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Chief Inspector Japp getting back at Poirot for serving him pork feet earlier

Agatha Christie’s Poirot 6x02: ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’

Kentledge Hall

Chapter One

A penniless dock worker inherits a title and his family’s destitute estate. In order to save the house and grounds, he puts an ad in the paper for a wealthy wife from the United States. The damaged Emma Swan is desperate for a new start anywhere but New York. Together, will they save Kentledge Hall?

Thank you to the gorgeous @ofshipsandswans for the amazing cover work!

Rated M – Chapter One contains non-con/rape

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New York City - December 31st, 1915

Awash in several glasses of Champagne, eighteen year-old Emma Swan had been easily tantalized into the Conservatory at the Vanderbilt Mansion during a New Year’s celebration, ringing in the promises of 1916. Despite the December chill, there was a lingering warmth in the Conservatory.

The young society darling and her date were surrounded by all manner of exotic plants and flowers, blooming in the moonlight. She, herself, was the most colorful thing in the room; she wore a gown of gold and black, covered with a wine-tinted gauze and cinched at the waist with a decorative band of gilded embroidery and mother-of-pearl. Her moonlit hair was tucked into a pile of curls, secured with a large gilded comb bedecked with pearls.

Neal Cassidy, a young, handsome attorney from Delaware, was her tuxedoed date for the evening’s festivities and they had just managed to ditch Emma’s tipsy aunt Regina Mills back in the ballroom downstairs.

Emma giggled with delight as Neal swung her around the tiled floor of the room, his arm wrapped around her back. They were dancing much closer than they would have been allowed at the party. She closed her eyes as Neal bowed his head to place kisses along the side of her neck, a smile spreading over her lips.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned softly, sliding her fingers between his. “You really shouldn’t do that, you know.”

Neal chuckled and let his lips find hers. He walked her backward until her calves came to a stop against the end of a chaise longue. “Why shouldn’t I?” He asked against her lips. “I’m going to marry you, Emma, my dear.”

The idea made her giddy. A grand wedding with all sorts of fanfare and a milky-white gown of everything in the finest, her best friends all with large bouquets of white roses and lily-of-the-valley…it was everything Emma wanted. And Neal was such an entertainment to her over the past few months. Lavish dinners, ferry rides, and even a day at Luna Park in Brooklyn where he had won her a small pink porcelain figurine. He really knew how to woo a girl. He grasped her by the waist and carefully laid her back onto the chaise, taking a seat dangerously close to her.

“Neal,” Emma whispered, blushing profusely, “no, stop that…someone will see you and think the worst.”

“With me, it will hardly be the worst, darling. Don’t you want me, Emma?” He asked. The music downstairs grew louder, and Emma knew they must be nearing midnight.

“After we marry, of course,” she insisted, moving her hands to his shoulders to push gently.

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Happy 126th Birthday, Dame Agatha Christie
(Sept 15 1890 -  Jan 12 1976)

Same Old Mistakes

Summary: Some things never change.
Parings: BoruSara, SasuSaku, NaruHina.

“I’m worried about her, Sasuke.”

Sasuke paused, his spoonful of red bean soup mid-air, and looked at his wife. Sakura sat next to her on the picnic blanket, staring at the Uchiha pond ahead of her, her eyes fixated on a tiny body with dark hair and a red bow.

Sarada Uchiha sat near the end of the dock with a book in hand, reading without a care in the world. She was seven years old and the apple of her parents’ eyes. She was a quiet, albeit quick-witted, intelligent young girl; constantly top of her class, much like Sasuke was, and excelled in whatever ninjutsu and taijustu that she knew. The teachers at the academy often boasted about her whenever Sakura came to pick her up, quick to call the tiniest Uchiha a prodigy among the other children.

“Why are you worried?” Sasuke finally asked. He saw nothing wrong with the picture a head of him. Sarada was content with her book.

Sakura snapped her head to her husband. “Are you kidding? Sasuke look around — don’t you think Sarada should play with the other kids? All she ever does is read.”

Sasuke’s onyx eyes (or rather, eye) scanned the area in front of him. Laughter flooded the grassy hills overlooking the pond. The newest InoShikaCho formation were doing something between sparring and playing tag — ChoCho seemed to think it was a game, while Shikadai and Inojin were more engaged in battle. Temari scolded her son for not engaging all of his team members. Boruto climbed atop Kakashi-sensei’s back, as if he was some kind of human totem pole, while his kids, Obito and Kyoko, were chasing Mirai. Hinata appeared to playing hide and seek with her youngest child, Himawari.

And then there was little Sarada, sitting quiet as can be near the water, reading.

A ghost of a smile graced Sasuke’s lips. “Are you calling our daughter a stick in the mud?”

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anonymous asked:

I read a discussion on a fb page and someone said that Cam never liked gallavich. I read some noel's interviews and I'm sure he really loves the couple. Did cam ever say something to make people believe he doesn't like IxM together? Or is he just uncomfortable about the fandom? I was not a fan of Cam's acting in 7x10/7x11 (but he is an awesome actor, just look at gotham!), I was expecting different expressions, so that made me think that maybe he was not super excited about the reunion.

Uhh I can’t really help you with this one, I haven’t watched any interviews of Cam talking about Ian and Mickey. It’s just not all that relevant to me what the actors think about it?? No offence to them but their opinions on IxM have no bearing on the way I feel about it or on my interpretation of the relationship.

That being said, I find the notion that Cam never liked gallavich pretty hard to believe. What’s not to like?

Happy Birthday, Luna!!

Thank you for working so hard in f(x). Thank you for thinking of MeUs all the time. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. 

Now to the gushing over Luna(’s vocals). Long post with lots of videos ahead, so hopefully this fake cut works on mobile –

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Marine Blvd 3  – residential, 30x20, no cc

Beach house with outdoor shower area, one bedroom (plus an unfurnished one at the top), living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and garage. There’s room to expand on the ground level – or you can knock down some walls and build a pool next to the garage. Cost: around 89K.

Marine Blvd is in the Gallery, tagged with #simmingstuff (Origin id: lolatort)
Probably looks best placed on the Dock Den lot in Windenburg.

First person to correctly guess what inspired this build (humor me please xD) gets a price of their choosing:
1. Congratulatory message
2. Congratulatory post
3. A version of this lot with less sucky landscaping (liberated plants that make the lot flagged as modded, but you don’t have to install anything)

Noel Fisher as

Mikhailo Aleksandr, Summerborn of the house Milkovich
Fourth of His Name,
The Unimprisonable,
King of Shameless,
God of war and sex,
Breaker of Bars,
And Bringer of Ratings

their best chance

hey fergus80, this is entirely your fault and I love you for it

He can’t help sneaking glances at the boy as the wind fills the sails of the Jolly Roger, carrying them to the Bottomless Sea. The boy – Henry, he says is his name – scampers around the deck as if he’s known her his whole life. His actions were sure – hoisting sails and tying knots far more complicated than Killian himself was capable of – calling out instructions for Killian himself to follow as they fled the safety of the harbor. And Blackbeard.

His muscles are still weak as kelp from the captain catching him in such a compromising position, the potential whipping for disrespect looming large in his mind’s eye. He’s weaker still from having to carry the captain’s limp form off the Jolly, stowing Blackbeard behind some old, abandoned shipping crates. The boy Henry merely grinned, saying something about adventure and heroics, yet Killian’s never felt more the coward. Stealing a man’s ship, well… Henry may say the Jolly is his, but he’s sure the boy is as daft as the summer’s day is long.

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