the best detour ever

Things I will forever cry about from MTMTE/LL:
—"Still. Least I got to see that silly old sod again. Best detour I’ve ever made.“
—Rodimus’s expression and desperation after Trailbreaker shook with Chromedome
—"Forget him! Take my hand!”
—Rewind choosing Chromedome
- “Sleep tight, soldier.”
- Swerve’s black Autobrand in memory of Skids
- Rung sitting by Skid’s corpse
—"They are my conscience.“
—Cygate. Let me begin.
- "Cyberutopia–” “Is nothing without you.”
- They have both shared (and broke/discarded) each other’s intermost energon

Okay. I’m done here. There’s so much more to add to the list but…there’s the things I’m crying about right now.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are posting in the Molstrade tag to say The Empty Hearse made them ship Greg and Molly. As someone who has been on this ship for over two years, I can only recommend one thing - please do yourself a favour and read An Avalanche Of Detour Signs. It legit is the best fic I’ve ever read and it’s the reason I became HEAVILY invested in this ship (before Avalanche, I was just finding them cute; after Avalanche, my blood became all Molstrade. And my tears too. Cuz you’re gonna cry. A lot.)

Also here is my Greg/Molly tag, with tons of reblogged cute fanarts, links to other fics (even if nothing will ever come close to Avalanche but hey what can you do?) and my occasional edits.