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The Importance of Jackie Chan’s Oscar

So I’m going to have to start this particular entry with a warning: this might get a little emotional for me. 

The 89th Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, was last night. So many wonderful wins–I was thrilled with Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali’s wins. And even though it happened in a weird way I was absolutely ecstatic about the much-deserved Best Picture win that was given to Moonlight (which I maintain is the best film I’ve ever seen). 

But perhaps the most personally significant win was not one that was awarded at the actual ceremony, but was awarded at the Governor’s Ball to Jackie Chan, a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

After 56 years in the industry and over 200 films… Jackie Chan finally gets to take this trophy home with him. 

There are a lot of reasons why this is important to me. 

First and foremost, who doesn’t love Jackie Chan?! He’s hilarious, blends martial arts skills with comedy in a perfect combination, has an unbelievably kind smile, likes to sing, and is a Panda Ambassador. Yes, a PANDA AMBASSADOR. He owns 2 pandas in China whom he saved from a natural disaster and is an advocate for the protection of the cutest bear ever. 

He brought 2 stuffed animal pandas as his date to the Oscars. STOP BEING SO ADORABLE JACKIE CHAN. 

I mean really though, does anyone in the world have a happier smile? 

Secondly, he reminds me of my dad. My dad is a goofy guy who can make anything into a joke (come hell or high water…) I feel like my dad has very much the same sense of humor as Jackie Chan. The combined appreciation for slapstick humor and humility and wisdom that seems to exude off of Chan really does remind me of my dad. This acceptance speech seems like something my dad would have done… (its the most endearing 3 minutes ever).

Jackie Chan is also fiercely proud of being Chinese. He has never apologized for being a foreigner. He’s fluent in Chinese and English but has never shied away from the fact that he has an accent. His humor and style translate across both languages. For me, having struggled my entire life with accepting and loving my Korean heritage, seeing someone love himself and his country of origin so much is really inspiring. He sang as part of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics (maybe another reason he reminds me of my dad, because my dad also sings). 

Finally, and arguably most importantly, I grew up watching Jackie Chan films. Not just Shanghai Knights and Rush Hour…. I grew up watching his CHINESE films. Drunken Master, Project A, Police Story, etc. I wasn’t close to my family growing up because in Korean households, children are meant to be seen and not heard. It’s not abnormal for many immigrant children to feel disconnected from their families. 

But the one thing my younger brother and I had were his films that we watched with our parents. Whenever Jackie Chan was on the screen, all four of us came together, literally, to watch a silly action movie. I could put aside my (valid and invalid) resentment towards my parents, they could put aside whatever (real or perceived) wrongs my brother and I had committed. We would sit in the living room, lights off, watching Chan literally bouncing off walls and using all manner of props to fight off his enemies, laughing, groaning, and “Awesome!”ing together. 

Jackie Chan’s films gave me an irreplaceable connection to my family when I spent most of my youth feeling disconnected from them. It was something all of us could always agree on–Jackie Chan is a hilarious badass. 

And now, after 200 films, he FINALLY gets to take home the most prestigious award that the American film industry can offer. He has entertained all of us. To me, it’s so significant to see an Asian take home this prize. An Asian who had to make 200 FILMS… TWO HUNDRED, to get a formal recognition of the sort. (I mean I know Dicaprio had to wait a long time but come on…) 

And predictably he was funny, humble, and thankful. 

do y'all ever feel creepy for having a crush like,, you’ll picture the two of you going on a hike and holding hands or going to one of those buildings filled with trampolines together and ur just like “stop!!! this is nonsense!!! u dont even know them that well stop thinking about them all the time!!! they would probably be weirded out by this bc they think of you as a friend at best,, S T O P”

Your unproblematic fav: Stefán Karl

-Film and stage actor/comedian

-Played the best villain ever, Robbie Rotten (and got awards for it)

-His one man show Thousand Island Dressing was selected by the President of the Leipzig Film Festival in Germany

-The singing gay sheep farmer (Icelandic feature comedy Stella Runs for Office)

-Founder of the reputable nonprofit organisation Rainbow Children

-Amazing singer

-He is fighting pancreatic cancer

-Somehow managed to do a livestream of him singing and dancing

-Wants to name his cat “Pokemon”

-Just so pure?

I love him.


I really should fix my sleep schedule… Also Sun was the best part of this episode. We don’t deserve that sweet bb boi. I’m going to be honest though, Cinder’s status on this one is my personal favourite ever. Of all time.

Enjoy, fam ~

Back in 2007, the members of the comedy band The Lonely Island (most famous for “I’m On A Boat”, “I Just Had Sex” and “Lazy Sunday”) put out a movie called Hot Rod about an amateur stuntman who needs to win money to save his abusive stepfather’s life so that he can beat him up. It’s actually far weirder than it sounds. You pretty much never know what kind of joke you’re going to get, but instead of that being stupid and shitty like Napoleon Dynamite, it’s the best goddamn thing you’ve ever seen. At one point a normal conversation becomes a remix breakdown, and it’s never commented on by any of the characters. Later, an entire town breaks into a musical number which devolves into a riot, and it is commented on. It’s the kind of comedy that people call “random” because they don’t get it. It’s pretty much my favorite movie.

When I first saw it, I did not think “I hope these people remake Spinal Tap, but about a Justin Bieber type character,” because I’m not a genius. Luckily, The Lonely Island are geniuses, so they made Popstar.

Granted I just did this movie an immense disservice by mentioning Spinal Tap because no, of course nothing is ever going to live up to that. That movie is a singular experience. But Popstar comes closer than anything else I’ve ever seen, and that includes the follow ups to Spinal Tap. So the question is, do you have room in your heart for two Spinal Taps? Of course you do. If not, get your priorities in order and kick out some of your heart’s dead weight. I see that you’re still pining for Jessica. You made out with her once in 9th Grade, let it go.

4 Ridiculously Underrated Movies From 2016

So, the gang goes back to the fortune teller they met at the beginning of the episode.

They step inside, and see she’s in the front of her caravan.

Scooby uncovers the secret missing tapestry…

…via some of the best-drawn faces ever. 

Scoob pulls it out, having discovered the thief! We see the back of the caravan, where the gang is all waiting.

The fortune teller snatches it back… 

….and then… silently runs out the back? Wait, just, like, past everyone there?

Lemme get this straight. She ran from the front of the van… shimmied around the benches on the side…. passed by all five members of the gang… and nobody tried to stop her at all?

Remind me again how these kids managed to ever solve even one mystery? 


“Our story is gonna begin in 1925. Everyone in Paris f***ing hates the Eiffel tower because it was constructed for the world’s fair and it was never meant to be permanent. And now it costs too much for repairs, and so one day this dude named Victor Lustig opens this french paper up and starts reading about this and he says…” - Jenny Johnson, Drunk History


“From here on out, I am only interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that’s it, that’s all I’m interested in.”

Almost Famous came out in 2000 and it is directed by Cameron Crowe and serves as a semi-biography. It is also one of the best coming-of-age films I have ever seen, shared along with Stand By Me. As you may know, this film is one of my favourites. It is my home, it’s like a hug, strange at it seems. It is the life I want, well if I lived in the 70s. It’s the film I choose to watch when I’m feeling down, although it gives you quite the heartache at times. Almost Famous is drama/comedy film about music, 70’s music to be exact.

So the story is about 15-year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) who wants to be a writer, a rock writer, mind. William gets the opportunity to travel with up and coming band Stillwater. Before that big event, William submits his record reviews to Creem magazine writer Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The two becomes friends and Williams gets the mentor of his dreams. Soon after William goes on a mission for Rolling stone, where he meets the girls, the band aids, the un-groupies. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) the band aids leader takes a liking to the teen and William falls head over heels for her. William leaves his home, with the band Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee, John Fedevich and Mark Kozeleck) and leaves his “trying to mean well” mother, Elaine (Frances McDormand) to worry.

This film is filled with lovely, wonderful performances. Patrick Fugit portrays naive and young William very well, Frances McDormand is brilliant as William and Anita’s (Zooey Deschanel) mother. Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson fill the screen with romantic tension and a bit of heartbreak, or a lot of it actually. Kate Hudson as mysterious, ageless, nameless “Penny Lane”, yes like the song, is brilliant and honest. Her character is very relatable and it really isn’t hard to fall for her ways. The beer scene is one to really look closely at. As always Philip Seymour Hoffman is brilliant, he exudes arrogance and confidence, he’s always such a good supporting actor.

The soundtrack, of course, is so very good, filled with classic rock tunes, only the best. The music written by then-wife of Crowe, Nancy Wilson, for Stillwater is so bloody good. It’s a visually good looking film, but the cinematography isn’t an element that stands out, this film is about honest characters and good music. I recommend it forever, I really do, and if you want the get the absolute best experience from it I would recommend trying to find the extended version.

...this is one of the best discoveries I’ve ever made.

Ok, so here, we see Fred & Daphne about to go inside these gigantic indian ruins. Note their height, proportionate to the door.

Well, later on, we see this exterior shot of Scooby…

…and… wait, that… that’s the same hut!


anonymous asked:

Is welcome to nhk an anime? Is it a good anime?

Is not only an anime, is one of the best animes created ever imo. 

We’re talking about an anime that touches on issues such as depression, desolation, relationships, love, disappointment, dependency, anxiety and even existentialism. It’s a black comedy, so sometimes it gets very depressing from time to time, and even if you don’t trust me, it’s also a drama.

One of the strongest points of this anime, of course, are the characters. All are either (1) Very funny and charismatic. Or (2) Very interesting. OR (3) Both things at the same time. We talk about characters suffering from severe cases of anxiety and paranoia, how to deal with these issues may surprise us coming from a comedy with sexual references but done in a way that isn’t superficial, making much emphasis on them and deepening each time the anime can do it

Sound smart? Well, the truth is that is not. The first episodes are full of humor and sexual references, and at first glance the characters look like your typical Japanese stereotypes reused to exhaustion, but don’t make the tone of the anime fool you, I can assure you that every subject raised in this is done in a very mature way.

What I liked the most is how the scriptwriter managed to make all the issues end up important for me. In addition he knew how to delve into each of the characters, what they like, dislike, their way of seeing life and sometimes their questionable behavior in front of some occasions. 

It’s a great balance between history and characters. It’s because for these characters and their charisma that it’s worthwhile to follow these issues that could be uncomfortable to watch, although it’s true that many times they can be quite exaggerated, I love how realistic the characters and their actions are.

They show you the otakus as they are.

It doesn’t insult them or degrade them and in fact it’s quite positive with them, plus it shows you that even the worst being on earth is capable of doing something that everyone appreciates without cheap speeches, without stupid solutions or miracles.

Being the only bad thing about this anime, the animation. Because regardless if you have problems with it or not, it tends to lower the quality in a rather bad way in certain episodes, the movement looks awkward and the drawing loses all kinds of detail. And that’s basically the only bad thing about the anime, because in everything else it’s certainly perfect.

It’s an almost perfect anime but outside for the small detail of the animation. Graceful, depressing and even touching in the least expected moments.

Besides that it has the best anime ending ever, and if you don’t think so it’s because you’re simply being harmed by the work of a great conspiracy. ;^)

I’m sorry but that was The Best episode of TW I’ve ever seen. Like the romance, drama, comedy, etc. was better than what I’ve seen in billion dollar movie franchises. There was a perfect balance of romance and friendship, endings and beginnings, action and humour. There were so many parallels and callbacks to earlier seasons that I spent the whole episode smiling and crying. It got to the roots of Teen Wolf, which in the end is not about the villain of the season or the special effects, it’s about the characters and their journey - and what a beautiful journey it’s been. Good fucking job guys, you nailed this one.