the best actor ever!

Your unproblematic fav: Stefán Karl

-Film and stage actor/comedian

-Played the best villain ever, Robbie Rotten (and got awards for it)

-His one man show Thousand Island Dressing was selected by the President of the Leipzig Film Festival in Germany

-The singing gay sheep farmer (Icelandic feature comedy Stella Runs for Office)

-Founder of the reputable nonprofit organisation Rainbow Children

-Amazing singer

-He is fighting pancreatic cancer

-Somehow managed to do a livestream of him singing and dancing

-Wants to name his cat “Pokemon”

-Just so pure?

I love him.

Me: I don’t understand why people just can’t respect other peoples opinions. It’s not that hard and everyone is entitled to their own.
Someone: Lee Min Ho is the greatest actor ever.


- every theory of TST just got shattered

- still no kiss wtf i was sure john’s gonna make sherlock breath to breath in the hospital

- john is jealous af 

- they are terrific actors and they are just the best sherlock and watson ever

- the girl was creepy and i don’t really buy that acting idk why

- hudders is my spirit animal, she is THE BEST

- smith&daughter definitely was inspired by trump and ivanka

- john’s fighting kink just went out of control

- mycroft freaking holmes wtf what about lestrade

- the man we both love

- i demand 1,5 hour of johnlock kissing next week

- every value i had is questioned

- i’m scared of forthcoming metas 


therealjosephmorgan: Happy Holidays from @summerfontana1 and me ;)

I’m so fucking upset.

Like…it’s cool to hate a character but to put that character’s actor in the “Overrated” category when that actor is arguably one of the best on the entire show just highlights once again the ingrained racism present in fandom.

A/d/c is the best actor ever because she portrayed a lesbian for 16 episodes. If anyone were writing her in as “Overrated” we would be called lesbophobic (even though her acting was subpar on The 100, because her directions appeared to mostly consist of “be stoic and a badass”).

And yet, putting Bob Morley (who is an ACTUAL MINORITY IN REAL LIFE) in the overrated category is perfectly fine because ?????????

But yeah, there’s no racism involved in this at all.