the best captain wentworth!

Leonard Snart

Honestly, I love Len so much and want him to return to the show.

I love captain canary and all his ships, but i miss him on the team. He was one of the best, if not THE BEST character.

He was the most developed with a great backstory and shit and idk i loved his snark…

His heroism emerging even tho he’s an anti-hero. But still being a badass criminal/thief/crook.

I feel like the show has been trying to fill the gap with new characters on the team like Amaya, Nate, (who aren’t bad), but are not the same!

Snart was a really fun character who had the best smirk and charisma that drawled in the viewers.

His interactions was the best and I miss our crook Captain Cold!

Wentworth is a gem and one of the best actors. It was really great seeing him back on the show and I want it to last, even if it means he is a villain!

I hope he lives and is in the next season!



Thank you Caity and Wentworth for being the best captains this ship could ever ask for. 

Thank you for all the unscripted stares and the leaning ins; because you made this ship and made us fall in love with it. 

Proud to have a ship with characters played by so amazing and talented people.

And for whatever the future has in store for our fandom; i hope the captain canary shippers don’t lose hope on this ship. 

21 things i`ve learned from Captain Cold this year.

I love this guy and i`m looking forward to see him alive again.. and happy. This fictional character taught me new tricks and statements. Despite the fact that I don’t like the whole Legends of tomorrow season 2 i still do not regret i got in this show in season 1 which was epic because of Criminals.. mostly. Snart was the best part of the show. We all miss him much. 

But for now, New Year Eve, i would like to post the list of my inspirations from Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.

1. Cocoa with marshmallows are cool! and delicious.

2. Handle things by yourself. Always!

3. Wear gloves like you`re about to save the world!

4. Keep cool and calm!

5. Enjoy compliments and act like you don`t give a shit!

6. Wear goggles. Goggles are cool!

7. Don`t leave any of your own behind or avenge for them.

8. Pay attention!

9. Play cards!

10. Enjoy the moment!

11. Act naturally!

12. Do peachy! thing.

13. Wear ring as a reminder for sideways. Rings are cool !!

14. Except impossible challenges.

15. Don`t be hero.. be LEGEND!

16. ..and Swag swag swaG!

17. Be Drama Queen!

18. ..and careful with your wishes.. especially with angsts!

and remember…

19. There is always time for stealing.

 … and of course.. 

20. Don`t let anyone hurt you.. EVER..

21. .. and there are NO STRINGS ON ME


This is probably the best fanvid on Captain Cold I’ve watched so far.


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