placed your hand on his cheek. “What am I going to do with you, Stark?”

“I dunno,” He mumbled before taking your hand in his. “’M sorry.” Bringing your hand to his lips, Tony placed a gentle and loving kiss to your palm before intertwining his fingers with yours.

Smiling slightly at the gesture, you bring your other hand up to his hair. “You can’t keep doing this to yourself, Tones. It hurts me to see you like this.”

Avoiding your gaze, he began to play with your fingers. “’M sorry. It’s just so hard. I’m all alone, now. The Accords are tearing apart the Avengers, and no matter how hard I try to keep everyone together, I fail.”

“Hey,” You breathed out, gaining his attention. “You’re not alone. You have me.”

Grinning slightly at your words, he nodded. “That’s true. You’re the only good thing in my life right now. Everything else makes my life so hard. Sometimes I find myself barely making it through the day. But then something else comes up, and I need to fix it. I guess that’s why I’m not getting any sleep. After I fix one problem, another comes up.”

Nodding along at his words, it was you this time that placed a loving kiss to his hand. “You don’t need to fix everything, Tony. That’s not your job. But whenever I am feeling lonely or overwhelmed, I just go through the day hour by hour. That way, by the end of the day, I know that I tried my best. And that’s all we can ever do. Just try our best. And you,” You paused, making him look up at you. “Anthony Edward Stark, are the one man that I know that tries the most out of everyone else. So give yourself some credit. I know I do.”

Feeling a smile tug on his lips, Tony snaked his arm around your waist. “Thank you, (Y/N). I mean it. Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Blushing at his words, you give him a small smile. Tugging you closer to him, you are soon nose to nose with him. “You’re welcome, Tony. Let’s get some sleep now. You need it.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” He whispered as he placed a gentle kiss to your forehead. Nuzzling down further into your best friend, you let yourself become his own personal teddy bear.

“Goodnight, Tony,” You whispered back. Not receiving an answer, you placed a gentle kiss to his neck, assuming that he was asleep. “I love you.”

But alas, Tony was not asleep. For he heard you say those three special words that he has whispered to you without you knowing countless times. Holding you closer to him, Tony fell asleep with his ray of sunshine in his arms that night. That was the first night in a long line of nights where he fell asleep happy, for what had seemed like the first time in forever.



 1934 2.9 litre models, the previous P3s displacing 2.6 litres. These were built in limited numbers and reputedly sold new only to Italian customers, so as to make them available to Enzo Ferrari’s works Alfa Romeo team.

It was driven that year by Algerian Guy Moll, who contested with it every Grand Prix in ’34 except Monaco. In the process he won the Italian and German Grands Prix. Later that year he tragically lost his life after a racing accident with the car, and according to Enzo Ferrari the world had lost one of the best drivers he’d ever seen.

A year later and the rebuilt car had been acquired by Dick Shuttleworth who won apparently the first Grand Prix at Donington Park with it. Shuttleworth then went on to have it painted green (!) and then broke Sir Malcolm Campbell’s speed record at Brighton.

famous romans at house parties

crassus: it’s his house, invited everyone to try and become popular, provided mildly decent alcohol but only two bottles

pompey: epic wins for a lot of the drinking games played, but will end up ugly crying in someone’s lap bc of reasons

caesar: planning an incredible hostile takeover of the playlist but still doing his best to win all drinking games without embarrassing pompey or crassus

brutus: planning another incredible hostile takeover of the playlist once caesar has passed out after one too many

ovid: on the designated dance floor, doing his level best to touch a tit

cato: teetotaler, designated driver, not having fun

cicero: brought his own bottle of wine, texting his absent boyfriend all the shit that’s going down, really enthusiastic about defending the amount of times summertime sadness is on the playlist

virgil: the quiet kid in school that suddenly becomes the most interesting person in the world

F1 drivers in suits

First off we have Valtteri Bottas mixing his patterns in the best and most pleasing way and proving to the fashion world once and for all that hard-boiled eggs do look good in suits (even if the suit could stand to be tailored a little more…). Also, that patterned grey won’t show cat hair making him a egg man who thinks about where his cat is going to sleep when he buys his clothes.   1000000/10 Humpty Dumpty would be proud.

Next up Romain Grosjean wearing his customary expression of existential dread (mortalterror.jpg). He did not tie that tie himself but rather opted for a very obvious clip-on and I am going to shame him for it forever. Love the choice of collar though. He may be a drama bitch but the man knows his classic fashion (of course he does he’s french). 10/10 calm your tits. 

Thirdly, Antonio Giovinazzi looking for some reason like he is in the pits of hell but that’s the fault of the photographer, not his outfit. Classic shawl collar navy and black satin- no fault with the classics.  He looks like an elven prince who was unceremoniously stolen from the middle of his fairy ball and is confused by where he ended up.  infinity/10 stop sleeping on this suave and talented boy. 

Marcus Ericsson.  Why does he look like he wants to eat me? also if you are going to wear a notched collar like that without a breast pocket for a pocket square you need a boutonniere or at the very least a lapel pin gawd.  176/10 because he would devour my brain if I rated him any lower.

Next we have Daniil Kvyat who does have the top breast pocket but with no pocket square in it (the horror!!!!). The tie is great though I love the tie. He is trying to prove that even basement gremlins can dress up and have fun once in a while. I support him. 9000/10 support your local basement gremlin.

Last but not least we have Stoffel Vandoorne who is gazing longingly at a cheeto someone has dropped on the floor. There is no fault to be found with charcoal and blue, ever. It is one of the truly perfect color combinations in fashion. There is, however, fault to be found with these specific shades of charcoal and blue on him particularly, as well as with the cut of this suit. Please help this chld, his sleeves are too long and the colors make him look orange. Please send him a tailor and a proper stylist asap.  200/10 a soft orange waffle is still a soft waffle.  

Lost Series - Part Two

Part One :

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Originally posted by chloequinzel

It had to have been at least an hour of sitting in a cold, dull gray room before someone finally walked in. It was an officer that I haven’t seen before. He sat down in his chair and leaned back.

“So. Y/N L/N…” He spoke slowly.

“Kinda unfair how you know my name yet I don’t know yours.” I said, running a hand through my hair.

“Harvey,” he smirked, “now, just tell me about-”

“My parents. I know. Can I smoke in here?” I cut him off, reaching into my pants pocket to pull out a cigarette. He arched an eyebrow.

“No. You can’t. If what’s in this record is true, then you’re not old enough.” He stated.

I rolled my eyes, “cut me some slack okay? If you’ve been alone for as long as I have you begin to not care about petty bullshit like that.” I spoke, lighting a cigarette anyway. He smirked,

“Let’s just get right to the point. Tell me what happened that night.”

I let out a shaky breath. “I honestly don’t remember much. I don’t think I could be of any help to find their killer.” I responded truthfully, exhaling the smoke. Harvey narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t lie to me. Just.. start from the last thing you remember.” His voice was rough. I mumbled an ‘okay’.

“The last thing I remember is watching a movie with my father, when there was a knock at the door. My father ushered me to bed. I believe I fell asleep but woke up once I heard shouting. I remember peaking out my bedroom door and seeing a man facing my parents.. I was scared, so I ran to hide in my parents closet. It was the place I felt safest cause I was surrounded by my mothers perfume. That was where I found the pistol you found in my bag.” I paused, taking a hit of my cig.

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Did you fall or did you let go?

Word Count: 1092 (omg idek how I did this)

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Suicide mention, sweariiiing, angst?????? and I think that’s all.

A/N: Hello hello hello! Welcome back to another chapter of “trying to write something coherent with Anna” I hope this is better than the last thing I wrote lol Anyway, Dear EVan Hansen is such a good musical and you should totally listen to it. The thing is that I really liked the plot and I THINK the title is a phrase from the show, so… enjoy


She was actually happy for the fact that she was going to see the show and not take part in it. But she didn’t expect it to be because she fell while climbing a tree and broke her leg.

“How’s the princess doing?”

“Fuck off, Daveed.  At least I don’t have to worry about fucking things up like you do every night” The afro laughed and hugged her before sitting next to her.

“Don’t judge if we suck. I mean, I may fuck up, but don’t judge them, okay?” The girl chuckled and said she didn’t promise anything, which was true; she had a habit of wanting things perfect and if she found even the minimum bad thing she would make a big deal out of it. After a couple of minutes, Jasmine and Phillipa came on stage walking like models and posing for ‘the cameras’ “You suck”

“You love us aaaaaaaaaaaand we came to take Daveed, people is about to get in, you should go and get changed” The curly haired said and disappeared as soon as she heard the front door open. Daveed got up and kissed her cheek before going to the dressing rooms just in time to not get caught by that day’s audience. Y/N laughed when Groff’s voice was played and her eyes shined as soon as she heard the famous opening song


When intermission came she wasted no time in getting up and going backstage as good as she could with her crutches.

Once she got there, someone grabbed her bridal style making her squeal and almost fell of those arms.

“Oh my god, I think I can’t hear anything. You sure you don’t want to use your screams for a horror movie, Y/N?”

“NO, I prefer to use them when I need to scream your name to make you cum” Y/N rolled her eyes at Anthony’s suggestion and made sure Jasmine knew it was a joke and he wasn’t cheating on her.

“How’s the damsel doing?” Lin’s voice was heard from his dressing room door and Anthony let Y/N on her feet and handed her the crutches even though he helped her walking to Lin’s dressing room. Once there he excused himself and went to his own to get ready for act 2.

“Good, first time I’m allowed to go out after just laying on bed for a month or so. How are you doing?” She smiled and sat on the couch to rest since her leg was hurting like a bitch. Lin was trying to not be too direct, he knew something was up with her but he didn’t know how to ask it so he ended up doing it the best way; he closed the door and turned to look at her.

“Now, how are you really doing?”

“Wh-What do you mean? I’m fi-”

“Y/N, please, do us a favor and stop acting. How are you really doing?” Lin was growing impatient. He wanted to hear a real answer and stop hearing lies for once in 5 months.

“How do you expect me to be? My brother died and it’s my fault”

“No it’s not” Two months ago Y/N’s brother died in a car accident when she called him to come and pick her up. The car was slammed into a wall thanks to a truck driven by a drunken guy. The driver survived but her brother was brutally killed and didn’t even get a chance to come back to life. She blamed herself for that since she was the one that decided not to go home walking or in Lin’s car. After she received the news, the girl locked herself in her room for one month and avoided any contact with the world. After that month, Lin received a call that his best friend was at the hospital in surgery because she fell of a tree.

“YES IT IS! If didn’t have called him to pick me up he would have been here and I wouldn’t have a broken leg right now” At this point of the conversation she was crying and had stood up not caring about the pain that was ranging through her body, she just wanted to finish this as soon as possible. Lin, scared of what could happen if she put herself through those efforts, walked over to where she was standing but quickly stopped when Y/N screamed saying that she didn’t help. “I DON’T CARE IF I GET HURT, HE’S NEVER GOING TO COME BACK”

Everyone outside that dressing room had heard that and stopped doing whatever they were doing. Y/N never got mad to the point where screaming was necessary so they knew this had to be something important. At the same time, something clicked inside Lin’s head, just like a switch, a light bulb went on inside his head.

“Did you fall or did you let go?”


“You know what I mean. Did you fall of the tree while climbing it or did you let go of it in hope the hit would kill you?” The long haired man started approaching her slowly while his eyes filled with water at the thought of his best friend trying to kill herself. “Is that why you stopped talking to me? You were scared I would find out the real reason you can barely walk now?”

“I-It just felt right t-to do it. I mis-missed him, a-and I thought that i-if I did that I c-could bri-bring him back into m-my life in s-some way” Y/N broke down in tears and he automatically hugged her trying to let her know all his feelings through that hug. He didn’t want to see her go. He didn’t want her to think this was the end. She was too young to die and he didn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t there for him.

“Look, I know this can be hard b-but we can sort everything out. W-We can try and get through this together. I-I promise it can and will get better. But let me help you, Y/N” Lin didn’t know if it was the heat of the moment or the look in her eyes, but as soon as soon as he saw how close her face was to his, he didn’t think it twice before laying a light, sweet and sweet kiss on her lips. Once they pulled apart  he pulled her into his chest again and kissed her temple.

“Promise me, that no matter what, you’ll let me be there for you”

“I promise.”