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While I drown in my own phlegm, I'm thinking about post Lucky Penny Steter. You know, where Peter performs all kinds of beautiful fatherly acts. Tucking Stiles in at night. Teaching him how to skin things with his new claws. Letting him have the best, most tender bits. Dropping him off at school and kissing MOUTH TO MOUTH. "Oh that's my uncle. He's very European." Sports dad Peter almost dragging Stiles into his lap on the stands. All aboveboard. Just innocent guardian-ward stuff <.<




who are youuuuuuuu, sweet anon, bringing such beautiful, sparkling, grade-A trash to my door, like some magical gift-giving raccoon? whoooo who who whoooo?

hellooooo babe :p

Alpha Peter, and his fresh little werewolf bb. Uncle Peter, so European and affectionate, so dedicated to making his little orphaned charge feel welcomed and loved. So wholesome. 

I am flailing and making horrible noises. This is everything I want. This ^^^^ 

Which, you know. It’s Lucky Penny. So if I want it… I sort of have to write it. Curses.  

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unpopular opinion: Neelix is an alright guy. writing around him was Unfortunate (mostly with Kes), but i feel Voyager was more complete with him than without him.

neelix had some Boundary issues but i never disliked him, staying cheerful, trying his best; i was a bit surprised when i read about him being generally hated

no offence but the best bit of the rep in six of crows is hands down the fact that kaz’s cane is seen as threatening rather than pitiful

his disability isnt seen as a weakness bc he’s made it into part of the deadly reputation of dirtyhands; he’s found a way to turn a physical weakness into something he can use as a strength. we dont see one ounce of pity surrounding his disability and that is so fucking refreshing 


I ask the Heavens for permission…

Holy shit guys…… I really like how this one turned out! I know that her hair isn’t exactly as curly as it should be, but I’m still messing around with how I do hair and this was the best I could do. Also, when I was doing her skin I couldn’t help but think of the Jolly Green Giant XD It’s also like 1 in the morning, I should go to sleep.

To fanfiction writers on AO3 who plan to delete their accounts

Hey I know this is a really selfish request. I know I have no right to dictate what you do. I know that we as readers don’t have any right to demand anything from you writers. If you plan on deleting your AO3 account and don’t mind your stories being up for public consumption, but you don’t want your name associated with it can you please Orphan your fanfic? There is an option on AO3 where you can orphan your Fic and it won’t be associated with you or your account. Again feel free to ignore this and continue on with your life. I honestly have only well wishes for you, and if writing Fics isn’t something your interested anymore than cool dude! We’ll miss you. Sorry for this entirely selfish request, and I hope you give orphaning your Fic a thought.


Erwin has a great terrible taste in music and Levi does totally love hate it…

And I do totally not sing Backstreets Boys while being in the kitchen.

Part 2

Ages ago I read a fanfic that stuck with me where Worf was raised Jewish and being a very traditional kinda guy, still did some of the rituals he grew up with. Naturally, he’d pass them down to Alexander (and Helena Rozenko strikes me as the kind of lady who would hand knit her grandson a holiday sweater. Actually, she’d probably knit Worf one to… I should draw that XD)

A little late, alas, but happy late Hanukkah anyways!