the best dj of all time


Imagine them bonding over music together. Imagine them sharing playlists and discussing the newest hits. Imagine them making mixed tapes and jamming out to the latest tunes. Imagine them talking about how music helped them through the tough times in their lives. Imagine them just being the best music buddies ever???


High School AU
  • Dr. D is that kid who has their headphones on all the time and like fifteen different band hoodies except he thinks he’s better than everyone because he hates pop music and anything later than Nirvana in general and would fuck each of the Beatles individually. Everyone kinda thinks he’s a tool but they still like him because he has a fake ID and he always has the notes somehow even though he sleeps in class. He’s got more vinyls than he will ever need in his entire life and can’t talk to anyone he’s even remotely interested in but he can do a remarkable amount of chin ups.
  • NewsAGoGo is head of like seven different clubs and does all the announcements in the morning. She doesn’t really have a set friend group because she just knows everyone and she knows everyone’s business all the time. Like, she’s the one to go to for gossip. She’ll leave you out of the yearbook if you do her wrong, she’s kind of merciless. 
  • DJ Hot Chimp is D’s best friend and she’s one of those sporty lesbians who can do like, everything and makes all the boys look bad. Or, she’d make them look bad but she’s only out as trans to like three people so they don’t really notice, they just think she’s chill. And she IS pretty chill, but she’s also not afraid to throw someone down for talking shit. She’s the best in a fight, out of all of them. Like, she knows karate and shit. It’s awe inspiring. 
  • Tommy is really fuckin’ scary because a) he’s the new kid so he’s kind of a wild card, b) he never fuckin’ talks to anyone and c) he will do literally anything for 20 bucks. Among other things he has climbed to the roof of the school in broad daylight, eaten the shifty spider that’s been chilling in the back of the first year English room for weeks, broken into the janitor’s closet, and nearly started a fire in the wood shop. He’s on a first name basis with the principal and all the secretaries. He doesn’t really have friends, and the only time people ever talk to him if they’re not daring him to do something is if they run into him at his dad’s shop where he works.
  • Mad Gear, when he does show up to class, tends to sleep through everything important because he stays up all night playing League of Legends. He used to be the wild card before Tommy came by, and it’s weird that people stopped daring him to do things because he’ll do them for free, they could be saving money. He lives off of Coca Cola and ramen noodles and spends more time than anyone his age should being inebriated. He doesn’t really have friends, just people he knows from the anime club or DnD sessions at D’s house that he talks to sometimes. Though apparently he has a girlfriend, but she lives in Canada or something. He’s a pretty nice guy but he can’t hold a conversation to save his life.  
Zelus (3/5)

im so sorry it took so long to get this chapter up - life had different plans for me and i had to deal with that. everything is back under control now, which is good, but at the same time i have a lot of uni work to deal with and since this is my last semester i gotta make sure i do decently good.

the positive that came from all of this is that i have a pretty strict schedule for the next few months which means i have regular times i can write and as such im gonna do my best to upload regularly, every friday. i dont know if there’ll be another chapter this friday but i’ll try my best!

also this sounds really weird but honestly i channeled my inner DJ Khaled while writing this.

Characters: bucky x reader

Summary: Y/N tells Bucky that she isn’t the jealous type and so it turns into a sort of competition to see if he can make her jealous. based on this prompt by @buckyprompts​ 

Warnings: mentions of Stockholm syndrome. 

Word count: 2,250 words

Also read here: AO3

Part I, Part II,

Originally posted by buckybarnesaddicted

Weeks passed without another incident, so much so that you’d honestly completely forgotten all about Bucky’s little challenge. The entire team was scattered about on the Quinjet, each tending to their injuries, with some even tending to the wounds of the hostages you’d just rescued.

This mission had been a little different to the things you usually dealt with. You had been trailing and apprehending a businessman who was also involved in illegal international arms dealing - and by ‘involved’ you meant that he was singlehandedly responsible for about 80% of all guns and weapons bought on the black market in the entire world. The mission would have normally been something you’d leave to the international community, perhaps the team would offer their assistance to NATO or whoever, and be done with it. But this mission had been particularly personal to Tony, understandably so, and as such the whole team had gotten involved. Even Thor was on standby in Asgard, ready to travel through the realms at a moment’s notice.

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Fluffy Angst Masterlist

Ages Through The Years -  skinnyjeanshowell

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Childhood Best Friend - phanjam

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Daniel Howell - six-foot-two-phanchild

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First Words - phan-dil-lions

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Into Dust - cafephan

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I Sing The Blues (And Swallow Them Too) - arcticphan

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Let Me Be Your Light - uhnonniemiss

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Masquerade - arcticphan

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Morning Outing - cafephan

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Our Hours - dantiloquent

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People Fall In Love in Mysterious Ways - existentialll

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Sticky Notes - insanityplaysfics

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Temporary Trigger - glitteraccent

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The Troubles of Dating A Polyglot - romaticphantasies

Summary: Whenever Dan and Phil fight with each other, Dan will argue with him in French until he gets what he wants, whatever that may be. Phil does not speak French, and he finds the whole thing kind of exhausting.

To Live On The Moon With You - helenismylover

Summary: In which Dan is a struggling writer who gets sad sometimes and Phil works in an ice cream shop.

Whiteboard Confessions - phan-panda

Summary: Phil confesses his feelings for Dan and doesn’t get the reaction he’s expecting. He plays it off as a joke but the truth comes out when they’re at the radio show.

Probably the best experience I’ve had at a school dance was right after my class read A Clockwork Orange. We were dancing and shit, having a good time, when the DJ comes over the audio system and says, in a very irritated tone, “WHO THE HELL KEEPS REQUESTING ALL THE BEETHOVEN” and an unidentified voice from the crowd shouts back “YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH LUDWIG VAN, YA GREAT BOLSHY BASTARD”

It’s A Prank//N.M.

“Hey guys, wassup? It’s ya boy Fousey and I’m here with one my best friends Y/N.“ He smiles. "HEY GUYSSSSS!” I yell. “So today Y/N And I are getting our revenge.” He smirks. "All summer sixteen.” I sing. “So last time I was here Y/N and her boyfriend Nate pranked me saying that Y/N was pregnant so today I’m here with Y/N and we are about to prank Nate with a cheating prank so let’s go RAHH!” Yousef says then turns off the camera.”Okay so what are we doing?“ Yousef asks. Yousef has been my best friend since we were little. We bonded over our love of the Lion King. It was Halloween and he was Simba and I was Nala.”Uhh so I’ll get dressed up in some lingerie and stuff and I’ll start off like climbing on top of you kissing you and then Nate should be walking in around this time”I say.”Okay what were gonna be in here in Silence?”He ask.”No Nate has this huge speaker system so if I play the music loud enough he’ll be able to hear it”I say.”Ok what song”He says.”My fave song Wet the Bed by Chris Brown”I smirk.”Now you don’t know who your messing don’t let this prank go too far”He laughs.”Whatever” I giggle.

*An Hour Later*

“Alright Yousef you ready to see me”I giggle.”Since 6th Grade”He chuckles.”Shut up!!”I say walking out.”Damn you didn’t look like this in the 6th Grade”He smirks.”I guess I look good”I smile looking into the mirrior at my outfit.”My phone goes off.”It’s Nate”I smile.”Hello”I sing answering the phone.”Hey baby”He says.”Hey”I laugh.”What you doing”He says.”Chilling with yousef watvhing some movies”I smirk.”Y/N I told you about being alone with him”He groans.”What you don’t trust me”I frown laughing.”Of course I do I just don’t trust him”He says.”Okay well if you trust me then you’ll be fine I love you and see you when you get home”I smile hanging up.About 15 minutes later I get a text saying Nate’s down the street.”Alright Postions”I yell.Fousey lays down on the couch and I lay down on top of him.”Remember this just a joke”I say as I hear Nate’s keys jiggle.”Of course you really think I would let you kiss me”He chuckles.”I scoff and attached my lips to his as Nate opens the door.Yousef’s hand find their way to my ass and I let out a moan.”Y/N WHAT THE FUCK!”hE YELLS.”Oh,Hey Nate”I smirk flipping my body sitting on Yousef’s lap.”What are you doing”He yells.”I didn’t think you would be home”I laugh.”Usually when you say I’m down the street your not home for like an hour”I say getting up running up to him.”I knew I shouldn’t have let you be alone with him”Nate groans.”Nate…”I smile.”Why THE FUCK IS THIS FUNNY AND YOU,YOU FUCKED MY GIRLFRIEND”He tells.”Not yet I was about to though”He smirks.I see the anger buliding in Nate’s eyes.He just storms out.I look at Yousef and shrug we both take our seats back on the couch and turn on Let’s be Cops.

*15 mins later*(sorry)

I get awakend with a huge bang.The front door swung open.”So who ass we gotta beat”Swazz ask walking in.I watch as Both Jacks walk in,Skate,Swazz,Tyler,Tez,Nash,Derek,Kdl and Cameron.”What the fuck why are ya’ll here?!”I ask.”We heard we gotta beat some guys ass”Derek said.”You two don’t even like each other why are you here”I say.”When I heard about you I had to come”He says.”Nash made me come because your my little sister”Cam shrugs.”Nate if you would’ve let me tell you earlier it was a prank”I laugh.”A Prank all the boys laugh.”Yeah,He is my best friend”I smile .”Plus she is fucking gross I know way to much about her to let her kiss me foreal”He chuckles.”Good”Nate says yanking me into his arms.”You guys can leave”I smile.”Fuck that”I was awoken from a nap for this shit……I’m getting some damn pizza and staying here”He says.”Yeah” everyone else chants.Derek and Kdl alreayd left.”Alright Yousef you’re oreding”I smile.”Everytime with you”He groans pulling out his phone.All the guys rush over toh im to say what they want I go anmd start getting pillow and Blankets for everyone.I stop walking just to make sure.”Sleepover?”I yell as they boys look at me.”Sleepover.’They say turning back to Yousef and continue.I groan and walk upstairs ro go get movies and all that extra shit


“Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?”

Hi followers!
Finally, after all this time Dj Sona is finished. It’s been a long and

quite challenging especially when my school doesn’t leave me much spare

time. Working at night it’s not the best. y.y
In spite of everything I’m satisfied about the final result.

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Author: MellytheHun

Summary: The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born

Info: 8k | Teen | Human AU, Humor

Notes: I just loved the whole idea so much! Also Derek was just awesome as a radio host and he made the best jokes and I really like how it was kinda Derek and Stiles show and the feels were great too! It just made me so happy to read it, I’m sure you will smile too! Also there should be a sequel with Derek and Stiles hosting one day, just saying ;) - K.

Sneak Peek:

When they hang up, Derek takes another call from a someone who works at a Teavana and talks for way too long about their selection. Once Derek is back on the air alone, he says, “thanks for the recommendations, Nick. And for those of you that called while Nick was on the air, to answer your questions - yes, Stiles did call in and he’s just fine. He did want to warn the general public against consuming black coffee mixed with diet Coke and Monster, however. Apparently, it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value. I think we can all be thankful that a self-appointed public servant like Stiles has so committed himself to the heroic experimentations of caffeine in his quest to protect us while still getting us through graveyard shifts.”

“The Final day of the Formation World Tour was nothing short of Epic. The Jay, X and Ja reunion.. Wow.
New artist like A Boogie & Young M. A. came through and blessed us. Not to mention Ma$e, DJ Mustard & Fetty Wop joined us for the 1st time as well and killed it. Thanks to The LOX too.
This pic may seem random but the people in it are certainly not. It happened right before we exited MetLife stadium at 1am or something still on a high from the show. The artist in this pic like T.I., Remy and August came to several shows, held us down and performed just for the love. As did all the others. You can’t buy that.
The We The Best Team including Justin from Roc is in here as well who held Khaled down. DJ Nasty kept it together on the turntables even though we never followed the show script. Lol. Ivan for capturing the historic moments. Terrel & Smokes kept Khaled fresh to death.
My brother, Jay, who we can’t thank enough for standing on the side of the stage for every show and coached Khaled & I through the performances. He also took a pic with EVERY guest artist that came through. Lol. Applaud him for that.
Steve Pamon, Melissa & Larry from Parkwood for making sure we were good!!!! Anyway, I’m not tryin to do any long dumb thank you speech. It’s important for me to point out and thank those who work hard and deserve it. They often aren’t acknowledged or applauded cause they’re behind the scenes.
Khaled, they said we couldn’t do it. We showed them better than we could tell them.
Kiko, I’m sick you not in this.
I feel like I just came off a Michael Jackson tour. Lol. Beyonce is 1 of the greatest to ever do it.. Ever!
Love you, B. Thanks!!!”

Take You Down (Yugyeom)

Request: you give Yugyeom a lap dance and he gets all flustered but then like grabs ur hips or smth idk have fun

Length: 864 words

Genre: Suggestive/Fluff/Almost smut

*A/N: when you see the (x), open the link in another tab. It’s a link to Chris Brown’s Take You Down. The scenario is a lot more saucy if you read it in time with the song ;-)

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signs at a school dance
  • Aries: Has a group around them, watching as they roast people
  • Taurus: Stayed home
  • Gemini: Recording and Snapchatting literally everything
  • Cancer: Awkwardly on phone the whole time
  • Leo: Talking to everyone and walking around a lot
  • Virgo: Enjoying time with their date
  • Libra: All dressed up and wins best outfit by a lot
  • Scorpio: Is the DJ
  • Sagittarius: Helps pass out food and other cool things sold at the dance
  • Capricorn: Does the coolest new dance moves, is the person all over your news feed (thanks to Gemini)
  • Aquarius: In corner, sadly not having much fun
  • Pisces: Requesting songs / hanging with Scorpio at DJ booth

For my last post at my current age, have the rough beginning of the most painful fanfic idea I’ve ever had.

Warnings: Death, dying, grief, but it’s still me.  I promise it’ll all work out in the end.  It’ll just be a while before we get there.

Every time he changed, he lost himself for a minute.

He didn’t talk about it, he didn’t really like to think about it.  But every time he changed, for a minute, for an eternity of a minute, DJ Stark wasn’t anything.  He wasn’t a bot.  He wasn’t a human.  He was just a fragment of memory, a force of will, a consciousness without form, and it was at once the best and worst thing he could do.

Because for a moment, he had complete control over his existence.

It was heady and terrifying and foreign and familiar, all at once, and when it was over and done, a physical form dragged him back to earth. Gave him weight.  Gave him boundaries.  Gave him rules to follow and limitations to try to overcome.  

He missed that instant of being weightless.  Especially when he woke up with a pounding ache behind his temples and a sour stomach.

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A Woman Defending Rap Music (Part One)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a fan of rap music. It’s been my favorite genre since I was a small child. The very essence of my being is attached to this love I have for Hip Hop. Every morning I wake up, I say Good Morning Hip Hop. My favorite rapper, Killer Mike, admitted to a sold out crowd that it was one of his favorite things about following me on Twitter. I try my best to study the entire culture. I love graffiti, I always respect the DJ, and the dancers have just been some of the illest performers I’ve ever witnessed. It’s not every day that a lot of people get into heated debates and discussions about what era was better or who deserves the props. People don’t sit around and discuss the best producers in their spare time. They don’t have a list of favorite DJs. They barely even read liner notes. All of these things, I’ve done since I was still losing teeth. As a nearly 28 year old Black woman, these are still some of my favorite things.

Knowing how much I love Hip Hop as a culture, it’s no secret that I own books, movies, magazines and just spend as much time as humanly possible thinking about it. The music I’ve been fortunate enough to purchase and witness live is my favorite thing of all. A few years ago I started attending rap concerts. This is the thing that changed my life forever. Doing this allowed me to participate more fully in something that I’ve already dedicated so much of my life to. Even my screen saver is dedicated to my love of rap music (and Prince). Rap music has fascinated me for almost 30 years. I even started rapping at a young age as a result. Since around 4 and 5 years old, I’ve been reciting rap lyrics. The very first album I learned was Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. My parents introduced me to it. Like most things, I first came into contact with them at home. So it shouldn’t be a shocker here that I learned quite a few things that weren’t exactly suitable for children to know in the process. I say they were not suitable for a child, but I am forever grateful to my parents for not robbing me of the chance to learn these things mostly under their supervision.

As a kid, I spent so much time studying my mom and how she set up her stereo. Nothing was better than spending the weekend seeing my mom go from Teena Marie and L.T.D. to Snoop Dogg and Tupac. Yeah, my Momma picked out the music. I loved watching my mom dub tapes, or record new songs off the radio. My mom had the antenna going all the way up the wall and speaker wire everywhere. For the longest time, the stereo was the nicest, most well maintained thing in our apartment. Daddy knew the best gift to give Momma, besides jewelry, was a good stereo. Back then she had a Fisher entertainment system. I could never mess with it, but I would always want to. Her music was her music, but it quickly became the soundtrack to my life. Many Friday afternoons, I would come from school and Mommy would be cleaning and cooking. Keith Sweat’s Make It Last Forever album was how she set her equalizer. She always told me that was the perfect album for the task. I realize now that I spent a lot of time shadowing my mom, and I never fully understood why, back then. Now that she’s passed, I get it. She was larger than life for much of my entire life. God rest her soul.

It’s important that I tell you guys the backstory to my love of rap music. I remember reading about the Quad Studios shooting of 2Pac in the Washington Post. I’ve always lived in Prince George’s County, Maryland. That story shook me, because I was a big 2Pac fan. My childhood consisted of cartoons, listening to my parents’ music and music videos. 2Pac was the man around my house. My dad used to collect issues of The Source inside and old school desk. Don’t know where the hell that desk came from, but I remember it being in our apartment. On my favorite road trip of all time, the summer of 1996, we played All Eyez On Me all the way down I-95. To this day it’s still my favorite 2Pac album, even though Me Against The World is his best work. I just love being able to associate that memory with the music. How bittersweet it was to return from that trip and have to watch 2Pac get shot and ultimately die. I cried so much when I learned that 2Pac was dead. It hurt me immeasurably, at 8 years old. My mom couldn’t understand why I was crying, but for some reason, I couldn’t stop. That’s how I knew it was bigger than anything I would ever come to like or know in my life.

Let’s take time to pay attention to the names I’ve mentioned. The only woman, other than me and my Momma, is Teena Marie. Do women exist in rap music by the time I’ve become a fan? Absolutely. Am I a fan of women in rap music at this time? Hell yes. I love MC Lyte. I love Queen Latifah. “Ladies First” is my jam. Salt N Pepa are the bomb, I remember rapping along to Nonchalant on the radio. “5 O’Clock” was all over The Box, man. My Mom even had a copy of Bo$$’s only studio album. Missy hadn’t quite taken off on her own, but she was getting work behind the scenes. While it wasn’t the rap game, but she did rap, Left Eye was easily one of my favorites. Of course there were names like Lauryn (still in the Fugees), Da Brat released her platinum, with the assistance of Jermaine Dupri. Lil Kim was emerging as was Foxy Brown. There were so many more, though. Ms. Melody and Yo-Yo, Monie Love, Lady of Rage (who I love so much) and so many others. I’d heard of all of them, but I still had my clear favorites. So there are women in rap. At this point in time, I’m only really paying attention to Queen, Lyte, Left Eye and Rage, though. They just had the lyrics and images that I liked more than everyone else.

You don’t know how much I’ve always hated talking about image in rap music, because I believe the music matters the most. However, being a young girl who loved rap music, and coming up in the era of the music video, you saw a lot of different images, and a lot of the same ones on display. Many of the rappers I liked were the rappers nearly everybody liked. You liked 2Pac, Snoop, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and other alpha male types. These were the guys whose music I heard a lot of. Unfortunately, more often than not, they appeared to have a very specific idea of women in their music. Women decorated the videos and weren’t much else outside of sexual conquests or objects in the music. I say this at 27, because I know more about what the words mean now. Back then I was just learning the lines so I could perform along with the music. Did I know which ones where considered bad or offensive? Yes, because you got popped if Momma heard you using them, lol. In all seriousness, though, I’d heard those words in several places outside of rap music as well. Were they words that I used to describe myself? At the time, no. I had no real preference for any of these words except gangsta. I knew I wanted to be a gangsta because Scarface said it felt good to be one. There wasn’t a record going around saying “damn it feels good to be a hoe”.

For every song I really loved, there wasn’t a lot of anything directed to women, outside of sexual preference or sexual instructions. Which at the age I was listening to it, meant absolutely nothing to me because I wasn’t having sex, and wasn’t going to be for a minute. What would I have taken offense to at that point? I was a kid, and even when I entered my teens, I still didn’t feel like these records were written with me in mind. I accepted this as something that didn’t apply to me, mostly because I believed it didn’t. Call me crazy, but I didn’t think I had anything in common with the women in the music videos, because their particular style didn’t suit me. Back then it was spandex, short skirts and low cut tops. I’m still not into that look, to be honest. Hell, I just bought my first pair of cargo shorts last month. (If at all possible, I try to always be wearing pants, usually jeans and if not that, dress pants will do.) I formed no negative opinion about the women just for wearing tight clothes, but I saw that the rappers got to wear baggy jeans, sweatshirts, jerseys and hats, which seemed more like what I wanted to wear in the first place. Not until TLC popped up did that become a good look for women in music. So I just picked the cooler outfits.

What wasn’t cool was the fact that as I matured, I heard people tearing down my favorite genre. How I managed to ignore it during the 90s, I don’t really know. I knew Tipper Gore had her issues, C. Delores Tucker, Bob Dole and a bunch of other people didn’t like the messages in rap music, but I rode with the rappers. Did that mean there was nothing wrong? No. But I sided with the people who were anti-censorship, especially bullshit censorship. Claiming it incited violence and demeaned Black women, specifically, hit me differently than it should have. I didn’t think rap music was any more violent than the biggest action films out at the time. And I didn’t fully recognize how Black women were the only women who were being disrespected in the music. In fact, I still don’t. Because for as much music as I’ve bought, I’ve not heard bitch or hoe specified as any Black woman or modified to make certain to exclude white women or Asian women or Latina women. I don’t recall white women protesting hard rock artists. They didn’t feel that all of the white women glorified in rock music were whores or tramps. Yet rap got the bad rap for things that other genres were spared. I think it’s been carried in a manner that depends on Black women to be the most outraged by it, in order drive it out. But the problem there is that there are also Black women in the rap game. During the earlier extremely problematic era, rap music had groups like Oaktown’s 357 and Hoez With Attitude on the scene, who were the supposed women versions of their male contemporaries.

Hip Hop culture is absolutely nothing without Black women. We were at the park jams. We were dancing, we were writing and tagging buildings and trains, we were DJing and we were rapping. Rap music is problematic as fuck. The industry is some bullshit. It’s unwelcoming and designed to make people rich, who don’t give a damn about this culture or this art form. The fact remains, rap music needs Black women. It wouldn’t have the trends or the success or the appeal without us. Many men relied on the fact that women danced to their music or bought their albums or came to the shows. It’s not like these guys wanted only men to buy their music. If the objective was to get rich, why not try to profit from the largest possible audience? It makes no sense to refuse good money. However, in treating this like a consumer/business relationship, it requires that we take customer complaints seriously, and work to improve the product. That I know hasn’t always happened, but it cannot be said that rap music has always been toxic and detrimental to women. Despite the misogyny and the under to complete misrepresentation of women, there have been great achievements in recording excellence, by many of music’s more problematic people. In the next part I aim to discuss how as much as I’ve loved it, by no means has it been an easy line to walk.

Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain

Jealous Johnson

AN: Y/gbf=Your guy best friend

As a birthday gift, Jack had taken me back to my hometown last week. It was great! I got to catch up on things with all of my family and friends I had almost forgotten all about. At my time there, I was reunited with my best, and I mean best, guy friend. He was always so sweet with me and had my back with no exceptions whatsoever so it was only fair that I promised him we’d keep in touch even after I left last week. He accompanied Jack and I to the airport when it was time to fly back to LA and we’ve been texting almost nonstop since then. He’s really been wanting to catch up on things and that’s all we’ve been doing. When Jack found out I had been texting him, he was a bit uncomfortable with the idea but I reassured him that y/gbf was just a friend and nothing more so he dropped it. But Jack has been acting so strange lately and I have a feeling it’s about y/gbf. He’s been ignoring me all day and he didn’t even kiss me goodbye when he left to the studio which really bummed me out… I love Jack’s kisses. So I decided I’d confront him when he got back from the studio. He was a little cold towards me when he came in and when I told him I’d cooked, he simply waved me off and went into our shared bedroom so there I went, looking like a fool, and followed him in. He was lying on our bed on his phone with the most serious face I’d ever seen on him. I crept towards him and threw myself on the bed to get his attention. I only received a simple glance before he returned to whatever the hell he was doing.

“Jack…” I cooed as I nuzzled my face into his neck, to which he continued to be unresponsive.

“Jack quit ignoring me…” I mumbled. Nothing. I tried being nice a few more times but he just kept being an ass so I eventually snatched his phone from his hand and sat on his lap.

“What the hell?!” He angrily yelled as he tried to take his phone back. I simply shoved it in my boobs, knowing he wouldn’t reach for it there.

“Jack! Why are you ignoring me?!” I asked sternly this time.

“You really wanna ask me that?!” He replied with an annoyed look on his face. I rolled my eyes as a response.

“Come on Jack! You know well that he’s just a friend!” I retorted. It was his turn to roll his eyes at me.

“Yeah. Remember when I was also ‘just a friend’ and I was all over you, trying to get at you and stuff?! Guys don’t like to be 'just friends’ y/n!” He shouted.

That shut me up. Good one J. Good one. His face was red from anger and he looked beyond pissed off. Looks like I screwed this up pretty big.

“Y/gbf is different…” I mumbled softly and apologetically. “We were best friends since before grade school… Kinda like you and G…”

Jack’s face softened at my words and he brought his hand up to caress my cheek. I let his hand rest there as an exasperated sigh left his mouth.

“I hate when you use that tone with me,” he said. “It makes me feel like I’ve scared you or something and believe me, that’s the last thing I want.”

“No. No baby, you haven’t scared me!” I replied. “I just hate making you mad.”

“Babe you don’t have to worry about me being mad. I guess I just overreacted. But seeing you texting this guy nonstop was sorta making me jealous. You know?”

“Jack you don’t have to be jealous of anybody. I have eyes for you and only you.”

I placed my forehead on his and kissed him in the lips. He removed his hand from my cheek and brought it down to my lower back.

“I know… I love you so much my babygirl,” he said and kissed me again.

“I love you too J,” I smiled.


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Janet Jackson Unbreakable Set List (Opening Night)

1. (New song) ft. Missy Elliott
2. ‘Nasty’
3. 'Feedback’
4. 'Miss You Much’
5. 'Alright’
6. 'You Want This’
7. 'What Have You Done For Me Lately’
8. 'The Pleasure Principle’
9. 'Escapade’
10. 'When I Think Of You’
11. 'All For You’
12. 'All Nite (Don’t Stop)’
13. 'Love Will Never Do (Without You)’
14. DJ Intermission with tracks 'R&B Junkie’, 'Go Deep’, 'Luv Me Luv Me’, 'So Excited’
15. (New song)
16. 'Again’
17. 'Come Back To Me’
18. 'Let’s Wait Awhile’
19. 'I Get Lonely’
20. 'Any Time, Any Place’
21. 'No Sleeep’
22. 'Got 'Til It’s Gone’
23. 'That’s The Way Love Goes’
24. 'Together Again’
25. 'Throb’
26. 'The Best Things In Life Are Free’
27. 'Black Cat’
28. 'If’
29. 'Scream’
30. 'Rhythm Nation’
31. (New song)
32. 'Unbreakable’

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  • Boyfriend: babe come over
  • Me: I'm listening to music
  • Boyfriend: My parents aren't home
  • Me: I'm listening to Twenty One Pilots
  • Boyfriend: That's sick as frick, babe
  • Me: I know |-/
  • Boyfriend: |-/