the best 4

1.) Take more selfies- you look beautiful!
2.) Meet new people, make new friends
3.) Do well in school and always do your best
4.) Be more positive- life is full of great things
5.) Make mistakes and accept fhem as they are
6.) Don’t hold grudges
7.) Find who you are
8.) Dont let others stop you from being you
9.) Always look your best, confidence looks great on you!
10.) Read
11.) Write like you mean it- don’t let writer’s block get in the way
12.) Do what you love ❤️
13.) Be kind to others
14.) Take a deep breath- in and out. You’ll be okay.
15.) Stay hydrated
16.) Be happy with who you are
17.) Learn to love yourself
18.) Sing. Let everybody hear your beautiful voice.
19.) Love fiercely. Passionate is good.
20.) Listen to new music
21.) Be more open minded
22.) Smile more
23.) Help strangers more often
24.) Go out with friends more, enjoy he time you have with them!
25.) It’s okay to be sad sometimes- go easy on yourself
26.) Slack off less
27.) Stay true to yourself
28.) Make your happiness a priority too
29.) Don’t just survive- live!
30.) Go on adventures, excitement is fun!
31.) Think positively
32.) Never doubt yourself
33.) Love your life, even if it isn’t perfect
—  33 things for me to remember throughout the years | a.m

@lenin-it-to-win-it just said to say I got tagged by her and imma do it bc nobody ever tags me in shit anyways

…what…im not salty about it…n ope


1. Mitsuba Sangu (Owari no Seraph) My wife. The love of my life. Deserves better than the shit half the fandom gives her.

2. Qrow Branwen (RWBY) Drunk uncle badass. Thanks

3. Kunikida Doppo (Bungou Stray Dogs) BEST BOY

4. Aizawa Shouta (Boku no Hero Academia) he is beauty he is grace he will kick you in the face

5. Reigen Arataka (Mob Psycho 100) Salt dad.

(uhm so all my favorite characters so far seem to be dads/one drunk uncle)

6. Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter) Hufflepuff power+badass Auror=yes

7. Hearthstone (Magnus Chase) More like HearTHROB, am I right? (yes I know that’s stolen directly from a chapter title fuck you)

8. Max Caulfield (Life Is Strange) Wonderful bisexual photographic nerd. Protect her. She deserved none of this.

9. Uriah Pedrad (Divergent) Look I’m just salty his role (as well as Marlene and Lynn’s) were severely cut out from the movies. best character in the series rip I love him so much

10. Dustin (Stranger Things) small child, must protect, good friend

Madame is 5′8″ and you best believe she wears 4″ heels to make her an even 6′ in modern verses. I mean - can you imagine this diva NOT wearing heels? more over, she’s GOT to have every pair of pretty high heels she ever sees. of course, it’s a tragedy when she has to go on the road to perform and can only bring SOME of her pretty shoes, but it’s a pain she’ll have to endure. Madame packing to travel basically looks like an explosion went off in her room because NO I CAN’T LEAVE THAT ONE BEHIND I NEED IT !! she’ll gladly pay the check in fee for an extra bag for her clothes to make it safely onto a flight, but God help you if you lose her luggage. Hell hath no fury like a diva whose clothes you lost.




I can’t get over the idea of Henry and Bendy throwing puns at each other!

Comic inspired by @doodledrawsthings Hells Studio AU
and @whatisthisnonsense ‘s and @squigglydigglydoo ‘s amazing fanfic 
(and with @doodledrawsthings ‘s Henry design)

@everestcresent helped me out with 100% of the puns on this comic and their my bestie. Please go check out their blog!

And this comic, had a LOT of alternate possible routs (5+ written down)
So, below the cut is one of those alt routs (which has bonus panels)
(the rest will merely be in the tags)

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