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Let’s fuck under the stars. And by under the stars I mean in my bed underneath my glow in the dark star stickers.
—  Yuuri Katsuki’s drunk text to Victor

The video was only made for Artistic Expression, it is purely fan-made. This video is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime company. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Song: Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia. 

I needed more videos of Boku no Hero Academia. I couldn’t find many that I really liked in YouTube, so I made my own xD. 

I hope you like it <3 

Event: Romance Trope Drabble

Trope: Love Triangle

Character: Opie Winston and Jax Teller

TV: Sons of Anarchy

Warnings: none

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

°Love Triangle- OPIE and JAX(SOA)

It was only suppose to be just one… that’s what everyone says; you can only love one person. At least that’s how I was raised.

Then I met Jax and Opie. I never expected to fall in love with them both, but here I was, nervously bouncing my leg while smoking a cigarette.

I had to tell them both; it was only fair. Plus, I was never one to keep secrets for very long and all this lying to myself was taking a toll on my nerves.

Jax deserved to know that I’d been sleeping with Opie, though the only times that we truly laid together were when Jax was in lock up on a lengthy stint.

The prison clause was the Club’s “Get out of jail free” card. No pun intended.

One night, Opie had told me that he loved me and I wanted so badly to be happy and tell him the same, but instead, I became conflicted.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I was pushing the cuticle of my thumb nail down, that I hadn’t heard both Jax and Opie walk up.

“Babe?” Jax nudged me, making me jump.

He laughed while I slapped my hand over my heart. He pulled me into a brief kiss before asking me what the secrecy was about.

I had told them to meet me at the park, away from the clubhouse.

“Jax, um…” I stood and began to pace.

“Y/N, what’s going on?”

Opie’s eyes widened as my vision bounced between the two.

“I love you so much, Jax… with everything that I have,”

“You leavin’ me?” he interrupted.

“No! Just hear me out,” I ran my hands through my hair and paced some more.

“While you were locked away, I… Opie and I were together,”

Jax’s face contorted in anger while Opie widened his stance, ready for a fight.

Just as he was about to go after him, I jumped in front of Opie with my arms spread wide.

“No Jax!”

“What the hell Y/N!?” Jax yelled, pacing like a caged animal.

“We didn’t mean for it to happen, Jax! Believe me when I say that I love you!”

“That’s rich, Y/N! You’re fuckin’ my best friend!”

“Jax,” Opie’s voice was deep and commanding.

“Who else in the club have you fucked, huh?!”


“Nah, fuck you Ope! I can’t believe you’d do this to me man!”

“You think I wanted this to happen, Brother? I didn’t plan on falling in love with her, but you weren’t there! I was and I picked up the pieces every time you made a dumbass decision!” Opie refrained from touching me.

“You love her!?”

“Jax, I love Opie too, but you as well,” I whispered.

Opie towered over me, so I could see his shadow when he bent his head to look at me.

Jax threw his arms out, a look to utter disbelief on his face, “So what? You just thought we’d share you or something!?”

While I kept silent, I knew that this wouldn’t end well.


Jax paced a few more times before spinning around and getting in my face, “You want the whore, Ope? You can have her,”

His words stung, making me whimper at the hatred in his eyes.

Opie pushed Jax back, walking around me, “That’s enough, Brother,”

Jax put on his helmet and mounted his bike. He flipped us off before starting the bike and driving off.

I sat back down at the table, crying into my hands. I figured that this was going to happen… I had just hoped that everyone would have gotten what they wanted.

“Y/N?” Opie asked, kneeling in front of me.

“You hate me too… don’t you?” I whispered.

He cupped my cheek, wiping away the tears that continued to fall, “No, baby… I don’t,”

I broke down, burying my face into his leather kutte.

Opie had whispered continuously that he loved me while cradling my body to him.

“Let’s get you home, Y/N.”

Everything shifted that night, leading us onto a new path for our lives.

Jax had kids and got married to Tara, while Opie and I had gotten married and we’d been trying to have our own baby.

The hatchet had been buried between the three of us and we had finally let the tension go.

Jax had told us at our wedding that he never truly faulted me for falling in love with Opie. He knew that Ope could and had offered me so much more.

He said that he’d always loved me, but he was glad that Ope and I had found each other.

Opie knew that Jax had a special place in my heart, but he knew that those days of foolish romance were long behind me.

It was just me, Y/N Winston and the best damn husband ever, Opie Winston.


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Hey, any fics where Bellamy keeps flirting with Clarke just to mess with her (and also bc he likes her but wont admit) ??


Dean x Reader

Summary: You remember your past with Dean one night.

Warnings: Brief cursing, otherwise just fluff. 

Requested by @kalifosterxx

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The room is full of comforting darkness. It’s silent, too, excluding Dean’s soft snores. Warmth surrounds you, some from the blankets placed on top of you and most from Dean’s body.

It’s nights like these when you like to remember the past.

You were only a teenager in high school when you met him. He was a senior and you were a junior. 

You didn’t particularly connect right away. Dean had a reputation as a womanizer, and you weren’t interested in being just a fling.

But, the teacher had paired you two up for a project, causing both of you to groan in annoyance. At first, Dean tried to get in your pants, which you obviously refused, offended greatly. After, though, you had found you worked surprisingly well together, and a great friendship was born.

Soon after, you discovered they were fellow hunters, just like you. In fact, your father had been good buddies with John Winchester. 

So, after you and Sam finally graduated, you decided to hunt with Dean, and eventually Sam. 

Over the years, you had learned to trust Dean with your life, and vice versa. You were practically inseparable, which Sam poked fun of for a while. 

“Dean and Y/N, the power couple”, he had said once. You laughed it off, lightly punching his arm. But, you didn’t notice Dean’s slight blush and silence.

Something else changed as well. Dean Winchester, the well-known womanizer, stopped bringing home girls about a few months ago. Not that you complained, or anything. They were always so loud…

In fact, he completely ceased the shameless flirting, and instead, aimed it towards you again.

You’d been confused; he hadn’t done that since you first met. 

And then, Sam had asked you a peculiar question- “Do you like Dean?”

The question had been so random, it took you off guard. “As a friend of course”, you responded, and Sam’s expression had changed to a sad one.

And then it clicked- the infamous Dean Winchester had a crush on you.

Instead of butterflies flowing in your stomach, glee filling your soul, you felt nothing but guilt. You had chosen not to fall in love with Dean the first day you met him. You were not only afraid of being cheated on or left, but you never felt a romantic attraction to his cocky, confident attitude.

He was like a brother to you.

That is, until you began to observe him more on hunts. 

There was a brutal case in Minnesota, vengeful spirits. A boy around the age of 8 had lost his parents in a gory fight among the spirits. 

But instead of you comforting him, Dean did. He had sat him down, telling him to be brave for his parents and how much they loved him. 

Tears formed in your eyes, but you were quick to wipe them away.

Another hunt, you had been badly hurt in a werewolf fight. You were barely conscious, but you could register Dean sitting next to you, laying your head in his lap. His words were soft, but worried. He had remained by your side in the hospital, 24/7; he refused to go back to the motel with Sam.

You had never seen this side of Dean, not in a long time.

And, maybe, for once, you’d let your heart win, not your doubts.

And that’s exactly what you did.

You had taken the reins and asked Dean himself out on a date. That night, you let yourself fall head first into love with your best friend.

And it was the best god damn decision you’ve ever made. 

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I have been inching my way into the Cherik fandom, fanfic wise. (thanks a lot, idareu2bme…) And I couldn’t help but notice that not only does this fandom have some amazing fanfic writers, it also has some of the best damn tags ever on AO3.

For example:

Charles Xavier has a PhD. in Adorable

Charles You Slut 

Erik is Crushing Harder Than a 12-year old Girl 

Honestly Charles What Are You Thinking 

Erik is not a Happy Bunny 

Charles Always Says The Absolute Worst Thing He Could Possibly Say 

Erik Logic Is The Best Logic 

Calm Down Erik 

Charles You Will Be Drunk 

These are actual, trackable tags on AO3. This? Is my kind of fandom. Woohoo!