the best character on television

Trish Walker is a bright ray of sunshine on one of the darkest pieces of Marvel content that I’ve ever consumed. She’s open and honest about her feelings, especially with Jessica, and she isn’t afraid to show how much she cares. That kind heart doesn’t mean she can’t protect herself; she’ll do whatever it takes to defend herself and protect Jessica in every way she can. She doesn’t let her dark past cloud her future and she never stops trying to help save everyone. Trish Walker may not have super powers, but she’s absolutely a hero.


  • BEST NEW SHOW Winner: Outlander
  • BEST DRAMA Winner: Outlander
  • BEST ACTOR, DRAMA Winner: Sam Heughan, Outlander
  • BEST ACTRESS, DRAMA Winner: Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
  • BEST FIGHT Winner: Jamie and Claire at the river, Outlander
  • BIGGEST TEARJERKER Winner: Jamie’s torture, Outlander
  • MOMENT THAT MADE YOU WANT TO THROW YOUR TV Winner: Jamie’s rape, Outlander
  • BREAKOUT STAR, MALE Winner: Sam Heughan, Outlander 
  • BREAKOUT STAR, FEMALE Winner: Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
  • BEST BINGE-WATCH Winner: Outlander
  • BEST CAST ON SOCIAL MEDIA Winner: Outlander
  • BEST COUPLE Runner-up: Jamie and Claire, Outlander
  • LOVE TRIANGLE YOU’RE SO OVER Runner-up: Frank, Claire and Jamie, Outlander
  • BEST KISS Runner-up: Jamie and Claire’s wedding kiss, Outlander
  • STEAMIEST MOMENT Runner-up: Jamie and Claire’s wedding sex, Outlander
  • BEST FANDOM Runner-up: Outlander

Arrow AU: Episode 3.20 as Parks & Recreation