the best bargee bar none


Cutting it a little fine as always. I was trying to finish a lookbook which had maybe…one look I liked in it, so I gave up and went for navy and neutrals. 

 I really, really liked some of the things in this Subcouture release. I also bought the black tie oxfords ($12) and the super high white heels ($13). They are both probably my favourite pieces of the collection and hilariously I’ve not included them in this. Shoes are generally pretty easy to slot into a wardrobe, so I decided to focus on the other pieces on offer. 

The items I went for, in my opinion, are the pieces that form the foundations of a classically fashionable and timeless wardrobe: the lightweight floaty jacket, the statement coat, the modest nude dress, the menswear-as-womenswear dress etc. 

To finish, when I’m really pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptably reinterpreted, i.e. a dress as a top, oversizing scarf etc, I am a firm believer that sheer guts alone makes it work, even if the execution isn’t perfect. 


Lookbooks have had an overhaul too! I was going to resurrect the title Anatomy of an Outfit for this, but that would completely fluff up my tags so take Styled instead.

It’s funny, when I started here on Tumblr, there were very few Stardoll tumblogs who were active. Now, going through the tags I see outfit of the day posts everywhere. It’s great to see the blogging community starting to grow back again, but I’ve always wanted to approach my lookbook posts a little more comprehensively. 

Although these take about ten times longer than my old posts did, I’m really into the aesthetic I’ve got going here. 

Also, thank you all so much for all your lovely comments so far and all your well wishes. I can’t even say how much I appreciate them!


I’ve been feeling really uninspired lately so I had a dig through my old files to see what I’d manage to save from when my laptop died over Christmas.

I manage to save a big ole folder of basic hair shapes that I’d saved from Roiworld, when that was still a thing. This one was always my favourite so I decided to use my improved skills to try and… well improve it. I still love it.

I’d love this as a wig for my actual medoll but I am quite terrible at the stardesign hair thing in all honesty. If anyone wanted to er…you know..make it for me…it would be very appreciated….ha. jokes. seriously.

Deep down, I know my doll should be a blondey. But I never like it in-game and I always run back to brunette. What do you guys think? 

Take this little random ditty also as an apology for me not posting anything recently. Life as an admin assistant makes me very tired and quiet.

Evil panda sneaked into the Plaza the other day and surprisingly, I liked it. Well..I liked the things I bought.


1. This is quite literally the best thing that Stardoll has made ever. It was a nightmare trying to take this screenshot (and make up the lookbook) because I kept nabbing it to put back on. It goes with everything. It goes on anything. The subtle shadowing on it gives your outfit dimension. 15SD might seem like a lot to cover one shoulder, but you will get wear-per-dollar out of this for sure. This slung over a delicate evening gown? Yes I think so. The ultimate too-cool-to-actually-dress-but-you-get-the-impression accessory.

2. I love how quirky these glasses are without being childish or revoltingly multi-colourful. I wish the points were a little less pronounced, but I love the eyelashes - they feel a little Holly Golightly if she was a street chic fashion blogger. I’m not sure how well they suit my doll’s face, but I’ll be wearing them with every handbag. They are expensive though. I made an exception for the jacket, but at 10SD that’s just a bit overpriced.

3. I have one thing I always go back to and this skirt was it. I’m never wholly convinced by houndstooth because it always makes me think of Cruella DeVil (in 102 Dalmatians. Not the first one. I’m not pattern blind). But it’s black and white and grey and those are three of my favourite things ever. It’s a bit short, but I like the differing hems regardless. It captures a bit of that uber-casual essence as a kilt, but it goes about it in a rather polished way. It’s like…office punk. That’s not the best description, but I can’t think of a better one.

4. This is how I like to do colour. Nearly grey. Jokes aside, this dress is gorgeous and so easily could have not been. I like the handling of the print (holiday hot buys cropped trousers anyone?) and I even like the stripe details, which could have made this really chunky looking and unflattering. I think my favourite part of this is the high neck with the underbust highlight. It really lengthens the legs and shows just a hint of quirkiness. The right jacket over this, and I have one from Velvet Orchid in mind, will make this look very expensive. It’s already pretty expensive at 17SD, but for such careful print treatment in the graphic, I’m willing to pay.

Overall I spent: 56SD

One more stardollar than I spent on 3 things from Apres Ski that I’m not totally convinced with. This was a much better use of money.

The minimum I would spend is: 15SD on the jacket. If you’re passing that by you’re crazy.