the best bed sharing scene out of all my otps i think

"Pecked Lips"

Stelena kisses aren’t passionate huh? @lovevanessaamarie

I don’t really ship Stelena that hard, tho their chemistry is undeniable. In the first one, they’re not simply “kissing” their bodies are in motion, both of them lean into each other as they feel one another’s body get closer

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Here it shows how pure and amazing their love is, this is one of their most adorable scenes because of how playful they are together, not all kisses have to look the same in order to be passionate. Quick reminder kissing in bed doesn’t always mean sex (even if your ship uses it in that way). You can fuck anyone but you can’t make love to everyone.

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I genuinely think these two were iconic because of their romance and as for the make-out/kissing scenes, they just add to that. Stelena has this urgency to their kisses which shows how much love they share. Their kisses are electrifying and you can notice that with every movement they make and every position they take while kissing even if it is just a “peck” 

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Talk about “pecked lips” kisses… I mean not only it doesn't have any emotion, it gives less than a second to the audience to notice it and also it seems forced even for two actors that are actually dating:

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I think u mistake passion for “eating faces” these two quite literally lack in motion and are full of sloppiness, they literally bump their faces to each other to make it look passionate, but in my book, it just looks like violent kissing

God this one broke my nose..Zzz

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Gelphie Fic Rec List

So this was requested by @alwaysholdingout a while ago and this is just me getting round to it, sorry. I’m going to put them into categories, completed, in progress and one-shots. P.S those in bold are my personal favourites.

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I loved you first (chapter 7, the last one!)

I’m sorry for the wait on this one guys, there are two main reasons for that: 

I was clearly distracted by Thomas Sharpe who was so loud in my head it was impossible for me to still hear Tom and Emmy, and reason nr 2: this is the final chapter, I needed this to be exactly right and I wasn’t going to put it up if I wasn’t sure.

This story has been one of my favorites to write, even though the feels were almost too much to bear at some point I enjoyed every minute of it and I do believe Tom and Emmy might be my OTP ;)

Your comments and messages for this story have been overwhelming, I didn’t expect too much interest for ‘just a romantic story’ that isn’t high on smut, so it is very refreshing to see how a lot of you seem to love this story as much as I do. You’re all amazing and your support means the world.

Okay, so here we go…

There is some smut in this chapter so I’ll put up NSFW 18+ but it’s nothing too explicit.

Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6


I loved you first (Chapter 7)


I’m not sure who was more nervous, him or me. If it was him he didn’t show it, what was the expression again: to own a stage?
Well, he was owning it, every word, every gesture, every emotion. I noticed every single person in the crowd around me had their eyes on him the entire time, even during the scenes where he wasn’t speaking.

The room was packed, it was a one time performance from his university Theatre club, one night only so everyone had as many friends and family there as they possibly could get together. 

I was sat next to Haley who sat next to Emma and Tom’s mum followed by a few of his closest friends. 

I might as well have been there all alone because I didn’t pay attention to anything around me, all I had eyes for was him.

The words seemed to flow from him, like this was all he had ever done, the more I watched him the more I was convinced that this was all he should ever be doing.
He had mentioned his love for acting many times before in conversation, but I always assumed it was just a childhood dream. Tonight I was witness to how much more it was to him.

I had never seen him more passionate or more happy than right now in this moment, him on the stage and all eyes on him.

I had no words for how talented he was, his presence was incredibly engaging, his body language so strong and the emotions. I sat there going through all of them with him, and I hadn’t even noticed until the curtain fell that I had tears in my eyes.

It had been five months now since we shared a bed, a night I still went back to in my mind way too often. Watching him on that stage and seeing how perfectly his body moved through every scene I couldn’t help but remember how that body felt when it moved against mine and how much I had missed it. 


I rose from my seat for the standing ovation, seeing him search the crowd for someone he knew, I assumed his mum, but his eyes kept searching even after he found her.

‘He was amazing, wasn’t he?!’ Haley’s enthusiastic voice filled my ears, bringing me back to earth and out from under the spell Tom had put me in during the play.

‘I never doubted it for a second,’ I smiled back at her.

We joined Emma and Tom’s mum, Diana, for drinks at the bar after the show. Diana was beaming with pride, it warmed my heart to see how proud she was of her son and how supportive she was in his dream. 

I tried my best to engage in the small talk and answered all questions coming my way but my mind wasn’t really there, I was anxious to see him and I knew he would come out and meet us very soon.

We had seen each other only in passing during the last few months, it seemed to have become our MO to share an intimate moment and then get distracted by real life. And that life always managed to pull us away from each other, even to another country this time.

I noticed his blond curls first, peaking out above everyone else’s heads as usual. Diana laughed loudly when he pulled her into a hug and asked her nervously if he did okay. A bright relieved smile overtook his face when she started complimenting him and set his nerves at ease. He received the same reaction from his sister Emma, making him glow even more by the time he reached me and Haley.

‘You were amazing, Tom,’ Haley smiled into his hug,’ congratulations, you nailed it.’
‘Thank you, love, and thank you for coming,’ he broke the hug and turned around to face me.
His smile slowly faded as soon as his eyes met mine.

‘Emmy,’ his voice was so soft and the look on his face so serious it made me weak in the knees,’ you’re here…I thought…I…Em…’
The same guy who didn’t screw up a single line on that stage was now completely lost for words, it was so endearing I couldn’t help but smile at him.

‘Did you really think I would miss your debut?’ I then said, finally putting the smile back on his face.

‘I thought you were in Paris?’
‘I was,’ I answered,’ I am, but I came back for the weekend to see you.’

He stepped closer to me, putting his back towards his family and Haley, creating some privacy between us.
‘Was it worth it?’ he then asked softly.

I put my hands on his chest and looked into his eyes,’ most definitely, you were breathtaking out there. I know I’m biased but I’m sure everyone in here agrees with me, you were the star of the show, you were born to be on that stage. And I couldn’t be more proud of you.’

His warm smile was making me shiver and my hands were still resting on his chest, waiting for him to at least hug me but he wasn’t moving.

‘So yes, it was worth it,’ I added,’ you are worth it.’

His smile was gone again and he bit his lip and broke eye contact. For a moment I thought I had said too much and he would pull away but then he put his hands on my waist and slowly pulled me closer to him until our bodies touched. 

‘I was so disappointed when Haley told me you were in Paris, of all the people I wanted here tonight you…you were the one I needed, Em,’ he spoke quietly, his words only meant for me,’ I’ve missed you.’

‘I’ve missed you too,’ I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close, ignoring that his mother was right there next to us but Tom didn’t seem to care either. He tightened the hug and I could hear him smile against my ear.

‘I need to say hello to a few people,’ he then spoke softly,’ will you wait for me? Please? I’d really like us to talk.’

I stayed for another hour even after Diana, Emma and eventually Haley had left. I took a seat in a small booth close to the bar with my drink and waited for him to return. Part of me feared he wouldn’t show but a little after midnight he suddenly popped up next to me.

‘Are you saving that seat for someone special?’ he asked with that charming smile.
‘Well, I was, but it looks like he’s not coming so you might as well take it,’ I joked, making him let out a little chuckle.

I moved a little further down the bench to make room for him and his long legs.

‘I’m sorry it took so long,’ he gave me an apologetic smile,’ seems I know a lot more people than I realized.’
‘I know, it’s fine, ’ I smiled. His face was a little flushed, probably from all the wine, and his eyes looked tired. I’m sure tonight must have been stressful for him, even if he didn’t show it, but there was also a calm and a very content air hanging over him.

I looked up when I felt his hand rest on the small of my back.
‘Hey,’ he whispered, looking deeper into my eyes and giving me that stare he knew I couldn’t resist.
‘Hey, you,’ I spoke softly and put my hand on his knee, not allowing my eyes to look anywhere else but into his. 

We didn’t speak for a few minutes but he was inching closer to me and his hand was rubbing my back really softly and slowly. I was melting into his arms but I knew tonight was a dream and tomorrow would bring us both back to reality, a reality in which we were miles away from each other and in which nothing had changed.

As if he was reading my thoughts he carefully took my hand and gave it a soft comforting pinch,’ when do you have to be back in Paris?’

‘Tomorrow night.’

‘Then stay the night with me,’ he whispered and he leaned his forehead against mine,’ please.’

He put a soft kiss on my cheek and then brought his lips to mine, I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. I didn’t need him to say anything else, his kisses and wandering hands were enough to show me he had missed me as much as I had missed him.

I forced myself to come up for air after a few minutes, his breath was heavy against my cheek and we both couldn’t help but giggle.

‘I’m sorry,’ he then said,’ I know things may have changed for you these past months but…they haven’t for me.’
Our eyes met again.
‘They haven’t for me either, Tom, but…’

He put his index finger on my lips, making me eat my words.

‘No buts,’ he pleaded.

‘But there are buts,’ I put my hand on his chest to keep his face at a distance and his lips away from mine,’ I leave again tomorrow, for another six months, I don’t think this is a good idea right now.’

He looked at me with a blank expression for a few seconds and then nodded his head.
‘I know you’re right, it’s a bad idea,’ he then said,’ but…I want you.’

‘I want you too,’ I sighed,’ but if I sleep with you…I’m only going to want you more tomorrow. And I don’t need that right now, I don’t need to miss you more than I already do, Tom.’

I expected him to try and kiss me again, convince me that one night wouldn’t hurt us and we should take advantage of the opportunity and just live for tonight but he didn’t do either of those things and part of me felt disappointed that he didn’t.

He just put both his arms around me and pulled me against his chest without saying another word, his hands stroking my back and my hair. We spent the rest of that night cuddling in the booth, I talked about my time at my internship in Paris and he talked about his preparation for the play.

It was morning by the time we said goodbye to each other, we shared one more long kiss outside of the bar and then both went our separate ways again.

We added another beautiful memory to a long list but it would still lead us nowhere. I got on the plane to Paris in tears the next day.



‘I…you…what?’ my voice was barely making any sound, all I could do was stare at him and try and convince myself I hadn’t just imagined him saying those last words.

‘I broke up with her two days ago,’ he repeated in a sigh as if he knew I needed to hear it again.
I stayed quiet.

‘I love Catherine,’ he then said,’ she is an extraordinary amazing woman.’
‘I get it,’ I sighed,’ she is, and you…’

‘Hear me out,’ he interrupted me quickly,’ she is pretty amazing but she’s not you, Em.’

He took another step closer and looked into my eyes,’ there’s no other you out there, believe me, I’ve looked.’

I shook my head in a little smile and he gave me a shy smile back while his hand came to rest on my hip.

‘So what do you want, Tom?’ I asked.

‘You,’ he spoke softly and he leaned his forehead against mine, making me shiver,’ I’ve always wanted you, ever since the first time you rejected me at that party. And even after every time you’ve rejected me since, I still want you, Em.’

I shook my head and put my hands on his shoulders to pull him closer,’ I only rejected you because I was so scared.’
‘Are you still?’ he asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.

‘The only thing I’m scared of is losing you again,’ I confessed, putting a little smile of relief on his face while he nuzzled his nose against my cheek and woke up the butterflies in my stomach.

‘Am I dreaming this?’ I whispered.

He pulled back a little to look into my eyes and then leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine in a sweet soft kiss.
‘Did that feel like a dream?’ he asked while his thumb caressed my cheek.

‘Oh yeah, I’ve had this dream many times actually.’

His smile lit up his entire face and made him look even more gorgeous. But then his face changed into the most loving look I had ever seen from him, the softness in his eyes nearly broke my heart and he let out a deep sigh while he took my hand and spoke in a serious tone,’ Emmy, my darling…’

It was enough to trigger me and the tears started flowing.

 Tears for the love I had held back from him for all those years, and all those times my fear and doubt broke his heart.

‘I’m so sorry,’ I sobbed,’ I’m so, so sorry for what I did to us.’

He only shook his head, put his arms around my waist and held me tight against his chest.
I clung to his shoulders and let my tears run freely, whispering the same words over and over again into his ear,’ I love you, I love you, I love you.’

His hand cupped the back of my neck and brought my face in front of his while his lips found mine in a soft but longer kiss this time, stopping the tears from falling.

He broke our kiss for just a few seconds, just enough time to whisper the words back to me before his mouth was on mine again and I felt his tongue on my lips begging for entrance.

My arms were around his neck and I deepened our kiss, his body was already touching mine but I still needed him closer. 

I wanted to melt into him, let him know that I was his, completely his. All of me. There was no doubt this time, no new girlfriend to come between us, no sudden twist of fate that would pull us apart. I would never let that happen ever again.

I carefully pulled his shirt over his head while he guided me to the couch, I pushed him down and straddled him.

‘We don’t have to rush this,’ he whispered as he grabbed my neck again and forced me to look into his eyes,’ I mean it, if you want to take it slow…’ 

The words on his lips were a clear contradiction to the growing lust in his eyes.

‘I know,’ I gave him an encouraging smile,’ but I think we’ve wasted enough time, don’t you?’
He smiled and closed his eyes when I kissed him again. 

His hands found their way underneath my shirt and carefully pulled it up over my head and threw it on the ground next to us. 
His breath was getting heavier while his hands explored every inch of my naked back and shoulders. I could feel his fingers sinking into my skin and leaned my forehead against his so I could look into his eyes.

‘I don’t want us to waste a minute longer,’ I whispered and he pulled me down on his lap, every single touch of him was setting me more and more on fire. I wanted him, I needed him.

His hands sank down to my lower back and came to rest on my ass while he pushed his hips up from the couch and against my center, I could feel the bulge in his pants growing even through my jeans. I rolled my hips against him, making us both breathe a little louder and heavier.

There was no more time for patience and taking it slow, we had been taking it slow for way too long.

‘I want you,’ he whispered in my ear,’ God, I want you so bad, Em.’

We were grinding up against each other, both desperate for some kind of friction, he was biting his lip trying to fight back his moans but I didn’t want him to fight anymore.

I let my hand sink down between us to open his jeans, a soft moan on his lips when my hand slipped into his pants. His eyes closed as I started rubbing him slowly but firmly, his face was twisted between pleasure and sweet torture and after a while his eyes found mine again, his look suddenly focussed entirely on me and no longer on his own pleasure.

He lifted me off his lap and pushed me down on the couch, his hands unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them off my legs, quickly followed by my panties and him climbing on top of me.

‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered in a little embarrassed smile before he kissed me again, slowly and gently, a contradiction to how fast he got me out of my clothes,’ I don’t meant to rush you, but…’
‘Rush me, please, I beg of you,’ I pulled his pants lower and freed his erection. We both started panting when I felt him bump against my inner thigh.

‘I’ve been thinking about this every single day for the past years,’ my voice came out hoarse and filled with lust,’ believe me, this is not rushing.’

I spread my legs and put my arms around his neck to hold him close to me, letting my fingers caress the back of his neck while our eyes found each other again,’ I need you, Tom.’

I wish I remembered exactly what happened after that but my emotions took over.
I remember feeling complete with him inside me, how everything fell into place, his eyes that never left mine, him softly panting against my face with every thrust.

Him slowing down as soon as my eyes started to fill with tears again, tears of pure happiness this time. The overwhelming realisation that he was here, in my arms, that he was finally mine. 
The loving relieved look on his face when I convinced him everything was perfect, how we just kissed for several minutes before he moved in me again.

No more slowing down or hesitating, just me and him and how we fit, how we had always fit.

And how he lost the last bit of his control and bit my shoulder with a cry of pleasure as it washed over him, taking me with him in one perfect and long awaited moment. And the whispers of love into my ear long after as we lay awake in each other’s arms on Haley’s couch.


When I entered the kitchen the next morning I found Haley at the breakfast table, a big bright smile on her face when she watched me walk in.

‘Good morning,’ she said while she turned to me.
‘Good morning, I didn’t hear you come in last night?’

‘I wanted to give you guys time,’ she smiled over her cup of coffee and looked up at me with a hopeful look in her eyes,’ did it help?’

I was unable to hide the happy grin on my face as I nodded my head and sat down next to her at the kitchen counter.
‘He just left an hour ago,’ I said, making her smile even wider.

‘So I assume it went well?’

‘Yes,’ I grinned again and I covered up my face with my hands,’ good god, I can’t stop smiling.’
‘I’ve noticed, you seem annoyingly happy,’ she lifted her eye brow and poured me a cup of coffee.
‘I’m sorry,’ I shook my head,’ but yes, everything went well, really well, and he stayed the night.’

‘Was it as good as you remembered?’

‘We only did it once before, but god yes…so much better,’ I smiled,’ but that’s not the most important thing, it was just…having him here with me, you know. In my bed, in my arms, knowing there was no other place he needed to be, or wanted to be…god, Hales, I can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now.’
I could see her lift her eye brow again and I bit my lip.

‘Fine, I’ll shut up now.’

But before she could say anything I was talking again,’ It’s just…I think I’m about to wake up from a very beautiful dream any minute now, this feels like a perfect fairytale and those just don’t happen to me.’

She leaned over to pinch me in the arm,’ it’s happening, enjoy it.’

‘I am,’ I nodded my head and remembered Tom’s gorgeous face as he left earlier that morning, his messy morning hair and the taste of his kisses still on my lips as he waved me goodbye from down the street.

‘But please enjoy it in silence and wipe that smug happy smile off your face,’ she added.

I started apologizing again but she quickly put her hand on my shoulder and just shook her head.

‘I am deliriously happy for you two, okay,’ she then spoke more seriously,’ this was a long, looooong time coming.’
‘Tell me about it.’
‘So what happens now then?’ she then asked, a more serious look on her face,’ I mean, are you going back to America?’

I could hear a hint of hesitation when she asked the question.

‘You mean am I going to run away again now that I’ve got what I wanted?’ 

‘I wouldn’t put it that bluntly but yes.’

‘I don’t blame you for putting it that bluntly,’ I sighed and I looked into her eyes,’ but no, I guess I’m…coming back to London to stay.’

The relieved smile on her face comforted me,’ I’m glad to hear it.’

‘Which brings me to another issue, I know you’re probably sick of me but is there any chance I could stay here for just a little bit longer? Just until I get settled.’
‘Don’t even mention it,’ she smiled,’ this flat will always be your home, Em. Stay as long as you like.’
‘You’re a life saver, honestly, you are, I probably would have gone back to Boston if it hadn’t been for you.’

‘You wouldn’t have, I’m sure of it, I just told you what you already knew you should be doing and calmed you down when you were losing hope. You would have done it by yourself either way, it just would have been…messier and even more dramatic probably.’

We both laughed.

‘Probably,’ I then smiled,’ but thank you anyway.’

‘So, what else can I do now?’ she then asked.

‘You’ve done more than enough, but well, I am in desperate need of a job…’


Tom carried my suitcase across the platform of St Pancras station, he had grabbed my hand as soon as we got off the tube and hadn’t let go since.

There were no words to describe how amazing it felt to walk alongside him, not having to hide my affection for him or feel sad because he would go home to another woman soon.

This time I was her, the woman he would return home to, the luckiest woman on the planet.

I still needed Haley to pinch me.

But before my life with him could really start there were a few things I needed to put in order in Boston.

‘So, how long?’ he asked.
‘Three days, four tops, just until I have all my things in order,’ I put my arm around his neck and felt both his arms snake around my waist.
His eyes found mine and I noticed the worry in them straight away, even though he tried his best to hide it with a smile.

‘I’ll call you every day,’ I said,’ or not if you don’t want that, I don’t want to be the clingy girlfriend that smothers you.’
He just smiled and brought his face closer to mine,’ that’s quite alright, smother me.’
He pressed his lips on mine in a featherlight kiss. It was enough to make me weak and I pulled him closer, burying my face into the crook of his neck to take up his smell and linger into his hug.

I could hear him let out a deep breath before he spoke,’ just so you know, if you don’t come back this time I am coming after you.’

His voice was soft but there was no hesitation in his words and I knew he meant it.
‘I’m coming back’, I told him and I broke the hug to be able to look into his eyes and convince him there was no doubt in my words either,’ I’m coming back, Tom.’

‘Good,’ he smiled and kissed me again, a longer one this time that had us both out of breath and made me cling to his shoulders for support.

‘I should get on the train before it leaves without me,’ I sighed. 
He nodded his head and gave me an encouraging smile.

‘Oh, I almost forgot,’ he then said, stepping back a little bit but still keeping his hands on my waist while he spoke,’ I had an audition yesterday.’
The look of surprise on my face made him laugh.

‘An audition? I didn’t know you still did those?’
‘I didn’t,’ he spoke more seriously now,’ well, I hadn’t until…it’s with that company you took me to see. I checked up on them after the show and their website said they held auditions this week so I thought…why not?’
‘And? How did it go?’

‘They called me this morning to tell me I got the part.’
The little proud smile on his face melted my heart and I pulled him into another hug.

‘That’s fucking amazing,’ I smiled,’ I’m so proud of you for doing this.’
‘It’s not a lead or anything,’ he quickly added,’ but I thought that maybe I could take it up again and see where it goes.’

‘Where did this come from?’ I asked.

‘From you,’ he said softly and he leaned his forehead against mine,’ you made me realize there were things I’ve been missing. You reminded me that sometimes it’s okay to not give up on a dream, to want things you thought weren’t meant for you. Sometimes those dreams are what makes life worthwhile.’

I couldn’t form any words while I heard him speak and the tears welled up in my eyes.

‘You woke up a passion in me I thought I lost forever, Em,’ he continued,’ I had it locked away so deep these past years because…’
As I stared into his eyes I could see he was struggling to fight back his own tears.

‘Are you talking about acting or me now?’ I asked softly.
‘Both,’ he gave me a little smile,’ I had to step back from the two things I loved the most because they were filled with so much pain and disappointment and regret, it was easier to just leave it all in the past and move on.’

He cupped my face with his hands and the smile returned to his face.
‘But I never have,’ he whispered,’ I couldn’t move on from you because I didn’t really want to. Seeing you again after all that time…being able to talk to you again, to have you close to me, to hug you…you have no idea what that did to me.’
‘I think I can imagine,’ I leaned into him and smiled and then he put his arms around my neck and stared deep into my eyes.

‘I am never, ever, letting you go again, I love you, my darling Emmy.’
‘I love you,’ I whispered.

We stood in silence for a while, clinging to each other and staring into each other’s eyes like two annoyed teenagers who were in love for the very first time.

‘You should get on,’ he then sighed.
‘I know,’ I was still holding onto him when he put my suitcase on the train and me with it.

‘Three days,’ I sighed,’ I won’t need more.’
‘I’ll be right here waiting,’ he smiled and he leaned in closer to plant another soft kiss on my lips,’ now go.’

I finally brought myself to let go of him and managed to find a spot by the window, I sank into the seat and heard the doors close as soon as I sat down.

Tom was standing on the platform, he walked closer to my window so he could keep his eyes on me while the train started moving. I watched him put his hands in his pockets while he gave me warm smile and walked with me for a while, the sadness in his eyes was unmistakeable as he watched the train carry me away from him.

I could see him mouth the words ‘I’ll miss you’ and I watched him grow smaller and smaller, the last image was him blowing a kiss at me.

The tears were streaming down my face, I was unable to stop them. Going to America was the last thing I wanted right now but I had to, there were things I couldn’t just leave unfinished like that.

Most of it was paperwork and picking up some of my stuff and make arrangements to send over the rest, but most importantly I wanted to see my mother and tell her in person that I was moving back to London. I knew she would be devastated and insanely happy for me at the same time.

By the time we arrived in Heathrow my tears had dried, I knew what I had to do and it was like a sudden calm fell over me. 

I was finally starting the life I had wanted for so long and I was ready for it this time. There was none of the usual worry or panic, no commitment issues or any doubt in my heart. The past didn’t matter anymore, all I could think of was coming home to him, feeling his arms around me and see that warm smile that still made my heart jump even after all those years.

There never had been anyone else for me and there never would be. He was my past and my future, and my heart had always known it.

I loved him first, I’ll love him always.

Húrin and Morwen

I think one of the things I really like about Húrin and Morwen is that their interactions are very much about a high-trust, respectful intimate relationship between people with profoundly different worldviews and that just… isn’t something you see much of. 

You see “our profoundly different worldviews are fragmenting the relationship” and “love enlightens us and changes our worldviews to make us compatible” and “the fact we have completely different outlooks is not engaged with in the narrative and apparently doesn’t impact our relationship at all” 

And then you have Húrin and Morwen, which has none of that, and  - even before I recognized precisely what it was that made it different - their relationship struck me as strikingly fraught and intimate. It’s kind of neat to see Tolkien writing something so far afield from what he’s known for, and doing it really well.

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(look, be the the single parent (sort of)!Westallen fic you wish to see in the world okay)


let me be your ride out of town, let me be the place that you hide

we can make our lives on the go, run away with me 

When Iris agreed to be one of the chaperones on Wally’s eighth grade science trip to the Smithsonian, this really wasn’t what she had in mind.

Truthfully, she’d agreed because Joe wouldn’t have been able to make it, what with work, and she knew it would quietly kill her father not to be there for Wally, especially so soon after their mother’s passing. And Iris did want to stick close to her little brother, in this new motherless adjustment they both had to make. So she’d impulsively (foolishly) agreed to go along, keep an eye on her brother and about a hundred other eighth graders.

Shows what she knew.

Honestly, it could’ve been worse. she was worried that she’d be the only person her age amongst a sea of preteens and their hassled adult caretakers, but no, there’s Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, both of whom are teachers no older than Iris herself, and she even knows them through Wally’s after-school program. Caitlin could wield a cool, unimpressed stare like a scalpel and not a single boy dared sass her more than once. Cisco, on the other hand (all the kids called him “Mr. Cisco” or even just by his first name) provided the lightness and playfulness, making jokes and occasionally yelling things like, “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” about science and engineering.

And then there was Barry Allen.

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but what would be your ideal season 4? not what you think is likely but what you could see happening?

My absolute ideal season 4 would start off right after the two of them washed ashore, but since it will likely be 3+ years post-twotl when season 4 airs, we’re probably looking at a time jump.

(I feel like I’ve maybe answered a similar ask in the past, so pls excuse me if I’m just repeating myself here lmao) Anyway…

  • Will and Hannibal have been lying low, not killing, generally staying off everyone’s radar in Argentina or in the mountains somewhere for 3-4 years. (shout out to Mads for his amazing headcanons)
  • When we first pop back into their lives the casual intimacy is striking in every way. It’s unclear at first if they’re living as lovers or just platonic buds who touch way too often.
  • And there would be so much touching. So much.
  • The first few episodes delve into Will’s mind via flashbacks to right after the fall. He recalls hitting the water, dragging Hannibal ashore (or Hannibal dragging him, or the two of them just washing up like dead fish idk), the way one or both of them were so close to death in the aftermath, and exactly where he was following the decision to take his own life alongside Hannibal’s
  • Also a flashback to The Dinner, although maybe this one comes via a now one-legged Bedelia.
  • I just need lots of flashbacks okay.
  • And lots of conversations. All of the conversations. Sitting across from one another as they did in therapy only this is no longer therapy because they are entirely equal now.
  • Some really gruesome murders start happening near where Will and Hannibal now live. This is where the season one elements begin to come in. They investigate and do the best they can to find the killer with their limited resources.
  • Will is facing a huge moral dilemma at this point because for 3-4 years he’s managed to keep Hannibal (and himself) from killing anyone, but he wants to stop the killer and also killing such a person would feel so very good.
  • Will is ultimately the one who makes the decision that they need to do something because Will calling the shots is always ideal in my book.
  • Will accepting the darkness he’s allowed to lie dormant within himself for so long, but with like… so much internal conflict.
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with the plot but I want a scene of the two of them cutting their hair (because their hideaway husband hair is a lot longer than their soon-to-be murder husband hair) and it’s all just close-up, sensual shots of scissors snipping strands and brown and gray clumps falling into the sink, fingers running through hair and we can’t tell if they’re grooming each other or just themselves.
  • Anyway they take down the killer and that sets off a string of investigations/murder husbanding that will most likely involve cannibalism because… it’s Hannibal after all, but also I don’t think Will is all that ethically opposed to the practice if the meat in question comes from someone more pig than man.
  • Jack catches on fairly quickly that it’s them and the hunt is on. Also I think if the rights situation pans out as Bryan hopes it will, this would be a good time to bring Clarice in. Having her work with Jack to catch Hannibal and Will before the sotl arc kicks off would be so amazing.
  • Somewhere during that 3-4 year period where they were hiding out they became lovers, and it’s very subtle at first. Maybe we see they’re sharing a bedroom but it’s never spoken of, or there’s other subtle or not-so-subtle visual indicators that they’re way more than platonic touchy-feely buds.
  • But eventually it becomes undeniable what’s going on between them and they smooch, maybe right after a kill, and everything is beautiful.
  • Also eventually we do see them in bed together* because we’re talking ideals here and I do think it’s possible. But the scene is all light and color and blurring and hands dragging across skin and limbs tangling in true Hannibal fashion. 
  • They are apprehended either mid-season 4 or in the finale, depending on how many more seasons we are blessed with, and that kicks off the sotl arc.

*The season would still be very ideal to me without this happening. The two of them having sex via metaphor is always much more fun to pick apart anyway, and would keep the ~tension between them at an optimal level. But touching and smooching would be nice.

Ace Day/November Carnival of Aces: Ships & OTPs

I’m not what you’d call a ‘shipper’ - I never have been…

But that’s not to say I’m not drawn to certain fictional pairings/relationships.

They tend to follow a certain pattern; older male, younger female (yes, Freud would have a freakin’ field-day), but the overarching trait they all share is a predominantly platonic bond.

Despite this, I never really recognised that the fictional characters I was drawn to shunned sexual and (in most cases) romantic attraction - it’s just yet another reason I probably should have known I was asexual.

Examples of these pairings include May Kasahara and Toru Okada from The Wind Up Bird Chronicle; Holly Sykes and Crispin Hershey from The Bone Clocks; Peggy Olson and Don Draper from Mad Men; Abigail Hobbes and Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal; and Marceline and The Ice King/Simon from Adventure Time (interestingly enough, while most people sob their hearts out during the feels-laden AT episode ‘I Remember You’, I’ve discovered the source of my own tears happens at a different stage of the episode than most; specifically, when Marceline attempts to hug The Ice King only for him to misread her actions and try to kiss her, which is punctuated by her abject horror and utter disgust at the fact that the man she loves, and has tremendous history with, sees her as nothing but a sexual conquest).

But one pairing stands out more than any other…

I guess you could say they’re my OTP - the only problem is, I was never rooting for their relationship in the same way others were.

That pairing is Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks, the FBI agent and high school girl thrust together during a nightmarish murder investigation where nothing (least of all the owls) was what it seemed.

The problem is, while decades-worth of hard-core Peaksies wanted nothing more than the two to end up together, I was content with their relationship just the way it was. To me it was, and always will be, perfect.

It all boils down to one scene (mild spoilers follow):

The end of episode five of series one ends with Cooper returning to his hotel (owned by Audrey’s family) to find his room door slightly ajar. He raises his gun, and enters, where he sees a figure obscured by shadows lying in his bed. Gun poised, he commands the person to slowly reach over and turn on the bedside light. They oblige, revealing themselves to be Audrey - naked, vulnerable - she begs him not to make her leave. Shock washes over Cooper’s features and he lowers his gun. The screen fades to black…

The next episode picks up almost exactly where the last ended, though now Cooper is sitting on the edge of the bed. He sombrely explains that she’s a high school student, while he’s an FBI agent, prompting her to tearfully ask if he wants her to leave.

He replies, “What I want and what I need are two different things, Audrey…

Before adding, “When a man joins the bureau he takes an oath to uphold certain values. Values that he’s sworn to live by. This is wrong Audrey, we both know it.

She buckles under the rejection, before pleadingly asking, “But don’t you like me?

He recognises that he’s hurt her, and replies earnestly, “I like you very much. You’re beautiful, intelligent, desirable. You’re everything a man wants in his life. But what you need right now, more then anything else, is a friend. Someone who will listen.

True to Cooper’s nature, the statement comes off as genuine, there is no air of condescension or patronisation. He means exactly what he says. He’s not unceremoniously brushing off what he perceives to be the whims of a young and naive girl, nor does he try to neuter her sexuality or sexual agency. Instead, he genuinely cares for her as a person, and recognises precisely what she needs.

This is evident by Audrey’s reaction - she’s not dejected or heartbroken - she’s relieved.

After his statement, Cooper offers Audrey his handkerchief to wipe away her tears, and she nods to herself before responding, “Friends, huh?” Cooper nods in agreement and the two share a warm smile - one of their most genuine moments of intimacy within the whole scene.

He then tells her that he’s going downstairs to get two malts and some fries (because 90′s, amirite?) after which he wants her to tell him “all her troubles”.

That could take all night”, she replies.

But, as Cooper attests, “The night is young.

They share a quick back and forth about secrets and the central murder mystery, before Cooper leaves to get the food and suggests Audrey gets dressed.

As he leaves the room, the camera lingers on Audrey’s face - she lets out a large sigh of relief, and smiles to herself.

She now knows that her ‘Special Agent’ sees beyond the sex-kitten persona she projects (despite us later finding out that she’s a virgin). The one she uses to ‘get what she wants’, as is evident in an earlier scene in episode five where she seduces/blackmails one of her father’s employees.

Speaking of Audrey’s father, said persona is no doubt at least partially owing to his appalling relationships with women, including her own classmates (seriously, as much as I love the Horne brothers and their fetishistic food fixations, they’re both downright creeps) - it’s also important to note that Audrey ends up in Cooper’s bed immediately after catching her father red-handed in an extra-marital affair and potential murder plot.

So why does this moment hold so much meaning for me? Why do I consider it to be OTP-worthy? 

Well, for one, I really relate to it…

As I’ve written about before, much like Audrey, I am (incorrectly) perceived as some sort of vampish, sex-kitten-esque, temptress, and prior to discovering/accepting my asexuality I couldn’t help but think that precisely that perception was the only thing I was good for, or at least, the only thing anyone would ever be interested in.

Because of that, I understood and related to Audrey’s desire to throw herself at someone she cared about, despite it not being the best thing for her, and above all else not being what she wanted. I completely get that sense of obligation, like I owe someone something, or that I have to perpetuate some self-fulfilling prophecy.

So to have a character like Cooper see her as more than that - to see her as exactly the person she truly was - was tremendously important to me. 

In the way that he saw her, I wanted others to see me - the real me - and to understand me.

The problem was, I barely understood myself…

But since discovering my asexuality/aromanticism I feel like every facet of my personality has just ‘clicked’. It sounds ridiculous, but after discovering my lack of sexual and romantic attraction, I actually feel the most positive about my future relationships than any other time in my life.

Now that I truly see myself, I feel like others will too.

Or worse comes to worst we’ll grab a couple of malts and fries and talk the night away…

Outlander Review, Episode 1x12 Lallybroch

Warning, I’m a spoilery reviewer and I leave nothing out so buyer beware… oh yeah, and this is hella long. Again. Sorry. Not sorry.

Have I ever mentioned to you good people how much I love great characterization? How much I love people on my shows talking to one another? People on my shows communicating, actually speaking words, even if they’re out of anger? How much I love actors who understand who their characters are? How much I love consistency in my characters? How much I love when characters do act out of character, it’s addressed?

Well if not, let me tell you, I love all of the above more than anything else when it comes to story telling, great plots without all of the above just leaves me feeling like what should have been a great meal, just turned out to be nothing but empty carbs. If I’m going to have carbs, I need that sucker to taste good, because carbs can be really bad for my ass and my waistline.

Anyway, yes, it appeared that not a lot happened in Lallybroch, from a plot perspective, but everything that happened, every conversation that was had, moved the story forward, and I was here for it.  A lot of those conversations also moved me to tears, so the episode was brilliant on quite a few levels.  I expected nothing less of course because this episode was written by Anne Kenney, who wrote the quite brilliant wedding episode.
Let me just say, that I prefer these sorts of character-driven episodes, over the plot driven ones.

Anyway, without further rambling, let’s begin shall we?

What I Disliked?

1.  That freaking sleeve thing that Claire was wearing when Jamie was telling her about BJR.

What the hell was it? It looked like somebody hadn’t quite finished pulling it up her arm. Yes, I know that many of the garments in those periods weren’t always stitched together, but still, it was hella distracting.

2.  That we weren’t allowed to have a full episode of Jamie and Claire without one of them ending up in danger.  

There’s enough danger coming, I’d have been happier if the show had ended at Claire’s declaration.

3.  That the show ended after 57 minutes instead of giving me the full 60 minutes.

I’m greedy and I now have to wait a full week before the next one airs. What’s up with that mess? Also, there are now only four episodes left, not sure how the writers are going to manage to cram everything in, but I have faith.

What I loved With The Passion of A Thousand Burning Suns

1.  The theme song.

Always and forever amen. That shit literally makes my heart soar and makes weep in appreciation whenever the vocals move in. I’ve mentioned it already, but even as I’m typing this, the tears are falling. Ugh. So freaking good.

2.  I’ve just noticed that all the writers are also co Exec Producers of the show. I love Ronald D Moore. Truly.

3.  The opening shot.

Scotland truly is God’s country isn’t it? So freaking beautiful. Apart from the fact that it’s colder than a witch’s tit, I’d live there any day.

4.  Jamie: “And they just stay aloft like birds

I know I’m not the only one who loved Claire telling Jamie about planes and all the modern progressions. The truth is, I could watch them talk about grass all day and I’d still be like…

Heart-eyes motherfuckers!

Also, how pretty are my OTPs?

5.  Jamie: “How old are you Sassenach, I never thought to ask.”

Oh Jamie, you are so 1744. ( apparently we entered a new year)

6.  Claire: “I’m 27” (Yes I’m pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing, let it go)
Jamie: “Och. I always thought you were about my age or younger.”
Claire:  "Are you disappointed?“
Jamie:  "Nah. It’s just that when I’m 40, you’ll be 245.”

Jamie made a funny! I love him. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

7.  Jamie and Claire getting off their horses when they were still miles away from Lallybroch.

I’m not gonna lie, I’d have stayed on those freaking horses until I got right to the door. Don’t judge me.

8.  The flashbacks to Jack Randall molesting Jenny.

I forgot what a bastard BJR is, and I’m now petrified about Wentworth all over again.

9. Jamie: “There were rumors, that Randall had got Jenny with a bastard child.”

Hush, all children are precious Jamie.

10.  Jamie:  "Do you not think I’d suffered enough after what happened that you must name Randall’s bastard after me?“

Jamie, Sweetie, the kid is right there! Language!

11.  Jenny: ”Randall’s bastard?“

She need not have said a word more. I could tell Jenny was about to blow. This was a hilarious encounter in the book, and poor Claire just stood trying to be anywhere but where she was right then. Siblings fighting is never a pretty thing. I used to beat my brother up regularly when we were kids. Don’t worry, he’s still with us, and we got past our childhood.

Can I just say how amazing Laura Donnelly was here? The freaking tension between these two was amazing, everything was literally telegraphed on her face.

12.  Jenny:

Lol. Poor Claire. I could see the imaginary punch coming from her towards Jenny a la Allie McBeal’s dump truck. (Go look it up.)

13.  Jenny: ”Do I have to do what I did when we were bairns? Grab you by the bollocks to make you stand still and listen to me?“
Jamie: "You’re now trying to shame me in front of my own wife?!?”
Jenny: “Well if she’s your wife then I imagine that she’s more familiar with your balls than I am.”

Hahaha! Jenny’s got jokes!  By the way, can I say how happy I was I was that Jenny didn’t actually grab Jamie’s balls like she did in the book. Also, I’m happy that they didn’t include the slaps too. We got what we needed to out of the scene without reverting to them physically fighting each other.

14.  Ian:  "It’s good to see you Jamie, you always knew how to make an entrance.“


15.  Jamie feels slightly foolish now. Now be a good boy and apologize to your sister.

16.  Ian: ”And this would be...“

Hahaha, Claire’s still salty about Jenny calling her that. As I would be too girl, as I would be too.

17.  Ian: ”You drink whiskey?“
Claire: "I’ve been known to have a glass or two

Hahaha! The understatement of that century I’m sure…

18.  The tension between Jamie and Jenny back at the house though.

Stubborn fools the both of them.

19.  Jamie: “What happened with Randall? I need to know.”
Jenny: “Then I’ll tell you once, and never again.”

Honestly, I could  live without Jenny telling me what happened between her and Jack Randall again. That shit hurts my soul.

20.  Wait, was that Tobias Menzies’ penis?

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punkminewt  asked:


11. things you said when you were drunk
(I made it a High School AU because I’m not creative enough to think of why the Creators would send them alcohol in the Glade whoops)

Thomas didn’t expect to find Minho at his doorstep at one in the morning, but there he was.

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calli’s fic picks - 10/26/16

Happy Arrow Wednesday, fandom! How has everyone’s week been? Mine’s been pretty good. Loving the fall season, the changing leaves, the television shows back on my screen… Good stuff. Tonight’s ep should be interesting. Dig-alicious, even. As much as I think breaking Dig out comes with some real world complications, I’m here for the bro-feels and I miss Dig in the bunker and just… YES. ALL THE DIG. *ahem* Anyhow, without further ado, let’s get to my favorite fics I’ve read this last week: 

Geas Wolf by SquidbillyBritt - a really interesting concept. There’s the whole soulmate factor but also a bit of werewolf action going on and there’s this deep mythology which gives the whole situation gravitas… I really hope she continues this one because I’m super intrigued. 

Unexplored Terrain by @fiacresgirl - I was a little late on this one but… OH MY. I’m so glad I caught up and read it because it’s glorious. I love her whole series that this story is a part of and this addition felt so natural and good and healthy and right… She has a really good and interesting grasp on these characters and the story beats. You want to read this. 

Russian Vodka by @supersillyanddorky06 - I really loved this emotional look at a missing potential scene from after the end of 5x03. We all really want Oliver to connect with Felicity and help her through her problems and Matty delivered with this oneshot. 

Stones of Time by arrow_through_my_writers_block - I just found this delightful Outlander-inspired AU last week through a fic rec here on Tumblr and I’m so glad that I did. This story is amazing and I am aching for more of the tale. There’s so much potential in this that I just want to roll around in it. 

Let’s try our very best to fake it by @mogirl97 - What an amazing AU. But there’s a lot of this that also rings true for current Olicity. These are two ARGUS agents who have a tumultuous past together and are paired for an assignment where they’re to pose as a married couple. Can you say tension? Oh yes! 

When Did I Become A Cliche? by A_BadSpellr - Total AU of season 2 (I mean, Tommy is a live and oh boy, do I love when Tommy is alive) where Moira and Thea and Oliver’s aunt are playing matchmaker for Oliver and Felicity and there’s posing as a couple for a family wedding and boss/assistant shenanigans and the title is totally apt but in the best way possible. Did I mention there’s sharing a bed going on? OH YES. 

Run to the Water by Vixx2pointOh - Felice finished this epic AU tale this week and it’s been a ride, fam. The premise is completely awesome, set in the 20s where Felicity is the daughter of a wealthy rancher that Oliver’s father worked for when he was younger and now he works there as well. There was delightful childhood interaction and then… more adult interaction when Felicity returns from being sent away for school during her teens. YOW. Ray Palmer is a total asshole in this one, fair warning. 

Prompt Response: olicity, secret dating/Oliver has to sneak out of Felicity’s apartment by @machawicket - Y’all. This was delightful, from start to finish. I like to imagine it was sent post-reconciliation in s5 or whatever and they just hadn’t told anyone yet. But either way, nothing compares to the moment Oliver strides in and says “I forgot my wallet”. I think I died and grew fluffy wings right then. 

Bonnie and Clyde by smoakenarrow - This fic was inspired by the notion of Earth-x Oliver and Felicity, who are together but are criminals with a flair for the raunchy. This story explores how they meet and just how raunchy they get together. Answer: pretty raunchy. And it’s awesome. 

Hopefully that’s enough to get you guys going this week. Remember: if the show or the PR gets you down, run to the fanfic. The fanfic will make it all better. That’s it’s job. 

Confessions of Caroline Forbes

I heard some of them saying that how did Caroline suddenly develop feelings for Klaus and that she was OOC in 5x11. 

She always felt drawn to him. There were subtle clues throughout the series where she felt something for him even if she didn’t want to. She fell for him very slowly but surely. Let’s see how, shall we?

The first time she was surprised by him. She expected him to either kill her or at least back away after her outburst. But never expected him to thank her for her honesty. She is taken aback.

When Tyler asks her why she kept Klaus’s drawing, she has no answer. She just cherishes it. No she is not in love with Klaus at that time but still she is fond of his drawing for some reason

She is surprised to see Klaus save her. In that moment both of them bare their souls. She genuinely thanks Klaus for saving her. No manipulations or distraction.

Yes this was a fake date to distract Klaus. But she could have complimented him that he was smart or handsome, why did she say he was perfect? Because he completely caught her off guard and before she could stop herself she said what came to her mind first.

Again she forgets that this is supposed to be a fake date and let herself enjoy it. He makes her laugh and forget about the fight she had with Elena. She enjoys his company more than she wants to admit.

4x07 was a treasure. This scene again shows how she genuinely loves how he shares his moment of vulnerability to her.

She did feel guilty about leading to his death. This despite her own boyfriend wanting to kill Klaus. She has to actually think of all the bad things he had done but obviously still a part of her doesn’t want him to die.

She for the first time admits that she believes in saving him. This also when she is on her death bed about to die where she need not worry if her friends will judge her all the more adds credibility to this moment.

She wants to hate Klaus for driving away her boyfriend and she does. But still a tiny part of her which is attracted to his darkness is afraid and she is so in denial that she covers it up with hostility.

The best line which confirmed everything. She said that she should have turned her back on him. That means not his killings, not his wicked ways nothing made her turn her back. Even if she pretended so, she never hated him truly.

Look how disappointed she looks. She had always thought he would be a fixture in her life that she didn’t expect him to suddenly move on. She is hurt by it.

She freaking called him to her graduation even after he moved out of the town. The fact that she actually wanted him to be there tells you how important he is for her.

And finally her own words.

She is afraid of her feelings and their connections. So she covers it with hostility. She hate herself that she likes him. But in 5x11, she gave into her feelings and acted on it.

It surely was not sudden or OOC. It was your fault you didn’t notice these before or just blindly ignore them.

She may have acted hostile towards him but there were too many slip ups that led us to this point.

So yeah this is how KLAROLINE happened!!