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Fallout Characters Who Could Use A Nap
  • Raul. Let the poor man take a load off and get some shuteye his knees hurt.
  • Preston. He works very hard and everyone worries about him and it will make his skin softer; let him nap, he’s done enough.
  • I would say Boone needs to nap but honestly I think the stress and sleep deprivation are better for his emotional state.
  • Hancock has had six naps today, his life is one long series of naps, he is napping right now, he doesn’t need another fucking nap. 
  • Danse has never let one of his colleagues nap in his vicinity if he can help it; fuck Danse and his naps.
  • Cait needs a nap, Cait has needed a nap her entire life, let the burly wife sack out for an hour.
  • If Arcade ever actually got enough sleep his terrible personality would crumble like a soggy card pyramid and the universe would probably implode. Do not let him nap.
  • Nick doesn’t need to nap but I bet he would be supportive if you wanted one.
  • Let Edward Deegan Rest He Does His Best.
Send me a superpower you wish you had
  • Superstrength: What's your five-year plan
  • Superspeed: Which fandom would you live in if you could
  • Healing/regeneration: One celebrity you'd date if you could
  • Supersenses: What's the first thing that attracts you to someone
  • The ability to remove senses: Number 1 dealbreaker in dating
  • Climbing/wall-crawling: Favorite childhood show
  • Swimming/water-breathing: If you could go on a month long vacation, where would you go
  • Flight: If you could have any animal for a pet, which animal would it be
  • Teleportation: If you could take one celebrity's fame away, which celebrity would it be
  • Exceptional leaping: If you had to live with one fictional character, who would it be
  • Shapeshifter: If you could be the opposite gender for a day, what would you do first
  • Time travel: Which year would you like to go back to if you could
  • Electricity manipulation: Are you afraid to make the first move
  • Light Darkness and/or shadows manipulation: How old is your longest friendship
  • Gravity manipulation: Would you go half on the first date
  • Magnetic manipulation: What would you do if you could get away with one crime
  • Radiation manipulation: Name a show you wish never ended
  • Nature manipulation: Would you live in an urban, rural, or suburban neighborhood
  • Telekinesis: How would react if you found out you're going to be a parent
  • Telepathy: Have you ever committed a crime you could go to jail for
  • Mind-to-mind communication: If could get a one thousand dollar gift card to one store, which store would you pick
  • Mind-control: One skill you wish you had
  • Memory manipulation: What kind of underwear do you prefer
  • Mentally generated weaponry/objects: Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex
  • Ability to locate someone mentally: How fast do you respond to a text message
  • Forcefields: Pick a superpower from the list

luminis-infinite  asked:

Head-cannons about Bahorel? Also about Bahorel and R?


i feel like bahorel is usually thought of as quite stocky and muscly but i like to imagine him as taller and more wiry– slender and strong. i usually think of him as looking like joe aston. i could talk for DAYS about his friendships but honestly my two favorites are him and enjolras and him and gavroche. i feel like bahorel is the kind of guy to shrug his shoulders and jump headfirst into whatever fight got started because of enjolras’s fiery remarks, and also i love to think of him hoisting gavroche up onto his shoulders and just generally being a warm, happy role model to this small impressionable child. i think he’d like sci-fi. i think he’d like wearing dark purple and bright red together. i think he’d get his ears pierced on a dare and then decide it looked rad as hell and keep the piercings– he’s always willing to try something once.

don’t know if you meant bahorel and R in a shippy way or not? anyway i like to imagine that, at the very least, grantaire is drawn to bahorel on an extremely aesthetic level, because as an artist and a fellow sportsman he finds bahorel’s pure physicality so interesting. i’m talking aesthetic photos of bloody knuckles, i’m talking black-and-white portraits of bahorel after a boxing match where his face is just glowing with sweat, i’m talking literal odes written to the daring color combinations that bahorel makes with his daily wardrobe choices.

he’s also the only one who can talk as much bullshit as grantaire can, and they love nothing better than to get going on some nonsensical debate that somehow ends up unravelling the secrets of the universe over a game of cards and a pizza. “man,” grantaire will say, “i still feel like humanity as a whole is on a steady decline that can only end in a complete lack of morality. also, do you have any sevens?” and bahorel will candidly respond, “you’re literally ignoring centuries of progress when you say shit like that. go fish, motherfucker.”