the best day of their lives

some highlights from tonight:

  • someone threw a book(?) by his feet and harry goes “u ruined the stage”
  • he waved 3 different pride flags
  • he blew kisses at a group of people and they threw handfuls of glitter at him
  • when harry was introducing the band his mic wire refused to get untangled 3 different times he’d walk a bit and realize it’s stuck
  • made a joke about how steep the balcony is
  • he wore pink!!!
  • a guy’s shirt had a stripe across the chest and harry thought it was a strap for a baby carrier and he goes “i mean that’s cool but it’s really irresponsible”

“you take it, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you rub it, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry, you worry SHIT”

the reluctant life mates - Hux doesn’t think he wants to be a life mate… but he does. It just takes him a while to warm up to the idea…

//thank you amazing kylux fandom for everything- it is an honor to be in the first order with you all<33!!


Millicent Escapes! “Day in the Life of TIE-fighter Poe AU!“ Day 3 (….day 1 and day 2 here x)

Kylo/Hux/Poe crossover with Inside Llewyn Davis. Poe is the Commander of the Special Forces TIE-fighter squad. He’s the Best TIE-fighter pilot in the Galaxy!

//HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MILLIE<333 #pablohidalgo you must be so proud. #spacepets

she’s been on my mind recently……….

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Shoutan's Blog Update - 2017-03-13 - Arigatou & Yoroshiku.

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Quartet Night LIVE Evolution 2017

Have safely finished.
Really thank you very much.

This time’s LIVE is, just as Shou nii said in the main part

As our goal to『repay』everyone we repeatedly rehearsed etc. Everyone who we can see who came to the venue, and though we couldn’t see, everyone who came to watch the Live Viewing. Everyone’s smiles, while feeling happiness, while thinking, we stood on the stage.

At 5th rehearsals some days before the real thing the 4 of us gathered! Although there were specific things that happened.

This time, during the rehearsal period for about 1 week, the 4 of us Quartet Night was together the whole time.
In the anime, there were training camps, a lifestyle where they lived together.

Being able to have a taste of that sense, we wondered can the 4 of us gave it our all as 4 on stage and be able to give a believable performance.

Hearing Tatsu nii, Tomo nii, and Shou nii whining, saying they don’t want the live to end, hearing them say such words, really came directly to my chest.

Of course I was like that too.
We were together the whole time after all.
It may be a senpai kouhai relationship but, to me, Reiji, Ranmaru, Camus and Ai’s relationship, having spent such a long time together… It feels like I’ve made 3 older brothers.

The feeling of not wanting to separate has sprung from my heart.

Of course I think, I want to
Be with everyone at the venue, forever.

We did special training for tens of hours.
The moment we felt for 3 hours or so ended just like that. Enphemeral.

But, from now on too, even with that transient part of a bad time, I want to give everyone a taste of that heated time again.
I want to take this feeling and break through to 6th.

Honestly, personally, there were regretful parts as well.

For those parts too!

And, once again, this work


All of the staff.

My gratefulness to so many of you who love this work.
One more time.

Really, thank you very much.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, from now on too!

Quartet Night!

To the next stage.

Thank you.

birthday headcanons for our favorite blue boy
  • he gets a lot of stuff. like, a lot of stuff, including but not limited to:
  • a cup of peppermint tea in his favorite chipped mug waiting for him when he wakes up, piping hot and extra sweet 
  • an old broken keyboard and a bunch of tools and cool things that make really unique sounds that he can fix it with
  • a few hours alone in the garden in the back of the house during the early morning, during which he meditates and tinkers with some of the mechanical things he’s been collecting and writes down a few lyrics and chords
  • a thatching kit
  • no headaches today for some reason because the universe was in his favor today and because of that he’s clear-headed and alert 
  • russ gets him a really nice flickcomb with a cool handle and some vintage vinyls of the human league and the clash. he also gets him a hat because russ is the hat expert and one of those sensory weighted blankets that are supposed to reduce anxiety because russ has one and 2d always says how much he likes it
  • noodle gets him an entire outfit, like the fuckin cutest crop top and a shit ton of neon and pastel nail polish colors and a choker and crazy socks, and also gets him heelys that can light up (part of the reason she got him so much stuff is because she also got it for herself because they essentially share a wardrobe at this point. also bc they’re rich and they can do what they want). she gets him the head of one of the zombies at kong too because she’s metal like that and 2d gasps and says “this is WICKED” like he’s a 10 year old on christmas
  • murdoc tosses a pack of cigarettes at him when he comes downstairs in the morning and grunts “here you go” but then he buys him a drink or two later. that afternoon 2d finds home baked scones in the shape of swans and really nice cologne and a leather jacket in his room. he also gives him a legit collar “because you seemed pretty excited about it on that track” and 2d goes all red 
  • they make him get in the car after lunch and surprise him by driving up to crawley to see his mom and cyborg noodle. his mom pinches his cheek and says that he gets handsomer every year and shows everyone embarrassing baby pictures of stu. cyborg noodle’s body gives him a little salute and shows him her bike all decked-out with streamers on the handles. they all have cake and sing him happy birthday and then murdoc gets too excited and pushes his face into the cake as a joke and starts a food fight with 2d and noodle for a few seconds before russ breaks it up
  • they take him to the fairgrounds by his old house for a few hours. he eats too much cotton candy and they all go on the ferris wheel together and he and noodle make the ferris wheel car swing back and forth and murdoc looks like he’s gonna be sick. russ wins him a fucking massive stuffed animal at the ring toss and he carries it around on his back. 
  • also random people at the fair come up to him like “omg are you the singer for gorillaz? ??  i LOVE your music” and he’s like haha yeah and then they go “my favorite album of all time has to be the fall” and 2d just chokes and looks like he’s gonna cry 
  • when they get home he helps russ and noodle make dinner (it’s vegetarian and has rice noodles) and the whole band eats it sitting on the couch together as they marathon zombie movies. 2d talks the whole time about films and behind-the-scenes facts, so much that murdoc has to remind him to eat his dinner. 
  • he falls asleep with katsu on his lap and russ and noodle and murdoc cuddled around him and he is warm and safe and loved and happy