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Who’s The Tall One Now?

Sastiel AU for  blurredvessel based off THIS post.

((because wow I’ve never been tagged to a prompt like that before what a pleasant surprise– ugh– ))

probably a post college Cas and Sam maybe in his last year.

He does it by accident at first.

Sam just forgets sometimes that his level of grabbing things isn’t exactly equal to any one else’s- aside from maybe Dean, but he and Dean rarely share the same things.

The idea of Dean bitching about where the granola is is laughable at best, and completely improbable.

So when he wakes up for morning coffee and comes into the kitchen to find Castiel literally climbing the counter to find said granola, it’s surprising to find the least.

Also, he quickly surmises that it’s a view he doesn’t mind seeing first thing in the morning.

Sam has noticed Castiel for quite sometime. Noticed in the sense that he’s pined since he was a freshman in college. His brothers best friend, and thus most likely off limits.

His luck just had to be pressed when Dean moved in with his on again off again girlfriend and childhood friend Jo after they finally got their shit together and left Cas looking for roommate right when Sam was.

And Here they are months later, Cas all stretched out, shirt riding up, pajama pants low on sharp hips. Back dimples visible and toned arms grasping the box they share.

Sam’s in trouble.

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Precious sourin+love baby Sakura drawing fuck-a-unicorn drew for me ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*