the best canon couple ever

friendly reminders for my romanogers peeps:

  • chris evans said he would pick natasha as steve’s potential lover when he could’ve said sharon !!!!!!!!!
  • (but as we’re nice and lovely people we will not rub it in star0n shippers faces. they’re salty enough as it is. let them be)
  • platonic or not, romanogers is an established relationship, meaning we earned it. we saw their relationship develop on screen and it is 10000% legit and canon in that sense
  • and who’s to say friends cant or wont turn into lovers?
  • theyve kissed!! i guess you could say it doesn’t really count but a kiss is a kiss yall they touched lips
  • we have footage of steve protecting natasha with his shield multiple times
  • steve would trust natasha to save his life uwu
  • going undercover as a couple is the best trope ever and it’s canon for us!! only happens in fanfics for the others
  • natasha knows how to fight with steves shield oh my god ??,,
  • according to joe russo, they have a “work-husband/work-wife relationship” to this i say: couples who slay together, stay together
  • they care for each other okay i do not need to explain this
  • its hetero. all hetero ships are like, canon at one point 
  • again, we have chris evans on our ship
  • whatever happens in cacw we have all this ^ and more
  • :)

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Destiel? And have you read Twist&Shout?

Oh boy. I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this since I started this blog.

Let me start by saying that I don’t not ship Destiel, that is I don’t ship against Destiel. I would be perfectly tickled to see Destiel become canon, cuz shit those two would make basically the best couple to ever walk the planet. And I do love seeing other people put together beautiful posts and stories for Dean & Cas. I get it. I really do get it.

But let me tell you why I don’t actively ship Destiel…

It’s the same reason I never shipped Sam and Frodo in LOTR, when a lot of people often like to suggest (either jokingly or seriously) that they were in love. Because I think there’s something important about representing and maintaining those kinds of deep, meaningful, and emotional relationships, with absolute undeniable love between men that aren’t romantic. I think as a writer it’s important we write this. And I think as readers it’s important that we see it.

I guess what I’m saying is that from my perspective, for women in films and TV, we see those kinds of best friend, hold each other while you cry, say I love you, run-to-eachother-when-something-is-wrong kind of relationships pretty frequently. And most of the time we don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s romantic love. It seems unbalanced to me. I cherish the idea that men can and DO have those kinds of relationships without it being considered romantic love.

I see a lot of parallels in the way Dean and Cas interact with the way Dean is with Sam (and yeah okay there are definitely fans who ship DeanxSam :P), like there are so many of those emotional and deep moments, tear the world apart for each other kind of love between the brothers too. And between Cas and Dean. There is very obviously a deep, deep love there between Dean and Cas. But I don’t think it has to be romantic.

And *sigh* Twist & Shout. *nods* Twist & Shout. It was beautiful. And it destroyed me. <3 My heart still aches just thinking about it.

Ok… So there it is. I hope I don’t upset anyone with this opinion. Love you guys! And my blog is always a place where you can ship whoever you want and I will ALWAYS support that and write for it if you ask! :)