the best Valentine's Day ever

My mom found a valentines day card I got this year. She said who it was from, angry, thinking I had a boyfriend. I told her the card was given to me by my best friend XD. 

Which is sad yet true. My best friend was the only one who ever gave me a valentines day card this year. No one else QwQ. She even wrote on it and said nice stuff. And I wasn’t the only one she gave one to but it was stll nice. Yet sad for me.

@queslett drew a gemsona for me (actually they did it for brazil’s valentine’s day, best gf ever ;~; , i love them!) (。・ω・。)ノ♡

well… her name’s Opalite! … and that’s what i have about her.

fun fact: opalites (called moonstones here o brazil, don’t confuse with the real moonstone)  are not a real kind of gem they’re a “trade name for synthetic opalised glass and various opal simulants” as wikipedia puts it.



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