the best damn donuts in the world

You know how everyone has that thing they will never get tired of seeing pics of? Like their OTP or something?

Well, mine is the Inazuma boys eating food. Sakuma eating ramen, Hikaru eating a hamburger, Kirino eating donuts or shindou eating cookies or kurama eating noodles hello best avatar ever thank you very much. There’s also a great pic of him drinking juice

So basically what I wanna say is if you find a cute pic of Inazuma boys eating food, plz tag me. I wanna see these boys eat ;w;

shout out to @moominmamma-time who somehow always finds the cutest inazuma pics - i will never tire of seeing them haha.


“So you like donuts, right?”

“Wow, what a dumb question! You’re like the general of the Dumb Question Brigade! Donuts are the truth of the universe! Not liking donuts can bring on the collapse of the world! And that’s the bottom line!”

Damn… things don’t seem too great…

This one kinda blindsided me because I thought it’d be an easy best option but it’s HILARIOUS