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Mood Board: Genosha Is For Lovers 

After finally retiring from the Xavier-Lehnsherr Institute for the Gifted, Charles and Erik embark on a romantic getaway to the beaches of Genosha. Genosha is a sanctuary for humans and mutants alike, at least according to the travel agents.  

When they arrive, they find the brochures may have left a few things out. The island is being torn apart by political unrest and social upheaval. The escalating tensions between humans and mutants bring out old grudges. Torn apart by opposing factions, Charles and Erik struggle to hold onto their ideals and to each other. 

 Paradise has its price and they are all going to pay. 

Even if I lived forever, I would waste away a hundred eternities loving you.

And it would still be worth it. And it would still be the best thing I’ve ever done.


I dedicate all that is endless to you.



every harry potter film: harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone

it does not do to dwell on dreams, harry, and forget to live.


The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire | Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

(made by two dorks on the internet, @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil)

I’ve been watching them for almost 6 years now and although I never got the chance to see them in real life, these two movies/videos really summed up everything I love about them and more. The performance was incredible (cringey but amazing) and the documentary brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Dan & Phil for always making us constantly smile and inspired with everything you do! Also thanks to the Phandom for embracing me into this community. This is the most fun, I’ve ever had :’)!

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Guys, seriously, I dunno how I encountered this vid (probably recommended to me on youtube cause I watch all sort of Moana shit), but it’s amazeballs. I love DIY videos (could get stuck watching them for hours in a row). But this prop is truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. Wow. Such dedication, and quite a funny clip too!

My Favourite Hasetsu Moments!

The best of all that happened in Hasetsu; enjoy!

10. Makkachin jumping on Yuuri, and that sad moment when he actually wanted it to be Vicchan.

He didn’t even, in his wildest dreams, think that Victor would come, and neither did I.

9. Yurio coming to Hasetsu to find good fashion.

Look at his face, it’s like he’s found heaven.

8. Minako-sensei welcoming Yuuri.

The best and the most dedicated teacher ever tbh

7. Yuri = Yurio

Arigatou for this beautiful name Mari-neechan!

6. Victuuri bonding at its finest 

Okay but this moment was so important because Victor said exactly what Yuuri wanted to hear and that is what we all want in an OTP isn’t it lol

5. The first ever Eros.

Yuuri had me and Victor at that smirk alone

4. Victor watching Yuuri skate alone.

He knows what kind of a prince Yuuri is already, so he knows he needn’t worry about the magic spell he wanted to find lol

3. Victor’s beautiful ass.

Need I say more?

2. Yuuri paying his respects to Vicchan.

I feel like Vicchan played a very important role in making Yuuri the person he is today, and I wish we could see some moments between Yuuri and Vicchan soon.

1. Yuuri meeting his mother after five years, and his mother was just as happy as ever.

I love Yuuri’s mum - she’s like my favourite mum, after my mum lol. She and Toshiyo are supportive parents and acknowledge that their son is strong and have given him chances to redeem himself. They don’t even force him to help with the Onsen - they let him pursue his dreams and goals and that is beautiful af.

Jolene - Dolly Parton

I’m dedicating today’s post to one of the best songs EVER (I will fight you over this if necessary). What’s not to love about Dolly in general? She’s a ridiculously talented singer, songwriter and musician. I’ve been lucky enough to see her live and she played 7 different instruments during one concert! Jolene is the ultimate Dolly song for me though. The guitar riff, the lyrics, Dolly’s vocals….the only bad thing about it is the fact it’s just 2.30 minutes long!

Gotta start off with Dolly belting it out live, wearing what is probably THE ugliest onesie on the planet (matches her eye make-up though)

Honestly never thought I’d post a Miley Cyrus video on this blog (not that I have anything personal against Miley, she’s just not really my cup of tea musically), but she has a set of pipes on her, and this cover is excellent. I honestly CANNOT believe that this video has had nearly 100 million more views than Dolly’s video though…WTF?!

I first heard this remix at the end of Todd Terje’s set at Glasgow’s infamous Sub Club (officially one of the greatest clubs on the planet…and that’s not just me being biased, it’s a well know fact!) It was a truly magical moment when a club full of ravers started having a singalong to it.

Jolene slowed down to 33rpm is a total trip and takes it to a whole new level.

❧ | cherry

college! chanyeol x reader 

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word count : 1774 words.
genre : fluff (for once)
synopsis : who knew a bar of chocolate could lead to a cute boy with blue hair and a sunlit smile? definitely not you. also cherry lip gloss.

✐ sfjjksdahfjaskdhf this one is revenge !!!! dedicated entirely to @fluffyyeollie who is the best person ever :^)))) !!! n who deserves some fluff so even tho ur girl be whipping out that angst like it was her money on svt albums ,,,, she be writing some fluff bcuz if ur angst is hurting me h o n e y , imma pull out the big guns of fluff ! :^))  ,, enjoy n suffer my beautiful stars. also gay bby fuckboy bestfriend! baek is probably my fav character i have ever written bye.

[2017/30/09] 9.01 pm .: new message from byun kid

⇒ oh my god where are you?

⇐ at the party duh

[ read 9.01 pm ]

[2017/30/09] 9.07 .:

⇐ why the hell aren’t you answering bacon?

⇒ sorry i just FACEPALMED for 6 minutes there.

⇐ oh shut up you piece of shit, come by the kitchen, i am trying to steal some of minseok’s chocolate.

⇒ could you have not told me that before? i am coming, give me like a minute.

[ read 9.08 pm ]

Sighing, you put your phone down, knowing that your best friend would probably get here in half an hour than the minute he promised because of something he probably found more delicious than pizza rolls, like a boy’s lips. Problems of befriending the fuckboy, you supposed. A really gay one at that, like that boy could be some good use for spotting hot boys in a crowd but when he left none for you, it didn’t help.

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Zero to Hero | Kara Zor-El

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and finally got the inspiration I needed to make it. Enjoy everyone! :D

Song: Zero to Hero from Hercules

anonymous asked:

Could you do what the main 3 look for in a girlfriend. Looks, personality, likes, dislikes. Thx boo

So I doubt that looks are really an issue for the main 3. If they’re looking for an s/o, then it’s more of personality and likes/dislikes than with looks.

Victor Nikiforov

  • First and foremost, you probably need to have a good memory because Victor tends to forget things. A lot. But he probably does remember the most important things like anniversaries or doctors appointments so at least there’s that.
  • You should at least have some interest in ice skating, Even if you’re not an expert. Especially because that’s basically a big part of his life so why not. If you’re not too knowledgeable about it then he’ll teach you some things as well!
  • Another thing about being Victor Nikiforov’s s/o is that you should definitely expect PDA basically whenever. Whether it’d be a bunch of cuddling or snuggling at home or kisses and hand holding in public. However just because he’s a big fan, he’ll be willing to accommodate if you’re not as comfortable with PDA as much as he is.
  •  Victor also likes if he’s with an easygoing person because having been coached by a person like Yakov(barely relaxed at all, tense, etc) he likes to basically chill out. But he also lowkey likes it when you scold him to do things/get things done(#exposed)
  • You also don’t have to 100% like the things he does, but he will appreciate it if you do like some things(like shopping or just plain going out and doing random things)

Yuuri Katsuki

  • Dating Yuuri Katsuki is honestly one of the best relationships ever. He’ll be completely dedicated to you in the fact that you’re actually dating him for him and not because he’s a famous skater. Plus you’d probably have to know him for a long time before dating so yeah there’s that, which makes it a lot more emotional and meaningful and oh gosh look @ that I'm crying now
  • Please for the love of all that is good, have patience because you might need to constantly reassure this boy of your feelings. He’s always gonna think that you’re waaaaaaay out of this league (yuuri my darling it’s you who’s out of my league). 
  • Unlike Victor, Yuuri is a lot more reserved with PDA because he’d rather be a lot more affectionate in the comfort of his own home and away from prying eyes. But once or twice he’ll kiss you, which means A LOT since he’s so reserved.pls protect him
  •  If you’re not a huge fan of skating then it’s not really a big deal, (although you’d probably look up a lot on skating beforehand for this pure boy). But his eyes light up whenever you get him to talk about it and it’s honestly something so #blessed. So you make sure to study up on some things just so you can always see his eyes twinkling like that. That also goes for some video games (since he does like gaming a bit it’s one of his hobbies)

Yuri Plisetsky

  • Patience, patience, and more patience. That’s what you really need if you end up being this boy’s s/o. Because listen this boy is a little shit who has an attitude but we all love him anyway. He’ll go headfirst and then think about things after so good luck whenever you gotta leave him alone because you were basically the voice of reason in the relationship.
  • I think he’ll be lowkey happy if you like the things he does (esp animal print) bc similar with Yuuri, he’ll light up and just talk about everything to get you to understand them. 
  • You also gotta support him 100% too, from skating to anything. Because he’ll probably feel self-conscious about the constant comparisons to Victor and he’ll wonder if he’s actually that good. (BOY YOU WON A GPF AT 15 YEARS OLD WYM????) for example

 victor: why is s/o here? 

yuri: they’re my support system

you: you’re doing great yuri!

  • He appreciates your support SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Like this boy probably posts about that and you so much on his Instagram that like even Yuri’s Angels are in love with your love more than they love him. He’s like so protective of you lmao it’s not even funny he’s your ride or die and your his. He’s also territorial (like a tiger lmao get it) like he probably has more jackets with Russia on them because most of the time he’ll give them to you when he performs. 
  • You also gotta be okay with being independent since he’s really busy with practices and because yall are still teenagers around the time you start dating (15-16 ish) because school is still a thing. So yeah.
Rowaelin parent headcanons

Rowaelin Headcanons *with the kiddies* (feat. pregnant Aelin and Sappy Daddy Rowan)

Nessian Manorian Feysand - Other baby Headcanons :)


 -Rowan would be the most protective husband ever because he sees Aelin but he can’t help but think about Lyria and how he wasn’t there for her omg the tears are real

 -anyways so Rowan is on it as fuck like Aelin don’t have to do shit like he makes her breakfast in bed helps her get dressed when she’s too big and ties her shoes when she can’t reach her feet anymore.

-Aelin Lowkey is annoyed with him 24/7 but she’s also emotional and hormonal as hell and he’s the only one who will put up with her random rampages.

-she’s also horny All. The. Time. Rowan also helps with this 😏😏

-when she goes into labour Rowan is calm and helps her breath and pretty much treats her like she’s a wounded solider to the point where she’s like SHOW SOME EMOTION YOU BASTARD and at this point he freaks out.

-so they have a little girl and she’s crying and so is Aelin and so is Rowan but then the healer is like ‘oh no m8’ and Rowan freezes and he thinks there must be something seriously wrong because Aelin is still in serious pain and the healer looks really concerned

-and then everyone realises that she’s still giving birth. Yep. They’re having twins.

-and at this point Rowan is holding his baby girl and he has to hand her away because holy shit he’s gonna faint.

-and then they have a beautiful baby boy too and it’s everything Rowan and Aelin wanted. Their own lil’ family.

-So they are like the best little fam ever.

-Aelin is the most dedicated mother ever and loves her babies so much. She takes them to the markets around Terrasen so that everyone can see her beautiful (and best dressed) bubs.

-every time she sees other babies she’s like ‘that could be your mate. Or that could be your mate’ she’s like Oprah seriously.

-(she’s still hormonal and just full of love)

-especially for her man. Damn seeing him with children before was bad enough but when she sees him with their own kids??? Sees him playing with them and making them giggle??? She’s didn’t realise that she could love him even more.

-so their little girl is soooo troublesome even for a baby. Like the type of baby that throws their food away and smirks. So like she’s Aelin 110%.

-and their boy has a perpetual frown and it’s so cute. Like can you just imagine his and Rowan’s matching frowns. Aelin loves it and makes it her personal goal to make them collectively smile.

-when one of their kids cry during the night the other one always joins in. It happens so often that Aelin freaks out when she doesn’t hear them. It happens one night and she gets so panicked to only realise that Rowan is gone so she quietly goes next door to the babies room and sees Rowan holding both the babies, one in each arm, AND HES SINGING TO THEM IN THE ANCIENT LANGUAGE and tears come to Aelin’s because she never expected to be this happy in a million years.


“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.” 

―  Gillian Anderson