the best best friends

if you’re going through a tough time, just remember these two are cheering you on <3

i wanted you to look at me like that girl trying to lose weight looks at the chocolate glazed donut sitting in the window of the small sweet shop, she crosses everyday on her way to work. i just wanted you to look at me like i am that last slice of pizza lying in the dominoes pizza box shared by four friends after work. i just wanted you to look at me like i am the only one you need. i just wanted to you look at me like i’m your oxygen when you’re breathless. i just wanted you to look at me like i looked at you, baby.
—  look at me//nikitagupta

listen, when alec finds out that maia and jace hooked up, you can bet he’s gonna be taking every chance he gets to encourage them into dating. like getting to see his best friend and his brother happy in a relationship together and getting the chance to finally kick clary out of his life now that jace isn’t interested in her, alec would be popping the biggest bottles

i dont want to be found once you shatter my heart. i dont want to be found once you lock lips wih other girls in red dresses. i dont want to be found once you love some one else. i dont want to be found once she screams your name between breathless moans when you fuck her. i dont want to be found once i lose you. i want to be lost so that i try not to look for reasons to find you and to find me once again.
—  l o s t//nikitagupta
How They Become Friends...

Kylo Ren/Finn:  I hate the First Order!  They ruined my life!

Kylo Ren/Finn:  No way, you too?!

Kylo Ren:  On the count of three, if you were a chick or gay, name the dude you would wanna sleep with.  1… 2… 3!

Kylo Ren/Finn:  Poe Dameron!

Kylo Ren:  WHAT?!

Finn:  Did we just become best friends?

Kylo Ren:  YEP!

Rey:  … what just happened here?

Finn:  I’m gonna be the best man at your wedding!

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20 Sounds super cute, could you please write that? And maybe with Cal? I love your blog btw

20. I can’t believe you don’t even know my eye color.

“Calum, Calum, are you fucking shitting me?” You asked as you threw your head back in laughter. “I cant believe you don’t even know my eye color. We’ve been best friends for years.” You were both watching a YouTube video on my couch about best friends who know everything about each other, so you two obviously decided to do that as well.

“This is supposed to be the easiest question Calum, how did you find this so difficult?” You laughed as he pouted while grabbing you and putting his hand over your mouth. “Shush Y/n, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to say red, I don’t even know how it’s possible for you to be born with red eyes!” He pulled his hand away from my mouth when I tried to bite him.

“Ok, ok, sure Cal, but admit it, you really don’t know what my eye color really is do you?” He scoffed, “Of course I do, they’re Y/e/c. Duh!” I clapped sarcastically as he rolled his eyes with a small smile. “Good job Calum, you finally figured out that my eyes are not red.” He laughed and pushed me a little bit while I giggled at him.

“I’m only teasing Cal, I know you know basically everything about me, don’t worry.” He smiled and pulled me into an overly dramatic hug and we both fell back onto the couch where he lied on top of me.

“Ok, Y/n what color are my eyes then?” He asked as he closed his eyes super tightly and pretending not to let me see. I pretended to contemplate for a minute, “Hmm, let me think, are they.. red?”

“God fucking dammit Y/n let it go!”

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Pat: And I was like “I saw Majima Everywhere get announced at E3 and I was mad.“ 
Matt: Aw that woulda been amazing if they had that at E3. They have an actor dressed up.
Pat: That would actually be a really good gimmick for Kiwami, yeah. You’re super right… Just harassing attendees at random.
Matt: Yeah, he just jumps outta the Donkey Kong barrel.
Matt: And they’re like “What game are you from?” and he just runs off.

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Not the anon who requested the LuNyx wedding but can I have Noct giving Nyx the talk before the big day? Nyx doing his best not to laugh at his highness' seriousness.

The day before, he cornered Nyx and said, “A word, hero?”

Frowning, Nyx followed him.

“Listen, I need to say this. I know you’re the hero that saved Insomnia, and I know you love her, but if you hurt her, ever, in any way, I swear to you there will be no place you can’t hide.”

Nyx blinked. “O…kay…” he said, lips twitching. “Highness.”

“Majesty,” Noct corrected. “And I mean it.”

Nyx smiled openly, warmly. “You got it, majesty.”

Noct left the bridal suite the next day, confident that Gentiana had everything under control.

Nyx’s room was a bit different. He’d been bold and brash at the bachelor party, but now something was a off. Nyx was nervous. Noctis felt it in the air the moment he pushed the door open. He hadn’t started getting dressed, he was stalling, pacing.

“Oi, pretty boy,” the prince grinned. “You got this, hero.”

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