the best cast to ever exist

On creative intent

Perhaps today is not the best day to raise this topic. Or who knows, perhaps it is the perfect day to do so. I don’t know. But hear me out if you have a sec.

To clarify, I’m not trying to deduce Mofftiss’ creative intent about Sherlock, or looking to excuse any of the stunts-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-it they’ve pulled. I simply realized there’s a fairly straightforward reason the public statements from anyone who ever associated with Sherlock—this includes all cast and crew, Heartwood and BBC—denies the existence of Sherlock/John romantic narrative in Sherlock while it clearly being the soul of the show since day one.

No, it’s not a game. Or a trick to mess with fans. Or a great rug-pull. Or the creators being total evil assholes and enjoy queerbaiting.

It could be as simple as that Sherlock/John romantic narrative cannot be explicitly stated as part of the creative intent of Sherlock, period. Unless everyone involved with the show wants to deal with the potential lawsuits up to their eyeballs from the Doyle Estate for as long as Sherlock exist. 

It’s not about the stories, which are mostly public domain at this point; it’s about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson the characters, of which the Doyle Estate still holds the trademark rights.

Creative intent or author’s intended meaning of a work is not reviewable under at least the U.S. copyright law – because it is impossible to verify the existence of an idea. Instead, the copyright law focuses solely on the appearance or sound of the work itself. Which means no matter how Mofftiss decided to adapt Sherlock Holmes stories, their creative intent is irrelevant and cannot be considered if the Doyle Estate ever have a problem with any of the Sherlock episodes. In other words; if the Doyle Estate ever object to the gay, they have to prove Sherlock the work itself is undeniably gay first.

But the addition of verifiable and documented actions as proof of intent to create a “falsehood” concerning trademarked characters in derivative work may be an entirely different story.

I’m not a lawyer so I’ve no idea how much power the Doyle Estate might hold over the character depiction of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Do you think they’d pull out all the stops to prevent the creation of the first queer Sherlock and John if they get wind of it? I don’t know. But their track records have not been very generous.

Is this what’s happening? Seven years (imagine Culverton Smith saying it here) of denying Johnlock – you can’t kill an idea, but the actions that trying to carry out that idea can be stopped. Has TPTB been working on a way to do this without getting themselves into legal trouble for four years, and series 4 plus a lost special that no one can talk about is the best they can do? TFP as the series “true finale”, an heteronormative version filled with subtextual political and social commentary, as a shield (or safeguard from cease-and-desist), so that a Johnlock special can make it onto our screens?

Of course, this is all speculation, and I’ve no idea why the gap of 2 months. It’s certainly possible and in my mind more plausible than the idea that all the people involved in making Sherlock are evil queerbaiting assholes harboring ill intentions towards us for the last seven years.

Anyway, make of this what you will; it’s something I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days… just thought I’d share.

I would be scared stiff of meeting anyone in the Star Wars cast, except for Mark Hamill. I mean, I could not possibly feel nervous around this fluffy sixty-year-old man who calls himself “Master Hamster” and spends his livelihood creating the best (worst?) dad jokes to ever exist. He’s just so friendly and open and full of sunshine, man. If I happened to see any other famous actor anywhere, I’d be terrified, but Mark Hamill…nah, if I saw him, I’d have to restrain myself from hugging him on the spot.


to build a home | leverage

Fuck all of the glitches, I give up. I don’t know what it is about vidding Leverage and long videos but they glitch and I can’t fix them so - moving on. I cried while making this just because I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO VID THIS SONG and now I have and it’s to one of the best shows to ever exist. This show is one of the best things I ever managed to get into and I love it. I love the cast and the characters and everything about this show.

 So I guess this is my way of saying thank you.

yessss, it is THE scene :D this is A++:

Vladeck (Nimoy): Is there some trouble?

Napoleon: Yes, my friend is overtrained a little bit

Donfield (Shatner): CALVIN COOLIDGE!

Donfield: How are you, Cal-baby..

Donfield: Want a taste?

Donfield: huh? huh?

Napoleon: uhh, listen- I think you’ve had enough for tonight, mister Donfield

Napoleon: Let me see you home, alright?

Donfield: *laughing*

and then in the end after Napoleon and Donfield walk off, Vladeck just turns around to the camera with this amused look on his face like “Did that guy just flirt with me, or..?”:

and this was all 2 years before Star Trek even existed, this is THE BEST casting coincidence in American TV history ever. A++

Deadpool: Last Days Of Magic #1 by Humberto Ramos

From the pages of Doctor Strange…the Empirikul are waging a war on magic with the goal of wiping the fantastical from the pages of existence. This concerns Deadpool, because some of his best friends are magic. As the Empirikul forces batter the defenses of the Monster Metropolis ruled by his demonic wife, Deadpool wades into battle alongside his most spell-casting-est friends. And you know the old saying “Nothing ever goes wrong in a war.” That’s a saying, right?

if someone in the fandom doesn’t like bellarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if none of the cast likes bellarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if the writers don’t like bellarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if jason (the producer) doesn’t like bellarke  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if my mom doesn’t like bellarke  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if my best friend doesn’t like bellarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if my non existent boyfriend doesn’t like bellarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if obama doesn’t like bellarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if jesus doesn’t like bellarke-  wAIT WTF JESUS I THOUGHT U LOVED EVERYONE  ┌∩┐ಠ_ಠ┌∩┐ nO JK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Everyone ships what they ship, likes what they like.

i could honestly care less who doesn’t like it or ship it, I love it and I ship it and i don’t care what anyone else thinks or says. im gonna enjoy this pairing hAPPILY as you should aND STILL SHIP THE FUCK OUT OF IT.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • The series with the best queer representation ever.
  • The series that normalize LGBTQ+ with just being what it is and existing.
  • The series that really made me feel better about myself.
  • The series that saved thousands of life, at least I imagine that.
  • The series that with an amazing cast that together created magic.
  • The series that gave life to all of the Creampuffs.
  • And the series that singelhanded showed the world that Youtube content is real and valid and absolute amazing.
Person of Interest 5.10

I’m not mad at my show.

They are extraordinary people. The cast, the crew, the writers, the executive.
All of them, they have worked their asses off to give us the best TV show that ever existed.
They always been nice to us, they were always willing to share, willing to communicate with us, they have been nothing but supporting to the LGBT community.
And they never made any false promises to us.

That story did not end tonight, we have still 3 episodes left, and you know what? I still have hope, I still have faith.


But I am mad at all of you, that will use this opportunity to sprade hate in my fandom.
I’m mad at all of you, that will use this as an excuse to send hate to our beloved cast and crew.

Please, they don’t deserve this.
So if you are not of the Person of Interest fandom, stay in your corner, stay respectful.

To the Poi family, keep it together, stay strong. Love you all.

Cheesy, but I am incredibly sad to see Parks end.This was certainly my favorite show to ever exist, with the greatest cast of humans to ever exist.  Although I am sad, I am grateful for the joy and laughter that it has brought into my life. I also can watch it anytime I want on Netflix (thank goodness). I will miss it though, well, I will miss the characters and the people of Pawnee.  I hope that one day the people that I end up working with will be as great a family as the Parks Crew. 

I aspire to be as kind and passionate as Leslie, as self-loving as Donna, as ambitious as Tom, as fun and carefree as Andy, as strong as April, as independent as Ron, as supportive and loving as Ben, and even as warm-hearted and unembarrassed as Jerry, Larry, Terry, Barry, Garry. I am so thankful to the creators of this show for showing me all of this and also for making me pee my pants each week. Pawnee forever. 

Ok Hamilton Recap:

I have died and ascended to a higher plane of existence.
I would like to thank not only God but also Jesus for Lin-Manuel Miranda.
And basically the whole cast.
What a beautiful piece of theatre. Oh god what a perfect piece of theatre.
I’m going to remember this forever.
This was gonna be a review but I’m still like “ASDFGHJK BEST THING EVER” I can’t actually review it. So yeah.