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   ↳ Me and Sophia stayed at that shelter for a day and a half before I went running back to Ed. I went home, I got beat up, life went on, and I just kept praying for something to happen. But I didn’t do anything. Not a damn thing. Who I was with him she got burned away. And I was happy about that. I mean, not happy, but.. And at the prison I got to be who I always thought I should be, thought I should’ve been. And then she got burned away. 

Everything now just consumes you.

One of the best examples of disabled character representation (in a movie/tv show not dedicated to topic) is Joey Lucas from the West Wing. 

She is a deaf political consultant who is played by a deaf actress Marlee Martin. Let me repeat- she is a cannonically deaf character played by a deaf actress)

She has an interpreter named Kenny who is handled wonderfully. During scenes where Joey is speaking, she is signing, the camera is on her, and her interpreters voice comes from off-screen. The camera never rests on him when Joey is speaking, only when Kenny is speaking for himself, not translating for Joey.

Joey is a reoccurring character who is often referred to as one of the most accomplished political consultants who does not work directly for the white house, and she is the one they always turn to in times of great need. 

Just, Joey Lucas everyone. 

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Name ten of your favorite characters (one per show/series) and tag ten people.

  1. abbie mills (sleepy hollow)
  2. korra, aka avatar bae (legend of korra)
  3. diane johnson (black-ish)
  4. michaela pratt (how to get away with murder)
  5. kate beckett (castle)
  6. amethyst (steven universe) (tentative because i just started watching)
  7. aeryn sun (farscape)
  8. haley james scott (one tree hill)
  9. naevia, version cynthia addai-robinson (spartacus)
  10. jamal lyon (empire)

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Friendly reminder that the true hero of this show the one savior who isn’t named because just a prophecy said she would be the one but because she shaped her destiny and had a heart so good and so true is Emma Swan.

Emma Swan is a fucking hero and a savior. She is the best character of this TV show and she needs all the admiration. Because yeah villains are great but fuck it people fighting to keep being good to people when life fucked you over are the ones we should admire and worship.

Emma Swan is everything.

Mad Men thoughts (no spoilers)

The greatest thing I ever read about Mad Men, and what helped me get over the mental slump of “where is this going?” in the early episodes of S1 or so, was when I read some random internet comment that said something to the effect of “You’ll recognize how good it is when you realize it’s not about anything” and when I watched it through that lens I never looked back.

There are very few pure character studies on television as it’s very episodic by nature and in the last decade or so have begun to have really serialized stories told, but, even ignoring the finale no matter what you think of it, Mad Men is the best character study that tv has given us.

If any of you watch Parks and Rec, tell me so I can talk to you about it. I usually text my best friend but she is busy celebrating graduation in Disneyworld for the week and I need to geek out about how wonderful this show is to someone. K thx bye.