the best Valentine's Day ever

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17 calzona

I’m sorry this was short… /:

17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” -Calzona (cont. of valentines day)

Callie held her wife in her arms. They were still basking in the after-sex-valentines day glow in Derek’s old trailer. The murmur of the TV in the background.

She kissed Arizona’s temple softly. “Best Valentines Day ever.” Arizona smiled at the admittance.

Callie’s eyes flicked up to the TV as the warning sound buzzed through. “Snow in Seattle? Huh? I thought it would only rain.” Callie laughed.

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” Arizona smirked, straddling Callie’s hips again, leaning down and kissing her lips. “This blizzard is my new best friend. Keeps my wife tied up in a trailer so we can have-” she paused, continuing to kiss Callie, “lots-” another kiss. “Of hot-” she trailed down Callie’s jawline. “Hot sex.”

Just take me back, take me to the times where assumptions didn’t exist, where you asked me would I be your girlfriend and that you promised to be the best boyfriend ever. To the day where you planned Valentine’s Day a week in advance. To the day when purchasing roses symbolized just how much you care. We didn’t have to get right in a day but as long as it was us that’s all that mattered. To the day where your eyes was locked in on that one, where you called through out the day, and when the middle of the night actually existed and you called saying I just couldn’t stop thinking about your voice. To the day you got your hair freshly cut/done just to look good for your sweetheart, your baby, kill the word bae! To the day where if we made eachother happy, we just couldn’t lose. To the day💕❤️💞💓💖💗💟💙💚💛💜💑
—  C.enye